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September 26, 2014

The first two Mountain Guerrilla articles have been posted and are running at Forward Observer.


Go check them out, as well as the rest of the effort Sam and other staff are putting out. You won’t regret it.


In related news,
1) For those uncomfortable with ordering through the mail, using an unaddressed USPS money order, the option is now available to order them online, through FO magazine.


2) Since I know a lot of readers are not subscribed to FO yet, for whatever reason, so they don’t get updates, when a Mountain Guerrilla article is posted over there, from now on, I will post a link here.


3) We are still available for classes. You can  contact HH6 at Or, you can contact me at
We will continue to post upcoming open-enrollment classes here.

Thanks for your continued reading and support.




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  1. Wes permalink

    Combat mindset and killer instinct is my favorite post. I printed it out and I hand it to people to read all the time. I’m going to read it on forward observer and see if you have added anything to it. 4 pillars is a good one too. Are you going to be doing quite a few re posts over there?

    • I will do some reposts. Including the four pillars. FO has a lot of readership that haven’t been here before. I assume in large part because of my proclivity for the word fuck. If dropping the language over there means that more people get the message?

  2. Wes permalink

    Haha what the hell man you changed it (A LOT!) what gives? The original was badass, it was gritty and and didn’t hold back. Makes you want to go do a 4 hour hi intensity workout followed by a 4 hours of shooting and practicing.

  3. Jay permalink

    Just ordered the book through FO. What kind of estimated shipping time are they working with over there? Thanks for all you do!

    • Should be to you within two weeks at the outside. I’m actually dealing with a family emergency and out of state though, so I might be running behind a few days. Thanks for ordering!

  4. Daniel permalink

    Goddamn your book is badass, I’m glad I ordered it. After re-reading it three times, I learn something new everytime. I’ve gone through your wordpress and other blog’s articles finally (I wish I would have done this before I attended your class in August) and its nice having the good bits compiled in a easily referenced collection of paper.

    A bit off subject, but have you tried your hike barefoot yet? I was curious about your results because I completed a paltry 2 miles with kit and it was, as they say, an educational experience. Anyways, looking forward to more education in the near future.

    Bien a Vous

    • I did a weekend backpacking trip a few weeks back in minimalist running shoes. Ruck was probably 40# or so. It was actually really, really nice in the shoes.

  5. Sgt. Psycho permalink

    Off topic, but in support of TCCC training, the Regiment has “eliminated virtually all preventable battlefield deaths in the decade of warfare following 9/11”.

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