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With the exception of the following acronyms in regular usage within this blog, if you have any difficulties deciphering acronyms from context, take the initiative to look them up,


or here;

or here;.

If you’re too lazy to do so, you’re probably too fucking lazy to function effectively as an UW fighter or even as a successful survivalist, WTSHTF, so piss off.


Common acronyms specific to MountainGuerrilla.

HH6= HouseHold-Six. Six is the military designator in radio-code, for a unit commander. So, Household-Six would be the household commander, or as the married men will understand, my wife.

ATL= Assistant Team Leader. My daughter.

AG= Assistant Gunner, specific to crew-served weapons such as the M240B or mortar systems. In this case, it refers to my as yet unborn, but already conceived second-borne. That nickname will be changed to something of an appropriate level of Viking Bad Assedness once it’s confirmed that it’ll be a boy.


  1. Just give your readers the links to the websites & call it good. I’m an educated person and I don’t claim to be lazy… I can look it up. I’d rather you spend your time writing cool stuff than educating me on the ‘fine details’.
    Thanks & keep up the good work!

  2. Brian Black permalink

    The dictionary links you have listed for definitions no longer work. Not that I needed them but I don’t know if you knew.


    Brian Black

  3. DaisyMae, Brian Black, gislej, Ruun-

    This works-

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