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February 1, 2014

1) Facebook outing



A: It’s really nothing all that nefarious. I was invited to join a FB group (that makes sense to people that have Facebook accounts), by a reader who is also a friend. When I joined, I discovered that a fellow SF brother, who is also a friend, had “outed” me as the author of the blog in the FB group, by “tagging” me in the comments section of the FB post. It’s not a big deal. a) It’s a closed group. b) It’s not a secret amongst people on my FB friends’ page that I am the author of the blog (with the exception of some family members), and my political philosophy is not a secret to ANYONE who knows me.



2) “…is a union representative or a community organizer that same as a communist party political officer? Just wanting to make sure I/we who who my/our current enemies are.”



A: I’m pretty anti-union, despite having been raised by a family that included members of the auto workers’ union. If you are using the term community organizer in the context of POTUS’ former occupation, then yes, I’d say it has a lot to do with organizing and proselytizing the party line to get people out and supporting the leftist cause. Same-same with most union representatives I’ve met. The difference, in my extremely limited experience (I’ve never lived in a union state, and I’ve never worked in a union-controlled occupation, although my ex-wife was a union member), is that I don’t think ALL union reps recognize the nefariousness of what they are doing. Does that make it okay? No. Does that mean they should be hung from lamp posts? No.



Do I think union workers should be drawn and quartered? No. I think the largest issue in America today is not a lack of legitimate loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic, but rather an ignorance of what those things are supposed to be. I do my best, both through my writing, through my FB postings (other than the ones that I post simply because they are fucking hilarious), and through daily face-to-face interactions with people, to continue reversing the trend of false education brought on by a corrupted educational system.



Humorous story along these lines: I believe one of the best things we can do is to raise our children correctly. The other night, we were watching 13th Warrior (movie from the 1990s with Antonio Banderas). It’s based loosely on ibn Fadlan’s account of visiting Rus Vikings and Beowulf combined. During the first fight scene against the “monsters” my daughter was getting VERY excited, giggling, yelling, and jumping around. When I asked her what they were doing, she yelled “monsters!” So I asked her, “is that what we do to monsters? Kill them?” She responded with a very delighted “Yes!” ran to her room, grabbed her foam training sword, and came back out to watch the rest of the movie.



I fully expect that my daughter will not be afraid of things that go bump in the night when she is older, but will be willing to face monsters, weapon in hand….regardless of who/what those monsters may be.



It’s far too late now to worry about what others are doing. We need to focus on what WE are doing to counter that in our own communities.



3) What (beyond the obvious answer of “more PT”) lessons did you learn in SF that would be more helpful/most applicable to those of us who are non-mil, and who are just just starting out?



A) The Ranger Regiment did more to teach me the incredible importance of PT than SF did, but to your actual question….



My answer is two-fold, but both parts are halves of the same whole. a) I learned that it’s not just about the guy with the gun in his hand. While I “knew” as a junior NCO at the Ranger Regiment, the importance of good support, the culture within the Regiment at the time focused on the individual mankiller. When I got to SF and we would plan for a 12-man team to be thousands of miles from the nearest American, I started learning the importance of having a well-developed support network. I learned the importance of the auxiliary. I learned that as critical as it is to have guys who are willing to look the beast in the eye while they’re shoving cold steel into his belly, it’s just as important to have guys behind him to make sure he has food to eat, more ammunition to feed his weapon, and someone to make sure he’s got a dry place to sleep once in awhile. b) I learned the importance of making sure you can trust those people that make up your auxiliary/tribe. If you can’t trust that they’re going to do their jobs, you’re thinking about things other than the immediate task. If you’re getting ready to slay a dragon with a sword in the belly, the LAST thing you want to be doing is thinking about whether your house is safe. This is why I harp so much on tribes and auxiliary.



SUT and running a gun are not as simple as they are sometimes made out to be, but they are still relatively simple. Learning to organize and operate the support networks to supply and support the dragon slayers is far more complicated and difficult.



4) “…what’s up with the book? Is it a money issue? How much do you need?”



As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been suffering from a severe case of “I-don’t-give-a-fuck-itis.” Honestly? Even important shit just doesn’t seem all that important right now. In 38 years on this earth, I’ve had a whopping 5 nightmares, from the time I was a toddler until a couple weeks ago. No PTSD nightmares, nothing….A couple weeks ago though, I started waking up 3 nights out of 4, sometime between 0230 and 0400 from nightmares. Screaming, flailing, the whole nine yards. Then, I can’t go back to sleep. So, I’ve been functioning on a couple hours of sleep a night. Even cleaning up after ourselves has been difficult to work up the motivation to do (I cleaned the house this morning for the first time in three weeks). I went five years without a touch of alcohol, after spending the better part of ten years as a functional alcoholic. About three weeks ago, I started drinking mead. Not a lot. I’ve not been drunk yet, but a glass of mead, a couple of times a week…



So yeah, the book? It’s coming. I’m working on it. It’s just not been as much of a priority as it should have been. The revisions and photographs will be done by the end of February, so it should be available in March. I apologize, wholeheartedly, from the depths of my being, for the inconvenience.



5) My house has been for sale for 10 months we plan on relocating within the continental United States… That being said, I didn’t think we were all here to work out an “exit strategy”. The main purpose I got from this blog, was that this (was) our republic and if we want it back, when the time comes this is the shit we need to do to survive, regroup and take it back to ensure our children and future generations have a United States of America and recognized natural born rights as human beings. Maybe I’m wrong, if so maybe I’m in the wrong place.



Not a question, but I wanted to say, I agree with the sentiments of this comment. The Republic as a whole? Meh…I’m past caring. I care about my community, and the communities where my friends and family live.



6) “What is the airspeed of a laden swallow?”






7)Will it be possible to train some others to help with the classes, so that more classes can be made available at more locations?



A: If anyone ever had any doubts that I’m not in this for money, here’s your evidence:



I don’t need to train others to help teach these classes. There are combat arms veterans, with combat experience, ALL over this country. In your community, and probably within your circle of friends and family, SOMEONE knows someone with recent Afghanistan experience. Find that person, and have them start teaching you and your people weapons craft and small-unit tactics. It’s not rocket science.



Between open enrollment and private classes, I’m doing something like eight classes between now and the beginning of May. If you can’t—or don’t want to—take one of them, go take a class with Max. I’ve not taken one of his classes, but based on his writing, while we disagree on some things, he’s not going to steer you wrong or teach you bad shit. There are lots of places to get the training, besides from me.



Could I teach someone to teach my classes? Yeah, but if they didn’t have real-world experiences, they’re not going to have the frame-of-reference to modify the information to suit your individual needs/environment. You end up, down the road somewhere, but nevertheless…with the strip-mall dojo syndrome, where some dude is teaching mechanics, without understanding the meaning and purpose behind those mechanics, so it ends up being taught as something it was never supposed to be.



8) I am a hunter. This along with livestock slaughter is the limit of my death dealing experience. Probably not all readers are hunters, but most could legally pursue the activity if they chose. I may be taking a leap to assume that you have also hunted meat, but if you have experience with this I would really be interested to see an article discussing relevant skills that can be utilized by the guerilla fighter and which would make for an excruciating death.


A wrestler or judoka gets to train full speed with partners. Knowing which of his sporting habits will get him killed in combat could make the difference.


I’ve read a somewhat negative remark regarding the idea of the country boy sniping with a deer rifle and potential for rapid response from trajectory analysis tech. That really sucks for me and my 3006. Do these skills even have a place?



8B)There’s been a lot of posting recently on Max Velocity’s blog concerning the role of “long range shooting”, and/or the DMR role inside a squad. Having followed your blog for quite some time, I know you are a proponent of closing the distance and working as close as possible to an OPFOR in order to negate indirect fire advantages.


Do you see a role for long range shooting/DMR inside a resistance element outside an urban/built-up environment? If so, how could this be applied?



A: There are applications for the SDM role in UW, absolutely. The negative responses you read are in reference to the idea that a bunch of guys with their deer/elk rifles are the sole answer to things. Even from a “4GW” standpoint, at some point, you have to be willing to close with the enemy and chop his fucking head off, so you can nail it to a tree somewhere. You have to be willing to close the gap in order to burn his house down around him.



One guy with a rifle—even if he is the illegitimate love-child of Sergeant York and Gunny Hathchock—is going to get killed in a hurry, as soon as he tries to pull the lone gunman routine on a team of guys who know how to shoot, move, and communicate, and are willing to close with him, despite incoming fire.



9) I have been looking for a pic or diagram of the “Ranger Taco” and poncho hootch you talk about. Is there an FM or some resource to assist me ? I’m looking to improve my fieldcraft skills in this arena.


A: The 1984 edition of FM 21-75 Combat Skills of the Individual Soldier and Patrolling had at least one illustration demonstrating different ways to set up a poncho as a shelter. I don’t know of any Fms ever that have demonstrated the “Ranger Taco.” I will do an article, with photographs, in the near future on this, since I get asked this so much.



10)As someone who was not allowed into the military(heart disease), what is a good book that details the skills you learned in SF? I’m asking beyond shooting, as in things that are not considered ‘cool’ but helped you in everyday missions/life. Any books you would recommend?



On SF itself, there have been a host of interesting books out, by SF guys, since the beginning of GWOT, that discuss a lot more than just the shoot-move-communicate aspects of the missions, including dealing with the locals.



As far as books that cover basic skills needed in UW, but are not of the gunslinger type?



I like Rob Roy’s alternative construction books, including Earth-Sheltered Houses and Timber Framing for the Rest of Us. I like Eliot Coleman’s books on gardening, like The Winter Harvest Handbook. I like Ray Jardine’s take on ultralight backcountry travel in Beyond Backpacking, as well as Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins’ Complete Walker IV. I love Wilhelm Gronbech’s Culture of the Teutons for a look at traditional European tribal structure and cultural beliefs. I like Robb Wolf on The Paleo Solution to nutrition. I love Cody Lundin’s work on basic survival. I like Malcolm Gladwell’s stuff on psychology and decision-making.



For fiction, the best trilogy I have read in recent days related to what I write is, ironically, a sci-fi/fantasy/alternative history trilogy by SM Stirling that includes Dies the Fire, The Protector’s War, and Meeting at Corvallis. While the premise is kind of out there, and if you’re very devout Christian, you might not like that one of the protagonists is a Wiccan neo-Pagan, but it is an incredibly well done look at one way society could rebuild along tribal and feudal lines in the event of a mass die-off/grid-down scenario.



I mentioned to someone the other day, that I wanted to do an article that was simply a list of the books on my shelves. Unfortunately, I counted them the other day. Not counting shit still in boxes, we’ve got well over 600 titles on shelves, just in the living room…..



11) Is there going to be ANY way at all to get the e-book at a later date, perhaps in conjunction with the hard copy for a few dollars more??? I for sure want a hard copy but I also travel a LOT and having it on the tablet would be handy…



A: That was not the plan, but I may consider it down the road, if there ends up being enough demand.



12) How does one deal with the threat of gov. drones?  How do we detect them, limit their effectiveness, and take then out?  I think most guys my age think that on their “farm” up in the mountains they are hidden but you and I both know there are not many secrets from the air.



A: Drones are a serious threat, and a real one. They’re not invincible though. I’ll discuss this more in forthcoming articles, and it gets discussed in classes a lot, but I’m not going into a LOT of detail on the internet. As I’ve discussed before, I still have friends and family engaged in Afghanistan and elsewhere in GWOT. Some things just don’t need to be accessible to the people they are hunting, and if it’s on the internet, it is. I may disagree with aspects of GWOT, but I love my people.



13) Though there is a large community of people online who share my beliefs and have the foresight and motivation to prepare, I am fairly isolated in real life. Between my training years ago and reading essays by Max Velocity and yourself I am well aware of the need for a tribe/group/unit. How would you recommend finding like minded individuals in my (or any) local area and how would you then go about vetting them to insure there is not a mole in the group?
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question and thank you for all you do for our country.



A: Re-read all of the articles on Tribalism and anything I’ve written about auxiliary and network building over the last two years. There are no pat answers to this question. It’s really simply a matter of getting to know people and building real, genuine relationships. There’s no shortcuts, as much as we would all like their to be.



14) Please talk about sling (on rifles) … would like vastly more details than use a two point …


would like info re use (when used … in combat, during patrol, etc. OR only for transition to pistol) …


also would like specific info re measurement of sling … brands recommended, specific set up, how long, etc.



A: I’ll do an article on this too. This week or next. Scout’s Honor!



15) Please discuss link up procedures, sans electronic comms and specifically, trigger events as you see them and procedures.  Attached is a doc that’s a draft.  It’s drawn from a FM, simply to provide a base document for reference and from which to expand.


We have a lot of folks who have rec’d individual training from you, Max, et al, but seem to have difficulty finding each other once it’s over.



My current POV is it’s nigh unto impossible to write one that covers everyone, without limiting freedom of action within geographical areas, etc.  Better to provide a base doc and guidance.  Thoughts?



A) I agree with some of the conclusions you made in your attachment. Like the others I made the same cop-out answer to above, I’ll put together an article on my thoughts on this subject. I was working on one before my son was born, so it’s been hard to get back to, but I will get it done, ASAP.



16) How about a tutorial on your load-out kit, somewhat like MV’s take on the battle belt/LBE ?



A: I’ve done a couple in the past, but I need to do another one, as some of my load-out has changed as new things have become available, or I’ve found new ways to use old things.








The purpose behind putting the ball in your court is being achieved. I can write on things all year, but eventually, I need to go back and see what YOUR questions are, just like I do in class (“Does that make sense?”—which itself makes sense if you’ve ever had to suffer through me asking it repeatedly in a class). If it results in follow-on articles, instead of just quick answers, all the better. Keep them coming….via email……



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  1. henryholliday permalink

    Wow, that’s a great set of responses to a bunch of diverse topics! Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing!

  2. Dougwrench permalink

    #13- try looking at

  3. Myhre, Chuck permalink

    Hello, this is really great stuff. Thank you for doing this. Regarding question #3, I think something that a lot of folks can’t envision or aren’t aware of is making your body do things that your mind doesn’t want to do. I wasn’t SF, I was a Navy diver (part of a scuba team on a fast attack submarine). I’m not even sure how it could be written about, it just seems to me that once you’ve been trained to overcome the mind fuck, well, it seems easier to push through and complete ‘the mission’ – whatever that may be. One of the other guys always said ” ‘Can’t’ ain’t never got nothin’ done”. On a humorous note, I look at pics of me back in dive school and I’m Matt Brackens brother from another Mother! I will get training from you one day. I’m in the process right now of relocating to AZ from CA, this Spring is shot….excuses.

    Thank you again, Chuck Myhre

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Sorry to hear you have been suffering from nightmares recently.

    I was very touched by the story you shared in December about the experience you and your wife had with your child.

    In the gentlest terms, is there a relationship between the two?

    Much respect for what you do.


    • Oh, I’m sure there is. That was the point of telling about the sleep issues: My give a damn is busted, not for sympathy. We’re working through the give-a-damn break, it’s just taking some time.

  5. JM. If you need $ backing, let me know.

  6. Suspect1 permalink

    I would second the guys at the, I was part of the group in my area before it fell apart, I have not found a better group of people all around. I was not in the position to maintain and build another group in my area, I know that I don’t know what I don’t know and was looking for an experience base from which to learn. I have linked up with a new group of folks that seem to be equally as dedicated to preserving a “constitutional militia”, so I do know they are out there to be found.
    From what I have see though, with a little effort and research there are groups in a vast majority of areas that are worth setting up a face 2 face. Remember you are interviewing them as much as they are you. You can find like minded individuals. One of the ways the mass programing has effected the public has been to keep folks insulated, almost like the friends you have are the only ones you are allowed, if you didn’t know them k-12 then they don’t count. You can get to know new people, in an adult setting, based on respect given and received. Look a man or lady in the eye, as you would your grandparents. You will find the group “tribe” you were meant to be a part of, only if you are willing to give of yourself before getting in return.
    Thank you sir, for this post and the previous series on the historical realities and building of a modern tribe. With resources like this, MVT, Resistor and the many other 3% & patriot blogs, I do have hope that the idea of this great country will be defended to the death rather than freely handed over to the “monsters” who are now at the helm.

  7. RobRoySimmons permalink

    FWIW I would read Camus’ “The Stranger”, but I’m sure you are already familiar with existentialism with your “already dead” meme, but in case you haven’t read it I will mention it.

  8. Steve Bland permalink

    Concerning your new nightmares. First; I am an avid dreamer researcher an journaler for 20 yrs. I have taught classes on learning Lucid Dreaming. That said I will off two views on the situation you have- 1) the mead is causing the nightmare. Possible reasons are many. 2) the Meade is opening the Dream Sensor so you can see something. That something is real hard for you to deal with. Jot me a note to cuss for intruding, ask questions, need a bud to rap with.

  9. I don’t have a question. I am a 57 year old father of a totally disabled 26 year old son. I am not qualified to pose a question as I have never served, and if I were qualified I don’t feel it is your place in life to answer it for me. It is my place to find it on my own. I write to simply Thank You and Your Family For Your Service and Sacrifice for our Country, God, and Family. Take care.

  10. Swamp Fox permalink


    We may have never met before but we come from the same Club/Tribe, different chapters.

    I will call it like I see it from this end, you can ban me if you want.

    The nightmares and drinking are Intell indicators (symptoms).

    Please go talk to someone.

    • Why would I ban you for offering good advice? If I start having that kind of bad thoughts in day time? Yeah, I’ll go see someone. RIght now? We just work through the problems we can. It’s not going to go away, no matter who gets talked to.

      • the fukkn A-team permalink

        I had to look up what Meade even was. John, lose the booze man. Your family needs you clean, sober, and strong. How can anyone not be impressed with your candor on this issue? We’re here for you brother.

  11. Swamp Fox permalink

    True, but you can learn better ways to manage it.

    Just some friendly advice than, instead of mead increase your daily dose of Iron in the gym. It might take the edge off. The only bad thing is you get Stronger. Put on 70% max of your clean and do full Clean Thrusters. Try 10 in 2 minutes.

    I might try to get to a class in AZ.

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