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Food for thought……

November 23, 2013

I’ve been feeling guilt, since I haven’t been posting regularly, trying to complete final edits on the ebook. So, a morsel of mental training for you.


“It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.”

—Julius Ceasar


I see a lot of guys respond to suggestions to do more PT or other training with the idea that “Training is too hard. I’ll just sit on my hill and die.”


Like Julius Ceasar, I think that’s a coward’s approach. Take it how you will.


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  1. Desert Scout permalink

    I try to convince family and friends that we will face hard times ahead, store food, get in shape etc. It is sad how often people say,” I would rather die,” than go through hard times or suffer. I fear America is loosing what once made us great… The fighting spirit!
    I guess thats why we are the 3%!!

  2. Madness_Reigns permalink

    “Training is too hard. I’ll just sit on my hill and die.” – Their wishes will be granted.

    Obviously nothing is guaranteed, the best preps in the world may fail to ensure that you and yours survive throught “it”, but with the cost of healthcare, implementation of obamacare, etc…I had to take my wife (who’s out of shape) to the emergency room one day in the spring and as I looked at her writhing in pain and all the doctors wanted to do was prescribe some meds and send her home…I sat there thinking that “F” no, that’s not gonna be me plus with all the other crap going on I started getting in shape, and I thought to myself “True warriors don’ wear an 3XL shirt size”

  3. james permalink

    As a has been, I understand the need for being physically fit. however, as a movement, and a possible ucw force, you my friend are going to be faced with the challenge of your life. you are not persuading jihadis to fight for a better life; you (we) are trying to get fat ass in the fight. fat ass likes motorized shit. fat ass likes easy. the challenenge for us is to find a way to motivate those on the cusp of “cadre” to form and train groups of their own. shoot, moveo, communicate. semper fi.

  4. I’d rather be surrounded by the few 3% warriors,than the 97% foul shitbags. Let ’em go, they’re dead weight. It’s natures way of saying you are done here.

  5. GM_Man permalink

    Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa.

    I’ll get out there again once Winter preps are complete. I promise.

  6. RobRoySimmons permalink

    IMO the mental attitude is one of being in the last stages of reactionary political blood letting. We served our purpose, nothing left to save, out to the curb for us while our “leaders” take the cash and run.

    So we are maybe just maybe in that pre-revolutionary time, but I doubt that because Unca Shuga is still mailing out the checks, and the elite still sets what is and what is not taboo.

  7. Revpatriot permalink

    So true. I always said to my squad while I was an 11b and now my civilian guys “If you can’t even do the scooting, then why train so much in the shooting?”. A nicer, cheesier way of saying “get off your fat Jaba the hut ass and do some PT.”

  8. the fukkn A-team permalink

    “Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”

    ― Heraclitus
    tags: military Read more

  9. D Close permalink

    The sheep have been conditioned well. I will echo what Desert Scout reported; many would rather die than endure; (Reference Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.”) And so they will. To many, the task is so daunting, so frightening, they are frozen. I keep prodding those I have some hope for. The young seem to be more receptive. We must lead by example anyway. This is a lonely road in this phase…That being said, go to your next gun show, your local range or a paintball/airsoft business and make new friends. I’d say if it feels like you are spinning wheels, find a place with better traction. When the evidence of this collapse becomes so obvious that the blind and deaf cannot ignore it, we need to have a path for people to achieve some basic level of readiness once the crowd catches on. I’ve put up flyers for “training partners.” (Too gay? Better suggestions?) You have to be willing to bend OPSEC a bit to get the right people. This isn’t my specialty, but Mosby is right. Cowardice is no excuse for inaction. When I talk to people they should see me walk the walk, without thirty pounds of lard hanging over my gun belt. Also, you never know: my buddy’s wife offered to blow me if I could get him in shape too. (He assured me she wouldn’t have a clue how, so not to worry.) Oh well, I will get him moving anyway.

    • LOL. I went into town today to fill another 15 gal.tank of fuel for underground storage,and all I seen was lard ass’d stupid looking guys(complete with unkept beards,dirty clothes, and exposed guts hanging from under their coats)young and old. And EVERYONE of them had a 12 pak or case of Bud Light or such in their hands. Then there was me- I’m the picture of health and obviously in great shape for an old man of 50. I had a can of V8 and a bunch of bananas in my hands. Even the young man behind the counter was well on his way to being a fatboy. I said out loud to him “noone wants to train, everyone just wants to party. You are all expecting guys like me to fight for your asses” they all just looked at me like I was crazy. Fucking clueless idiots I tell you! These losers deserve to “sit on their hill and die”.

      • RobRoySimmons permalink

        I’m gonna side with Mosby (I think), you’re being a douche. What you say is true, most people if they had to be sorted would go into the 90% Heraclitus informed us about, but that will always be true. FTR in an honest self appraisal I would be lucky to fit into the 9 category.

        Here is my advice, you simply cannot use the word “militia” that word has been taken out and violated to no end, you might as well say “neo-Nazi who wants to turn my streets into Belfast/Beirut/Chechnya/Bagdad.”

        The phrase you can use is “self-defense” either personal or tactical but it is an approved socially acceptable phrase. EG; Kerodins CQ self defense class.

    • @ D Close. I hung up flyers for Kerodins CQB class. After that I was called a terrorist by some,and had folks asking me if I was in the MI Militia. I couldn’t even give away pre-paid slots for Christs sake. Fucking COWARDS.

      • D Close permalink

        @Pana, Well, yes they are. You are forcing them to look at that fault directly. Let’s keep at it. They don’t have to stay that way. Let’s get better at doing what we are trying to do. If that helps people figure out they better get moving, fucking awesome! If not, let’s figure out what’s not working and mod it ASAP. I’d like to hear about some success when you do.

      • Right on man. This is our Country. Personally, I will never back down from doing my Duty and standing up for what is mine/ours. I’m 50 and have lived a GREAT life here. I’m one of the 3% and I’m not ashamed of it. Fuck these commie cumstains. I’m better than all of them put together and they better fear me/us. Like my Regimental motto says “Ne Desit Virtus-Let Valor Not fail”.

    • @RRS. When did I use the term “militia”? I was asked by several here if i was in the MM. I said no. I have met some of them and was not particularly impressed with them. I still think they are Constitutionally acceptable, just not cup of tea. If I come across as an asshole, it’s because I have a bit higher standards than most I guess. I live in a so-called “resort” area. So I get quite a bit of drunken morons who are having “fun” in my frontyard which to them is the “wilderness”. I bet you would pissed too if you had fools constantly trying to re-capture thier teenage party days in and around your home. I’m genuinely liked by the GREAT majority of locals here including County law Enforcement, and most-if not all my neighbors are glad that a guy like me is here to “hold the line”.

      • I’ll add this… Not only did I excel in the civilian world,starting with school-graduating early, and ending in business-retiring at 40. But I also was awarded “Outstanding Student” twice during my military training, and nominated for “Soldier of the Year” in one of the Units I served with. So yes, I have an attitude-still have to work on that, but thanks for pointing it out dude.

  10. parapearce permalink

    ” Dying is no way to Live” – Josey Wales

  11. SpartanMonkey permalink

    I started Crossfit a while ago. After the day’s WOD, I was chatting with the gym owner and a coach after everyone else was gone. I dropped a couple vague references to firearms and bingo, turns out they both reload and shoot competitively. I can now slowly explore their position on current political events, etc. Crossfit attracts lots of ex-mil dudes to befriend and the woman are animals too. Getting fit and building my tribe – almost like I planned it.
    Meanwhile, I’m working on my Fran-time and incorporating Crossfit-like workouts with running guns and H2H. Check out Pat Mac’s “El Pres MOD” YouTube vid for an idea.

    • I do Crossfit WODs a lot. If you can modify them with some pure strength work and ruck forced marches, it’s an awesome PT session.

  12. “Nor ought we believe that there is much difference between man to man, but to think that superiority lies with him who is reared in the severest school”

    Thucydides via a 1st Bn RIP NCO,

    JM, great site

    To maintain the moral high ground just as our Founding Fathers did to the end, and like Col John Boyd advocated as the highest element of war, be heard.

    The US Capital Switch Board, 202 224 3121

  13. Thanks for urging everyone on. I agree, people need to push themselves. Few have the will
    to prepare to win. Thanks

  14. Mike S. permalink

    But according to your standards, all I can do is “sit on my hill.” I can’t run anymore, whatever broke in my knee means I ran my last mile two years ago. I can walk, I can ruck, I can lift… but other than a pathetic “old man run” or a short sprint through blinding pain, running is straight out.

    If you’ve got answers or words of encouragement or something, I’m all ears.

    • Then focus on the lifting, rucking, and walking for now. I’ve torn both ACLs, torn the patellar tendon and MCL in my left knee, had a broken hip, my back broken twice, and numerous other injuries that should have been athletic career ending. I’m still here. It hurts and that sucks, but we do it anyway. We endure pain with patience.

      • Man I thought I was the only one dealing with injuries like that and still charging hard. So I do have company. It slows you down a bit,and you think and look a little more before jumping, but life does go on if you want it to.

      • I had a 1st SGT Mc Callister with the 187th at Campbell that wore steel braces on his legs after they were shot up in Nam. he could run further than any of us young guys. No shit.

      • parapearce permalink

        A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest. I can’t keep pace with the younger guys in our group, but I can build a killer hootch.

        ” Stay Thirsty My Friends” – The Dos Equis guy

      • Mike S. permalink

        Thanks, I’ll keep up on that.

        Running was overrated anyway… :p

  15. Jim Essayons permalink

    “I see a lot of guys respond to suggestions to do more PT or other training with the idea that “Training is too hard. I’ll just sit on my hill and die.”

    I’m 52 years old – Five years ago, esophageal cancer left me at 130lbs. I’m missing my sternocleidomastoid muscle, one of my jugular veins and all the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. My spinal accessory nerve is damaged and doctors told me I would have great difficulty lifting my right arm. For 18 months, I was on a liquid diet forced through a plastic tube protruding from my gut.

    I’m sick and fucking tired of everyone making excuses as to why they can’t do PT.

    Thanks to the information provided by coaches like Joe Defranco, Jim Wendler, Dan John and of course Mark Rippetoe, I’m now at 150 lbs (and still growing) with no added body fat. If anyone tells you you’re too old to build muscle and get stronger, tell them to FUCK OFF! I can deadlift twice my body-weight and squat 1 1/2 times body-weight. And, I PERFORM MILITARY PRESSES, DOCTORS BE DAMNED! Albeit my upper body strength is not where it should be, it’s the posterior strength that counts. But, I’m not satisfied with any of this. I WILL get stronger! I’m in better shape now then I was in 1986 when I went through Basic and AIT at Ft Leonard Wood in 1983.

    John is 100% spot on with his advice on how to get yourself in shape. If you think that performing the preparation drills (FM 7-22) and running 2 or 3 miles will cut it when the SHTF, you’re sadly mistaken. You need to bullet proof your body. Just research the names above, and don’t think in the terms of PT, but Strength and Conditioning.

    If you want to survive SHTF, you better prep your body too. In the words of Ripp, “Stronger things are harder to kill!”

    Jim Essayons
    Former 21B

  16. I completed an SUT class with JM last April in Colorado. One of the best investments I have ever made. Since then, I have changed out about 40% of my gear, started hiking 4 miles 2-3 times a week in full gear with 300 rds on my chest rig. I live in the mountains at 10 thousand feet and I am 51 years old so, a little more challenging. I also power lift twice a week and have set up a bounding course on my acreage which I run 2-3 times a week. I have lost 35 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes since I began and feel much stronger. The excuse to not do PT is simply that, an excuse. How the F..K does anyone expect to survive and thrive in the field without being in condition? Looking forward to another SUT very soon! Thanks for the motivation JM!

  17. Alpha 375 permalink

    PT sucks, Dying because your lazy SUCKS more! Especially when some asshole takes your gear and kills your friends and family with it. Do more PT. Amen JM RLTW!

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