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Med class in Idaho

October 18, 2014

Grid-Down Emergency Medical Course

Preparedness blogger (, instructor, and former special operations soldier John Mosby, will be teaching a two-day Grid-Down Emergency Medical Course in Idaho Falls, ID on 7-8 NOV 2014.




This course includes lecture and hands-on, practical exercises implementing the current US military Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols, including Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, and Casualty Evacuation, under austere conditions, without the benefit of modern hospital care.

This class also goes on to cover civilian preparedness-specific medical considerations including prevention, recognition, and treatment options for common lifestyle and other ailments not common to military personnel and operations.

The cost for this two-day in-depth course is $300 per person. Couples and pairs may attend for a combined $500 cost. For information and/or to enroll in this class, please contact the host, Allen, at 208.524.1036.




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  1. Concerned American permalink

    Rog that will post

  2. TFAT permalink

    Battle axes- sweet. When are the T’s and hoodies coming out?

      • TFAT permalink

        I would print that Logo large on the back with a .com somewhere, and a small one over the left chest pocket area. Design some hats/caps with same.

        Stone-washed subdued colors on a quality garment might upgrade things. Have them ready before the Holiday Season. Just a suggestion.

  3. Wes permalink

    Is that going to be the shirt design? Because when you said there would be shirts I was like ehh I don’t know about all that, but that’s fucking cool dude haha. I think I might want one if that’s on it.

  4. Jack Fucking Donovan!

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