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Another FO Podcast

November 9, 2014

Sam wants to do another podcast interview. What subjects would the readership like to hear discussed? Comment below.

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  1. m rapp permalink

    Tactics….my man…….TACTICS of 4GW, in this AO, at this time in our lives , considering the odds and the opposition.

  2. A topic I am interested in…

    How do I start to reduce my internet “footprint” to protect myself and my family from future problems should a nafarious person/group want to gather information about myself or a family member?

    We have been on the cutting edge of each new social media trend, and being very involved in our community and kids schools, we have a lot “hanging out there”

    Do you have tips and tricks to continue to be involved, yet still maintain some anonymity and ability to blend in to hide should the need arise?

    Just finished listening to the episode 6 FO podcast. “Bruce Willis” approves! Yippie Kay yay…

    • somedude permalink

      Alex Baron at Charles Carol Society goes over that topic in detail. tails, Thor, dark net.

  3. Doublestack45 permalink

    I am interested in a discussion about the threat that ISIS poses in the US. The recent events in Canada really got me thinking how close we are to seeing it here.

    • m rapp permalink

      ISIS (mossad) are not a threat here ….false flag though, is ! beware

      • ISIS is not Mossad. But neither one is a threat. The Southern border and twenty million new hispanic and latino voters (and Mara Salvatrucha specifically) are a threat. Of course, that isn’t to say that Islamists and Sharia are not a threat. They are, as long as people refuse to go armed and defend themselves. But ISIS itself is a distraction of the idiot voters from the Southern U.S. border.

      • @TFAT,

        Whatever. You focus on ISIS and the CIA then, and how they are in cahoots. It’s what the .gov wants you to do. It keeps folks like you marginalized. That’s a shame, and I really mean that’s a shame. We ought to be talking to everyone we know about the real threat, the Southern border. Hell, it’s probably already too late anyway.

      • TFAT permalink

        Dude. My shit is SQUARED AWAY and WIRED TIGHTLY. The southern border, ya, but like you said it’s too late anyway. No worries. ” It keeps folks like you marginalized.” Heh.

        JM how about a post on what to do if the “southern border crisis” escalates into a foreign national uprising in multiple cities? – a sort of TET event.

  4. aslinged permalink

    Question on the topic of infiltration:

    –it’s been insinuated here (in comments) and elsewhere that there have been, or will be, instances where certain players are approached for presumably the purposes of “turning,” accepting some kind of asset status or what have you…the question is: would you discuss this as specifically as possible w/ regards to the present and the future. Maybe Sam would be able to riff on this too.

  5. Lost Dog permalink

    Since your first one is so good – Info about your next book (content, availability, etc.).

  6. Torque permalink

    I am interested in your opinion as to when/how to skillfully break from “Gray Man Theory” into an appropriate calculated response to “Authority Figure, that’s just doing their job,” that may be at a check point and has randomly chosen me or someone from my group for further questioning or holding. (If it helps, I appreciate that we are not clones, though what are options with objective goal to quickly deescalate the issue from life long civilian perspective)
    From two different angles:
    1) Walking about town/shopping and turn a corner into a roving VIPR Team has set up shop and pulls me my lady/buddy in for questioning. I’m CCW/EDC and want to go on about our business, without having to get into detail or what I have on my person to the jackboots…
    2) I get a call that and an inner circle member is being held/questioned and has been a few short hours since initial contact. Family is getting concerned, and I get a call to maybe “do something” to help or check on their well being.

    “papagrande310” brings up valid points and have an interest in them too.


  7. Sneaky Pete permalink

    I would like to hear about your PT program and daily weapons drills. I have read a lot if not most of your postings on the subject, but would like to hear you discuss it as a way of reinforcing what you have presented on the blog.

    Another possible topic would be lessons learned from your training classes, sort of like the old JRTC Observations and Trends, discussing best and worst practices by individuals and groups.

    • Wes permalink

      PT and weapons drills are covered pretty good in the book, if you haven’t bought it yet it’s worth the money. If you have just keep reading there is a whole chapter on PT and there is a shit ton of pages on weapons drills from various shooting positions live fire dry fire.

  8. B.R. permalink

    Would like to here more on your Grid Down Med Class

  9. Robert permalink

    I am interested in hearing about defense works, fixed and dynamic, to create concentric circles of defense/security from the exterior walls of my house out to the perimeter of my property and on into the wider neighborhood.

    • Agreed. I am interested in how to adapt the Rhodesian Farm Defensive measures to homes and neighborhoods.

    • Comrade X permalink


    • danielkday permalink

      This is exactly what I was thinking about. Here are some specifics: A farm of over 30 acres. In the center is a 2-story farmhouse and small steel barn 200 feet away across a lawn. 200 ft in the other direction is a trailer. Some trees near the house and barn, but open land around that. Slight uphill slope to the north. The driveway in passes the trailer and makes a loop around the house and lawn, passing close to the barn. Presumably there are some camping trailers on this driveway, which need to be protected.
      The stick-built farmhouse qualifies as concealment, not cover. Protecting the farmhouse and other structures from sniping* will require easily a quarter-mile of wall/berm. Given a tractor with a front-end bucket and assuming adequate fuel and men to place dirt/stones, does this make sense, or is it hopeless?
      * I’m not trying to defend against mortars or heavy weapons, just raiders with rifles and the wrong attitude.

      • Dustin Daniels permalink

        Check out the lizard farmer blog. A lot of good defensive reading.

      • danielkday permalink

        Thanks, DD, I read that blog when it was linked on WRSA. Lizard Farmer did indeed post a lot of good advice on defensive thinking and preps. It looks like he’s been too busy to post for over a year now.
        Here’s a short form of my question to our host: Is it practical to heap up a dirt wall/berm to protect a house from sniping? In a WROL situation, concrete, cinder blocks, etc are not going to be very available. Logs, more so, if we can transport them.

  10. AlleyF permalink

    There’s a lot of incompetent crazy assholes in the militia movement. A lot of unhinged types who don’t know what they don’t know, everything from the fat mall ninja to the certifiably sociopathic looking to shoot somebody. How do you deal with these?

    • bill permalink

      Same here. I was directed to read KOL. KORN. can’t find the read. SOCIOPATH (drug control toll ) VETTING process’s. other than water boarding your fellow, maybe we need to do that.

    • nobarcode permalink

      I don’t agree with this entire statement. The “militia movement” means a lot of things to a lot of people. I don’t/can’t agree that ‘everyone’ in the Liberty movement are “crazy assholes”, “militia”, “unhinged”, “certifiably sociopathic”, or a “fat mall ninja”. Otherwise, John Mosby would refuse holding classes, but nice try AlleyF. I would suggest that if you don’t want to hang out with any of those folks then don’t do it. You don’t need to ask MG about that and try and discredit, with every label you could find from the Southern Perverted and Lawlessness Center in order to ask your feeble question, now, did you? Besides, the topic’s been covered so many times I want to vomit.

  11. Matt permalink

    More on Fitness and how to motivate and teach your “G’s” in Tactics and Getting them in Fighting shape.

  12. smawrtin permalink

    I’m interested in learning how to operate in low light/no light situations since there’s not much info/training available. Since we spend so much time in low light in our daily lives (especially this time of year), it should be given some more attention. Also the criminal element is more likely to be active at night so I need to be prepared. I don’t want to be afraid of the dark. I want to own the night. I want to learn about techniques/gear I should and shouldn’t be doing/using. Here are 4 low light situations I am interested in. 1.EDC, 2.CQB, 3.LPOP or watch duty, 4.Patrolling

  13. Do you believe the ‘Redoubt’ will be significantly better/more survivable while grid-down than other remote areas of the country? Is it worth moving to? Are the people better for knitting together my tribe? Do you see the large numbers of LDS there as an asset or a liability to other Redoubt-folk?

  14. MUC during an SHTF event. Right now, lots of folks are planning localized homestead defenses. Eventually, they’ve got to head out to either resupply or do other stuff. It doesn’t make sense to shoot everybody you see outside your perimiter, just because they may be a threat. So folks will need to know how to get around and get stuff done without getting into a firefight every step of the way.

    • Texas Frederic Bastiat permalink

      +1 this is a hugely important topic

    • Bryan m permalink

      I too would be interested in managing unknown contacts during a SHTf event.

  15. Wes permalink

    Something I’ve thought a lot about is, identifying and engaging an unknown threat on a patrol say a large patrol equal or greater than your own, but you don’t know if they are friend or foe. And there is no identifier to tell you who they are. Also say that it is unavoidable you must cross paths good or bad.

    • set up close, L-shaped ambush, with maximum fire discipline. “Ambush” in general is a topic I’d like to hear more about as, early on, OpFor may well have air assets on call – helicopters, drones – making sustained or long-distance firefights a death sentence for us

      • Wes permalink

        Yeah the book covers all of that to some degree, what I’m interested in is how to determine wether or not they are “the good guys” or “the bad guys” in a full on teotwaki once you’ve seen them. Because it doesn’t matter what super cool camo they are wearing or not wearing or whatever patches they may have on. Unless you’ve got previous intel on the group or they open fire on you or clearly look like how Mosby puts it…”Cannablistic San Franciscans” haha you don’t know if they are people you really need to be engaging.

        Shit your long lost best friend/cousin could be in the group and unrecognizable to you and they could all just be out trying to spread the gospel with weapons to defend themselves and then get mowed down in an ambush. And if you set up this L shaped ambush then wait and yell out “hey dudes you guys cool or not” well then by definition it’s no longer an ambush. See what I’m getting at? How do you determine wether to engage someone not knowing at ALL if they are on the right side of your world or not. You can’t just go around shooting everyone, especially if there is a common goal.

  16. Will permalink

    I know that you recently moved or were thinking about moving, recall a post asking about Idaho property. It would be interesting to me to see what you thought was important in a piece of property given the coming festivities. Many “retreat consultants” have ideas etc….but they aren’t warriors. A warrior likely looks at things differently than a salesman!

    • AlleyF permalink

      “Retreat consulants”…. ha. I couldn’t imagine what JWR type you might be referencing. /sarc

  17. Dirt Diver permalink

    Developing Rules of Engagement (ROE) in advance of WROL / SHTF / (?).

  18. clangor permalink

    Grid down societal breakdown in the U.S. may generate “green zones” with a large military presence that provides a base of operation against insurgencies and criminal hostiles. The rest is literally” the wild west”. Use of drones for daytime and nighttime surveillance has been perfected with effective use of lethal force. You may be in a position where you are fighting a day to day battle just to stay alive with regards to food, water, shelter, and medicine. Numerous armed groups may not hold any interest in your agendas. When your situation moves from “squared away” to wearing everything you own and living/hiding in the woods, how would you go about doing anything against a tyrannical government that may tag you as a “lone wolf” insurgent. There may also be a reward (food,fuel,medical care,,,) for your name/location that many unprepared individuals would gladly give you up for. And you just lost your lucky rabbits foot.

  19. Dirt Diver permalink

    Grist for the mill:

    Local Defense Group Leaders Reference Guide for “Moral” Decision Making

    ***DRAFT Document: Dtd 9 Nov 2014***


    • A normal, peace-time environment no longer exists (some form of WROL/ SHTF/ TEOTWAWKI/ war-time environment does exist).
    • You are an adult and can made adult-level decisions.
    • The environment is most definitely subject to change.
    • You are operating without perfect information.
    • You accept the moral, ethical, legal, and physical consequences of your decisions and actions to include your inaction.
    • Once you put yourself under, or accept, someone else’s authority, they’ll be making most of the decisions, and you’ll be following their dictates.
    • Normally, even “wars” have rules (e.g., Geneva Conventions, Law of Armed Conflict, General Orders, Rules of Engagement).
    • Not everybody plays by the rules at all times.
    • The rules are subject to interpretation.
    • Even if you don’t believe that “Might is Right” doesn’t mean the other guy isn’t a true believer (they are out there).

    Moral Decision Making Guidelines/Principles:

    • Using common sense, be as legal as you can for as long as you can.
    • Using common sense, be as moral as you can for as long as you can.
    • Being in a bad situation **does not** give you license to be a monster.
    • Vigorously apply the level of force needed (may include deadly force) to protect and defend yourself, your people and your property, and don’t apologize for it.
    • To the best of your ability, never passively accept coercion, threats, injury, or intimidation aimed at you and yours—vigorously apply force as needed (to include deadly force if appropriate).
    • What goes around normally comes around.
    • If you’re wearing the enemy’s uniform (works both ways), YOU ARE THE ENEMY. Nobody is going to be checking ID cards and conducting interviews once the shooting starts–the uniform says it all.
    • Individual rights are subordinate to the needs and interests of the group (every member who voluntarily joins the group must accept this principle).
    • Not every volunteer will be offered membership in the group (for various reasons).

    Note: Final document will require further review and discussion before going final.

  20. I want to see you tell the 5.56 haters to go pound sand again sort of like that throw down you posted challenging people to a rifle competition with whatever design they wanted. On a heavier note, I think it would be good to have some perspective on staying off grid, staying out of sight, staying out of the way, esp. in light of the emergence of UAVs and synthesized signals intelligence tactics.

    • m rapp permalink

      You disagree that ISIS is a CIA/mossad controlled element ? …..yet you agree they are a distraction ! well remember that just because someone knows more than you about a certain subject does not make them wrong ! it is just painful for you….consider that ISIS was trained by SF and US marines in Jordan, fueled fed funded and armed by the us tax payer and Israel controlled by the state dept and tel aviv . I operated on what are called MTT’s and STT’s on three continents training foreign nationals and “unknown” 3rd country participants and these many years later I am suspect as to what we have done ! give it some thought

      • Dustin D permalink

        Who was running the cia then? Stansfield or Kennedy?

  21. Robert permalink

    As somebody who lives in the urban jungles of Southern California I really appreciated how you touched on skill sets etc.. that would be needed in that environment. Maybe embellish a little bit on what types of artifacts features that lend themselves to an OCOKA analysis is an urban environment?
    I.E stormdrains etc.

  22. Michael Gladius permalink

    I would like to hear about building a network and maintaining it. You teach a whole class on this subject, and the patriot/prepper movement(s) often struggle with these skills.

  23. nobarcode permalink

    In no particular order…
    – The “auxiliary articles” are really well done and would be a good series -verbally. Actually, I think that would make for a really good series.
    – Your entire “about me” diatribe (from days of old – its now gone) would be good radio listening and a lesson in and of itself. I mean, who, who has served wants to be described as a “domestic terrorist”? That sort of thing. You’re not at all a “poor me” kind of a person, but I think that’s what needs to be communicated…: soldiers who speak out against the Regime are being readily excommunicated and I think the people who stick the “Support our Troops” stickers on their vehicles should probably know about that.
    -Describe the classes you offer. Again, this would not be a program of self-promotion, but rather: I offer this this, and this, this is what is expected of you, I’m here to help, ask any questions, etcetera. Why not?

    That’s all for now.

  24. Effective long-term roadblocks.

  25. hustle permalink

    Assuming we aren’t acting in a clear cut novel-type scenario of grid down, something on how to shift between an everyday joe and G. Real-world tips on use of vehicles, evasion, cover stories, etc. Or do think it is an all or nothing deal?

  26. parapearce permalink

    All the above.

  27. PAKA GUARD permalink

    If you have not coordinated a resistance signal with like-minded groups in your AO, you are going to have to evade if poss. (Ukrainian rebels wore distinctive striped colors.)
    You may have to use your spidey-sense. Practice NOW developing your profiling skill. Use every clue you have available to build a probable behavioral profile of people in traffic, dudes hanging on the corner Ur approaching, etc. Look at type of car…a Subaru wagon is likely a Lib. If you see bumper stickers it tells you more about the owner. If the entire car is covered with ‘Raiders’ stickers you know this guy thinks himself a bad ass. If in the group you are glassing, every guy had a shoulder patch with a skull and cross-bones…they are likely not out passing out bibles. Molon Lave patches may be alright, unless they are just bait to ferret YOU out. Nothing is for sure. If the group is sterile, you may have no idea except they don’t want to advertise. I would wonder if their high dollar government equipment was given to them to help find liberty groups like yours, or was it taken in battle while in the good fight, or simply found on the bodies of the last liberty patrol they took out. Practice now. Coordinate prior. Use every clue available. See them before they see you so it is YOUR decision.
    Or just peer into your crystal ball.

  28. One word John. psyop You cannot talk enough about this subject, All the guns and gear are great but you gotta know psyop.

  29. PRKA GUARD permalink

    With Ferguson ready to go critical mass AS DHS troops gather to further Federal objectives …while the President meets with riot organizers in Ferguson telling them to “stay the course” …all while Obama is ready to ‘legalize’ millions of ‘undocumented Democrats’ with an illegal Executive Order…how do you see this playing out? Will a “Bubba effect” reaction set in motion a Federal crackdown and perhaps evoke an NDAA authorized response?

    AND WTF JOHN?!? Why is the font in your book so damn small?!!? BTW, It’s great, but it’s hard on the eyes.

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