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January 9, 2014

(There is a lot of flippant talk thrown about in this community about “tribes,” with what appears to me to be entirely too little understanding of exactly what the term actually implies. Max V. actually wrote a couple of articles recently on the faith of the old gods of the Teutons of Northern Europe. I’m no more an Odinist than I am a believer in any other faith, but the articles actually struck a nerve with me, because I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on heritage, culture, religions, and the afterlife (as might be expected), since in most people, those are all so closely intertwined. The biggest impact Max’s article had on me was the codification in my own mind, on writing an article on tribalism for the blog….)

As for the primitive, I hark back to it because we are still very primitive. How many thousands of years of culture, think you, have rubbed and polished at our raw edges? One probably; at the best, no more than two. And that takes us back to screaming savagery, when, gross of body and deed, we drank blood from the skulls of our enemies, and hailed as highest paradise the orgies and carnage of Valhalla.”

One of the first thing I pound on in The Reluctant Partisan is the naïve belief in the pastoral gentility of tribal culture. Modern revisionist anthropologists like Marshall Sahlins (Univ of Chicago…need I say more?) have tried to alter the archaeological and historical record to claim that primitive tribal societies were luxurious cultures with little or no actual violence, and everyone had plenty of time to sit on their ass eating donuts (or what-the-fuck-ever was the “Paleo” Diet precursor to donuts). The stupidity of these arguments are outside the scope of a mere article, but suffice it to say, revisionist anthropology is just as evil as revisionist history (For the record, I’m not an anthropologist, nor a professional historian, but my degrees are in history, for whatever little worth that is…).

I’m a white dude. That’s not racist. As any long-term reader of this blog will recognize, I’m so fucking anti-racist, it hurts. I don’t believe that I am a special snowflake because of who my ancestors were, or what the pigmentation of my skin happens to be (pretty fucking pale, actually…). Nevertheless, it’s probably fair to say that any inherent, evolutionary instinct I have for tribalism is a result of descending from Northern Europeans. For that reason, I will pretty much stick to tribal terminology from that region. If you, dear reader, happen to be of African descent, by all means, replace those terms with ethnically correct terms, if you feel the need. If you’re of Asian descent, the same. If you’re of Pashto descent, well….you’re probably going to be really, really bored with this article, since you’re native culture is still pretty tribal, huh?

This isn’t about Odin vs. Yahweh, or anything else religious. So, don’t start getting your knickers in a twist. It’s solely a discussion on tribalism as I believe it applies to our current predicament.

Tribalism, Tribes, Clans, and Septs

Tribalism is generally defined as the state of a society being organized into tribes (no shit, right?). Psychologically speaking however, tribalism can also be considered as a way of thinking or behaving in which the tribe is more important than friends, country, or other social groups (think criminal gangs here). For our purposes, tribalism represents a blend of both of these viewpoints.

Tribalism implies the possession of strong ethnic OR CULTURAL identities that separate members of the tribe from

members of other groups. This separation is the foundation of the tribal construct.

A tribe can be defined as a social group with these strong cultural (most important for our purposes) or ethnic ties, that exists outside of any loyalty to the state. Generally based on a shared social or genetic descent, the social structure of tribes can vary, but due to the inherently small size of tribes, as well as the clans and septs that make up those tribes, it is almost invariably a relatively simple social structure with few significant social distinctions between individuals.

Tribes are comprised of clans. A clan (derived from the Gaelic) is a group united by actual or perceived kinship. The kinship-based bonds may be symbolic. A contemporary example of this would be the individual chapters (clans) that together form an outlaw motorcycle club (the tribe). While a large clan may be considered a tribe in itself, generally a clan will be a sub-set of a larger social or cultural entity of the tribe.

The Scandinavian clan, referred to as an aett, was a social group based on common descent or on formal acceptance into a group at the “Thing” (unfortunately, the Scandi character normally used to denote the actual word is not available on my keyboard….) The “Thing” was the governing body of the tribal culture. In Saxon England, it would have been known as the folkmoot. The easiest modern example to equate that most of us will be familiar with to one degree or another is the Pashtun shura council.

Clans in turn, would be made up of individual families, referred to in the Scottish and Irish as septs (a term boldly stolen and all too often misused by adherents of the New Age Pagan groups like Wiccans). My grandfather has 30 grandchildren (at last count…it’s probably more than that now). From my grandfather (his father is long dead) to my daughter’s generation could be thought of as the Mosby Sept, in turn part of the larger Mosby clan that comprises not just my Grandfather’s descendants, but also those of his brothers and cousins. With enough of us, we would form a tribe, as well as a clan, but at a minimum, you’ve got one hellaciously large clan going on.

Unfortunately for our purposes, the Mosby sept alone is spread across four continents currently, and all sides of the socio-political spectrum. While I certainly owe loyalty to my family/sept, my first loyalty is to my immediate family—my wife and children. For both HH6 and myself, our immediate families are thousands of miles away. This means, we have to form new tribal alliances where we choose to live. Historically, this may have been done through the taking of local wives by conquering tribes and cultures (think of Alexander of Macedonia’s failed attempt in what is now Afghanistan of quelling the locals by taking a local wife as well as allowing his men to take local wives…) Since polygamy is not a valid choice for most of us (not that I have a problem with it if that’s your thing. Freedom for thee is freedom for me…although why anyone would want to put up with multiple HH6s is completely beyond me!), we have to go back towards the beginning of this article and look again at the definitions of clan and tribe.

A tribe can be defined as a social group with these strong cultural…ties, that exist outside of any loyalty to the state…

A clan is a group united by actual or perceived kinship. The kinship-based bonds may be symbolic.

Many people in this community consider anyone of similar political views to be “tribe.” As we will discuss below, this is nonsensical—at best.


Tribal societies focus—for reasons of survival—on the family, the clan, and the tribe, with everyone else a distant following consideration. In a nutshell, tribal societies can be said to focus on the following, in order of importance:


Inner Circle/Clan

Outer Circle/Tribe

Rest of the World

(For the religious aspects, honoring the gods—and in most societies, the ancestors–in tribal societies don’t fit on this scale because it is something that would be such an integral part of life that it is an ALWAYS sort of thing.)

Families are held together by blood and the loyalty that implies (unfortunately less in today’s society, although I continue to be surprised how true the cliché “blood is thicker than water” can sometimes be). Clans may be based on blood, or blood-oath to the tribe (More on oaths later). Loyalty to the tribe is really nothing more than an extension of loyalty to the clan, although historically a clan chieftain may have sworn fealty to the tribal chief. Yet we know, even in relatively modern history as late as the 18th century, clans from the same tribe, would happily fight each other.

Loyalty in a family or clan is a blood-oath. It’s not a convenience issue. It’s not, “well, shit dude, I’d come over and help out, but American Idol is on television.” It’s not even, “Damn, brother, I’d come help out, but I might get killed, and then who would take care of my family?” Clan or tribal loyalty is a matter of “if my brother needs help, I’m there.

As has been pointed out multiple times, there is too little of this type of loyalty in our culture and community. Of course, as “survivalists,” we’re focused on “survival,” right? Giving your life for someone else doesn’t really carry over…unless you consider the loyalty to family first, clan second. Perhaps going to help my clansman will serve to protect my family, even if I die. Whether through destroying an enemy’s ability to project force, or through ensuring that the rest of the clan looks after my family, when I am dead.

So, why is “tribe” a misnomer in this community? Because the type of loyalty required of this type of blood-oath is not something you can develop over the fucking internet. It’s not even something you can develop at a monthly get-together/training weekend. This is the type of loyalty, built on trust, that can only be built on constant, continuous, ongoing interpersonal contact and interaction. I KNOW my clansman will be good on his oath, because I see him daily living the values he claims to believe in. I know what his values are, and that they are parallel to my values, not because he tells me what they are, or because he’s gifted with a silver tongue, but because I see him living those values. Outside of people who have met me in a class, no one who reads this blog knows who I REALLY am. Suppositions can be made, based on the depth of my professional knowledge, but I’ll be the first to admit, there is a metric shit-ton of guys with similar—or even more impressive—backgrounds who are fat, lazy, pieces of shit now. You don’t know if I actually do the PT that I harp on. You don’t know if I can actually shoot worth a shit…or if I even own a firearm. You don’t even know if I’m a man or a woman. So, is it possible that you could hold a level of trust and loyalty in me that equals the blood-oath of clansmanship? Of course not. The reciprocal of course, is equally true. If someone is claiming you are part of their tribe, they better be living down the fucking street from you (figuratively speaking in this case. The only thing living down the street from me are bears and wolves…). You better see them—in a wide range of daily activities—on a pretty goddamned regular basis, in order to build trust and loyalty.


Traditionally, Teuton tribesmen made an oath on their “oath ring,” a wristband or arm band from their chieftain that represented their loyalty to the clan and to the chieftain himself. An oath is some serious shit. Violating an oath is an affront to the “gods” and the clan. It’s an “off with his head!” sort of affront. That’s pretty serious in my book.

Think of the oath of enlistment we take when we enlist in the military. That’s some pretty serious shit, and it’s an oath to a piece of parchment (alright, actually it’s to the ideas enshrined in the words written on that piece of parchment, but you get the fucking point)! How about the oath/vows you take when you get married (actually, probably a piss-poor example to use in today’s culture…)?

I don’t think some sort of hokey, formal oath-taking between clansmen is necessary. If you think you need to sit everyone in a circle, with a candle in the middle, cut each other’s arms open with a Sykes-Fairbairn dagger, and swear an oath of binding, more power to you…but it’s pretty fucking gay. The moral however, is important. You don’t—or at least shouldn’t—make claims of “tribe” and “clan” and “loyalty” lightly. It’s not something you claim, unless you’re ready—legitimately ready—to die for that oath. It’s a “shovels and lime friends” type of thing (phone rings. “Hello?” “Hey bro, if anyone asks, I’ve been at your house, playing Call-of-Duty: Modern Warfare for the last eight hours!” “Alright. Need me to come help?”)

Chiefs, Chieftains, and Leadership

Tribal chieftains were/are generally not the autocratic bullies we perceive them as. In most tribal societies, especially predating the Christian-era with it’s “divine right of kings” concept for gaining political loyalty of local leaders, it was actually a pretty fucking precarious position. Some cultures were so individualistic that even on the battlefield, if a warrior though the chief’s luck had run out, they’d pack their shit and go home. In others, it was a matter of, if you though the chief was getting a little long in the tooth, you’d challenge him to a fight. Whoever won was now the chief.

Tribal leadership is not about rank or artificial constructs. It’s a trust and loyalty thing. “I will follow this guy, because I believe he has the good of the group in his heart, and he has proven himself worthy of my loyalty.” That might have been through prowess in battle, wisdom in statecraft with other clans and tribes, or through giving shit away to win friends. The minute a leader no longer strove to earn the respect and admiration of his clan though, he was done.

If you’re forming a group/cell/unit/clan/tribe/what the fuck ever you want to call it, don’t believe—for one moment—that gives you any sort of special claim to authority. You might deserve the loyalty of the group for having the foresight of organizing, but someone else may be better equipped or better suited for fulfilling the real or perceived needs of the complete group. You can either huff and puff and raise hell (risking blowing down the house you worked so hard to build), challenge the new leadership (I’m not suggesting dueling…well, I am actually, but probably not yet), or either leave the group, or find yourself shunned or exiled. In plain English, if you wanna be the boss, you’d better be worthy of being the boss…

So, What The Fuck Is the Point?

Why bother with understanding tribal societies? We’re a post-modern, Judeo-Christian society, right? We’re past all that shit! Not quite so fast, hero…

Stateless societies—whether due to the lack of formation of a state, or through the disintegration of the state (hmmmm?), share the common characteristic of resulting in tribalism, for both good and bad. From a long-term, individual survival standpoint, tribalism is actually pretty piss-poor, with the threat of ongoing, small-scale but endemic warfare/conflict. Further issues include lack of reliable, modern health care and medicine, lack of manpower to grow crops and protect both the crops and the community…

From a short-term individual perspective, and a long-term family survival perspective, tribalism is actually as good as anything we’re likely to find in the future. You’ve got a ready-made community of like-minded people with shared values for community and companionship. You’ve got the added protection of friends and clansmen, rather than trying to fight off enemies all by your lonesome. You’ve got the ability to share efforts for greater efficiency in both the production of survival necessities, and protection.

The point then, is quit thinking of forming “groups” and “units” and focus on building a clan or tribe of families and friends who share your common cultural values, and with whom you can share the necessary levels of trust and loyalty to work in cooperation, even when things are at their worst. Instead of backstabbing and stealing from one another in the dark of winter, when the wolves are at the door, you need to have the level of trust that allows your clansman to show up at your door with some extra food to keep your family from starving. When a rival tribe is trying to burn your house down around you, rape your wife, and steal your daughters, you need to trust that your clansman will be there to shoot them in the back of the head while you’re shooting them in the face. You need to be able to trust that, when you die, your clansmen will bring your family in and make them part of their family, rather than showing up to take all the supplies you have, and shove your wife and kids out into the cold.


John Mosby

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  1. tom k permalink

    my problem is no friends and my family thinks im kind of. of wacked out because of my preps for SHTF.i just keep moving forward with my plans. Living in the peoples republic of new jersey ,people here don’t seem to be aware of what’s. happening to our country. Tried reaching out on line ,but get no reply’s So I am just moving forward with my plans..

    • Osprey permalink

      Find some new friends… I did.

    • I’m here in Sussex County . We’ll get together soon enough.

    • KennyMac permalink

      I know how you feel. I myself am a refugee from the PRNJ. I managed to make it to PA, but I don’t think I went far enough.

    • I see this happen a lot. Preppers / Survivalists -et al, focus on the wrong things. Gear can be cool to look at, fun to talk about the latest and greatest high-speed-low-drag device that allows for living longer, killing more, being warmer, shooting faster-straighter-further-more accurately-from the coolest positions known to the internet- Just don’t let that be your only focus, especially with someone that is not awake to the realities going on around us. All of those fun and cool HSLD things have a time and place just know your audience.

      Having an accurate battle rifle that shoots reliably and accurately is something worthwhile, but put it in context to those who may not be at the same speed as you; they may find it overwhelming to talk about using weapons or violence of action as a means to provide personal protection. Instead maybe your focus should be at a higher level. Think of your preps- all of your food, equipment, training, PT- as a means to an end. The end state we are shooting for is to protect our family and our freedoms. The gear or preps you own should probably not be the focus when interacting with family and friends. Unaware family and friends are not necessarily going to be impressed or likely to jump on your ideas just due to your stash of the latest and greatest stockpile of warrior gear that would make a SOF Soldier blush.

      Keeping you focuses on the fact that you love you family and friends and you are concerned for the future and for their wellbeing. How you go about protecting your family in friends in the times to come may be for a later discussion. For those family and friends who are not obviously on the same sheet of music as you- consider a slower more indirect route to bring them into the line of understand that we all have already been enlightened too. The gear and gadgets can come later, if you start showing off your Ninja-Zombie slayer sword to early it will just lump you into the weird fantasy crowd – You know that crowd, the ones that wish and pray for the “S” to hurry up and “HTF”. Speaking from some experience lets never wish or hope for the SHTF experience, but rather prepare mentally, physically and logistically for what in many peoples opinion will- sooner rather than later- end up in a SHTF scenario.

  2. Defensive Training Group permalink

    Necessary, and well done.

  3. Defensive Training Group permalink

    Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    Mosby’s back with some down to earth wisdom on what a ‘tribe’ really is, and the level of loyalty required from all members, so when you’re planning your preps, think about what he’s saying.

  4. robins111 permalink

    Well said.

    • You essay may be a few years old Bill but still true today, maybe even more so.

  5. Wes permalink

    I can’t find anyone that shares these same views, on loyalty and country. The only people I can find talk but no one gets serious. They continue being fat and lazy and unhealthy and their idea of “training/practice” is going to the range and shooting 5 cotrolled shots off a bench, and then gloating about how tight their group is…. And “how will they stockpile their multi-thousand rounds of ammo for the revolution if they are shooting it all now?” I asked my “best” friend one night, hey I need you to drive for me while a paintball this motherfuckers house, ( dude at work pissed me off bad! I touch him inside or outside of work I’m scrapped and I need this job) he says I don’t know man I don’t think I can do that, so sure as shit I can’t expect him to pay cash for a bag of lime and meet me in the woods. I’m on my own…..

  6. Can I move in ? I’m used to bears and can carry water to the chicken house!

  7. I think tom k(at the top)hit it on the head. Some actually have a clue, but they are frozen with overwhelming peer pressure and brainwashing to instead drink beer and have fun. For the life of me, I still don’t know what everyone is celebrating. Americans mostly are fools, and as such, this is going to be ugly-it already is. All “uphill” is a hard way to fight. Just keep prepping and what happens-happens. What a fucking mess. Thanks John,for trying to pull this together.

  8. If you are having a hard time finding “like-minded people” please take the time to examine your approach. Like-minded people are out there and want to connect with folks like YOU.

    All gardens start with you planting a seed and ending the day you harvest the fruit. What you do between planting and harvesting makes all of the difference in your yield.

    • the fukkn A-team permalink

      Personally, I don’t want anyone around me who has to be coddled into self-preservation. If they were like-minded that wouldn’t be necessary. Most people prefer to spend the little money they do have on beer, smokes, and the cable TV bill. It’s all about responsibility and priorities, something the general population cares little about.

  9. Charles Gatewood permalink

    Excellant article! Near and dear to my heart since my mother immigrated here from Scotland, and is from one of the Highland clans. I hear what Tom K is saying, Im much in the same boat although I do have lots of friends who have the same ideas on preparedness and values, they just live either 75 miles away or 2000 lol. Newtworking can be a challenge, especially since I am absolutely convinced 95% of people are sheep, and that social programs and modern medecine have robbed natural selection of its just due! Keep up the great discussions JM!


    “Timor Omnis Abesto “

  10. rrl permalink

    Hence the “Patriot” movements biggest obstacle. Is there really a defining American culture anymore? Outside of certain ethnic, criminal, and religious groups I see none of the cultural attributes that would lead to this unifying “tribal” attitude and cooperation. Clan and tribal loyalties come out of their shared culture. If I was going to come up with three words to define American culture they would be consumption, comfort, and dependence. Hardly anything to organize a clan or tribe around. Let’s be honest, 99% in the so called Patriot/Prepper movement are going to shit their pants and/or get all their supplies taken from them if WROL were to actually happen. Most are simply gear collectors and closet hoarders. Up until two years ago I spent a good ten years trying to organize and get a reliable training group together. 99.9% of the few dozen I met were really about dressing up in the coolest gear and plinking on warm summer days. You can’t form a tribe based only on an interest in guns and gear and some vague ideal of liberty.

    • Wes permalink

      Exactly it’s more of a hobby or fantasy to most people I know. Or they either just don’t give a shit.

    • An object lesson in ‘tribalism’ in the US can be found in our state and federal prison systems; sometimes brutal, ofttimes outright criminal in conduct and demeanor…always survival oriented and all in what is the most ‘segregated, make that self segregated’ society(s) in America; it’s all about your skin being your uniform and commitment to a leadership that you hope is not a ‘rat’ but most likely is, and being a villain instead of a victim! Nuf see…not a lot of PC in those places where ‘diversity’ runs things due to current government commitments.

  11. whirlwinder permalink

    I admire your loyalty to fellow man and country but tribalism is not the way to go.
    Tribalism is what keeps Islam together. They kill their brothers and sisters who get out of line to keep tribal authority going. Not a good image or something to emulate.

    • Uhm… I don’t particularly care for the idea of a return of tribalism either, but believe it is largely unavoidable in the collapse of a nation-state. Islam and tribalism however are not synonymous. In fact, while there is certainly tribalism within Islam, like Christianity, the idea of Islam is contrary to tribalism.

  12. Although the word “tribe” may be thrown about loosely, it pretty much describes what may happen when a nation-state collapses. With no central government to look onto, regions may emerge that follow natural social or cultural boundaries rather arbitrary state lines. Within these areas, tribal-like groups may form for self-preservation initially, but also with some kind of common denominator, be it political or religious, or both.

    The key point, as Mosby points out, is you have to willing to fight and die for your group. That’s the kicker. Without that, I agree, everything else is bullshit.

  13. i heart monkey permalink

    I’ve been hanging out with my local m lately, (not saying the M is the ideal kind of tribe you want to be a part of by any means), but I like the people and we have very similar views regarding politics and prep. That being said I have very little, if any, sense of tribe with them. Now I get a strong sense of tribe with the men and women at my church where we share mutual identifiable standards of morality and worldviews. Not saying everybody there is a prepper, but I’ve found it doesn’t take a great deal of effort for me to get individuals interested in training and prepping together.
    I think tribes with common worldviews are going to hold together and be more effective when really hard choices or actions need to be made. I suspect tribes with only surface level commonalities will have a much higher risk of fracturing without a foundational common morality and worldview. Start from the bottom and work up, just my $0.02

  14. Swamp Fox permalink

    A very good article. We use to hit on the subject of Trust in your Team Mates in SERE. a very touchy subject. During that course I have seen all kinds of SOF (military or OGA) do great thing and do Shitty things Our basic conclusion was left to their own devices with no moral code for guidence the Human Being is just another animal that will use all of their assests good or bad just to survive.

    Now the moral code is another interesting subject. Col Rowe and other POWs interview and debreifing tapes where very enlightening on that subject, I am glad I had access to them.

    There is a good history book called “The First Way Of War” by John Grenier. It deals with how the US adopted the Indian’s Sulking Way Of War (tribal). In it he shows that on the frontier during the American Revolution we actually had more of a civil war raging with an Eye for and Eye. A lot less ‘The Patroit’ and more of Sryia (put in any civil war)

    If we have to crash lets try to keep as much control as possible, it in instead of a nose dive.

    William Lind (Manuever Warfare type) and Global Guerrillas have pointed that we will might move into a era of Tribalism.

    • With respect SF, I will not be civil with scum. I’m 3 hours north of Detroit and I already see the decline in “moral code”. Fuck everyone who steps over the line. No quarter.

      • BastgineDirk permalink

        I have family outside GR. Michigan is sinking fast.

  15. Tribes will form around race. Like they have since the beginning of time.

    • Doclaw permalink


      (edited to delete WN link. –J.M.)

      • Number One: I don’t do white nationalist bullshit on this site. Never have, never will.
        Number Two: The concept of tribe in that article was based solely on skin color. Not on trust. Not on shared experience. That is not tribe. That is retarded.

      • Doclaw permalink

        Nice to know this “tribe” is politically correct. You go girl…..

        Come to a class…on me…and say this to my face.–J.M.

  16. lineman permalink

    Is anyone in bitterroot valley of Montana that would like to meet up…Or within a couple hr drive time….

  17. BigAl permalink

    I have got to give you credit for that awesome article.
    Well written and very interesting!
    Keep up the good work!

  18. How about Inner Clan/outer Clan/Race? All the other races look at the world this way. Whites did too, up until 60 or so years ago. Part of the stripping of Culture from the White has the removal of any feeling for one White for Another, while boosting the self-esteem of the other races. Whether we are Goyium, Gringo or Cracker, we should wear it Proudly.

    • RobRoySimmons permalink

      WN is a fucking waste of time, small cults that pop up like mushrooms that peddle the notion that they are the heirs to Rockwell and/or Pierce. WN is of no use to whites, none, it is nothing more than ego stroke for zealots who fantasize about torchlight parades after the miracle of the “National Restoration.”

      WN serves one utilitarian purpose it basically allows people that the insipidly stupid and evil rhetoric of “anti-racism” is somehow legit. Then again I have no doubt that half the people who read this if this post is allowed to remain believe in the magic fairy dust of the Blank Slate Theory the mother magic birth canal of all ideology that is permissible today. One coin two sides

    • Doclaw permalink

      Outstanding point.

      If whites voted like blacks ( as a block / race/ tribe, etc.) there would be very few problems in the USA and Judaea Marxism could be defeated.

  19. RobRoySimmons permalink

    Mosby any of the 4th Gen intelectuals/academics any use to you?

    • I like a lot of what Robb writes, although I certainly don’t agree with 100% of it. Beyond that, I don’t pay much attention to 4GW theory, because it’s a flawed concept from its inception. It’s not new or novel, as I’ve discussed in previous articles. It’s ageless.

  20. You go to war with the tribe you have, not the tribe you want. Get out and meet people, folks.

    • Good to see the old ‘saw’ even though you rewrote it slightly…and it works for me. (You go to war with the soldiers you get, not the soldiers you want!)

  21. R. Huff permalink


    There might be someone out there…..

    Now the dance of the seven veils begins….


    • lineman permalink

      My dancing sucks…I’m in Hamilton if anyone wants to meet for a cup of coffee I’m buying…

  22. Swamp Fox permalink

    Have any of you checked SHTF School web site? It looks like some real world post collapse experience from the Balkan region.

    I have booked marked it.

  23. MagenD permalink

    My Kingdom is not of this World!!! (“Jesus”)

    And that’s the one you should be Prep’ing for – cause when the SHTF, all these “Tribal Neanderthals” are going to tear one another apart!!!
    P.S. – The Bible mentions “Wild Beast’s” in many places – most don’t understand that in most of those Passages, G-d was not reffering to Lions and Gorilla’s. In most cases He was using “Wild Beast’s” to refer to Savage G-dless nations and Men. When the Bible speaks of G-d bringing “Wild Beast’s” against you or your nation in Wrath, He’s speaking of turning the most Evil, Vile and Ruthless of Men, Nations, TRIBES and/or Armies against you!!! Wild Beast’s are those that follow the doctrine of Demons!!!

    • Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Of course, even after the conversion to Christianity, most tribal cultures didn’t immediately give up tribal structures and mores…or even practices.

    • MagenD, though I am not a christer please let me share something many religious leaders and teachers omit; The identity of the beast of the field.

      From your concordance take a look at all the references for “the beast of the field” and you will discover that a specific people are being referred to, namely Africans and former slaves and hired mercenaries of African decent or lineage. Not a popular though in our PC society but it can’t be ignored.

      Having said that I am the first to admit that I have known and fought with men of African descent who were loyal to a fault, tough and brave, and have had my life saved by some of them…and these very men are the first to warn me/all of us, about the others who consume themselves with hate for everyone including themselves.

    • jonny rotton permalink

      i am sure that the “holy wars” were fairly savage too.

  24. I enjoyed you article; having said that I would like to share a couple of concepts with you and everyone:

    Family, is that group of people with whom it is pleasurable to survive;

    Tribalism, to succeed must racially, religiously, politically, culturally and socially stable within itself whatever that stability entails;

    Territorial Imperative, a place, home, house, etc., or reagin that can be defended where the family can prosper…and thus the tribe, clan, etc.

    Truly we, all of US, live in interesting times…times that just get ‘curiouser’ and ‘curiouser.’

  25. AlleyF permalink

    Thank you for the article. Good to see.

  26. jonny rotton permalink

    are you anywhere close to the flathead valley now john?

  27. Swamp Fox permalink

    For all those who think they might have to go it alone, check this out for educational and motivational purposes.

    Three stories from WWII

    read Onoda’s book

    And one of my favorites, just an ordinary guy who took things into his own hands.

    Some of Johnny Hooper’s advice

    “Never shoot a man in the head with a small-caliber gun,”

  28. Does tribalism need adversity to survive? Is it necessary to be in poverty to revert to tribalism? I’ve live with people in Cambodia who’ve reverted to tribalism due to the destruction of their state by a most disgusting war. They certainly valued the family and clan but they also had not concept of self and zero access to education. All the stilted conversations I attempted in both English and Kmher revealed a distinct lack of self awareness in the person I was talking with. Ideas that are expressed are seemingly repeated from older family members, buddhist sayings or impressions given by television. Not sure I’d like to pay for tribalism with ignorance and poverty.

  29. nobarcode permalink

    Tribalism is an example of how, again how, ‘The Regime’ divides the Tribes, in order to conquer. That’s probably in an Army manual somewhere.

    They really don’t won’t Christians and Atheists (as illustration) banding together for the Constitution and Bill of Rights anymore than they, The Regime, wants black people and white people getting together promoting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Because that would mean “enduring the suck” for “The Establishment”/The Regime.

    It’s really just that easy. Really. That’s why you’re (generally speaking) paying more for health insurance, being hassled by lower-level minions (the bureaucracy), and the red-carpet is rolled for …you’re representative…government.

    Thank you JM. I think you dispelled 50 myths with one post.

  30. eddie permalink

    Mosby, I think you’re doing a great public service by kicking an overbearing State in it’s rotten fucking teeth.

    And I get why you’re extra-careful not to get sucked into the Rachel Maddow(g?) race-baiter trap.

    I just hope that when rubber hits the road, you won’t be too “anti-racist” to see that the regime shock troops are more likely to be minority urban youths than not. I don’t hate those folks any more than you do, but I can’t ignore that the last five years have been one ethnic group celebrating it’s will to power over another…

    I’m just another confused, but aware white dude who wants to make a better world for his wife and kids.

  31. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit permalink

    I’ll see your history degree and raise one in sociology (hey, it was two for the price of one!) and say … you nailed it perfectly! Awesome piece, JM!

  32. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Read. Understand. Get to work building your network and your tribe. It’s a matter of life and death.

  33. Maith thú, John. You have hit a home run with this one and addressed a topic I have been scratching my head about for years. Anyone can quote the founders of this Republic and call themselves a patriot. How many will talk-the-talk AND walk-the-walk, remains to be seen.
    Deeply sorry for your recent family loss brother.

  34. Bogeyman permalink

    This is why criminals/gang bangers are gonna have a leg up when it all falls apart, their tribes have already been forged.

  35. Israel permalink

    Very enlightening read. Thank you.

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