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Building Rapport with the Local Civilian Populace, a Primer for Militia Groups

January 9, 2013

(Someone asked my thoughts on militia organizations that post videos on Youtube in the Comments section recently. I tossed out a quick, but only partially tongue-in-cheek response, but some experiences this past weekend had HH6 and I discussing this very subject and she actually suggested this article….So, back to skull-stomping some sacred cows….I AM going to offend some people, specifically some hopefully new readers that I handed out the blog address to this weekend….If they read it and get sand in their clitoris, well…..gunfights aren’t happy places, folks….If they fit, pull up your big girl panties and drive the fuck on. I’ve never backed down from being offensive in this blog, and I’m not going to start now. This is, I’m pretty sure though, the first time I’ve named “names” though.–J.M.)

There is/was an Evasion/Survival Class scheduled for this coming weekend in Northern Idaho (it got cancelled, since every single person that said they wanted in, decided that maybe SERE classes in N. Idaho in January was outside their comfort zone….), so I’ve been in the area this week getting things ready for it. This weekend, as many readers may or may not know, there was a rather large gun show in Spokane, Washington. A SF buddy had a table at it, so we went along to help/hang out (I’m big on hanging out at gun shows and just shooting the shit…figuratively, although a gun show WITH a test range would be a fucking AWESOME idea. What could be better than hanging out in a place full of guns, some of them rare enough that I’ve never even seen one…and talk to people? I mean shit, I LIKE to talk).

One of the local militias, specifically the 65th Lightfoot was present, with a very large booth. One of their apparently senior members did actually stop by my buddy’s table and visit with me for a moment, rather politely, although I initiated the conversation (I’m kind of an outgoing fellow……sort of….). He was, to his credit, dressed relatively conservatively, rather than worn-out woodland-pattern BDUs.

The overall impression of the organization however, not just from my professional perspective, but even from HH6, was far from positive. We happened to walk past the 65th’s booth several times, with a VERY adorable (if I say so myself….fortunately, I don’t have to, since everyone that sees her says it for me…) toddler in our arms….Now, I accept that I’m a big, physically aggressive-looking dude and lots of people could be intimidated about initiating conversations with me. I get that. However, with a baby in tow, there was a natural avenue-of-approach to initiating a conversation with HH6, if not me, with the obvious potential of drawing the intimidating looking, obviously former military guy into the conversation.

Yet, other than the afore-mentioned representative, not a SINGLE member of the organization addressed us, with even so much as a “Good morning!” or even a “Fuck you very much!” In fact, at one point, as we walked by, the only conversation HH6 overheard coming from behind their tables was an argument over who was stupid for not remembering to bring the donuts. Seriously? The fucking donuts? Are you fucking LEOs?

Okay, now, before all the militia members out there get their panties in a wad, I’ve been to Tennessee and conducted a class with the 1st TN Rifles. While those guys have some work to do on their professional skills, which they know and acknowledged gladly, they are a well-organized group who put a LOT of effort into presenting a positive public image in their communities. I’m pretty sure the head of the TN Rifles would kick the shit out of his guys if he overheard them arguing, in front of the community and potential members, about god-damned donuts (J— if you wouldn’t, I’ll kick YOUR ass next time I’m down there, brother!)!

So, I KNOW there are well-organized, well-disciplined militia groups out there, of varying sizes. Good on you.

I’ve watched a LOT of videos on YouTube of militias training. That’s fine. YouTube has the potential to be a great marketing tool to getting people that are of like-mindedness to find your organization and make contact with you. However, as I mentioned in my reply to the commentator….make sure you actually do know what the fuck you’re doing before you post videos on YouTube…and that the members being videotaped present a professional image for your organization.

Here’s the rub folks….It’s a fucking insurgency. You HAVE to win the support and rapport of the local civilian populace in your area. You cannot shoot your way to success. The militia in this country, as organizations, have a very negative image in most people’s minds. A lot of this is, admittedly, disinformation on the part of the media and the regime. I get that. Far more of it however, is predicated completely, on militia organizers’ complete and total inability to run a professional fucking organization.

So, here’s my suggestions for publicizing your preparedness group/militia in the public eye.

1) Be friendly. I guarantee you, as my buddy Doc (he’s a retired 18D) noted this weekend, NO ONE walked by his table without me engaging them in conversation. I mean, EVERY SINGLE MOTHER FUCKER was greeted with “Hello! How are you today, young man/lady?” (Regardless of age. Wanna see a woman or a man in their 60s smile like they did when they were teenagers? Call them young!)

Even if they weren’t looking at Doc’s table, I fucking MADE them look at it, by engaging them in conversation. Now, granted, I’m a LOUD son-of-a-bitch, but that’s not the point. The point is, it’s customer service 101. Find some junior member of your militia unit that’s been a waitress and made a lot of money in tips, and put her in charge of training your PAO people in talking to people. Seriously.

Guys, it’s about building rapport, and it’s not hard. Go out to your local used bookstore, find a copy of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” and memorize that fucker, then put it into practice. Give up, for one month, on making your people read obsolete fucking field manuals, like the 1984 edition of FM21-75 Individual Combat Skills of the Soldier and Patrolling (Yeah, the 65th had it on their table….Sorry guys, you made it WAY too easy….), and make them read Carnegie’s book. Be friendly.

2) Quit wearing fucking camouflage in public. Seriously. It’s called camouflage, because it helps you HIDE. Unfortunately, in a built-up area, in public, it makes you stand out. It makes you fit the stereotype that lots of Americans have, of fat, redneck hillbillies, in woodland BDUS, sitting around the campfire, chugging Jack Daniel’s finest, and cheap PBR, talking about how you’re gonna pull a Red Dawn on the Commie-Pinko-Towelhead-Jihadi motherfuckers.

Look like a god-damned professional organization. If you’re going to have a booth at a gun show, make every motherfucker (including the females….especially the females…..woodland-pattern BDU trousers would make a fucking Rodeo Queen’s ass look like an elephant’s ass) wear khaki slacks and a polo shirt, if not a fucking shirt and tie.

If you absolutely feel like you HAVE to wear UTILITY uniforms in public places….don’t wear the same ones you wear in the field. Have a brand-fucking-new pair set aside, just for that, that have been professionally starched and pressed, wear spit-shined boots, and have unit insignia. LOOK FUCKING PROFESSIONAL! Not like a bunch of dope-growers or meth-cookers, hiding out in the woods, who came to town to buy more Drano. I’m not one of those old-time NCOs that thinks a dirty uniform is a sign of a lack of professionalism by any stretch. In fact, I think a dirty uniform, in the field, is a sign of a unit that actually trains. Outside of the field environment however, having pride in yourself and your organization, and displaying that by wearing clean and pressed clothing to represent that organization IS a sign of professionalism.

3) Get involved in your community. Have your organization put on fund-raisers for shit unrelated to the militia. Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, fucking the Animal Shelter….ANYTHING that makes Joe and Jane Public (especially Jane Public!) feel good about donating money or time too, and be professional. Let people know it’s the militia doing the project, but don’t shove recruiting efforts in their face. If they’re a good fit for the militia, they’ll come looking. If they’re not, at least they’ll start having some positive images to associate with all the media/regime bullshit they’ve been spoon-fed.

4) Learn how to execute BASIC light-infantry tasks CORRECTLY. I also noticed that the 65th had a copy of Chris Larssen’s book, Light Infantry Tactics for Small Teams on their table. Now….it’s a good primer on the fundamentals of 7-8, in a reasonably well-written voice, that’s somewhat more engaging than FM 7-8 is (not as engaging as my writing voice of course, but then….Well, I’m fucking me, and no one else can really pull it off, since I write EXACTLY how I speak….unless I’m speaking to ladies and children, when it gets cleaned up to a crazy level….). I’ve also had the “opportunity” to see some of the 65th’s videos on YouTube….Guys, you did NOT understand what the fuck you read, because you were doing that shit WRONG! I’m not saying you need to have me personally come train you, and I’m just not interested in joining a militia unit, but for the love of God people, if no one in your unit has ever been in a leadership position in a fucking light-infantry unit, FIND someone who has, even if you DO have to pay him. You need someone who’s been a platoon sergeant or better, preferably in the Ranger Regiment, the 101st, or the 82d, preferably has a fucking Ranger Tab, and ideally, has some light-infantry foot-mobile patrolling experience. An SF NCO would, of course, be ideal, since well, it’s what we’re trained to do, specifically…teaching local indigenous defense forces to function.

5) If you’re going to sell shit at the gunshow, like gear, get something that you can just GIVE to little kids as they walk by. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but one thing SF guys figured out a LONG time ago is, if you get the kids on your side, the parents will follow. So, whether it’s a fucking balloon, a ballcap (I gave every single patrol cap Doc had away for free, to kids under the age of ten….every one. Some of the parents understood what I was doing and were cool with it, some offered to pay for the caps. I told them, it was a gift, because we believe in building rapport…and it worked. I had people come back three or four times buying stuff they weren’t going to get, because I was nice to their kids). Don’t talk down to the kids, but be nice (See a fucking pattern here?). Ultimately, building rapport with the civilian population and getting their support is about being a salesman and getting them to buy into the Cause.

6) Talk to people. This goes back to being friendly, which really, I can’t emphasize enough. Fucking engage people in conversations. Ask them how they’re doing. Don’t automatically bring it back to the militia/group/TEOTWAWKI/”Let’s Kill ‘Em All!” But talk to them. No one, and I do mean NO ONE, least of all the prospective female volunteers, and the wives of prospective male volunteers, and even less those of us who have actually killed bad people in gunfights, is impressed with the quiet, steely-eyed dealer of death act. It comes across as a scared shitless, shy, aluminum-eyed poseur image that turns the women off, and makes the rest of us laugh at you. Fucking talk to people.

7) On the female note….Don’t let the men in your organization talk down to females, member or not. Don’t let them make demeaning remarks about women, even if they “think” the female in question can’t hear it. She can…and if it was my wife, you’d be choking out your apology around broken jaw, missing teeth, and the muzzle of my fucking Glock (in their defense, I did NOT hear of this from any of the 65th people, but I’ve seen it and heard it about other men’s female companions at other gun shows, with other organizations….). If you’re there to conduct information operations and civil affairs, don’t fuck with the women. It’s not a chance to get laid, or meet your next ex-wife. “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy.” If she thinks you’re a bunch of fucking assholes, she ain’t gonna let daddy have fuck-all to do with you.


So, while I’ve obviously pissed off and offended the 65th Light Foot Militia of Northern Idaho, don’t feel too bad. I also offended two other people this weekend. One guy asked me if I had any SKSs. He about shit when I told him if I had one, I’d have thrown the piece of shit in the river (apparently, the SKS is also colloquially referred to as “The North Idaho Sniper Rifle” as a local gunshop owner told me a few days ago…), and when one guy asked if I had a Springfield XD, he got his feelings hurt when I told him I wouldn’t own one of the pieces-of-shit if you have it to me (seriously…..let’s take a Glock, and fuck it up by adding the single worst part of the 1911A1 to it…..what the fuck were they thinking?). Hopefully, if the 65th’s representative that I mentioned at the beginning is still reading (seriously dude, I hope you are. You actually impressed me and the missus more than the rest of your unit combined. Feel free to email me if you have questions, concerns, or comments about what I wrote. I’m a big boy.), he won’t get his feelings hurt, but will take it for the learning experience and teachable moment it is, and run with it.

For the rest of the readership, think of it as a 101 primer of building rapport within your community. The good part of it is, this weekend, with all my practice I got at building rapport, engaging the locals, etc, gave me the impetus to start working on some articles on Information Operations, building rapport with the local civilian population, and other civil affairs and PSYOP aspects of UW.

De Oppresso Liber!

John Mosby

SFOB-Rifleman’s Ridge

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  1. aka permalink

    Been in this ‘business’ since DePugh’s great adventures,your article was/is right on,except for your ‘bad’ language and of course your opinion of the SKSs and the XDs….We all have our personal preferences in weapons,trucks,women,dogs,drinks,hairstyle,calibers,computers etc…
    Macho writing is as ‘off’ as the types you wrote about..Other than those slights,I think this should be read by all,,after cleaned up of course.BTW I’ve worked with offshore roughnecks,tugboat crews,Naval personal,construction crews,so I’ve been around language before,,never took though.. Thanks for your article,,spot on…
    “The American Dream has run out of gas. The car has stopped. It no longer supplies the world with its images, its dreams, its fantasies. No more. It’s over. It supplies the world with its nightmares now” – J. G. Ballard

  2. This is right on the money. Isolated, angry fat people in BDUs coming down from the woods for a day to recruit by acting like the isolated, angry fat people they are rightfully scares people away. You need to be woven into the fabric of your community and seen as a benefit by your community. How does your local volunteer fire department function and interact in your community? Do they do things like sponsor 5K runs that benefit something local? Car seat fittings for young parents? Park a truck at a festival for kinds to crawl all over? Have an auxiliary? Open houses for the Scouts? Do they train well? Do they present well? Do they fight a fire like they know what the hell they’re doing when they show up?!?! Or do they walk around in bunker gear 24/7, out of shape, untrained, and bragging about their connections with the FDNY and 9/11. The model for a successful “militia” is very much the same. If your town mayor or town council has no idea who you are (in a positive way), then that’s litmus test number one as to how fast people will gladly drop a dime on you to the forces of darkness.

    And please, for the love of God, BE IN SHAPE. There is no juicier target for ridicule than a fat slob in multicams who looks like he’d go into V-TACH by running 100 yards trying to sell you on his movement to contact skills. Oh yeah, and if you say “ZOG” at any time, you’ve outed yourself as a total clown.

    • Shorty permalink

      Great comment. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel when successful models already exist to copy.

  3. True to form as always JM. Sort of like a cross between GSgt R Lee Ermy and George Carlin.
    Gotta love the delicate, diplomatic way with words you have.
    But hell yeah thats exactly what we need to hear. Leadership and community image is the central problem with every community defense organization.

  4. Jocassee permalink

    OK i have to know what you got against the SKS. I have an M. Had the trigger cleaned up better than most AR triggers and it just goes.

    • Dude, this question is so stupid I can’t waste the time answering it. Seriously? Read the entire rest of my blog, here and at the old blogspot address ( If you still wonder about my antipathy for the SKS, then ask again.

      As my buddy said the other day though….if I had to outfit 100 g’s tomorrow, on a limited budget, I’d probably give them SKSs…..

    • And no, your trigger, even cleaned up, is NOT better than most ARs….I guarantee it.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    Knocking on doors and asking people to vote for conservative small-government politics has continually lost ground for 250 years. Now you’re right back to doing just that.

    Your insurgency how-to manuals were all written by empire-sized governments who need to preserve the illusion of asking for consent. Those empires’ subjects don’t want the policies they receive and didn’t vote for them, but they do need to tolerate them. Tolerance is not a high standard; getting on the German boxcars was tolerated.

    If you want to do self-defense, than do that. But you cannot win a majority of the hearts and minds of your enemies to the cause of liberty. Most human beings don’t want to be free, they want a nicer master.

  6. Citizen Soldier permalink

    Please afford me your patience by asking about your 1911 comment.
    I didn’t quite get your meaning when you associated it with a “dishwasher safe” toy.
    AKA a plastic pistol.
    In my humble opinion, an original 1911 side arm has proven it’s self many times over.
    Unlike the current trendy toys, that break and wear out.
    The 1911’s only draw back is the limited amount of rounds per magazine.
    Quickly solved with carrying more magazines…Duh
    Respectfully Asked,
    Citizen Soldier

    • The Glock, while not having the history of Browning’s masterpiece, has proven itself more than adequately enough to be the go-to gun of the vast, VAST majority of professional gunfighters in the world. It’s the weapon of choice for a sidearm in much of Army special operations, at an organizational and individual level. I’ve sat around for days working on repairing worn-out and/or broken 1911 after 1911. I can completely rebuild a Glock in like five minutes….The only major, irreparable issues I’ve ever seen on a Glock have been on G22s and G23s that had cracked frames from the sharp recoil stroke of .40 (which is why I don’t carry a .40).

      I’m genuinely not badmouthing the 1911. I love the gun. I do however, believe a Glock is lightyears beyond it in functionality for the vast majority of end-users.

      • Shorty permalink

        I’ve never had anywhere near the magazine issues out of my Glocks, Sigs, or XDs that I’ve had out of the 1911s either. If I’m paying $40 for Wilson Combat mags that function great (instead of the $15 Chip McCormicks), I’m going to spend $40 for Sig mags or $25 for Glock mags that hold 50% more ammo.

        If I owned a 1911 anymore, it’d go into a cache instead of on my waist.

      • Citizen Soldier permalink

        Thank You for your thoughts.
        Personally, I operate a Springfield 1911 “Loaded” pre 2000.
        It has never failed me, regardless what mag I’ve used.
        From the factory mags that came with it.
        Or any of the Colt military mags that i’ve purchased.
        But one note should be made.
        The only ammo I use is .45 230gn round nose FMJ.
        I enjoy your site and look forward to learning as much as possible.
        Keep up the great work !

  7. We can’t say enough how much we learned from the class. John’s classes are well worth the money folks and yes, if I didn’t I would gladly let you kick the $hit out of me :)……..

  8. Bob Johnson permalink

    Exactly what I would have said if I were big, brash, and loud, which I am not. However, me and my brother often discuss the same subject between ourselves after a gun show or being exposed to a policeman or security guard who has Rangered himself up. As you said, NO ONE is impressed by the steely eyed stair, the camos and the bad attitude. Most of us have been around long enough to think that they’re probably some kind of poseur living in their mom’s basement. Dressing professionally, being polite and friendly will get you much farther in just about any situation than putting on the tough guy act.

  9. Hugh Davis permalink

    Great post and hard truths most of the clueless need to hear.

  10. Dear John Mosby (and Mountain Guerrilla)…I just read the whole article you wrote which is a first for me from this site…usually I just skim the title and maybe the first paragraph. I have inquired about my own states’ militia, and I got the distinct impression that the type of persons they were looking for were exactly how you described…either former military, or survivalists, with many years’ experience. I, unfortunately, am in neither category. I am basically a late 40’s single mom, raised primarily in the city, who has only my intellect, and courage, to fight what is coming. I have nothing stored, little survivalist training, and I am behind (most likely) everyone in your organization, when it comes to prepping. But I am working on it. Another thing which drew me to reply…the fact that you do not mince words to keep someone from getting their feelings hurt. You just call it like you see it. Reminds me of my stepdad (82nd Airborne, between Korea and Vietnam eras). You are right about one other thing…youtube. good thing to utilize…but to a layperson it can be a bit confusing with so many different people saying different things. How can a person new to all of this, see through what is, and what is not, necessary, usable, or vital to a survival/military situation??

    Thank you for your time. Patricia Mitchell St. Charles, MO

    Sent from my LG phone

    • Shorty permalink

      Reading the entirety of the posts is the first step. Start at the Blogspot site and work your way back to today.

      When you feel like you have at least a basic understanding to the questions you had then start reading around and see what the common themes are and how they fit in with what you already know.

    • Hungary permalink

      A woman that gets it is a rare jewel.
      Please marry me.

      • Hungary permalink

        Don’t listen to Shorty. I’ll teach you.

    • You might want to check out Zombie Squad ( ) .

      The main chapter is in your state and they do get involved in the community. Lots of
      knowledgeble people on there. I’ve learn quite a bit from them and still do.

      • I have a lot of friends who do shit with ZH. I’ve got nothing but respect for what they do, despite the apparent silliness of the Zombie theme. Hey, if it gets 20-somethings out of Mommy’s basement, off the computer, I’m cool with it.

  11. Thank God for this article. (and thank you too JM). One of our first CO’s was a former SF NCO, he served with an ODA in some ugly stuff in South America. One thing he drilled into us was that if you are not part of the local community, you are toast. Be courteous, act professionally (even tho you are Militia, not professional soldiers). Locals know when you are bullshitting them, and WATCH the kids. If the people keep their kids away from you, you are in for a world of hurt. I think egos are the downfall of many Militia outfits. Folks get big heads and call themselves Generals or Colonels, and wonder why they can’t get 5 guys together for an FTX.

    One of the things I have learned is that if you don’t know you suck, you can’t get better. My folks are not high-speed, but they are dedicated and willing to learn. Many times I wonder why they elected me as CO. I am not a soldier, but I do have analytical and people skills, so I guess that helps. I also did some videos, stressing many of the points of your article. We belong to our local community, we need to be a resource they can count on and trust. This is one of the reasons we recruit Families, rather than wannabe rambos. I often tell my guys (much to their chagrin) that their WIVES have the most important function in our unit. Without them we are just another testosterone gun club. They keep us grounded and focused on the real mission. Protecting our community and families.

    If we had the money I would hire folks like JM to come down monthly. Thanks for the boot in the ass JM, the Militia community needs it. Me included.

  12. Grenadier1 permalink

    Golf clap sir. Golf clap.
    Very nicely done.

  13. John Cooper permalink

    Out-fucking-standing Mosby. Bravo! I couldn’t have said it any better, and I even laughed out loud a few times too. You’d be a trip to fucking meet, I can already tell.

    • HH6 laughed and said, “Yes. Yes you are a trip to meet…” Of course, the first time I met her, I propositioned her for sex by offering to barter for training……

  14. parapearce permalink

    Well said. I have looked into local militia if for no other reason than to add guns to a small group I will rally with. I have’nt done so for security reasons. Thanks for your Blog..GOD bless..GOD speed..Remember the Alamo.

  15. Phill Revere permalink

    I’m hittin’ the like button.

  16. Shorty permalink

    Every bit of that is the truth, too. I worked security/bounced at ghetto clubs, redneck bars, and concert venues that catered to metalheads and the EDM crowd (violence/ pits and drug-use, respectively). Not being a fucking prick to everyone mitigated so many problems that it’s insane to expect anything else to work. Talking to the guys outside waiting for doors to open, making sure they’re safe and able to party, and letting them know you’re a jack off just they are goes a long way to maintaining amicable relationships.


    The benefits are being able to ask for small favors with few to little strings, and as long as you’re actually doing something that they can consider to be helpful and/or productive, when you do have to flip face and be a fucking prick to someone then you’re much more likely to have their tacit support. I’m not a big guy by any stretch (hence my name) but, because I was personable and available when people needed stuff that I considered “small shit”, when I opened the doors with someone’s face I always heard “man that guy must have really been an asshole” or some variant of it.

    These are small anecdotes, but they apply. People are people are people. Mostly.

  17. 4X12X50 permalink

    One must assume that you meant well with what some might call this tirade but it’s hard for me to reason that the man who wrote what I just read could politely change someone’s mind about anything without falling back on steroid Officer 82nd Airborne intimidation and your physical size that I would bet you have often depended on to win an argument. There are experts who have a good record of success at signing people up at gun shows and actually starting them on the path toward political activism. They trained me. However, I fear that the hour is too late for a political or community activist peaceful solution; and I am certainly NOT advocating any other solution. But the coming collapse of the world reserve currency (Dollar) is guaranteed to bring about social upheaval unless collapse of the power grid gets there first. From that point forward I don’t think anyone will remember any “good works” or “community service” that went on before. People will think one simple thought, “Are the atrocities committed by (or attributed to) government forces, or renegade military gangs, or urban gangs bad enough for me to risk supporting a local group of men that may call themselves “militia”, but will be called terrorists, or enemy combatants by the Feds?” As always, most will support whichever side happens to have control of a given geographical area. Most people will sway like eel grass in a moving tide. I think we will see a whole different set of players after the first shots are fired. Some people talk, some teach, some do. We’ve lived in such a fake, sheltered, comfortable world for so long because of our fake money that it’s impossible to know at this point who the “doers” will be. Sadly and tragically, the rosters will, by necessity, be made up of those who were actually able to survive the crunch/drawdown/ die-off caused by starvation, exposure, and even simple despair.

    • doctorkris permalink

      Sentence structure, please. Use a period once in a while; they don’t cost too much.

      You’ve never met the man, yet you criticize him for not being able to do what he espouses. Even if you are right (Mosby can’t persuade people – only intimidate them) it doesn’t mean he is wrong. To use a cliche: “You catch more flies with honey that with vinegar”.

      This is the stand out sentence, in my opinion: If she thinks you’re a bunch of fucking assholes, she ain’t gonna let daddy have fuck-all to do with you.

  18. Shorty permalink

    ” As always, most will support whichever side happens to have control of a given geographical area.”

    Such as the Taliban, NAZIs, Soviets, Mali rebels, Viet Cong, and Khmer Rouge? Most “support” of repressive governments is grounded in fear of torture, starvation, and death. Most people are idiots, true. If they can remember the few pleasant experiences they had around/about you and can throw you a sandwich during an E&E or a few rifle rounds in their mailbox before a hit instead of thinking, “fuck that guy, he was an asshole to my daughter at the range every time we ran into him” then what’s the damage in trying?

    I swear to Christ, it’s like some of you guys really WANT the US to look like Serbia.

  19. robroysimmons permalink

    The movie “District 9″ has as its theme a people without leadership, and that is what the militia movement is the mostly incapable pantomiming what they have seen but cannot exactly reproduce.

    So I agree with what you say, the militia movement needs to be torn down to the dirt level and rebuilt.

    Two suggestions, first shitcan the lable militia or the obvious military jargon ( I gotta canoe can I recreate my Marine hit the beach days?) second the first training they need is the TC3 not SUT (K from CSG has written that most who asked about SUT couldn’t even safely handle their weapons).

    • robroysimmons permalink

      Sorry not trying to thread jack but when is your next public appearance?

    • Shit, bro…..I didn’t know I was making a “public” appearance this time. I wasn’t overt about it or anything. Just some people asked questions of us that prompted me to say, “Here, I’ve got some reading material for you.” I’d write the blog address down, tell them to read it, and email me if they had questions. It’s not like I walked around introducing myself as John Mosby.

      I agree with you 100% that the first training MOST people need is TC3 rather than SUT. That’s why I do the TC3 on the front of the SUT classes (besides the fact, if someone in a class ever turns out to be a fucking idiot and shoots me, I’d like to not be the only motherfucker there that knows what to do….)

      • robroysimmons permalink

        Sorry I have the memory of an interogator, and no its not the best attribute to have for pleasant meaningless social interactions. Its just over time you are basically dropping trial baloons, such as “I would make a good full time trainer” or your Mountain G-wear and this helping your buddy at the show with your Carnegie style, and you are a soon to be author, so I presumed that you would be at a public gathering to meet, greet and sign.

        Speaking of gun shows, when I first read about the “Resistor” from Chittum’s site I thought back in those days I would never see a copy, but I went to my local show here in Illinoisistan and this guy had a table and selling them. Well he was one huge mofo, not steroidal huge but 6’5″ NFL sized darker complected white man with dark hair. This guy ring a bell? If he was Army he must have been the tank retreiver.

        The TC3 was in reference to your spot on remarks about women, my guess that kind of stuff would make a more favorable first impression than Throat Slitting 101.

      • JM, let me audit your SUT class and I’ll be there to slap the CAT and HALO seal on you (after I slap the dipwad who shot you) and don’t let these guys who are put off with your descriptive training aids bother you. They never had to work with SEALs probably. Remind me to tell you about the SEAL team I made the mistake of going to a family restaurant with after a week in the field.

  20. GMiller permalink

    While reading this, at first I thought you were a total asshole, but as I read on , I saw the method to your madness. Clever piece. Message received. carry on.

  21. Bill Harzia permalink

    OT – Anybody still think we’re going to vote our way out of this mess? Now they’re assassinating our media personnel:

    Pro Gun Youtube Channel “FPS Russia” Manager Found Murdered

    • parapearce permalink

      With that thought (FPS RUSSIA) one can only wonder why Alex Jones is still alive. Well, we all know why.

  22. Jedbo permalink

    This “thesis” is dead on. As a civilian, I have a strong background in outdoor activities including high angle rescue, mountaineering, swift water rescue, EMT, etc. etc. I am sure I would be a good asset for a miltia group. I have been completely turned off by the approaches I have experienced. I would very much be a part of a respectable organization and would contribute. I run a small business and their is a thing called “Marketing”. I know it’s a novel concept, but you must create curiosity, not fear in order to get people interested. Once the curiosity is aroused, people will stop at almost nothing to get the answers to their questions.

    Miltia or community based groups are supposed to be ABOUT the community, not the individual. That means leaving your ego at the door and instead think “Service”. How can I best serve my community; by strong arming and using guilt trips? Or, can we firmly, confidently state our positions in a lucid, tactical manner to deflect the defense mechanism people have learned to put up.

    It’s sales 101…every sales person develops a script, they anticipate objections and develop responses, they continually refine the approach until it is seamless. Truly, if as much energy was put into the sales side of the game as is put into the training and prep work, people would be coming from everywhere.

    Everyone knows that the loud obnoxious guy is not the threat, nor are they to be followed…but the quiet, succinct and – dare I say, polite – guy is going to instill confidence. This leads to people being at ease and then ENGAGING.

    Did some ice climbing in Sand Point a few years back… be a great place for SERE.

  23. Jim permalink

    Lose the foul mouth, Brother.

    Re-read this excellent article for the reason why.

    • Guys, I write this blog like I was discussing things with my ODA in the Team Room. This is NOT how I speak in public, or to people I’ve just met, outside of training environments.

      • Joe permalink

        Good, cause I almost had killed my wish to meet you after being bombarded with all your language. Nice to know that you don’t actually talk like that…

  24. Excellent article and right on target.

  25. Excellent article as usual. Keep up the good work and keep on with the language. Love it.

  26. JMB permalink

    What exactly is it about the grip safety that’s so bad? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I hear a lot of people talk about it interfering with off-hand or single hand weapons manipulation, but I’ve never run into a problem with it.

    • I’ve had an old-style (small) grip safety fail to engage when firing with a high-thumbs, two-handed grip. I changed my grip up to make it work properly. The newer grip safeties often have a ‘memory bump’ to avoid that problem, which suggests that I’m not the only one to have that issue.

  27. hbbill permalink

    Khaki slacks and a polo shirt… outstanding suggestion. Why do all militia uniforms have to be military in nature? The slacks and shirt would present a relaxed yet professional appearance if neat and pressed. Wear small rank insignia on your collar if you must get some sort of a .mil look in. Perhaps a small unit logo embroidered on the breast with a pin on name plate above. Wear smiles also as suggested.

    Suit and tie at a gun show? Too much like a used car salesman. This may all be a moot point unless gun shows can survive the pending anti-gun onslaught.

    One other reason that recruitment is sparse in the militias is that many today are wary of getting involved with them do to a record of infiltration by .gov. Who needs to be on yet another list at this stage of the game.

  28. What’s with all these girly boys who are offended by language? Really? Really? The place our country is at right now and you are complaining about language? FFS gets some perspective you fucking nancy’s.

  29. LT Dan permalink


    You are totally and completely correct. In addition to the opsec problems with some of these groups, their stupidity in how they operate is just unbelievable. The first priority for local community groups should be to assist the local community! This will become easier and harder if/when things go live, harder because opfor may be trying to kill you, easier because people will need shit. Making sure people have food to eat, antibiotics, clean water medical assistance and clothing is far more important to generate rapport, preferably provided by a friendly professional face, not some douche in multicams.

    It will be critical to determine what gaps there are for community survival that the regime cannot provide, or that which most frustrates the community, that in turn our community groups can provide. It could be security, medical aid, transportation, or just simple things like organization and facilitation of neighborhoods. Think of Hurricane Sandy and Katrina. People needed help organizing the community, and providing basic shit like fuel logistics to feed their generators, a warm caring hand, and place to sleep.

    For us, we are likely looking at some sort of currency crisis, combined with supply chain disruptions. Many people won’t have the shit they need, and will have a helluva fucking time getting it. If our community can be the people who provide it, we will have their help as well. Logistics, Logistics, fucking Logistics!!!

    John, maybe you can get your SF public affairs buddy to write another article? I think it would be helpful. Something he said that really rang true was “Never make a promise to the people you can’t keep.” Some simple rules and guidelines on this topic would be helpful I think.

    Thanks as always.

  30. This is so relevant. Consider me a fan, from a distance. Wish I could afford the training. Best I can do is pushups, running, karate, reading stuff like your site, and Appleseed. I also have a garden, which the neighborhood kids are very curious about, and along with another neighbor or two I do a sort of informal neighborhood watch, just keeping my eyes open for weirdness. I live in an exurb in the Midwest.

    They’re officially allergic to anything militia, but Appleseed does a very good job of marketing and being community-oriented. They don’t let instructors wear camo. I chose to get involved with them instead of a militia, because of their message of civic involvement, and because the idea of getting to know some fat rude guys in wrinkly BDU’s who can’t even run 50 yards, and don’t have a clue of tactics let alone manners, just to be infiltrated and spied on even more by the gov wasn’t my idea of effective. (of course they probably are still spying anyway).

    Anyway, they really stick to their mission statement, and they have a great infrastructure – forums, a manual, a budget, board of directors etc.

    I wish there was a way to help my community through the SHTF without being misunderstood or robbed. Just keeping my eyes open is a service, but I also want to plant some turnips in odd places this spring, they don’t take much care, they have calories, and the seeds are cheap. Then if people start to starve I can point out the turnips. Add taters, carrots, etc., it wouldn’t be that expensive. Hey, if you want brownie points, why not have a militia sponsored community garden? If you want to win hearts and minds go for the stomachs. It beats arguing with libs about guns.

    BTW the only “BDU’s” I own are fake fashion ones – they’re thin fabric, low cut grayish hip hugger camo bell bottoms with purple sequins on the pocket. I bought them at the thrift store for a joke, and never wear anything else camo with them. When I want to wear something actually practical that will blend in with nature, I wear plain tan or gray tactical pants or cargo pants, and plain earth toned (brown, tan, gray, green, etc.) tops. I’m thin enough for guy’s pants, which are the only ones left that actually have the waist where the waist is supposed to be, which is important for conceal carry and just not having to hike your pants up every two seconds. It’s not as camouflaged as camo in the bush, but it’s almost as good as camo and passes in society too. The Gray Man, y’know. Or Gray Lady as the case may be.

    • You better watch out. Those “BDUs” sound kind of sexy. Some of these guys reading will be emailing you with marriage proposals…..

      • parapearce permalink

        I read to the end before I realized you were a woman, got a little shaky there for a sec. You’re doing more than most. The next time I’m out in the Weeds and trip over a turnip I’ll think of you.

      • LOL am I that macho? Oh well…

  31. Roger permalink

    I agree with being friendly and approachable. I went to the Outdoors show in my area last year and was suprised at some of the people staffing the booths. A couple of “Cabelas cowboys” wouldn’t even try to engage the people around their booth. Their booth was an organization that was supposed to be attracting young people to the outdoor sports.

    Another thing, when you are trying to attract others to your booth, stop your side conversations. It says to others “our conversation is more important than your questions.”

  32. Paul Bonneau permalink

    +1 on your recommendation of Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. Possibly the single most important book a person can read. I call it the “User’s manual on how to get along with the rest of the human race.”

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