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February 7, 2014
My apologies for the lay out errors in this article. 
Wordpress is fucking with my formatting somehow. --J.M.

With all the controlled chaos happening on a daily basis, bad actors walking in under wire from Mexico, the manufactured healthcare crisis, etc, do you see a specific trigger that will set storm off or will it just rush in like the wind out in front of a Kansas thunder head?

Fuck if I know dude. Sorry, I know people want solid answers, but I genuinely do NOT own any sort of scrying powers or a Nostradamus hat. I can look at recent history in other places and try to extrapolate, but even that is never going to be particularly accurate. 
The fact is, there is no other first world country as large, spread out, and successful as ours. There is no country out there (that I'm aware of) that even remotely approaches our levels in any of those categories, with as much anger brewing openly, with similar levels of private firearms ownership.
So honestly? Beyond articles I've posted in the past touching on my theories, I genuinely have to say... Fuck if I know.

I know you feel the fedgov is the least of our problems. I tend to vacillate on this point, sometimes agreeing and other times, I don’t know. The battlespace prep that appears to be occurring is concerning. I’m hoping you’re right, but it does appear they have a plan to come after people that just want to be left alone. What led you to this conclusion? Could you explain why you think they’re not going to try to come after us? I had thought the economy would collapse first, but they’ve been very good at keeping things running longer than anyone would have thought possible.

It’s not that I believe DHS/FEMA offers no threat to American citizens. Quite the contrary. It’s just that, enough people start disappearing and even the most assinine, “The government loves us!” idiot is bound to start feeling threatened. In that case, you have to consider that scared people lash out at the nearest target, not necessarily the right target. Add to that mix, the fact that the federal LE agencies, combined are not large enough to take on the gangs in South-Central LA alone, let alone an entire nation of pissed-off people. It’s members of your local LE that will—if anyone does—most of the bad stuff. Between your pissed-off, scared neighbors, cops concerned about losing their pensions or careers, and local .gov flunkies looking at the next rung up the ladder, no, I don’t think it’s the Stasi-wannabe stormtroopers of the federal .gov that are your biggest threat for most people.

What is your assessment of the Special Operations community? What percentage are on our side? Could you explain your estimate of friendly forces size? Is it enough to prevent a full military takeover, another CIA coup, whatever?

Not a fucking clue dude. I’ve been out for a decade. If I did know of conversations along those lines occurring, I wouldn’t talk about it in public.

You have discussed at length that you expect tribalism to be the resultant end-state for this mess. I don’t know if I agree. I certainly think we will experience a structural criticality event (Nassim Taleb – Antifragile), but we may very well be able to develop a new, and more stable system out of the rubble (read Matt Ridley’s “The rational Optimist”. Could you explain what I’m missing, your thought process and why that is your most likely end-state?

I’d like to believe that something better would come out of it. I’d hate to see hundreds of millions of Americans die for no fucking good reason whatsoever. On the other hand, I really don’t have much faith in humankind’s ability to overcome the urges of greed and avarice, or the lust for power, no matter how trivial that power actually is.

From the dude who says his only preps are a rifle and a bunch of buddies with rifles coming to get your shit, to the fat, basement-bound “prepper” who tries to pawn himself off on the internet as a survivalist guru, in order to feed his ego and self-esteem; from the Black Panthers trying to incite race wars against anyone who is not dark-skinned enough, to the White Supremacists trying to incite race wars against anyone who is not light-skinned enough, to La Raza trying to incite race wars against anyone who doesn’t speak Spanish well enough, all in the search for power by blaming others for their own shortcomings in life? Who the fuck could be delusional enough to think that it would be anything but internecine tribal warfare—or totalitarian security as an alternative—in the short-term at least, following any sort of mass-die off/upheaval/grid-down event? Of course, I could just be a pessimist….

I know there are lots of Christians who believe if we could “return” to a Bible-based legal society, all would be daisies in the meadows, but then we can look at shit like the Crusades, or even the Witch Burnings in Salem, and realize—despite protests to the contrary, that all would not suddenly be roses in the twilight. Which denomination? Which translation of the Bible? Who gets to decide that? In any case, what about those of us that are not religious? Do we get the choice of conversion or the sword (figuratively speaking)? How is THAT, in a society that is increasingly non-religious, suddenly a panacea against sectarian violence?

how do I get a copy of your ebook? Do you ever hold classes in Idaho?  How many people do you need to hold a class? 
You don't. The eBook was only available for a limited time, and honestly? I wasn't particularly pleased with the final result. The hardcopy is slated to be available in March now, due to uncontrollable, unforeseen circumstances that delayed the original release date. 
Considering the number of continuing requests for the eBook, I have considered re-releasing it, sometime after the hard copy is available, despite my inherent distaste for electronic “books.” 
I do classes in Idaho regularly, both public and private. The best way to find out more specific information on hosting and scheduling a class in any location, is to contact HH6 at mosbyhh6@hushmail.

I am (name redacted) from your W. VA class (the fucking career branch redacted officer). I thought I would take you up on your offer to answer some questions.

I have noticed in conversation with you and in your writings that you frequently denounce some aspects of the Appleseed program. In actuality I agree with what you have said and as a former instructor in the program, the same things bothered me when I was in it.

Keep in mind that I began in the program in 2008 and the original instructors stressed the need to get further training. This nonsense of “this is everything that you need” is an unfortunate artifact of a large program that lost its senior leadership and a founder that doesn’t have the balls to take the program to the next level.

Two questions:

1. Have you ever been to one?

2. In the context of a 4th generational warfare perspective, what roles would you see the skills taught in the program used?

Thank you for your time and all that you do.  If you ever do another East Coast class I will be there Army willing and the creek don’t rise.

1) As I’ve stated openly in the past, no, I’ve never attended an Appleseed. My knowledge of AS derives from conversations with very close friends (kinsmen close) who are/were AS instructors, and a friend who is one of the former “senior leadership” who left, because of the “founder that doesn’t have the balls to take the program to the next level.”

2) AS does one thing of importance, apparently well…It teaches BASIC, FUNDAMENTAL rifle marksmanship. What role does that play? Well, if you expect to ever have to use a rifle in any role—from hunting for food, shooting a Stasi-wannabe stormtrooper, or defending the community from cannibalistic San Franciscan raiders hell bent on rape, pillage, and plunder—that’s a pretty fucking important role for basic, fundamental rifle marksmanship….it’s just far from the ONLY necessary part of any of those tasks.

1. As a young man (under 22, over 18) I am very concerned with where our country is headed. I have a core group of guys I consider my brothers who share my concern. It is our desire to move forward with training and equipment as our finances allow, HOWEVER, what are we to do about out families? While many of our family members see the writing on the wall, so to speak, none of them are willing to take any action. Others are somewhat oblivious. If and when bad things happen, none of us want to abandon our families, yet we lack the resources to care for them, indeed struggling to even prepare beans, bullets, and bandaids for ourselves. I’ve got a tribe alright, but the problem is they don’t see a need to prepare for what is coming and I can’t care for them by myself. Any advice on this situation would be appreciated.

2. I will be leaving my home, family, and brothers in a Redoubt state soon to pursue higher education in an easter seaboard state that is uncomfortably close to DC. While this state is still mostly free, I am faced with a dilemma. I will be moving to a completely new AO, away from any resources I have here. I will be completely on my own in a significantly more dangerous area when everything falls apart. Beyond what you have frequently wrote about on the topic of building a tribe/network of people, should I even be looking to work on that, seeing as how it will only be a few years that I am in that area? Would I be better served by planning ways to get back home rather than building contacts in my temporary state? Any advice on my situation would be great.

1) Short answer? Fuck if I know. Keep preparing, and always be thinking about putting extra aside for your family members, so when they do suddenly realize they needed to be doing something, you’re there to help.

Lots of people take the approach of “well, family or not, if they’re too blind to be prepared, they’re on their own.” I personally can’t take that approach.

I’ve often said on this blog, that I’m “not religious.” That’s not entirely true, but too few understand, even in meatspace when I do answer it. The reality is, my family is my religion. My wife and children, yes, but my cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, in-laws, etc….those are what is important to me, above all else. If I am not continuously trying to help educate them to the importance of preparing, and when they fail, I’m not preparing for them, I’m failing.

2) Short answer? Pick a fucking college closer to home. Slightly longer answer? Why the fuck are you wasting money on college? Unless you’re going to school for a hard sciences degree, or a profession (i.e. law, medicine, etc) that absolutely REQUIRES advanced degrees for entry, you’re getting ready to blow several hundred thousand dollars on knowledge you could accrue with a $5 library card and the inter-library loan program.

If you are going into a career field that mandates a degree for entry, look at the colleges in the Redoubt states, closer to home.

More specifically to answer your question? Plan for both, and incorporate both options into your PACE planning. Initially, evasion homeward will be your only realistic option, because it takes time to build tribe and networks. After you’ve started developing the requisite levels of trust in your academic community, then you transfer priorities.


If you use an IR laser for your rifle, to be used in conjunction with a PVS-14 mounted on your head, do you zero it for the same distance as your scope is zero’d, or leave it in-line with your barrel, or some alternative?

I have a laser devices CQB-L, with the slaved visible red and IR lasers. I have it mounted at 3 O clock looking down the barrel. Therefore i have it in line with the bore for elevation, but need to decide on windage. My current plan is to have it lined up 0.75″ right at 50 yards, so it wil be on at 100yds. good plan? bad plan? how stoopid is me?

1) I’m not entirely sure I understand all of your question so bear with me…..

2) My rifle is zeroed at 50/200. My OTAL is zeroed at 50 meters. Mine sits on top of my rifle, so the laser is offset, and above. The point-of-aim of the laser, at 50 meters, coincides with the point-of-impact, in the same measurements as the laser does at at the muzzle.

My real concern with your question is the part about your windage concerns. Unless I completely misunderstood your question, I would offset the zero at the desired distance, the same distance as he laser actually rides off the side of your barrel. Otherwise, at any range other than the actual zero range, you have to be thinking about, “Shit! Is my laser to the left side or the right side of my POI? How FAR to the left or right is it? If you line the windage up to parallel the barrel throughout the trajectory of the weapon, you never have to guess. Other than accounting for wind, you don’t have to think about it, because you KNOW your laser is 0.XX” to the left/right.

1. the role of the suppressed .22 pistol, where you would keep it (fighting load or ruck? hunting or sinister anti-personnel)

2. usage of smoke grenades in breaking contact, specifically easy to aquire civilian paintball type smoke grenades (a la sportsmokes)

3. Further thoughts on suppressed firearms…. quick detach .308 suppressor, capable of going on an AR-15 or .308 bolt gun. In my limited understanding the main disadvantage is the fact that subsonic .308 rounds are crap for distance/performance, and supersonic 5.56 or .308 is still really freaking loud through a can. whats the tactical advantage to a .308 can?

1) I see two purposes. a) foraging for small game during E&E situations, and b) POSSIBLY when trying to get past sentries for whatever purpose. Honestly, I see a) as the most practical application. I keep mine in my ruck, albeit with the caveat that I can/could tuck it into the admin pouch on my plate carrier or into my RACK if necessary.

2) I’d rather use tear gas/OC grenades, but if smoke was all I had, I’d be dumping those fuckers every time I bounded back, trying to create a visual screen, in order to mask my movement from enemy observation….just like the manuals describe doctrinally. It won’t stop incoming projectiles, but it can at least ensure they’re addressed to “whom it may concern” rather than having “your ass” as the intended destination. That at least increases your odds when you’re bounding from one position of cover back to the next.

3) I’m not an expert on cans. There have been HUGE leaps made in both suppressor technology and the applications of them since I ETSd. That having been said, if I had to choose, I’d probably go with the .30 can. It WILL suppress 5.56 far better than nothing, while also being applicable to .30 caliber rounds. The reverse of course, is not true. While it’s no secret that I’m in no way convinced of the magical death ray attributes of the mighty .308, if that’s what I can get, you’d better bet your happy ass, I’m going to run .308 rather than flinging rocks at the bad guys. I’d rather have the can than not, if I decided I needed it.

It takes me at least two hours a day to just read my e-mails from friends and such . I can linger two more just on ‘ Western Rifle Shooters Association ‘. My question is : ” How do you find the time for all the information that you dispense ? ”

I manage my time? There’s no way to do EVERYTHING, EVERY DAY, so I don’t. The only three daily constants in my life?

1) Kiss my wife and daughter and tell them that I love them.

2) PT (and honestly? It gets bagged at times)

3) dry-fire.

Everything else gets moved around the other daily chores and “Honey Dos” that arise in every one’s life. I prioritize what information I need to take in, what I would LIKE to take in, and what I really just don’t give two shits about. I only sleep 4-6 hours a day/night, I multi-task (as much as possible) all the time. I eat, while reading and responding to emails. I spend time with my kid while I’m doing PT (she likes doing chin-ups, push-ups, box jumps, and working the heavy-bag). I can knock out my daily dry-fire in 10-20 minutes before bed, or before I leave the house to go somewhere.

I'm a Marine. I've operated with a Marine Reconnaissance team as a recon man, an ATL, and a DM (I am a Scout-Sniper as well). I'm at the end of my contract with ten months left and I have been looking to switch over to the Army and go the SF route for some time. In your opinion would you switch over or end your contract and go civilian side? Given the current political state of the country I worry that I would be making a poor decision staying in the military. But I don't want to miss out on the opportunities and training. What is your take, Mr. Mosby?

I'm not a fucking career counselor dude. That having been said, I have four fucking words for you: Special Forces National Guard. You're welcome, Marine. Semper Fi!

I’d like to know How/if training all of these folks all over the country for the last couple years has changed your thoughts and perceptions concerning how things may or may not unfold for the patriot/prepper crowd? That’s probably not articulated well but you probably get the idea.

It appears to me that the movement is growing and the idea of actual resistance is becoming more frequently entertained by the average Joe. I’ll admit though that my sphere is very small and maybe its just a local phenomenon.

Meh….I think there is a growing number of extremely pissed-off people who are finally waking up to the reality that owning an AR15 doesn’t make you a gunslinging bad-ass JSOC Jedi warrior-king.

On the other hand, this blog has opened my eyes to the fact that there are a LOT more people out there who are convinced they already have all the answers, and the last tactical training that had any relevance to them was either in 1757 when Robert Rogers first wrote his Rules for Ranging (not that they are a bad template to start with, or keep in mind!), or sometime around 1965….It’s far easier to sit and type on a keyboard, telling everyone how bad ass you are, how you are the uber-prepper, and how you really are a gunslinging motherfucker….Actually training requires getting sweaty, hot, cold, wet, and all-around miserable.

There are others, who for legitimate reasons honestly do not feel they can handle the physical rigors of practical training. That’s fine, but….those same people refuse to get out and meet like-minded people who might be able to provide security, as part of a community effort, while the individual who can’t train could provide some other useful function within the community. They’d rather sit around and pretend that they’re going to “do their part” by pulling an Alamo defense….apparently never having realized that Crockett, Bowie, Travis, et al…..they all died.

Do you think the “training community” puts out bad information for the purpose of LOOKING like a super cool operator? Because some of the shit I see being taught LOOKS like it would get you or your buddies killed in a fucking hurry. For example engaging threats from the open and doing mag changes in the open both while standing still. I mean, What the fuck? Maybe it’s just me but shit I want to be behind something.. Anything if I’m getting shot at.

No. I think the problem is a difference between TACTICAL training, and competing in practical shooing type events like IPSC and IDPA. I’m a big advocate of IPSC and IDPA and 3-gun shooting for learning methods of running a gun fast and well. That does not mean they are TACTICAL training. It’s no different than going to a MMA gym for combatives training. It’s a baseline of knowledge and skill that then has to be put into the framework you need to apply it.

If you just want to shoot IPSC, then you’re not going to lose anything from standing in the open to hit your reloads or take your shots. If your going to compete in MMA competitions, then JUST going to the MMA gym will be enough. If you intend to interject either of those into the real-world of combat, where people shoot back and go for knives and pistols rather than duking it out like John Wayne, you’d better be able to make the distinctions and seek out sources that will allow you to make the transition.

2. In general, it would be greatly appreciated if you could write an article with your advice on bugging out with a family from suburbia to a rural retreat.

Go back through the blog archives, both here and at the old site ( and look for my articles on E&E. All of the planning considerations are covered in quite some detail, dealing with solo and group endeavors.

What advice would you give on making local connections with like minded folks?
I know you and other writers have been emphasizing how important this is, but the only folks I’ve found in my general area are crazy, conspiracy-theory laden “militia” types whose lack of discipline, fitness, morals, OPSEC, and skill leave me to believe they will be easy pickings if things get to that.

My desire for PERSEC and my line of work make me hesitant to reach out and I’m unsure of how to find those with a similar commitment to train with and join forces with.

1) Go to your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc….Bring your checkbook, some cash, or your credit card.

2) Purchase each of the following books:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Secrets of Closing the Sale by Zig Ziglar

Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan

3) Read each of the titles.

4) Read them through again, this time taking notes.

Honestly? The simplest way to make local connections with like-minded folks, is to make local connections with folks, period. It’s like dating. It’s a game of numbers. Meet and befriend enough people, and you’re going to end up meeting some that are like-minded, even if their like-mindedness is still in its infancy.

Would you please write a short piece on personal hygiene (including how to take a dump) in the field?


I’m have an AR that still needs an optic. Would you buy another Burris MTAC 1.5-6? or go with something else?

If I were on a budget (and I’m always on a budget), yeah, I’d go with it and trust it. I’ve still got one on my rifle, and I can still drive tacks with it. The only complaint I have with the MTAC is still the same….I wish the center dot was smaller.

Good questions folks. Keep them coming.


John Mosby


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  2. Hobo permalink

    These are some very good discussions.

    The most “sobering” line in this article is this — “Seriously though? WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL A CONTINENT AWAY FROM YOUR TRIBE???? ”

    While your comment was directed at a student, this is a concern for every parent in the survival community. I would be interested in more in-depth discussions along the “What if ?” line of thoughts.

    Would the average college student have enough “wherewithal” to get themselves back to the tribe in a grid down situation? Should the student shelter in place and wait on a retrieval party to come and get them?

    How does the tribe deal with a young member being a concerning distance away from the main body of the tribe?

    John… Keep up the good work.


    • When I went to college, I headed home every couple weeks for the typical reasons: do a shit-load of laundry, home-cooked meals and family. Given a four-year degree, or even a two-year, there are plenty of opportunities for the kid to practice getting home under less than optimal conditions. Have him build primary, alternate and supplemental routes via a map check (use google or bing maps to get both the plain road and satellite views). Have him figure out where sources of water are located along the routes. Figure out where the population centers are, and have him stop at a local shop now and then to build rapport with someone he can call if in trouble along the way. Develop a commo plan (primary, alternates and supplemental methods) so he can send you SITREPs. That’s his plan to come to you; now it’s your job to develop a plan to go to him, in case he can’t come to you. Basically, do a small area study. If he’s not into prepping for the proverbial SHTF, sell it to him as a just some common sense safety preparations. Most importantly IMO, practice the plan once in a while to shake out any bugs so it’s a proven plan.

  3. SOL permalink

    JM- thanks for answering these questions. I assure you there are those of us out here that won’t ask, but still take in the answers.

    One thing I can comment on is the question about suppressors with supersonic rounds. I’ve got a number of years of experience using suppressed firearms on pistols and rifles and with sub and supersnoic rounds. People need to get past the idea that a .223 or 308 is still loud with a suppressor. Find someone that can do some tests with you and find out for yourself what it amounts to. I have a close friend that I trust to safely put rounds downrange while I’m downrange. A 5.56 at supersonic speeds is somewhere near 40-60% quieter than an unsuppressed round at even 200 yards. Further, the bulet is creating the noise as it travels, so the sound that is heard seems to come from nearby instead of a few hundred ryards up range. This masks to some degree the origin of the shot. Additionally, the ability to communicate quietly is greatly enhanced with a suppressed rifle as the shooter can still hear instead of having ringing ears. I think there is a misconception due to Hollywood about what a suppressor amounts to and what advantages they offer. Real world use shows that it’s worthwhile, but just another tool from the toolbox. They aren’t necessary is every action, and can be liabilities in some. They get hot fast. I’ve seen a 5.56 can on a 249 that was glowing red within 100 rounds. It melted a heat resistant glove. think of having to beat a track and that hot can hitting your leg.

    • Gm2011 permalink

      Thanks for that insight- what about your opinion on quick detach vs thread on? Get one .308 quick detach for both was my plan. Either Yankee hill or AAC

  4. Gm2011 permalink

    These q&a posts are great

    Apologies for my piss poor wording on the IR laser question. Thanks for your answer- it really cleared up the issue. I can now see how stupid it would be to have laser crossing the bore axis at some distance and the unnecessary complexity that would result.

  5. Butch Cass permalink

    Dude, again awesome stuff. The problem I see, and that is just from my eye-balls is I am posting as #4, Dude as the #4 poster? WTF, either folks have stopped reading (as dumb-asses will do) or they are afraid.

    Group #1 – Scout them and “borrow their shit” when the Holly Phucktards of Reasons happens. Infer as you need to, to determine the calculus of that event.

    Group #2 – Hey Dumb-Ass you are already reading this shit and the WRSA the Cheeky Monkeys already see you, post, be known? They fear noise, silence is their justification and ammo, get it? Tool Boxes like Cass the Ass Sunstein hate us, being in the Red Zone where I post from, noise ANY NOISE is the answer.

    Short diddy – I had one of the clipboard weiding UTES ask me before I got on the subway (Narrowing the search pattern as to where I am 😉 would you sign for someshit or the other (it never ends at the entrances, so I am remiss on which ‘tard group it was) I said sure, as long as you will sign mine for the Second Amendment? ….. The soon to be State Dept Employee – I am sure- looked well baffled, hey its that way sometimes. It (gender a question) said, yes. I said Okay, you know that amendment, right? Sure I’d sign it? See the game is not us versus them per-se, it is know;edge against emotion.

    Then again, a poster from occupied turf is questioned anyways, in terms of trustworthiness, its like hey dipstick why are you there? All I can say? powers stronger than me.

    Mnt G is the shit, and take any training while you can. I have trained with some real dudes up here in the NE, and well, I’d love to get to his classes if I could. The real statement is find the good ones (IE they have History Channel documentaries about them) or ones you trust.

    See it is not about YOU it is what what you will pass on – We might be the last MOFO’s that can take these classes or get these books. So this skill ( like building a fire) is IMPORTANT – they win, if in 30 years they rid all people of tactical operations for good or defense, it does not matter. The Communist shit we are in now was sown in the 30’s? The frikin 30’s I was luck enough to have a grandma to tell me this shit, (and describing how to cut cardboard into shoe inserts) the fact was the 1947 “Security Act” pissed a lot of people off.

    So they did what they could – Taught the next generation to write and be vocale, not their kids (They were freakin gone with Nam and Nixon or whatever) but their grand kids, (that is us for people doing Generational Math).

    It is not their kids they wanted to influence – but the generation they have an impact on, read a biblical text, Koran whatever, it is not their kids they reach but the next gen, that is us – 10:1 you remember what your grand folks said before your parents advice.

    The “Baby Boomers” are not the next generation, we are – and sadly calling us Gen X just played into the whatever ‘tude we all have – WE ARE THE NEXT GENERATION – Our enemies have not had to do a single thing other than let us be silent.

    Be silent no more, if I can be loud and proud from “Shelter in Place Land” you aint got shit to worry about –

    • Kurtz permalink

      How far Northeast you talkin’ here, friend? Like tri-state ME-NH-VT Northeast? If so, do you have any guys that you’d recommend in that area?

      As to Mr. Mosby, thank you very much for taking the time to do this Q&A session. Lots of interesting things covered here. Good reading, definitely.


  6. To the person who asked how to take a dump in the field, do not do it like this:
    One night when I was in the field, my unit was RONnig in an area of tall grass. I woke up in the middle of the night with a turtle poking its head out my ass. I certainly didn’t want to shit in my hooch, so I hobbled ten or so yards, squatted down, and it took about ten milliseconds to be done with. I cleaned up, headed back to my hooch and racked back out. The next morning, one of my guys said, “Hey Sergeant XXX, some asshole took a shit five feet from my head last night!”. I replied in a very incredulous tone “No way, what a fucking asshole!”. LOL. Moral of the story: pay attention to where to take your dumps.

  7. bobcat permalink

    Great post JM.
    I can’t help addressing the young man living in the Redoubt going all the way to, probably, VA for school. Since I’ve been there, done that, I can addressing him directly:
    Are you fucking nuts? Maybe you wish to witness the shit hitting the fan up close and personal? There is no school on the East coast that can’t be equaled or bettered by one in the Midwest or Mountain West. Even the loonie West coast would be closer. Get off your ass and do some digging on your chosen field and find a school closer to home. So you say you’ve got a full scholarship? Holey crap, if you got a full boat ride to an East coast hoidy-toidy outfit, you can EASILY get one, at say, one of the Big Ten schools. Play your East coast ride against their ego/pride etc. They won’t be able to resist.

    Have you factored in the major expense for getting back and forth from your East coast school to home? It ain’t cheap and it’s time consuming. I went to school within 2 hrs of home, which was a suitable distance for a variety of reasons. It was still expensive in fuel and time. Unless your parents are floating in a sea of FRN’s, you will be a poor son of a bitch and won’t have jackshit coin to travel.

    As JM says, if you are going to college for a hard science degree, go for it. If you are going for some lilly ass crap in liberal arts, you are at least wasting your time on the East coast and could easily get a quality education at a local college if you even do it at all.

    When I graduated Engineering school, I had three offers and could have gotten more and I’m no wiz kid. That was during a bad recession. The liberal arts majors and most of the ‘management’ majors had walls full of ‘ding’ letters. They were fucking hosed.

    You need to seriously sit down and do an ROI calculation on 4 or 5 yrs of school (and another 2 for grad school) against the salary of your chosen profession and how likely you’ll be able to get a job. Then, strongly consider learning a trade, like being an Electrician…GOOD ONES are always in demand, everywhere.

    One more thing. When I look at resume’s for technical people, I cast all the East coast snob schools right in the trash and enjoy like hell doing it. Some West coast schools aren’t far behind. I don’t have time for their arrogant bullshit. A gross generalization, I know. But time in going to school with East coasters and doing decades of business on the East coast (not the South East) has proven this to be true more often than not. I’ll take my chances with Mid West/Mountain West/Southern values, thank you very much.

    If you won’t listen to me, at least listen to JM. He’s right on the money on this.

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    For the college bound guy:

  10. NORTHMAN permalink

    I’m interested in learning about your personal religious beliefs?
    What are the best areas in the U.S. to live?
    Thank you.

    • NORTHMAN permalink

      Your recommendation on a .22 pistol and a suppressor?
      Your recommendation on a hunting rifle,scope and caliber?
      Thank you.

  11. Frank Pinelander permalink

    “Could you explain why you think they’re not going to try to come after us?”

    I will, in a name: Chris Dorner.

    If that man was half, or even a forth as good as he made out to be in his “manifesto”, the LE bodycount would’ve been much more. He managed to mobilized 10,000 LE across the west and two nation-state borders.

    If They tried that with some that really knew what they were doing, it’d be a slaughter.

    And they know it.

    Wargaming commentary from a close friend, to someone thinking tactically, not strategically.

    “I’m guessing that anybody who reads this has twenty or so years of military experience, SF or lesser.

    So my question is this… “Train while you can,” for what?

    Is there any Old SF’er here who could not build a rifle battalion (or better) from scratch if he had to? More importantly, be its commander?

    Speaking only for myself, the very idea that I need to grunt around with 120 lbs of gear playing private in small unit tactics courses of entry level battle drills leaves me completely cold. And utterly disinterested.

    Does it occur to anybody else here that after twenty or so years in SF we old-timers have the equivalent of a C&GS (or probably better) qualification? Or that if you don’t have at least the equivalent of C&GS you did something very wrong in your career — or worse, were not paying attention?

    As for the booger-eating-idiot-next-door cop with all the cool-guy military crap, are any of us really scared or intimidated? When it takes SWAT teams with AFVs to take down one poor schmo with two rifles and a couple of bags of fertilizer we may rightly conclude that we have the measure of our foe.”

    • Damn brother. Always interjecting logic and reason into discussions.

      • IdahoGuns permalink

        As the much maligned “college student” I feel I should speak up some. I am going to rural VA for a Juris Doctorate, not some French lit BA. The school I am going to is not a big name law school. However it has the most intensive hands on program in the country so I will actually be ready to practice law when I graduate. And yes, I do have a full ride. As for Mosbys comments about why would I leave my tribe, he is right. The only problem is my family is more likely going to get me killed in a bad situation than help, as I outlined in the previous question.

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