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The Auxiliary

This page is dedicated to listing companies that I like the products of. Consider them MountainGuerrilla-approved.

There are a couple of caveats here.

1) I have no financial interest in any of these companies, nor do I receive any reimbursement from them, whatsoever.

2) Some, probably most, of these companies have no idea that I’ve offered a recommendation of their products. Some wouldn’t care. Others might get pissy about it. So, I’m not going to post direct links.

3) If I recommend a company, it’s probably because I’m recommending a specific product, or a general range of products. I’ll try and note what those products are.

4) No one on this page has asked me to advertise for them or spread the word for their business. If you ask me to advertise your business, that’s cool, I’ll be glad to do so, but only if I can personally account for the quality of your products or services.

Mountain Guerrilla-Approved

PNW Arms. While these guys have developed some really cool new, cutting edge stuff in small-arms munitions, the only product of theirs that I’ve tested is some match-grade “sniper” 175-grain 7.62x51NATO rounds. These were the heat. I was punching sub-1/2MOA groups with it, at 600+ meters, out of an off-the-shelf barrel on a Winchester Model 70 heavy-barrel bolt gun. Good shit. My only complaint is they don’t currently produce 5.56×45, but apparently they are going to be producing them starting this fall. Tell them I sent you.

CorBon Ammunition. I spend a lot of time in the Black Hills country, and have spent a little bit of time in their pro-shop. While they definitely have a focus on LEO, they do produce good ammunition. So, consider it a qualified approval.

High-Speed Gear, Inc. I run their kangaroo-style “Taco” mag pouches on my war belt, and HH6 has them on hers. They are my first recommendation for mag pouches. While I haven’t run anything else by them, I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from guys in the know.

Harsh Firearms. This is a small, one-man shop in Oklahoma. Dude does some cool Cerakote work, and some gunsmithing. While I’m not in need of Cerakote, since I’ve used Krylon for so long, I happen to have met the guy and he’s a genuinely nice guy. Head is definitely in the right place. Check him out and see if you can send some business his way. I may actually let him do some upper builds for me. The one he built that I got to handle was that well-done. Tell him I sent you.

Costa Ludus. While it might seem odd that I would recommend another trainer, I’ve met Chris in a social setting, and he’s a genuinely, nice, NICE guy. He fawned over TMO, and was more than polite to HH6. A gentleman of the first order. I’ve also seen the dude run a gun, and he’s really as good as he appears to be in the old MagPul videos. Tell him I sent you.

Chinook Medical. Pretty sure these guys don’t even know I exist, but I highly recommend them as a source of TC3 medical gear. It’s one of my primary go-to sources for those needs.

GuerrillAmerica. Sam Culper’s information and instructional articles on Intelligence Collection and Analysis are not only great in my mind, but come highly recommended from a former SF Team Sergeant who also spent some time as an instructor at the Special Forces Operations and Intelligence NCO’s Course. If you don’t know, and can’t figure out, that’s a pretty serious recommendation for the quality of instruction.

Ambush Tactical. These guys are located in Garden City, ID, a suburb of Boise. Cool gear and guns, and one of the owners is a former 2d Battalion Ranger (which I try not to hold against him….)

OSOE. Original Special Operations Equipment.

ATS. I run their war belt, although I replaced the inner belt. Only complaint with the outer belt is, the large size….isn’t. I’ve got a 32-inch waist, at 210 pounds, and it doesn’t come around in the front far enough. However, it’s still a great belt and it’s held up for a couple years of being beat to death.

Burris. Not what anyone would expect from me, in the recommendation of an optic, I know. The only Burris optics I have in fact, is the MTAC 1.5-6X on two rifles. One of them survived being ejected from a vehicle during a roll-over accident, and held it’s zero even……These are relatively inexpensive (in the $350 range) and are robust as hell. You won’t go wrong running this, if you’re looking for a magnified optic.

  1. Grouch, MD permalink

    Could you recommend places to find/order medical equipment? I mean things like IV starter kits, NS or LR, 14 g angiocaths; monitoring equipment, even central lines or I/Os would be useful. Alternatively, places that have screwed you over would also be good data.

    I am a doc, and trying to get a head start on setting up my “home clinic”.

    • Doc Grouch,
      I “requisition” mine through a buddy who is a EMT-P….North American Rescue comes highly recommended, amongst others. On the other hand, I can’t imagine you’d have much trouble finding appropriate supplies, and probably have a far better idea than I do what is needed……The hardest things in the IFAK to get ahold of is the Combat Pill-Pack. I just use extra-strength Tylenol and fish antibiotics for ours…..


    • Koldsteel permalink

      +1 on Chinook Medical. They carry IV / IO kits, IV fluids, chest seals, pneumo needles, and other top notch gear. Dixie Medical is a good place to get civilian based gear like pulse oximeters, bp cuffs, etc.

      BTW- your gonna get to the need of a tourniquet one day. There are many out there but give the CAT tourniquet a hard look. You will not go wrong with it.

  2. Sigo permalink

    JM, Was wondering which company’s “war belt” you run.

    • I’m running an ATS belt, with their basic inner belt. I got it because I came across it in a gun shop in Rock Springs, Wyoming right when I decided to try the concept out, and I got it for a steal. If I was going to order a new one, I’d look at some of the others. I’m a BIG fan of HSGI’s stuff. One upgrade I’d like to make to mine though, since it’s still perfectly functional, is to replace the limp-dick inner belt with something more stiff and robust.


  3. Stoic29 permalink

    JM, sorry to miss your last class, hopefully the weather was better…Couple of things kind of surfaced as I was ruminating on your class 30Nov-2Dec.

    What kind of parts kit would you carry for your AR, Springs etc. Also, what parts would your carry for a Glock.

    What items would you include in your IFAK?

    • Sir,
      Weather was definitely better,hj albeit cold.

      I keep a lot of various spare parts and springs, like hammer and trigger springs, etc, but don’t actually carry any spare parts for my rifles when in the field. After the last couple of classes though, perhaps I should consider carrying spare bolts (or extractors at least) and flash suppressors, eh? Same on the Glock WRT what I already carry.

      I’m going to do another IFAK article soon, as well as list what should be in an IFAK and a crew/team medic’s bag. I’m hoping I can get SFMedic to give me some feedback on the second part of that.

      Thanks for coming to the rifle class. Hope you got a lot out of it!

      HH6 says hi!


  4. Stoic29 permalink

    My regards to HH6, I am healing nicely, albeit with a cool scar. Helps my badass meme.

    Also, was able to get Southwest passes for you and your better half for Shot Show. Let me know your disposition.

  5. john permalink

    Can’t find a email address for you on this site. Who sells extractors? (ar 15) I need some spares. Thanks!

  6. Rooster permalink

    Ever use any SpecOps gear?

  7. Bitterroot Sherpa permalink

    +1 on the PNW arms ammo. I use the shit out of their 300BLK “range” ammo using M80 ball pulled slugs & it’s the shit!

  8. Dealmed for IV starter kits and straight volume replacement fluids.

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