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Of Mice and Men. New FO post is up.

October 16, 2014

People are always mentioning how hard it is to get non-preppers to start thinking of the future.


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  1. DAN III permalink

    Some of us can “see” into the future. Some of us can’t. When the Usurper-in-Chief was anointed in 2008 my alarm went off ! I had done enough research on this guy to know that he would not be good for Freedom and Liberty and that included firearms ownership. I started buying $12.87/box Federal 550 packs of .22lr ammo. I bought it believing it would, sooner than later, be useful as barter. Which at this point in time is looking more and more, that it will certainly be useful as such. Of course, I also bought it to shoot. Sparingly. However, using it in a 5.56 sub-caliber device causes me to cringe every time I go thru 150-200 rounds. Simply because I cannot replenish what I’ve just used.

    After digressing above I’ll get to my point. That is, when obama got installed in ’08 only a fool would be blind as to the writing that was on the proverbial wall regarding weapons & ammo. Now, I read all across the blogosphere folks whining about “greedy” people “hoarding” any available .22 ammunition. These are the people you speak of in your narrative. Folks too lazy to pay attention to what is happening right before their very eyes. In turn, these will be the same people you cannot and will not convince to start doing some preparation for the coming collapse. Instead it’s easier for them to watch NFL football, play X-Box and whine online about “hoarders” who had and continue to make the effort, to prepare for an uncertain and potentially troublesome future.

    Thanks for your continuing efforts to educate and train those of us facing reality.

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