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The Kernel of Resistance

December 10, 2013

When will the Resistance begin?

What can little ol’ me do?


I see a lot of people in the comments of this blog and others ask these types of questions in regard to what they can do to resist what they perceive as unjust, tyrannical, unconstitutional violations of natural human rights by the government. My personal perception is that these queries are attempts to legitimize their personal desire to start shooting motherfuckers in the face. Why? Because I get the same desire when I read the news.


Unfortunately, I’m not going to “give” you “permission” to start shooting anyone. It’s not my job. It’s not anyone’s job, and as Claire Wolfe so famously wrote, “it’s too early to shoot the bastards.” It’s also not necessary yet.


Thomas Jefferson wrote a great deal about government existing with the consent of the governed, and as with most things, Mr. Jefferson was spot on. The problem is, we’re usually too stupid to understand what he meant. The government—any government—only has the power over you that you permit it to have; no more. If you refuse to comply, they can either ignore you, or hunt you down and try to imprison or kill you.


There’s no organized resistance movement in this nation. There’s not going to be, anytime soon, judging by the bickering, backstabbing, and plain ignorance that is often displayed. I’m never going to condone racism—period. That means me and Adolf the Aryan are never going to organize against the government. I’d as soon shoot the ignorant fuck in the face as sit down and discuss philosophies with him. What are the chances that he and I are going to successfully share the proverbial foxhole? Pretty goddamned slim, huh?


On the other hand, does that mean “resistance is futile?” Not at all. Organized resistance amongst normal people (of whom I generally consider myself one, since I’m not aware of any psychological disorders that I suffer from) will not begin to occur until the kernel of that resistance is formed by individuals and small groups becoming disenfranchised enough to start developing their networks. Failing that, any overt acts of resistance—especially armed resistance—will result in the resistors being labeled as “terrorists” in the minds of most people. If you want to ensure that future resistance—next week, next month, or next year…hell, even in the next generation—you must make it real now, by living the resistance you claim to believe in. How do you do that, though?


The answer depends on what you are angry about. Are you angry about the devaluation of the US dollar? Are you angry about unlawful surveillance by the government? Are you angry about unlawful actions without repercussion by LEO? What can you do to stop those–through underground action, instead of through pointless violent actions that result in nothing but increased sympathy for your enemy?


Many of us are frustrated and angry about the increasing devaluation of the US dollar through ridiculous fiscal practices of the government and the continuation of fiat currency. How can you resist that? Bitcoin sure as fuck is not the answer. (Seriously!!!???? “We don’t believe in fiat currency, so we’re going to make up our currency that has value ‘because we say it does!’” Someone wanna explain to me how the fuck THAT makes sense…to ANYONE? Buehler…..Buehler…..Buehler?)


One obvious answer is to quit conducting transactions with dollars. Barter and trade, conducting transactions with silver, etc….Of course, that’s not a complete solution. When you go to the local grocery store, they’re going to value that pre-’64 quarter the same as they do the circa 2004 quarter. Nothing you can do to explain to the minimum-wage Wal-Mart clerk the concept of inherent value is going to change that. He/She/It does not get paid to think…


That doesn’t mean you can’t minimize your use of the fiat currency, as pretty much every survivalist- and liberty-oriented financial advisor on the market recommends. Whenever possible, use barter. Negotiate for reduced prices. (Hell, I used that method at Best Buy the day before yesterday and got 25% off the price of a brand-new laptop for my wife!) Quit buying so much shit.


When you save money, consider the Alpha Strategy (google and read the eBook if you’re unfamiliar with it). Invest in silver and other precious metals. No, you’re not necessarily going to get the same return on your investment, and in the event of a collapse, people are decidedly NOT going to be running around looking to trade beans, bullets, and band-aids for your hoarded silver dimes. Thinking otherwise is delusional. That doesn’t mean it’s not a decent store of value that will always hold some level of value in the long-term.


If you’re pissed about anything the government is doing…quit paying for it. I hear lots of people (myself included) bitch about pet-killing cops, or cops shooting bystanders and then pushing the blame off on the unarmed suspect…(or the current winner in my mind…the two D.C. Cops: one arrested for child pornography, and the other for running a prostitution ring, including a 16 year old hooker in his stable…The chief of police got angry because she’d had 3 officers killed in the line-of-duty in the last year, and THEY represented the real 99.9% of DC cops…2 bad guys…3 dead in the line of duty…I can’t even imagine how those numbers balance out that way in her head….). How do you resist that? Do you start assassinating police officers? Not necessarily.


I don’t believe the lie that “99.9% of cops are good.” I don’t even believe the lie that “50% of cops are good.” I do believe—I KNOW—there are cops out there that are legitimately good guys who got into the job to “protect and serve.” While those guys need to make a more concerted effort to push the bad apples out of the basket (For the cop readers…do NOT blame your unions. They are supposed to represent YOU. If they don’t, that’s your fault.), I don’t want to reduce their presence even more by shooting the one good cop on a department. That doesn’t make a bit of sense. However, there are three things I believe should be done by legitimately concerned “resistors.”


  1. Quit paying as much tax as you can get away with. It’s more than you think. Don’t want to pay sales tax? Pay the small tax necessary to get a local business license, and buy everything on that so you’re not paying a sales tax that supports the local government. Go make your purchases that you have to pay sales tax for in a jurisdiction with responsible, civic-minded police departments. Who gives a shit if you have to drive further, paying for more fuel? Is it the money you value, or the principle? I refuse to do classes in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other states that outright ban the citizen’s right to protect themselves with legitimate tools. I’m not afraid to use my weapons in those states…I simply refuse to contribute to their tax base by having to purchase things in those states.

  2. Talk to your local cops. Get to know them. Befriend them if they’re good guys, shun them if they’re assholes. Don’t go out of your way to flaunt your non-compliance. Use the “Heinlein principle” to determine what laws are convenient to follow and which are inconvenient. I don’t speed. It’s more inconvenient to me to pay a traffic ticket than it is to leave a few minutes early to get somewhere. I get license and registration—even though those support the local regime—because it’s less inconvenient than the alternative. The less I have to deal with local cops (actually, our local sheriff’s deputies are pretty reasonable), the easier it is for me to ignore the unconstitutional laws and continue my personal resistance. I’ll still jump in and fight to protect the local cops that I know are good guys though.

  3. If a cop—or cops—does something illegal or unjust to your family or friends, or the family of your friend? Make him pay for it. Since someone somewhere will read this and pass it on to his cop friends and they might get offended because I am “implying” that they should shoot cops….Don’t bother. I’m not implying anything. I’m telling you…if you hurt my family or friends—regardless of what clothes you wear to work—I will hurt or kill. You don’t get to hide behind a badge.

    It’s not a matter of simple vengeance though. As a reader, student, and friend pointed out in a class discussion a while back…vengeance isn’t fixing anything. If you go hunting under those circumstances, it needs to be readily apparent why. Don’t hide your reasons.

    Does that mean you’ll be on the run afterwards? Of course. That’ll be inconvenient. Honestly? You’ll probably get caught eventually. That’ll be REALLY inconvenient..and probably result in execution. Scared? You’re talking about violent resistance…did you think you were bulletproof?


I have friends and family members who tell me I should self-censor what I write on the internet. I should not use Facebook to communicate with friends and family. I should be careful of what I say on the phone.


Those same people however, are aware enough to recognize that “a right unexercised ceases to be a right recognized.” Which is it?


I believe in (un)civil disobedience. I will say what I feel I need to say, when I feel I need to say it, about whatever I feel I need to talk about. If they want to eavesdrop on my conversations….more power to them. There’s still a way to fight back though, beyond withdrawing consent by ignoring them.


Withdraw consent by refusing to fund those activities.


But John! I can’t decide where my tax dollars go to!” says an acquaintance.


And that’s why you’re not a resistor. You’ll never be anything but a slave.” is my reply. You most certainly CAN decide where your tax dollars go…by not paying them. If you’re truly pissed about the actions of the government—quit supporting them by paying your taxes. If you work for an employer who practices withholding, either quit your job and go work under the table, or claim enough deductions that it reduces your withholding to zero (I’ve been told the magic number is 5 deductions. It reduces your withholding to zero, but doesn’t automatically trigger an audit alert at the IRS). At the end of the year, continue practicing (un)civil disobedience by not filing. Withdraw your consent by ignoring them.


That’s a damned scary notion to most people. You might end up arrested by the IRS (although..outside of people who are prominent public figures like celebrities…really, how many people have you heard of who were successfully arrested and prosecuted for tax evasion? If there were a lot, wouldn’t you think they’d make a public spectacle of those people to continue coercing people?). You will almost certainly be reduced to a lower standard of living if you trade a six-figure job for under the table wages….depending on what the new job is….going to work as a self-employed contractor in the same field might actually INCREASE your income….


Your wife might leave you if you have to decrease your standard of living. If that’s the case, you were an idiot for marrying a money-grubbing whore, and are better off without her (ask me how I know….HH6 is my second wife…). Granted, none of these are a panacea. You’ll still be paying taxes in the form of sales tax, property tax, etc….it’s still ACTION though. It’s doing SOMETHING. It’s RESISTANCE!


That’s what scares the shit out of people. The ironic thing about that fear though? Those same people in the survivalist-liberty movement are happy to jerk off to masturbatory fantasies about running gunfights with cannibalistic San Franciscans, DHS, or Chinese airborne infantry brigades….Of course, those fantasies are easy, because they’re remote. The fear of ending up in a cage because you could actually do something effective—today–is more frightening because it’s more immediate. It requires you to actually put up or shut up.


Quit being a coward.







John Mosby


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  1. Great post John.

  2. Wes permalink

    Well said.

    Something I do to avoid paying sells tax is buy most everything I can from eBay they have everything, good prices too, just make sure you put the china filter on.
    Makes me feel like I’m winning on a minuscule level.

  3. Damn, that was refreshing.
    It’s good info and the perfect attitude.
    Your mastery of the Peoples English that I am so fluent in is also something that I find comforting.

    I like the straight up way you use to get your message across.
    I get sick of the PC thought suppression I detect in so many peoples way of communicating anymore.
    You are also correct that the urge to “shoot the motherfucker in the face” is only suppressed by the knowledge that you are throwing your own life away for the privilege of instant gratification.

    Make the sonsabitches suffer first.

    Starving the Beast is also good advice.
    With the currently unsustainable income disparity in this country it is just a matter of time until the level of taxes coming in will catch up to the amount of fiat money they are printing and the whole thing is going to collapse anyway.

    Might as well practice living with less now before it happens because it is going to happen in our lifetimes.

  4. sparks31 permalink

    Excellent post. Reblogging.

  5. Denying your local government funds means they will turn the things they can’t afford over to higher levels of government.

    “For the cop readers…do NOT blame your unions. They are supposed to represent YOU. If they don’t, that’s your fault.”

    How about, “do NOT blame your governments. They are supposed to represent YOU. If they don’t, that’s your fault.
    Don’t think there are enough good cops? Become a cop. Better yet, run for sheriff or mayor.

    Do you know why the communists are winning? Its because they’re willing to engage and use the tools available to them. Libertarians don’t fight revolutions, they just bitch and move from “redoubt” to “redoubt”.

    • ghostsniper permalink

      Why hasn’t this blight been killed yet?

  6. Scrapiron permalink

    Ouch! Not pulling punches. Good things to take under advisement and then action, thanks.

  7. MayorQuixote permalink

    Maybe one way of resisting is looking for ways to make fools out of the system/laws that are in place. Here is a juvenile example.

    Maybe there are other ways that laws can be exploited to illustrate the stupidity of the law?

  8. John, I have a serious objection to something you said. You are most definitely NOT normal. If you were normal, WE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THIS FUCKING MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE! It’s ok though…we all make mistakes.

  9. JM-

    “…so we’re going to make up our currency that has value ‘because we say it does!’” Someone wanna explain to me how the fuck THAT makes sense…to ANYONE?”

    You’re better than that, John.

    Bitcoin is scarce, just like Gold is. That it’s digital doesn’t make it less real.

    Here’s a thought experiment: when Paypal was 5 years old, what did you think of it?


    • Nonsense. Comparing bitcoin, which only exists in the digital imagination, to gold which is physically tangible is hubris at best. It DOES make it less real, because if you turn off your computer, you no longer have access to no longer exists. I thought the same of PayPal that I do today. I don’t use it, so I don’t think about it. The fact that they claim the right to come in and take “money” from my bank account–if I had a bank account–because someone claims I screwed them on a deal is ridiculous.

      • Buckaroo Banzai permalink

        JM– Great post. I have already taken steps in this direction myself. It was Ann Barnhardt that woke me up to tax resistance (and a lot of other things as well.) Quitting my job has been the final step. Just did that today. Literally, 3 hours ago.

        I have studied BitCoin very carefully over the last month and feel a need to weigh in. There is a lot of hysteria on both sides and a crap-ton of misinformation out there.

        First, and most important: BitCoin is NOT fiat money. Fiat money is a currency that a government compels its subjects to use, “for all debts, public and private.” Nobody is compelled to use BitCoin. It is freely traded. In a world where every single nation uses fiat currencies, you can understand why many libertarians have embraced BitCoin in a rather knee-jerk fashion.

        That said, it’s worth backing up and defining what money is. Money is ANYTHING that has the following qualities:

        1) A store of value
        2) A medium of exchange
        3) A unit of account

        Money can be anything that people agree has at least one, and preferably all three, of the above properties. However, for people to FREELY, rationally, and without coercion believe that a particular thing has the above qualities, it generally means that the thing agreed upon has the following properties:

        1) Fungibility. One piece of it is exactly like any other piece of it.
        2) Scarcity. It can’t be easily reproduced or fabricated.
        3) Durability. It doesn’t corrode, rot, or spoil.
        4) Divisibility. It can be easily divided into useful quantities.
        5) Portability. It can be transported and/or transmitted with easy.
        6) Verifiability. Counterfeits can be quickly and easily spotted.

        We live in an imperfect world, so there is no magical substance that has all of these properties in fullness. We laugh when we hear that cattle, yap stones, and sea shells have all functioned as money, but for those people in those times and those environments, those things had enough of those properties that they worked.

        Gold, silver, and copper all became some of the best forms of money because people agreed that in the physical world, they best embodied all of the above six qualities. But they are far from perfect. Two examples:

        A) Gold and silver coins were easily debased in ancient times, leading to the ruin of many economies. Modern technology helps us spot debasement and counterfeits but it’s not perfect.
        B) Gold is risky to transport, and difficult to transport in large amounts. And in an age of electronic commerce, it is impossible to use without getting a third party involved that you have to trust.

        So how do BitCoins stack up?

        1) Fungible? Yes, they are perfectly fungible.
        2) Scarce? Yes, very scarce.
        3) Durable? Yes, very durable, with one big caveat: their existence is dependent on a functioning internet.
        4) Divisible? Yes, up to 8 figures to the right of a decimal point.
        5) Portable? Yes, highly portable– both in the physical world, and transmittable almost instantaneously via the internet over global distances.
        6) Verifiable? Yes. The blockchain is a public ledger. Counterfeiting BitCoin requires that a party or parties take over 51% of the computing power of the BitCoin network which is for all intents and purposes impossible, either with today’s technology or any future technology that is even conceivable today.

        Clearly, BitCoin has outstanding monetary qualities, and is inarguably superior to gold for internet transactions and e-commerce. It is gold’s equal in almost every other respect EXCEPT for its dependence on the internet. If you believe that the internet will go down, or could go down, the solution is simple: don’t put all your money into BitCoin. But for as long as the internet is working, BitCoin’s value is real.

        Still not convinced? Think about how we got where we are today. We trusted banks to hold our gold, and issue paper in return. Some of these banks would fail from time to time, and some people would lose all their gold. Then we created Central Banks to backstop all the banks, and we trusted the Central Banks to issue paper money in amounts beyond the amount of gold they actually held in the system. Then, in 1933, the Central Bank failed, and confiscated the gold. Now, with no gold in circulation, the Central Bank issued more and paper money against less and less gold, until in 1971, gold was eliminated entirely and Central Banks were free to create money at will.

        It’s a slippery slope. Gold is useless unless YOU hold it. As soon as you trust someone else with it, that trust WILL be abused. The nifty thing about BitCoin is, you never have to trust anyone else with it. You always retain full control– as long as the internet is functioning, and you have access to it.

        Some people claim the NSA secretly invented BitCoin, and planted it as a trojan horse in the wild so people could find it “on their own” and fall into their trap. While the NSA did indeed publish a bunch of academic papers about cryptocurrencies 10 or 15 years ago, those papers (or at least the ones I found and read) all assumed that crytocurrencies would be managed and mediated through a central bank. BitCoin’s design is completely decentralized; a central bank adds no value and is not required. Think the people who own the NSA like that idea? Others claim that because BitCoin utilizes a public ledger, that now all our transactions are out in the open. While this is true, there are no personal identities associated with the transactions; it takes work to put together who did exactly what, and it is relatively easy to anonymize transactions if you try just a little. Meanwhile, your bank and credit card transactions are easily discoverable so let’s not kid ourselves: we already live our financial lives in public with no hope of privacy. At least BitCoin offers the possibility of privacy if used correctly. And while cash transactions are certainly the most private, they are only legal now in relatively small amounts. If you want to move large amounts of money quickly and privately, BitCoin is your only solution.

        There are great reasons not to own or use BitCoins… but there are reasons to own and use them as well. BitCoins have value because they fulfill all the objective qualities of money. Whether you prefer to use them or not, it’s not a ponzi scheme or hysteria.

      • pdxr13 permalink

        The only way to “accept” a paypal payment is into an account that only does that, at a bank you don’t use otherwise. Funds appear, you remove them (in paper funds).

        Postal money order (vintage E-bay payment system) is was better.

        I’d like my Bitcoins redeemed in GoldCoin, pls. BC is currency, at best, not really “money” like PM’s. Reality check: bury a sack of BitCoins in the yard, check back in 40 years.

        Aaaaaand….it’s gone. Please make room for customers with money to deposit at the Bank. But I just…. It’s gone. Thank you for visiting The Bank, now move along.

      • sparks31 permalink

        1. Can you walk into your local gun shop and buy a box of .45 ACP with bitcoin?
        2. Can you exchange your bitcoin for some produce at the local farmers market?
        3. Will the local underground medic trade you a couple 24ga 3cc Leur Lock syringes and needles for bitcoin?
        4. Can you use bitcoin to make a bureaucrat or local gendarme look the other way?

        Cash and other financial instruments are merely *tools* to get a job done. If the other party does not accept “X”, then you have the wrong tool for the job.

        With that said, if certain members of FreeFor are convinced that they can get bitcoin to the point where it will accomplish those four simple tasks, then they need to initiate a CA/PSYOP effort among the general populace.

        I would start by studying how banking institutions managed to gain the widespread acceptance of credit cards and other virtual money.

        But what do I know? I’m just some sockpuppet account blogger.

      • Badger permalink

        “I would start by studying how banking institutions managed to gain the widespread acceptance of credit cards and other virtual money.”

        Thanks Sarge. Sparks31’s last admonition is already in progress and the banking institutions will have energetic, albeit bewildered, accomplices, to wit: the US Congress. Recent testimony over Bitcoin (talkin’ within the last month) is momentarily entertaining in watching the financial tech-world attempt to explain to a bunch of mandarins on their dais how it works. Doesn’t matter whether they get through to them or not. It is perceived as something being used by free individuals, they don’t feel they have their arms around it (other than they grasp the anonymity & individual control features), and they (congress-critters) universally draw a few of conclusions:

        – they perceive it’s being regarded as *something of value*, ergo, they want as much of it as they can. (They do not understand the KiSwahili origin of the Ruark book title.)
        – that lack of understanding will cause them to acquiesce to those who they think have the good intentions toward *their* ends. (Wait for the oft-used terms “partners in the private sector.”) Those others will be enabled through the standard means, funding based on taxes collected from the peasants.
        – lack of control & that the capability is in an individual’s hands is anathema to them and, frankly, scares the hell out of ’em. (A few I watched could be seen overtly to grimace at the thought that there are Americans who actually regard holding precious metals as more important than CD’s in their local savings institution.)

        Eliminate as much control of the leviathan as possible in one’s daily life, as many or few small cuts as possible; this is an individual decision. But I’m here to tell you, Jaba in DC does not like Bitcoin and wants to regulate & gather unto him. Because of electronic currencies’ alleged use in human trafficking, narco activity, and terrorism it will all be done – wait for it – “for the children,”

      • Fritz Carol permalink

        It has become fashionable to trash Bitcoin. Many compare it to gold and silver. That is a mistake. There is no comparison. First and Foremost, Bitcoin is a payment network. It has it’s uses, and it has become one of the best options for unmolestedly transporting wealth from one place to another, like diamonds.

        Reserving the option to use Bitcoin does not necessitate you to keep your life savings in it, or really anything. It’s a great tool for extending range of Gold and Silver type transactions. In order to complete International or national transactions, one can use Bitcoin on the transmitting and receiving end and completely cicrumvent the banking system. The sender and receiver could hold the bitcoins during the transaction for seconds or fractions of seconds.

        Bitcoin is a good tool, that ties in nicely to your thesis presented here of not giving money to the fascists. The banking system is completely circumvented with Bitcoin. Situations such as Wikileaks being blocked from getting funding by the collusion of the State Dept, Visa, PayPal, SWIFT, etc. cannot happen with Bitcoin. It’s an uncensored money transmission mechanism. That’s very useful.

      • “Comparing bitcoin, which only exists in the digital imagination, to gold which is physically tangible is hubris at best. It DOES make it less real, because if you turn off your computer, you no longer have access to no longer exists.”

        Bitcoin is information, which can be copied into many different formats – printed out, chiseled into stone, shot by laser across a valley, even written into a song. Your Bitcoins are a meme, a verb – a password.

        When you turn off your computer, the Bitcoin ledger exists on every other computer running the software, everywhere in the world. The ledger is distributed – that is what makes it different.

        Gold and Bitcoin are two different things, with different properties – absolutely. Last I checked it was pretty difficult to make a backup copy of my Krugerrands, or have them instantly appear on the other side of the planet – but that doesn’t make them any less valuable. They are complimentary.

        It would appear that you don’t want anyone (here) anywhere near Bitcoin, or start thinking of it as some sort of panacea – that’s understandable, and the conservative bet. I certainly don’t think it’s a magic wand – but I do think it makes some things possible that are not possible right now otherwise.

        The auxiliary seems like they could find many, many uses for it, for example. Maybe we can talk about that instead at some point.

        Always impressed – keep up the good work.

  10. butchcass223 permalink

    Yep all good ideas, but I will still keep the fantasy of battling airborne San Fran Chinese Zombie whores

  11. Brad permalink

    Great post. I’ve been following the Alpha Strategy without knowing it, which is my way of resisting without giving up the coveted 6-figure salary. Yeah, I’m paying tons in taxes, but by converting as much as possible into the 4 B’s instead of blowing it in typical patterns of American consumption, I figure I’m balancing things.

    I disagree about people not trading the first three B’s for bullion, though. As soon as a local economy emerges, people will soon realize the need for a medium of exchange. Remember the four characteristics of money; durable, portable, divisible, inherently valuable. Do you really want to lug enough 5.56 to town to buy a horse when you could take an oz of Au? How many eggs are you going to sell that steer for?

  12. Swordsmyth permalink

    Another awesome article.

    Been living this way on a number of levels for twenty years.

    Rights like muscles need to be exercised or they atrophy.

    Live the life you believe in because on one else is going to do it for you.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free!” Goethe

  13. permalink



  14. Fucking A!!

    Being from Argentina I know economy can go south way worse than is in the US at the moment and we haven’t seen cannibalistic motorcycle gangs yet, so move your asses now, or you’ll die waiting for the moment to act.

    About Bitcoin… I think is great for some things, like paying anonymously.
    Thinking about it as an inversion is extremely risky, as all the other fiat money, it only has value while people believes in it. Besides, and this one is really important… It relies on a shitload of electronic infrastructure to work, no power and networks and all your Bitcoins disappear into thin air.

  15. Pete permalink

    Tax avoidance is not tax evasion and it must be practiced daily

  16. tom k. permalink

    quit paying taxes years ago, divorced. my HH6 as I did not her involved in my resistance. We are still together though. Along with a string of other instances of revolt that I can not mention. We all can do our little part. I’m.. tired of reading about police gunning down unarmed citizens it seems it is happening daily, and this knock out game!!!!! I believe these Blacks are the racists and not the whites. Things are just going to shit,and something or someone needs to step up and lead a national resistance. A political and an armed wing, just might get their attention.

  17. I was self-employed for nearly my entire adult civilian life. My best friend was not only my race partner, but my tax accountant also(:-D) As for the “masturbatory fantasies”-it would be advisable to be fully prepared to engage a FKN “Chinese airborne infantry brigade” if the situation arises. Just sayin.

  18. parapearce permalink

    Stop paying taxes will be the key that opens the door to the Revolution. There’s more proctologist in the USA because apparently Americans love being ass raped.

  19. Hick's Son permalink

    Bitcoins are every bit as much money as dollars, euros, chicken turds, gold, or silver is.
    That is to say, NONE of them and ALL of them are money.

    Money is Money only because 2 people agree that it is. When we cease to recognize something as money, it ceases to be money. Money is merely what we agree on as a medium of exchange. Fundamentally, Bitcoins are no different from any of the more traditional options. When the music stops (cue Jim Morrison…”turn out the lights”), the best money is something that will serve another purpose for you.

  20. Quietus permalink

    Nice to see you drift into social ideas instead of the usual rice and hard rice, not that the usual is bad.

  21. Greygrandpa permalink

    You want to have someone explain how private money will help. The U.S. used to have privately minted money. Go here and study. It’s a long read.

  22. nobarcode permalink

    We are in danger that the occupiers of this once great nation might stage a false-flag operation (or run a gambit) and blame patriots, Tea-Party folks, Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, etc.

    They have the upper hand right now and they know it.

  23. thespartanmonkey permalink

    Mosby, I know this isn’t my blog, so I’ll apologize in advance for the longish post.

    Possible COAs:
    1) Tax Evasion (this is illegal)
    That’ll only work if you can organize it on a scale of thousands of people. Not many do it because the IRS will blockade your house and put snipers in the woods around it. That happened to a couple in NH – you’ll be made an example. No use going to jail where you can neither provide for your family nor live to resist another day. Besides, the Fed will just print more money, after all, what’s another $17T in debt when you have no ability or intention to pay it back anyway. So how much are you really hurting them in exchange for the risk you’re taking?
    Conclusion: too risky for an unknown/unmeasurable outcome.

    2) Tax Avoidance (this is perfectly legal)
    Take all the deductions/credits you can. Have a business and tell your accountant to be creative and push the line. So many expenses are deductable. Milage is a great one. Section 179 will let you write off up to $500K of qualifying equipment and software in the year purchased instead of depreciating it over several years. Wouldn’t you like a new tractor, truck and laptop for your homestead? As an employEE, you can defer $17,500 into a 401K, but as an employER, you can defer up to $52K, plus your individual $17.5K contribution. I’m not a CPA, talk to an accountant.
    Conclusion: do it now.

    3) Barter
    The problem is finding folks willing to barter. You might be able to barter with your plumber or electrician or folks at yard sales and on Craig’s List, but your local grocery store is probably a no-go. But a local farmer might be into it, so you’ll be supporting your local economy instead of some faceless corporate agri-business. Plus, you’re building relationships and rapport with some key locals.
    Conclusion: do it whenever you can.

    4) Educate
    Though the sheep are slowly waking up, we’re still vastly outnumbered and govt has convinced both Dems and Republicans that the Tea Party are domestic terrorists. I’ll still try to waken someone who I think has the slightest amount of objectivity, but so many folks just don’t even want to know the truth. They’re soft. They can’t handle the truth. They’ve taken the blue pill. Or maybe they really are a True Believer, and thusly, an enemy.
    Conclusion: try when you can.

    5) Disconnect
    Become as independent as possible so food, water and energy can’t be used to control you. Grow/hunt your own food and know how to cook. Source your own water. Make your home super efficient by insulating and using active and passive solar. Learn a skill like welding. You can do all this and live a modern lifestyle, it doesn’t have to be Little House on the Prairie.
    Conclusion: do it now.

    6) Kinetic Operations
    Well, this has to be the last resort. Unless everyone’s doing it, you’ll be considered a terrorist. You saw what happened in Boston, right? Thousands of LEOs riding MRAPs and sporting ARs and body armor searching for one teenager. How do you think you’ll win favor or indifference with a populace that wears “Boston Strong” tshirts to commemorate being ripped from their homes at gunpoint?
    Conclusion: not yet, unless you are directly threatened.

    Be independent. Be grey. Pray (really).

    • Never apologize for your comments here. Your contributions are appreciated.

    • thespartanmonkey permalink

      I forgot a big item for number 5: Get as healthy as you can now, so the healthcare system can’t be used to control you.

  24. Dan permalink

    Claire Wolfe stated that America was at an awkward stage……too late to solve the problems
    with votes but too early for shooting the bastards…..that was more than 20 years ago.
    We now have a president who openly and treasonously aids AQ/Muslim Brotherhood, a hanging offense. Badgemonkey run rampant, assaulting, stealing and killing with impunity.
    Diogenes would die before finding an honest and honorable politician. Our country and economy is in shambles and is being DELIBERATELY destroyed and our privacy and freedoms are pale shadows of what they were even a generation ago.

    If NOW is not the time to start shooting the bastards then that time will NEVER arrive.

    NOBODY can and give another permission to shoot them and permission is not needed.
    The ONLY relevant question being can you eliminate enemies of freedom and not be
    caught and if worst comes how many of their hired thugs can you take with you when
    the end arrives.

    The commies and criminals in power speak and understand only ONE language….that
    being the language of power, a language whose words are spelled with acts of violence
    and force. We are not voting our way out of this and back to freedom and we are not
    going to get there by protests, demonstrations and civil disobedience. America will
    only regain lost freedom the way we won it initially, by the use of force and by shedding
    the blood of those who seek enslave and control. Anybody who says otherwise is a fool
    or a liar….probably both.

    As long as those seeking freedom will talk and plead rather than act the evil in power
    Is content to pay lip service to the bleating while persisting in their agenda of acquiring
    and consolidating their positions of power. Tyrants do not turn over power because of
    something as meaningless as an election because all candidates allowed on the ballot
    are puppets bought and paid for. The true power is held by those who do not have to
    worry about anything as mundane as an election or accountability. Talk now means
    slavery….want freedom, pick up a weapon and use it. Freedom is gone, it must be retaken
    by force or it will never return.

    Waiting does nothing but allow those who seek to enslave this country more time to
    consolidate power, destroy capitalism and indoctrinate the weak minded.

  25. Bob D permalink

    From 1985 to 2009 I went “unfiled” with the 1040. Began way back in the 70’s reading the yealy edition of “Youngs” Tax code book that you see on supermarket shelves around every January. Back then I was working for wages and learned how to save evey dime of taxes.
    I have been at battle with the irs all along the way. You learn how to shut them up by knowing about the code more than they. Today it is so easy with the internet, there are tax programs that are made for tax preparers that will solve your every tax problem. For $13 a year, it beats any CPA.
    One of these days I need to file my 2012 1040 so I’m up to date, cuz I want to apply for a FFL Class three and I suspect that an unfiled 1040 might get me denied. But pay? Nawww, I have too many legit expences to owe them anything. Anyone can be “self-employed” even if you have a full-time job working for XYZ, INC. Just have to know the rules.
    I could sell a study course in the subject, but then the crooks would really get mad and throw me in jail, like they did Irwin Schiff many years ago. Its one thing to do it, and another to to broadcast the info. We each have to find our own way. But its really simple. The one thing you must always remember, anything one man designs, any other man can find a way around it.

  26. >>>>”I refuse to do classes in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and other states that outright ban the citizen’s right to protect themselves with legitimate tools.”<<<<

    Those of us in these ultra-liberal states, are going to be the FIRST people they drop the hammer on, and we need the skills as much as those who are under the delusion that they can "ride out SHTF" in the woods.

    Oh, I know, it's *easy* to say "move out of there," but some of us don't have that option. (I don't think it's a stretch to say "a LOT of us," for that matter.) I could easily move my family to the mountains; how we would EAT is a different story.

    So let me speak bluntly.

    WHO do you think is going to be on the front lines, and later *behind* enemy lines, fighting from the inside? WHO do you think is going to be using sabotage (through active and passive means) to slow them down and generally gum up the works, or communicate INTEL out before they can even GET to you? The more effectively the people are in these states that you dismiss with such snobbery and contempt, the LESS you'll have to face, when they reach your door.

    Your failure to understand this point, is stunning.

    Were you to think this through to its logical conclusion, your point on interoperability would indicate that solid, trustworthy contacts in the cities and suburbs would be as valid- and useful- as isolated groups hiding in the boonies.

    • You could always travel to where the classes are being held….look for similar training by others of like mind or skill set either in state or close by….I’ve had people come to my training from Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Sure, it costs you more because you have to get to the training site, but that’s the opportunity cost of picking up some very necessary skills.

      • With some advanced notification, I could make it to NV or AZ (from CA) taking vacation time.

        Driving is the only realistic means of travel; flying won’t be feasible with the needed gear to make the training useful, since training with what you own is the most useful.

        Training for urban/suburb environments would likely be a different approach than rural, yes? Different skills, tactics, organizing efforts, etc. How profitable such classes would be for the instructor can be gauged by a trip to the closest rifle ranges outside the big cities. A LOT of well-armed and angry people is what you’ll find. They have the gear, weapons and motivation to get organized; they simply need the training. [And yes, I am in that group.]

    • You could always travel to him for the courses. Problem solved.

    • I don’t disagree with your conclusions at all. If I were running classes with an entire ODA or even a split-team, I’d just do it infiltration style..multiple vehicles, carry our own re-supply and fuel, etc. Since I’m not though, I have to spend money in those regimes, something I refuse to do.
      It’s not a failure of understanding.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Essentially, it seems to me, your answer is that you do understand; you just don’t *care.*

        You concluded your essay with “put up or shut up.”

        Do you have any contacts in the SW who actually walk their talk?

      • thespartanmonkey permalink

        HALO in and SCUBA out 😉

    • Desert Dog permalink

      We were more than happy to make the 7hr drive each way from CA to AZ in Oct and again this Feb.

      • Oregon Hobo permalink

        This ^^^^

        It’s heartening to see that Desert Dog “gets it”.

        Mr. Capitalisteric, I can’t help but notice that in roasting JM for failing to service you at your convenience, you seem to be implying that it’s not worth your precious effort to take a short drive over to the next state when Mosby’s Traveling Circus is passing through.

        I recommend you walk your own talk sir. From here it looks as though you are unwilling to match a single percent of the effort JM has been putting in for years now into showing up and making it happen. …and that’s only if I charitably count your complaining as “effort” expended.


  27. Francisco permalink


    I work for cash, and refuse to let Emperor Emmanuel stop me from carrying a sidearm. I’m also building my first AR here in Chicago. Already got my lower.

    Rights don’t require begging for permission so I will not be applying for the carry permit Illinois is finally going to allow people to apply for next year. And its $150 for the regional regime. No thanks.

    You are a free as you allow yourself to be.

    Resist. Stay safe

    • Francisco permalink

      That being said, I hope to travel somewhere next year to learn how to run the rifle well and what to practice.

      If I can unfuck my fatass and up the pt, I will most definitely be aiming for your classes.

  28. Wow interesting range of comments here. I think Dan hit the nail on the head. In spite of admonitions to the contrary, violence DOES solve anything, maybe not the best choice all the time, but definitely required in certain situations. In the case of governments, especially the modern nation-state, you either buy the power, or take it at gun point. Everything else is bullshit. Seriously, do you think your vote means anything anymore?

    We are in a some-what unique position, in that we have (or have had) a much higher standard of living and quality of life, if you will, than in times past. These things have become chains that bind us to our present situation. The bread and circuses concept to the tenth fucking power. Hard to trade concrete luxuries for nebulous concepts, such as freedom. When your cell is padded with easy chair, widescreen, beer, and pussy, it’s hard to realize you’re actually imprisoned.

    Two schools of thought here. You can either opt out, get off grid and try to mind your own business. Or actively create an insurgency by blatantly challenging the powers that be. Option one will work as long as a small percentage does it. Once it becomes widespread they will move to counter act it. Option two puts you squarely at odds with the evil empire. No grace period here, it’s game on.

    There is a third option. Do nothing and see what happens. In any case, there is a storm coming. As Keats has warned, the center cannot hold.

  29. Good read; and, while you are at it get a copy of “Prisoners Self-Help Litigation Manual” from Oceana Press, or Amazon…you don’t have to be a prisoner to use the information, it’s all good. I’ve used it to stand down more than one civic or political agency…and remember, you don’t have to ‘win’ to get your way.

  30. Great piece, John. Thanks for recognizing that some (way too few) LEO’s are patriots and not part of the problem. I recommend everyone break at least one ‘Malum Prohibitum’ law per day to keep your spirit alive: I’ll be looking the other way. Stay under the radar and educate those that can be awakened, and God bless you all.

  31. Spoos in August permalink

    It’s also worth noting that local government is much more responsive than the federal Leviathan. Alderman or council member doing something you don’t like? The margins in municipal elections are easily thin enough, especially in the primaries, that you can throw them out on their ears next election season. Same goes for state governments.

    It’s true that voting won’t fix the problem, especially at the national level, but it could throw a boot in the gears of revolving-door politics. People who are secure in their positions around the levers of power aren’t likely to care about constituents’ opinions, and that’s certainly contributed to the present mess.

    Lastly, people should also make an effort to understand how the regulatory process works, and various means of monkey-wrenching that. Organizing responses during public comment periods, pitting legislators against bureaucrats, even petitioning executives to delay or overturn regulations.

  32. Pretty much agree, except about bitcoin. I wouldn’t be criticizing people trying to wrest control of money from the government. As to what it’s worth, it’s clearly not what *they* say it is worth, but what people are willing to pay for it, just like the value of every other thing. If people are willing to take it in trade, it is money. It’s clearly already, a pretty good medium of exchange in the black market. But the jury is still out…

  33. H. E. Foster permalink

    Great post.
    Honest and straight forward, what I and others expect for you and get.
    Our local Sheriff is a solid guy, some in local government are not. Do what I do and support those who have your values and work against those who do not.
    That means not buying from places that support those who are libs. In my case last month it meant buying truck loads of gravel at a higher price. I spent more, my drive is better, and the guy who sells pot and supports the libs did not get one red cent.
    We all have choices to make. We can just go along, or we do what we can, not only to prep and train, but who we support with our money.

  34. Frank Pinelander permalink

    Sound reasoning, this. From the era of the Klinton Reign of Terror:

    WHAT would be the tripwire resulting in open rebellion? Examining the Bill of Rights, and considering EXISTING laws only, and not failed attempts, you will find that every clause has been violated to one de¬gree or another. Documenting those violations would fill volumes; and it is im¬portant to remember that only government can violate the exercise of unalienable individual rights and claim immunity from retribution. We omit martial law or public suspension of the Constitution as a tripwire. The overnight installation of dictatorship obviously would qualify as “the tripwire,” but is not likely to occur. What has occurred, what is occurring, is the implementation of every aspect of such dictatorship without an overt declaration. The Constitution is being killed by attrition. The Communist Manifesto is being installed by accretion. Any sug¬gestion that martial law is the tripwire leads us to the question: what aspect of martial law justifies the first shot?

    For much the same reason, we will leave out mass executions of the Waco vari¬ety. For one thing, they are composite abuses of numerous individual rights. Yet, among those abuses, the real tripwire may exist. For another, those events are shrouded in a fog of obfuscation and outright lies. Any rebellion must be based on extremely hard and known facts. Similarly, no rebellion will succeed if its fundamental reasons for occurring are not explicitly identified. Those reasons cannot be explicitly identified if, in place of their identification, we simply point to a composite such as Waco and say, “See, that’s why; figure it out.” Any sug¬gestion that more Waco’s, in and of themselves, would be the tripwire, simply leads us back again to the question: what aspect of them justifies rebellion? For the same reasons, we leave out a detailed account of Ayn Rand’s identifica¬tion of the four essential characteristics of tyranny. She identified them quite correctly, but together they are just another composite from which we must choose precipitating causes. These characteristics are: one-party rule, executions with¬out trial for political offenses, expropriation or nationalization of private proper¬ty, and “above all,” censorship.

    With regard to the first characteristic of tyranny, what is the real difference be¬tween the Fabian socialist Republican Party and the overtly socialist Democrat party? Nothing but time. Regarding the second we have the FBI’s Hostage Res¬cue Team and the ATF’s enforcement branch. In action they simply avoid the embarrassment of a trial. Regarding the third we have asset forfeiture “laws,” the IRS, the EPA, the FCC, the FDA, the Federal Reserve, the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and a myriad of other executive branch agencies, departments and commissions whose sole function is to regulate business and the economy. Regulating business for the “public good” (fascism) is no different in principle than outright nationalization (Communism.)

    However, the fourth characteristic of tyranny, censorship, is the obvious primary tripwire. When ideology and the reporting of facts and how-to instructions are forbidden, there is nothing remaining but to fight. Freedom of speech and per¬suasion— the freedom to attempt to rationally convince willing listeners— is so fundamental an individual right that without it no other rights, not even the ex¬istence of rights, can be enforced, claimed, debated or even queried. Does this censorship include the regulation of the “public” airwaves by the FCC, as in the censorship which prohibits tobacco companies from advertising— in their own defense— on the same medium which is commanded by gov¬ernment decree to carry “public ser¬vice” propaganda against them? Does it include federal compulsion of broad¬casters to air politically correct liberal twaddle for “The Children?” Does it include the Orwellian “Communica¬tions Decency Act”? Does it include any irrationalist “sexual harassment” or tribalist “hate speech” laws which prohibit certain spoken words among co-workers? The answer: unequivocal¬ly yes.

    Although the above do not pertain to ideological or political speech, yet they are censorship and tactically they are designed to intimidate people into the acceptance of de facto censorship. We say that any abrogation of free speech, and any form of censorship, which cannot be rectified by the soap box, the ballot box, or the jury box, must be rectified by the cartridge box— or lost forever.

    Americans have been stumbling over tripwires justifying overt resistance for well over 130 years. On one hand, we submit that gun confiscation is a sec¬ondary tripwire only. It is second to censorship because if speech is illegal we cannot even discuss the repeal of gun control, or of any other population controls. If only guns are illegal we may still convince people to repeal those laws. On the other hand, gun confiscation may be a sufficient trip¬wire because the primary one, censor¬ship, can be fully implemented only after the citizenry is completely dis¬armed.

    Resistance, in the context of this article, means those legitimate acts by individu¬als which compel government to restrict its activities and authority to those pow¬ers delegated to it, by the people, in the Constitution. The distinction to be drawn here is that the objective of patriotic resistance is to restore original constitutional government, not change the form of government.

    To this end we believe:
    The enforcement of any laws— local, state, or federal— that through the ac¬tion or inaction of the courts makes nugatory the individual means of resisting tyranny, justifies resistance.

    THE operative terms of the above statement are the parameters that must be defined and understood if resistance to tyranny and despotism is to be hon¬orable, and for the cause of individual liberty, rather than anarchy result¬ing in a new gang of tyrants. Rebellion can never be justified so long as objective means of redress are available, which are themselves not subverted or rendered impotent by further or parallel subjective legislation. The goal of patriots through¬out the country must be the restoration of objective constitutional law and order. The failure to enforce a subjective law (i.e., the Communications Decency Act) does not justify that law existing, but it also does not justify resistance. This is because non-enforcement leaves avenues of redress, including the forbidden ac¬tivity itself, still available. Should a lower court uphold or ignore a case that chal¬lenges a subjective law, peaceable means of redress are still open by higher or lateral courts in another jurisdiction.

    However, should the U.S. Supreme Court uphold subjective laws, or refuse to hear the cases challenging them, then the legislative, executive, and judicial branches have all failed to guarantee individual liberty, from the widest principles to the smallest details. A single refusal by the highest court in the land to overturn a whim based subjective law, or to refuse to hear the case, is sufficient to justify resis¬tance to that law because there is simply nowhere left to turn for further attempts at redress. At such time nobody is morally bound by that law. Tyranny gets one chance per branch.

    America is either a constitutional republic or it is not. If we can restore our repub¬lic it will ultimately occur through reason, and reason will then lead our repre¬sentatives to make unconstitutional those laws which, by any objective standard of justice, should have never been considered in the first place. However, we can¬not assert our claim to restore our liberty if we but accede to a single socialist construct. Freedom and serfdom cannot coexist. We cannot have it both ways. Life, and the means to preserve it, cannot coexist with disarmament. Liberty, and its rational exercise, cannot coexist with subjective constraints. Property, and its acquisition, use and disposal, cannot coexist with expropriation. The federal gov¬ernment’s first task is to obey the Constitution. It has refused. Our first task as free men is to force the federal government to obey it again. The Constitution of the United States of America is a constraint on the federal government, not on the individual. Likewise, the constitutions of the various states are constraints on the state governments, not on the individual.

    The Constitution contains many provisions allowing the violation of our natural rights as free men by immoral and unethical men in government. The true heroes of the ratification debates were the Antifederalists, who secured Federalist guar¬antees that the Bill of Rights would amend the Constitution. To their undying credit, the Federalists lived up to their promise. Nevertheless, only after constitutional limitations on government have been restored in their original form can we con¬sider amending the Constitution to redress its very few remaining defects (for example; the absence of a separation of state and economy clause.) Laws that make nugatory the means of resisting tyranny and despotism determine the tripwire. The creeping legislative erosion of the 2nd Amendment is not the only tripwire that justifies resistance. We submit that any gun control is a second¬ary tripwire. Not only because it can be effortlessly evaded, but also because it strengthens our cause. It is second only to censorship. If speech is illegal we can discuss neither repeal of gun control, or the repeal of any other unconstitutional “law.”

    Censorship is not a tripwire, it is THE tripwire. Thus by default, censorship mor¬ally justifies rebellion.

    Under censorship, no other rights, in¬cluding the right to be free from censor¬ship, can be advocated, discussed or queried. It is incorrect to say that after censorship comes utter subjugation. Censorship is utter subjugation. There is no greater usurpation of liberty while remaining alive. After censorship come the death camps, and they are not a pre¬requisite to complete subjugation, they are merely a symptom of it. Censorship qua censorship is sufficient in itself to justify open rebellion against any government that legislates, enforc¬es or upholds it. However, that is not the half of it. Censorship is alone in being the only violation of individual rights that does not require actual enforce¬ment, or challenges in court, before rebellion is justified. When the government forbids you to speak or write, or use your own or a supporter’s property to address willing listeners or readers, that government has openly and forcibly decreed that the art of peaceful persuasion is dead and will not be tolerated. Upon that very instant, all peaceable avenues of redress have been closed and the only possible method of regaining individual liberty is force. Whenever we give up that force we are not only ruined, we deserve to be ru¬ined.

    Censorship is already being “legally” imposed through accretion by compro¬misers, appeasers and pragmatists with¬in government at all levels. Note the demands by “progressive” organiza¬tions and self-appointed “civil rights” groups to ban so called “hate” speech (they mean thought and debate), or “ex¬treme” language (they mean principled dissent), or “paramilitary books” (they mean the knowledge of how to resist.) When our government imposes censor¬ship it will be because our ability to use force to resist censorship no longer ex¬ists. Buying copies of The Resister is not yet prohibited; buying machine guns already is. Unwarranted search for unlicensed books has not yet occurred; unwarranted search for unlicensed weapons has already begun. As your unalienable right of peaceable discussion and dissent is being daily abridged, your right to peaceably assemble and associate in advo¬cacy of your self-defense, according to your own free will, has already been out¬lawed (courtesy of ADL’s “model” anti-militia legislation.) Unconstitutional federal agencies now arm themselves with weapons that you may not own, and train in tactics that you are prohibited from mastering. Before a government is sure you won’t resist, they will make sure you can’t resist. The most irrational, contradictory, short-range, whimsical notion possible to men who claim the unalienable right to resist tyrannical government, is the notion that they must first let their ability to resist be stripped from them before they have the right to use it. This is the argument of so-called conservatives who pish-tosh the notion of legislative “slippery-slopes,” and sycophantic adherents of a Supreme Court that has no constitutionally delegated authority to interpret the Constitu¬tion in the first place. We reject the notion of mindless compliance with subjec¬tive “laws.” Subjective laws must be resisted on metaphysical and epistemological principles, moral and ethical grounds, and on constitutional and historical prece¬dence.

    NO RATIONAL man desires ends without means. No rational man can be faced with his own imminent subjugation and truly believe that once things are as bad as they can get, that “sometime,” “someone,” will do “some¬thing” “somehow,” to counteract that trend.

    The time to organize resistance is not after censorship, but before it. The time to prepare resistance is when our ability to resist is being threatened. The time to begin resistance is when that threat has been upheld or ignored by the courts. The unalienable rights that safeguard our ability to resist are limited to those which, if not violated, allow us the ability to plan and use all the materials necessary for resistance.

    We submit that only the following meet that criteria:
    *freedom of speech and of the press, and the right to peaceably assemble— so that we may advocate ideas, report and discuss news, and instruct others how to carry out resistance activities (1st Amendment);
    *the right to keep and bear arms— so that we may have appropriate force in our hands should we need it and be trained to use such force as necessary (2nd Amend¬ment);
    *the right to be let alone— so that we may be free of government intrusion in our lives, liberty and property (3rd Amendment):
    *the right to be secure in our persons, dwellings, papers and property from un¬warranted, unaffirmed searches and seizures— so that our records, ideological materials and weapons will remain in our hands (4th Amendment).

    For the purpose of this discussion we believe that no others rights are relevant because if every individual right other than those four were violated— al¬though it would be an unspeakably evil act on the part of the government, jus¬tifying immediate and unforgiving re¬sistance— their abridgment would not affect our ability to resist. If any of the first four amendments are infringed by legislation, enforced by ex¬ecutive power, and their abrogation is
    upheld or ignored by the courts, unre¬mitting forcible resistance, and aid and comfort to its citizen-soldiers, is a moral imperative for every single person who believes that life, liberty and property are unalienable, self-existing, and not grants of government privilege.

    The United States should get rid of its mi¬litias.
    Joseph Stalin, 1933

    • JM & FP: This comment deserves a post of its own…a good discussion on this very subject is currently taking place at WRSA….please consider.

      • Frank Pinelander permalink

        Feel free to share it, without grammar or content change. I see some typos occurred from the cut and pasting.

  35. FP: Amen from the back of the church. That was quite possibly the best post I’ve ever read on the internet. Common Sense, pt II.

  36. J.M.-

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people dont know the differance between money(gold and silver) and currency(dollars, pounds, yen). I wish people would freaken You Tube Mike Maloneys the history of money series and learn what the hell their talken about before they comment. My master chief once said,” Its better to keep your mouth shut and have people think your an idiot, rather than open your mouth and prove it!” I know he wasn’t the first to say it, but regaurdless it has the same effect.

    Love your rescent blog entry! The exact reason I started a small business, so I had some right offs. Good way to keep the governments grubby greedy mitts off of my hard earned money, and have some of my hobbies pay for themselves. On one note according to my accountant, you don’t need a local small business license to get the benefits from this. The IRS doesnt care if you have one or not. Just one less tax you have to pay for unless your actually going to open an actual business in your local community. Regaurds – BD

  37. I wrote a couple of articles that might be of interest:

    “Proper forms of resistance”

    “When to resist. When to submit.”

  38. Nice post John. I call this soft secession. Doing things in your personal life and local community to express the cultural schism which already exist, while actively participating in starving the FedGov beast. I like it because I watch some social progressives freak out over it. Just like we don’t declare wars anymore, but we have wars. I don’t think we need, or will declare any thing, just do it. I don’t think there will be a nice official declaration that kicks anything off. I think people will engage in their version of soft secession and when enough do, whatever comes next will happen much more naturally.

  39. Frank Pinelander permalink

    As one that has been living this sort of resistance for 20 years, all must also think about the potential repercussions for conflict – for most assuredly, it can come.

    If we look at history, eventually everything in life will be tied together. No Obamacare? Expect your drivers license to be revoked, just as no vehicle insurance gets one license plates cancelled.

    Driving on a revoked is an arrestable offense. Then what?

    That decision is obviously a personal one. There are many ways to fight that battle, depending on circumstances. Some thought and planning for eventualities should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

  40. Joe Taxpayer permalink

    Regarding tax resistance specifically:

    If you don’t have anything to fear in terms of audits, you can play merry hell with IRS’s system.
    No, I’m not talking about claiming extra deductions, and other “creative accounting”. I’m talking some easy methods to “throw a wrench into the works”, and significantly increase the processing time & effort needed to take care of your tax return.

    Like any other major paper-mail-processing system, the IRS depends heavily on standardization and automation. So, let’s fight the enemy where it will hurt him the most.

    Non-standard envelopes – instead of the #10 envelope, send in your return in some weird European format, or a Kraft envelope with a metal clasp. They will have to take it off the conveyor and open it by hand.

    Non-standard paper – print out the form itself on some “classy” stationery – the harder/denser, the better. A jam in the automated paper handler, curses, and another few minutes lost. Hard paper with decorative edges (frilly / zigzag) works for the extra bonus factor of “paper chaff in the machine”.

    Staples in the wrong place – upper-left? Ha! Staple the form in the bottom-right, and make them waste another minute dealing with that. Staples in the center of the page work wonders too.

    Payment Media – you don’t have to be like the guy who walked into his IRS office with a wheelbarrow full of pennies, but what’s stopping you from making the check out of some non-standard media, such as, again, cardboard/construction paper? As long as all the required elements of a check are there – account owner’s name, the date, the words “Pay to the order of” followed by the payee’s name, the dollar amount in numerical and in written form, the name of the bank where the account is held (along with the bank’s city and state) and the signature of the account owner, it’s valid.

    Also, consider splitting the payment into 5… 10… 20… 30… 50 separate checks. With any decent software and pre-printed forms, you won’t have to waste time doing it by hand – but they will have to waste time processing each check separately.

    Especially if you send each check in a separate envelope. 8.5″ x 11″. With a metal clasp. And once opened, the check is stapled to a piece of corrugated cardboard. In the center. With 3 separate staples. Get creative.

    There was a guide to all this + much more, somewhere on the Internet. I can’t seem to find it, but it’s definitely there. There are also (urban legends?) stories of people writing checks on a white shirt using a marker, and sending those in to the IRS. “Here’s the shirt off my back”… cute, but impossible to verify.

    Sure, any individual tax return adding 3-5 more minutes to the processing time may not seem like that much. But if even a million people do this – not to mention several million – the IRS will have one hell of a time processing the paperwork.

    Civil. But sure as hell disobedient.

  41. I feel affection for to engrave creative equipment such as poetry and short stories, excluding I don’t know what I would live clever to accomplish with the creative script amount. . . Besides an author otherwise poet, what can I act with a creative script degree?.

  42. Just a couple of points,

    I remember the internet in the late 80’s early 90’s.. The news was reporting that Governments were helpless to control and regulate it .. It seems that Bitcoin is still in it’s early stages and it’s just a matter of time before it also falls under the control of authorities in one form or another. it will happen, we can all be sure of it.

    Another way to physically resist the over reaching money hungry government is to get back some of the tax money you pay in, after all, if they can validate robbing and pissing away your hard earned money, you can certainly validate getting some of it back, although it requires you to rethink the system and reprogram your mind into a more logical pattern of thought.. here is one example..

    The federal food stamp program:
    I pay for it with my tax dollars, therefore I feel I am entitled to the “Benefits”……The system is set up and designed to eliminate people who hold jobs, and are employees from partaking in benefits that they diligently pay for paycheck after paycheck..
    become self employed, dictate your own income, According to the government, its all perfectly “legal” and lawful. If you have the proper documents, tax forms, paystubs to back up your claims, never mind if you are the one dictating how much you make, if it’s good enough for uncle sam, then it’s good enough for the Nay Sayers,you aren’t breaking any laws by playing the game by their own rules.There is no law that says you MUST work as an employee for someone else You are simply adding weight to an already corrupt system.

    The same goes for the corrupt banking system,
    they charge me money for the privilege of getting my bank statements in the mail.. thats fine… they get 10 or more separate deposits every month in their ATM.. If they are going to charge me to tell me how much money I have in the bank, then they can pay someone to pay special attention to me..

    20 year resistance fighter.

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