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Answers, III

February 9, 2014

What are some lessons you would like to teach students but don’t. Why don’t you?



I don’t know. I’m sure there are things students would LIKE me to teach, but generally those things are so far beyond their ability to practically employ, that the time would be better spent on the basics.



Do you plan to expand on the classes you offer?



To what? Between Combat Rifle, Clandestine Pistol, Patrolling, Support and Auxiliary Functions, E&E, Mounted Patrolling Operations, and CQC, I’ve got a pretty well-rounded curriculum, I believe. Other things?



Do you think that what your currently teaching could be better but your restrained in some way such as lack of training equipment, facilities, Time, average student capability, liability,etc.



Sure. I’d love to have students for 3-10 weeks at a time, have developed ranges with pop-up and reactive targets, blanks and BFAs, OPFOR, etc…But SF guys have been teaching Gs to do the “G Thang” with even more primitive facilities, and more student capability issues than I deal with, longer than I’ve been alive. If students take the information imparted during the class and actually go home and practice it, they’ll do just fine.



What percentage of your clients are return biz?



I don’t really keep figures like that, but I’d guess somewhere between 15-25%.



You must get some satisfaction out of this or you probably wouldn’t do it. So in terms of your students, what gives you the most satisfaction? Besides watching them sweat, bleed, cry and break their shit whilst you watch from your folding field recliner.



The difference in demonstrated ability in students’ ability to move and function as part of a team, in rough terrain, during live-fire iterations, after extremely short periods of time, with no one getting injured. The CQC class that I did recently, that had guys running multi-team, multi-room, NIGHT live-fire room clearing iterations at the end of day two. The SWAT cop in the CQC class who was amazed that I could have a bunch of guys who’d NEVER done CQC doing that in that time frame. A lot of people think all of that shit is possible because I’m a bad ass professor of havoc and destruction. Far to the contrary, that’s because most of the people that show up to classes are hungry to learn, and are willing to put everything they have into learning the information (or they’re scared shitless that if they fuck up, someone is going to accidentally shoot them in the back?).



Mostly? I like watching them sweat, bleed, cry, and break their shit, while I sit in my tactical folding field recliner, eating Twinkies and getting fat and lazy.



Since you have come out and said that finding like minded people is like dating, does that mean that we are in a serious relationship since you slept in my pup tent with me?



Don’t get your hopes up. Number one, it wasn’t a pup tent. That thing was like the Taj Mahal of tents. Number two, you didn’t even try to make a move on me. I like my guys to be aggressive in their affections (before anyone flips out, because I KNOW someone is going to take that serious…it is a joke….maybe.)



Has anyone shown interest in the patrol 2 class? Fingers crossed.



A couple I think. You’d have to ask HH6. This has worked out much better if she does all that shit, and a week before we leave for a class, she tells me where we’re going, what we’re doing, and what gear list I need to pack. That woman is WAY smarter than me.



What's your opinion on body armor? I get it in a war zone it's a good 
thing to have, but as civilian do you think its overkill? Better to 
have than not to have it? 
I don't walk around with my plate carrier on. I DO carry it in the 
truck when I go anywhere, just in case. My opinion on body armor is 
that, despite my bitching and whining and not wanting to wear it, it 
saved my life. If I'm going somewhere wear I think there's a pretty 
good chance I MIGHT be getting in a gunfight, I'm wearing my armor. If
 I'm taking my rifle, I'm taking my body armor. It's hot, it's heavy 
(even my super lightweight stuff gets heavy after a few hours of wearing
 it, let alone a week or two), it's uncomfortable. Could be worse though.
 I could be wearing a suit of full plate armor made of steel, with 
sweat-soaked leather and linen underneath it...and having to use a sword
 and shield and spear, right?

Do you have anyone you can refer New Englanders to who can run a class 
to your standards?

I'm not sure I even KNOW anyone in New England. 

Would you please do a piece on land navigation?


Sure. It’s now officially in the queue.


Might a local orienteering club be an acceptable way to practice?




Mr. Mosby, I am a faithful reader of your blog and I am trying desperately to improve my physical fitness.


I am a 59 year old male, 6’2″, 212 pounds, that runs 5 times a week, (7.5 minute mile average), lift free weights and do core exercises.



I’m sure you have experienced hitting a “wall” in your PT program. I have hit this and am very frustrated. NO improvement over the last two months but regression. (fewer miles, less weight during lifting).



My question to you is, How do you personally worked through that wall?



Take a couple weeks (like 2…not 10), and then start back, dropping all of your previous working intensities by 10-15%. Look at changing your training methods or styles.



Everyone hits a performance wall. Sometimes all it takes it pushing through it. Sometimes it takes a change to programming. Sometimes? It takes walking away for a little while and starting again.



Do you have a inny or an outy?


Inny. Outies freak me out.


I’m interested in learning about your personal religious beliefs?


My family is my religion.”


What are the best areas in the U.S. to live?


Northern Rockies.


Your recommendation on a .22 pistol and a suppressor?


I run a Ruger MKIII, and like it, a lot. I’ve heard some people complain about the plastic parts in it. If I was using it as my primary go-to defensive handgun, that would be a concern for me, but my .22 gets shot probably 20-50 rounds a month, tops. A couple replacements and it really ought to last a lifetime.


My experience with civilian-market suppressors is limited enough that I’m not comfortable making a recommendation. OTOH, depending on how committed you are, someone once suggested doing a Google search for “monolithic core suppressor design” and talking to a local machinist….


Your recommendation on a hunting rifle,scope and caliber?


What are you hunting? Where are you hunting? What are your conditions like? Even in Wyoming, I use a different combination for taking antelope than I do for taking elk.


I would use a different combination for elk in central Idaho than I would in southern Idaho. I would certainly use a different combination for deer, and a damned different combination for rabbits or squirrels in the Southeast.



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  1. Aaron permalink

    This is one of the coolest things you have done, love the questions and answers hope this continues.

  2. Frank Pinelander permalink

    To the 59 year old, have your testosterone level checked.

    I hit that wall, been taking an herbal booster. It rocks.

    • “low T” is a possiblity, especially if you are not recovering as quickly as you have in the recent past.
      Also consider changing your workouts drastically for 2-6 weeks.
      Cut the weight 30-50% and do 50-100% more reps. Slow WAY down on the runs and do more distance or try sprint intervals.

    • Ken permalink

      What herbal booster?

      • Frank Pinelander permalink

        JM! This is your house, I’m not inclined to use it for someone else’s advertising.

        If you say it’s o.k.

        Suffice to say, it was a leader in the field, the owner/developer turned me on to it. Others are trying to copy it by taking it’s components apart and selling them individually. They aren’t remotely as effective.

        (Give ‘er hell, boss. Your house too. –JM)

      • Frank Pinelander permalink

        Can be had at most GNC stores. They’re supposed to be going in all, and were in talks with Hi Heath.

        Takes about two weeks to kick in, only five days to flush out. I’ve tried some other things that came around after with no success.

  3. panajungla1984 permalink

    I’ve only seen 1 outy before. Very freaky. Are they more common than I thought? Isn’t that the result of a failure to tape the cord after birth? BTW, should be there 1st part of the week. Take the Mrs. out for a nice evening and enjoy yourselves on Me and the State of Michigun.

    • panajungla1984 permalink

      It has nothing to do with how the umbilical cord was cut or clamped, says Daniel McGee, M.D., a pediatrician at DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. Most outies are nothing more than extra scar tissue. The rest are caused by an umbilical hernia, when the stomach muscles don’t fuse together properly after the cord stump falls off, causing abdominal tissues to poke through. OK. so I was wrong -again.

  4. Frank permalink

    As to what things you would add to your curriculum, you eluded to some “things” but are reluctant due to proficiency levels of the student. What are those things? Will they have applicability in our future?

    I really don’t have anything in mind. Yet another area where I just don’t know what I don’t know.

    I will say for those of you who have not taken a class, there is untold value in just the fireside discussions that go on into the wee smalls of the morning. This Q&A gives you an idea.

    Will we go into practical application of C.A.R.V.E.R. in patrol 2?

  5. Bishop permalink

    Love the bromance talk. What a spartan you are. Mcdojos pass out colored belts. Maybe we could get a rainbow sleeve patch for course completion?

    Frank mentioned fireside chats. I’m certain I haven’t read all the articles you have written, so just point me to one if you have already covered te topic, but I would really like to know your ideas on fire usage for heat and cooking during different scenarios.

    I can usually do without fire, but the wife and kids are softer people and I want them to be comfortable if possible even in their hiding hole. I have been experimenting with thermal mass rocket heaters and have an idea to use one in a hillside dugout. Burn is quick and exhaust is almost smoke free and around 120 degrees for heat signature which I speculate could be difused somewhat under a canopy of trees.
    Any thoughts on that?

  6. permalink

    Have you written any articles or can you recommend any about Camp Operations? Security, set up, logistics, armament, etc…

  7. Quietus permalink

    Another question here: Some time back you talked about your former liking of the BHP pistol. Again, some time back, it appears as if your preference is now for Glocks, you might have talked about the G19 as being the current preferred pistol for yourself.

    Was wondering the thought process that got you away from the P35 to the Glock.

  8. ArrSea permalink

    “Mostly? I like watching them sweat, bleed, cry, and break their shit, while I sit in my tactical folding field recliner, eating Twinkies and getting fat and lazy.”


  9. “My family is my religion.”
    Excellent Answer!
    God Bless You Sir.

  10. bob jones permalink

    Enough of the f bombs, already. Grow up. What part of “Quiet Professional” did you not understand. DOL.

    Former Team Sergeant who would smoke your bag for talking like this in front of indig.

    • the fukkn A-team permalink

      I don’t know… Americans aren’t your typical indigs. I wonder if they would take anyone seriously if they didn’t use profanity. Besides, if thats really bothering you Mr. Jones, maybe you should start up your own site? You could cater to the upper class guerilla fighters. Just saying.

    • Frank Pinelander permalink

      Rapport building to a specific audience.

      • Millwright permalink

        WN’s seem to be carpet bombing you on your profanity LOL
        That is funny that it is the only choke chain they can yank on. Next they will criticize your hair style John

    • Frank Pinelander permalink

      Know this: They’re expendable. Let them rant their nonsense.

  11. RobRoySimmons permalink

    Here is a time saver for all you spec-ops wannabees.

    • the fukkn A-team permalink

      Pretty dumb. Glad I come from a much better generation. Is it any wonder American is so lost?

      • RobRoySimmons permalink

        Not my site to rant, but that softball you threw up in that post is beyond ridiculous and I feel obligated to tell you IMO you are full of shinola about “better generation.” As for those two specific kids, I don’t know them, and yes maybe they will live in the permanent adolescence of “hotness” or maybe its a gag (probably is).

        Us older generations have burned more incense at the Temple of Political Correctness that we don’t have the sack to even ask them to use lube anymore.

        This post will probably be scrubbed, but again IMO our duty is not to run off to the hills and talk tough about guns it is to raze the Temple of Political Correctness so at least the next generations can think and use what reason they can muster to build a better society free of the evil nonsense of the day.

        The kids will be OK.

      • the fukkn A-team permalink

        @RRS. “it is to raze the Temple of Political Correctness so at least the next generations can think” Man, I was never part of that PC BS. When I was that age, I was either serving in the “black boot” Army, or married and running a “big Boy” company. Just never had time(or the motivation) to produce such immature non-sense. No offense taken dude. I agree. Let’s try to work things out.

    • the fukkn A-team permalink

      *America. Is this supposed to be funny or just stupid? What’s the point?

    • It’s a gag. It’s actually pointing fun at all the yahoos running around calling themselves operator. Nothing more.

      • the fukkn A-team permalink

        Woke up to -22 real temps this morning JM. Colder with the windchill. My humor was gone by 08:30. Good looking girl tho.

  12. Since we at it, this is the ONLY way to rig your death stick:

    For any humor-impaired among us, yes, this is some funny-ass satire.

  13. OK since we are devolving, you cannot be an operator until you pay your dues with some of this shit first, then you can apply for operator school, which is more of the same at an an advanced level. Once you can say “Hey watch this shit,” and not laugh your ass off, you become an operator.

  14. I woke up this morning thinking about this. The folks I am surrounded by are always drinking beer, smoking pot, and joking around. I on the other hand, have always been a serious man. Because of it I did better than my competition. I actually put the guy I learned my trade from out of business. I take everything serious because I know if I play the fool, eventually someone sharper than me will take what I have. Very much like what has happened to America. My conclusion is… the US is screwed because of the lack of maturity displayed by common people. They play the fool, and in return the are “bettered” by more serious people-like for instance, china. Life is hard, and playing grab-ass always has consequences. While the majority are worried about paying their bills, I’m worried about preseving the wealth that we have acquired through our hard efforts of acting responsible and serious

  15. Swamp Fox permalink


    To reinforce the Hitting the Wall PT issue.

    Your main piece of Home Gym equipment is your Kitchen. You are what you eat. I am on a Paleo type for an athlete (I eat clean)

    You have more success with eating right if both people in the relationship eat the same. (just pulled it from the web)

    Change your workout to CrossFit type of workout.

    Now for some MWR

    18B’s do have a good sense of humor.

  16. Agree. No junk food what so ever in my body. None. Fruits, vegies, more fruits,vegies, lean organic grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and my very own healthy spring water from our well. I eat a dozen different vitamins daily also. I had a little cutie offer me a slice of pizza pie today at the store for a valentines gift, and I refused it. No crap food or soda ever. I haven’t hit a wall yet.

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