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SOF Truths

September 4, 2013

(The following article was originally posted at the old site, on 4JUN12. –JM)


In the military special operations world, some concepts are considered universal truths that must be recognized in order to maintain the fighting effectiveness of SOF. These are referred to as the Special Operations Forces Truths. They apply just as critically to the unconventional warfare paradigm. Take them to heart.
Humans are more important than hardware. It doesn’t matter which side has cooler tech. It doesn’t matter what kind of gun you run. It doesn’t matter if they have armor and air support. You have to be better trained, more highly motivated, and more determined than your enemies. If you are, you win. If you aren’t, you die.
Quality is better than quantity. There is a reason that an SF ODA can accomplish more than a conventional force battalion can. It’s not the cool gear. It’s the quality of the soldier. Do not be discouraged that you can’t get more people to wake up to the need for preparedness and training. Take the people you do have and develop a training program that emphasize the quality of expertise. Make them masters of the fundamentals. Use them later to teach the newcomers, and you’ve created a force multiplier in each man.
SOF cannot be mass-produced. Don’t think guys like myself or SFMedic, or Lizard Farmer can teach you a weekend course and you’ll be ready to go to war. We can teach the fundamental skills and concepts, introduce you to teaching and training methodologies, and even impart some experiential wisdom, but ultimately, every individual has to go out and teach a small group of like-minded friends and neighbors, continue his and their education, and grow slowly.
Competent SOF cannot be formed after an emergency occurs. If we wait until TSHTF to start developing training cadres of right-minded people with the requisite knowledge and training, it’ll be too late. You need to be training and learning NOW.
Special Operations require non-SOF support. Don’t think that, just because you’re old, crippled, lazy, or fat, female, or never been in the military, that you can’t contribute. Get the training. Even if you have no future running commando-type direct-action raids, you will have the knowledge to pass on to younger, fitter folks. If you foresee yourself functioning as part of the subversive underground, get the training, so that you can understand the capabilities of the paramilitary guerrilla force, and know how to interact with them operationally. If you only intend to be an auxiliary…get the training, so you can understand HOW to support the needs of the more active resistance.

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  1. permalink


    Read this and take it to hear. It was the same way in Heavy Industrial Construction. You can do this. Think about it.


  2. Attack Company 1/75 permalink

    Thanks for all you do.
    P.S. I miss all all your Sho Kosugi/Michael Dudikoff comments 🙂

  3. Dan permalink

    Quality hardware isn’t the most important factor but it doesn’t hurt either.
    Two opposing forces of equal skill, equal will and equal motivation can
    have the balance tipped for or against by hardware. This means a squad
    of the best trained and motivated people can lose if all they have are old
    bolt guns and they go up against a squad of guys who aren’t top level but DO
    have a clue and modern weapons. And unfortunately plain old luck will
    play a HUGE factor on a regular basis also.

  4. Koldsteel permalink

    Great article.

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