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The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground, or…..John is an asshole.

December 26, 2014

There are some folks wondering where the fuck their copy of the eBook version of The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two is at, since they can’t find it in their inbox. The message below went out via email yesterday, to everyone who participated in the pre-sale of the eBook. If you did not receive the email, that’s because the email address we had for you was invalid.

There were a lot. Fully 1/3 of the emails were returned as undeliverable…. If that includes you, do me a solid and contact me with a valid, working email address.


The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground was due in your inbox today. Please accept my sincerest apologies for its absence. An explanation is certainly in order.

I had completed the book on 15DEC14. On 17-19DEC14, I decided to sit down, re-read it a final time, to ensure it was the quality I intended to produce, and all the requisite information was included. Last year, at this same general time, I sent out the eBook version of Volume One, and ended up making significant changes between it and the hard copy version that became available seven months later. I did not want to repeat that debacle.

Running the very real risk of looking like a complete asshole, I decided that I was NOT satisfied with the final product, and wanted to make significant changes. This led to my decision, on 19DEC14, to perform a complete re-write. Since the material was already complete, I figured six days would be more than adequate. After all, the Israeli Defense Forces managed to kick the dog piss out of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in that time frame, in the 1967 Six Days War. No sweat, right?

In the ensuing six days between then and now, I have spent a minimum of 20 hours per day working on the revisions/re-write. I largely ignored my family, leaving my wife to deal with a four year old, and a brand new baby, born the end of November (In fact, I only spent 30 minutes with my family this morning, while my oldest daughter unwrapped her gifts…). Despite the Herculean effort, I need 2-3 more days of similar hours, to complete the revisions, in order to produce a quality product.

My pledge to you, the customer was, this would be available to you, on 25DEC. In light of that, there are three possible options.

1. I can send the material that is completely revised, thus far. I am pretty satisfied with it, and believe it actually far exceeds the standards of Volume One. This will not be the complete manuscript however. That would require me to re-send the entire manuscript, when it is completed this weekend.

2. I can send the completed manuscript, reflective of the quality of material that I, Warhammer Six Press, and Forward Observer Magazine, would like to be known for, when it is complete this weekend.

3. We can offer you a refund of the purchase price of the eBook.

I will leave it up to the individual to choose which of these options they would prefer to follow. That having been said, if your choice is #2, please DO NOT respond to this email. My inbox is overflowing as it is, having been neglected during the re-write.

If your choice is #1 or #3, please DO respond via email, but simply use TRP2 in the subject line, followed by “#1” or “#3,” also in the subject line. This will preclude the necessity of having to open every email. If your choice is #1, I will reply, with the completed portions of the manuscript attached in eBook format. If the choice is #3, I will forward your email address to Sam Culper at The Forward Observer, to process the refund.

In closing, again, please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay. I am sorry that any faith placed in me was misplaced. I sincerely hope you will understand my drive to provide a quality, completed product, rather than a half-ass effort of dubious value.


De Oppresso Liber


Sam Culper and I have discussed this at some depth. In the future, until I have categorically decided I am satisfied with the final product, and it is in his hands, there will be no pre-sale events like this. It’s an abortion, and I apologize again.




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  1. Kirk permalink

    There isn’t anything on the Forward Observer store page. Will you please post LINKS to where we can order your books. I don’t mind missing ebook prices and paying for hard copies, but at this rate the book won’t be available to me AT ALL.


  2. John, I ordered the ebook and used this email address (edited for poster’s PERSEC–JM). It worked when I got the sales confirmation from Sam. I’ll go with option #2.

    Thanks – Skot

  3. ReaperMedic permalink

    No worries JM. I’m glad you are taking the time to put out the best final product possible. In my opinion, you should have cut those 20 hour days to 16, and spent time with the family. I’m fairly certain folks would understand if you told us you needed two or three weeks a week or two in advance of the delivery date. The valuable information that is in the book (I hope) far outweighs the cost of the presale price.

    Anyways, TCB, and thanks for being up front and honest. It’s always appreciated.

  4. josh adams permalink

    Hi, I would love a chance to pre-order. I only found out about you within the last week (missing the pre-order opportunity) and sense your running behind and I’m also running behind maybe we can do each other a favor? I know even asking is kind of unbecoming but I figured why the hell not ask at least. Regardless of you response I wish you your family and your books the best. Sincerely, Josh (edited for poster’s PERSEC)

  5. Steve Fournier permalink

    I received your email and will wait for the final copy! Thanks for all your dedication and hard work!

  6. TRP2 Option 3

  7. DG Fitton permalink


  8. Bradford C joy permalink

    I’m waiting for the Hard Copy,, I know it will be good and worth the wait. I will also be able to read it by Candle Light when the SHTF. Don’t beat yourself up too much.

  9. Mountain William permalink

    Shit happens. Don’t send it out until you’re happy with the end product. Anyone butthurt over a few days delay isn’t going to have the drive & intestinal fortitude to put the material to use anyway. As the very satisfied owner of a dog-eared copy of Volume 1, I know Volume 2 will be worth the wait.

  10. John I ordered the e book and have not seen an email. So use the email below (edited for poster’s PERSEC)

  11. Brad Groves permalink

    John, Apparently I fall into the category of a bad email address, since I didn’t get a notification email yesterday. My name is (edited for poster’s PERSEC–JM)

    I have no problem waiting until you are satisfied with your manuscript. For the record, my faith in you was certainly not misplaced, and is unshaken still. Thank you for what you are doing. Your efforts will undoubtedly save lives in the years to come, and I am most appreciative.

    I hope you will reconsider your stand on future book pre-sales. I find that having both electronic versions as well as a hard copy to be very useful, especially with material such as yours that requires ongoing study.

    Again, thank you for doing your part in the education and training of those of us who so desperately need it.

    Brad Groves


  12. Robert Morris permalink


    Do you have any copies of The Reluctant Partisan Book One left? Thanks

    Robert Morris

    Sent from my iPad


  13. Wielsucker permalink

    I never got an order confirmation back when I ordered or a message yesterday. I paid with a PayPal account associated with(edited for the poster’s PERSEC–JM)

    This asshole can wait for Option #2.

    Thanks, -Bill K


  14. Mike permalink

    John I’m happy to wait for you to get a manuscript that meets your standards. I’m happy to wait a month or more. Just give timely updates so I don’t wonder if I somehow got forgotten.

  15. tfA-t permalink

    John. It’s all good bro. Post the ordering info when the book is ready. Hope all is well out there.

  16. John Richardson permalink

    No worries on the delay, however I’m not sure why I didn’t get the emailed version – this email address is active and used daily, and is connected to the paypal account I paid Forward Observer. Thanks for looking into it. Was paid for on 11/24/14. (Edited for PERSEC—JM)

  17. Oregon Hobo permalink

    Well I’m waiting for the hard copy anyway but FWIW I respect and empathize with your fit of OCD on this issue. If I ever experience a small rodent chewing through my guts I expect it will feel similar to the knowledge of mistakes left uncorrected, but please for the love of God take the time you need to do it without burning out your fambly situation. I shudder to think what a torqued off wife could do to your operational effectiveness as our teacher. I’m hoping you’ll still be in business long enough for me to finally get my slovenly #$@* squared away sufficiently to scrape together the time and money for one of your classes, so please remember that others near and dear are unlikely to share your fortitude with regard to self-inflicted hardship, and set pace accordingly.

    With much gratitude for all that you do and all that your saint of a wife tolerates for the benefit of us undeserving shmucks,


  18. David Bowser permalink

    I’m not worried about it… do your thing and put out a quality product and I’ll buy the hard copy like I did of the first book. When I see notice that the hard copy is available on FO I’ll buy one.

    Di Oppresso Liber, ODA-142. Dave.

  19. asisodinsson permalink

    There’s a reason I’m comfortable mailing you money orders to weird addresses. You’re one of the good guys and if you want to wait a week or a month to release a product you’re happy with I’ll sit on my hands and be happy with what I get.

  20. strathconagroup permalink

    I replied to the email, but didn’t get the number one option copy? I Appreciate the effort.

  21. parmenio permalink

    John, I did not get the email. Below is a copy of my receipt from Forward Observer including my order number. Option 2 for me please, and thank you for your dedication.

    Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:

    Order: #1591




    The Reluctant Partisan Volume Two (#TRP-VOL2)



    Cart Subtotal:



    Free Shipping

    Payment Method:


    Order Total:


    Note: Notes about your order, e.g. special notes for delivery.

    Customer details

    Email: (Edited for poster’s PERSEC–JM)

  22. Alan permalink

    Hi John, I’ve emailed you and FO, but haven’t heard back. Paid for the ebook via Paypal and received confirmation, but no ebook so far. I’m happy to wait for the finished version.

  23. PRKA GUARD permalink

    Congratulations to you and HH6 on the little one! That’s much more important than the book.

    John, I will wait for your best effort until hell freezes over. Strange how order confirmation had no trouble finding me tho.
    [Your order is complete: Order: #1699]

    Whenever you’re done Brother, I’m still at USPATRIOT45@YAHOO.COM

  24. Waiting for hard copy so I can get an autograph that I can’t show my kids! Haha

    Happy New Years Bud! We’re all constantly learning and that last paragraph summed it up well!


  25. Not worried about any delay just appreciate good comms. As long as you let us know there’s a delay, most folks can handle it. Worth the wait. Enjoy some family time while you can.

    • freewanderer1 permalink

      I’ll choose option #2 too. My email address is the same as where FO magazine gave me my reciept on 12/01/2014.

      • freewanderer1 permalink

        My bad, my email adress is still(edited for poster’s PERSEC–JM)


  26. RobRoySimmons permalink

    I don’t know about the reading comprehension of the other readers or even myself, but “brand new baby?”

  27. DSG permalink

    FYI John still waiting for my copy of Volume I, “The Reluctant Partisan,” At this rate looks like I’m not your only “Reluctant customer.” No responses to e-mail inquiry’s through Forward Observer either and looks like Pay-Pal gave you the money

    • Email me, please. We’ve had some problems. We’re in the process of trying to fix them. Email me and I’ll make it right.

      • DSG permalink

        Have done so, thanks again for the followup

  28. Oh my gosh. You mean you aren’t perfect John? My bubble is burst! All hope in humanity is gone. Life is not worth living.

    LMAO. Life goes on and our books will arrive when you complete it. nuff said.

    Thanks for all you do and especially your honesty.

  29. 12aklabs permalink

    No problem JM. Your first volume was excellent and I know the second will be also. However, you could have spent less time working on the revision and more time with your family. If some folks cannot understand that then it’s their problem not yours.

    ps I choose option 2. I will also be ordering the hard copy when it becomes available.

  30. R.P. permalink

    Congrats on the new baby. I will wait on the completed manuscript. I sent an email of my info to the email posted under the contact information under the header at the top of the page.

  31. nick Maiocco permalink

    Hey JM, i’ve emailed you and FOMAG and havent heard back yet. i’ll take option 2. my email address is order #1589

  32. zacharyredmond292 permalink

    Option two please. My email is still the same. I haven’t received any of the notices however.

  33. MM1 permalink

    Take a minute to breathe and squeeze the family, man. The rest of us are a distant second. Besides, due to your hard hustle, I did receive my link and the download was successful. Many many thanks for this and all that you do, but remember that we need you focused and strong, not burnt out and beaten down, with family in tatters on our account. More urgently, congrats on the newest member of the Mosby Clan, and so now that you’ve completed your self-appointed task, get on doing as you were told (by the overwhelming majority of us) and take care of the IMPORTANT business of being the best husband and father you can be. Fuck all else.

    Very respectfully,

  34. Wielsucker permalink

    Haven’t seen anything from Sam, wondering if you have my info correct. Thanks, Bill


  35. Rod Lopez permalink

    For those of us who missed the E version deadline what are our options? ThanksRodColorado Classes Student

  36. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    John: I read your second book and have really learned a lot. I appreciate your hard work I know being a writer with a deadline is hard work. I bought the one for the ereader and noticed quite a few blank pages in most chapters. Please explain…..

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