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FO Radio Podcast

November 4, 2014

Sam Culper gave me a call the other night, and did an interview for the Forward Observer Radio podcast. The results are available here:

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  1. Wes permalink

    I listened earlier, it was damn good for cramming all of those topics into such a short fast moving interview. Something that stuck with me was how your were talking about putting the dudes that aren’t physically fit or well trained but can pull a trigger decent in an LP/OP. There’s a few guys I know like that that I’ve tried to get the PT thing across to, but it falls on deaf ears. I guess when it comes down to it everyone will have to fill the place that best suites them and their skill set. I hope you do more interviews with Sam like this one, also looking forward to the second book.

  2. Bradford C joy permalink

    Enjoyed the interview,, interesting to hear the voice of the Man,, I suspect though that there was some modulation going on. I think the idea of sharing is something to really consider. I’ve been putting supplies away for years,, more basic grains that need some effort to turn into real food, but I think the ability to help others is valid. I think it was Ragnar Benson that said, “One man alone cannot survive for long” (paraphrasing). You gotta sleep sometime!

    Additionally, the Militia had Old Dudes,, they were held in reserve to watch over the community while the Younger Men went out to engage the enemy. I’m getting to that point myself,, used to be able to run the ridges, twenty years in an excavator has slowed me some, but I can still shoot a Crab Apple out of a tree at 250 yds.

  3. robroysimmons permalink

    Any of you gents thought about writing a piece for Zerohedge, they’re liberty minded and seem to be looking for content especially on the weekends?

  4. Swamp Fox permalink


    Have you come across this site.

    I recommend this site, pick and choose what you like. Checkout these 2 educational videos.

    It backs up what you and the FO magazine are putting out.

  5. Swamp Fox permalink

    I messed up. This is the second one.

  6. Joe permalink

    Nice job on the interview and you didn’t even drop the f-bomb once.

  7. One Son permalink

    Yes, you did, John. I was shocked. But good info. Thank you for your guidance.

  8. RP from SC permalink

    Great Interview. You might find this comical, but with your nom-de-guerre I always pictured you with a southern accent!

  9. Swamp Fox permalink


    For a discussion.

    Local Community Organizing is the most important skill at this time. If you love this country and want to try to make it right, than this is the long pole in the tent. This skill done right, prevents the ugly civil war, it keeps the zombies from San Francisco to a minimum. It makes life easier even when SHTF and after.

    I look at it as Preventive Medicine for the Wellness of Liberty.

    I do agree with you on the racking and stacking of the Hard Skill (Yin & Yang).

    While people are reloading and prepping the Marxists are organizing your country out from under you.

    • robroysimmons permalink

      Yep what you said, while we quibble about guns the other side as crazy fucking batshit whacked as they are actually gets out their “message.”

    • Sounds good but unfortunately so many of them are bat shit crazy that you can’t have a meaningful debate using logic and reason… It’s really frustrating

  10. Swamp Fox permalink

    This last election cycle has proven that some of Our Community Organizing work has paid off. The Marxists are in it for the Long War so we are in it for the Long War.

    As JM has stated Setting The Example and Leading the Way goes a long way in the IO campaign, and it looks like some of us are doing that. Good, take a moment and be happy, take a victory lap.

    Keep up the good work as the real fight is about to begin with the Progressives in the GOP who have more power now.

    We are Selling Freedom and Liberty, not handouts with chains attached to them. Look at the enemy as an onion. Work on converting the outer layers first, work deeper as you go. Some of the ones you convert might pull more from a deeper layer. If a target of opportunity shows itself during the IO campaign have at it. It’s a learning experience with each IO campaign engagement.

    How many of you are enrolled in the Free Hillsdale College Constitutional studies? If you are not you should be. It is free and you will learn something that will help. You have to know what you are trying to sell.

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