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Another TC3/Grid-Down Medical Class in Idaho

December 21, 2014

The host of the Grid-Down Medical Class I conducted in Southern Idaho last fall has asked me to return and do another, both for refresher training and to allow some of his local folks to get in on the class.

I will teaching the two-day Grid-Down Emergency Medical Course in Idaho Falls, ID on 6-7 FEB (this is Friday and Saturday).

This course includes lecture and hands-on, practical exercises implementing the current US military Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) protocols, including Care Under Fire, Tactical Field Care, and Casualty Evacuation, under austere conditions, without the benefit of modern hospital care.

This class also goes on to cover civilian preparedness-specific medical considerations including prevention, recognition, and treatment options for common lifestyle and other ailments not common to military personnel and operations.

It will include discussion of some of the recommended changes to the TC3 protocols that came out of the Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) Conference this month.

The cost for this two-day in-depth course is $300 per person. Couples and pairs may attend for a combined $500 cost. For information and/or to enroll in this class, please contact the host, Allen, at 208.243.7723.


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  1. tfA-t permalink

    Merry Christmas to the Mosby’s. Your card will be arriving at #201 any day now. Enjoy (whatever) on me. All of us appreciate everything you’ve done.

  2. Allen permalink

    This is a great class, I highly recommend it. If you are around guns (and who isn’t that would read this blog?), then this class may help save your life. Anyway, if you’re interested in attending the class, you can contact the host (me) via e-mail. My address is

    This is actually a better contact method than the phone. Either way, I’ll be happy to help set you up with the class.


  3. smawrtin permalink

    Hey Allen, we tried calling and emailing but no reply. Is this class full?

    • Email me if Allen doesn’t get hold of you by tomorrow evening.

    • Allen in Deseret permalink

      There is still space in the class. I was a slacker and didn’t check the phone until tonight (1/19/15) I’ll be calling tomorrow. Email is the best way to contact me. Address is:


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