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December 31, 2014

Alright, Sam Culper at Forward Observer is in the process of sending you emails right now—to all of the email addresses, including any I had that were victims of typos or my own transcription errors—so you should have your copy of The Reluctant Partisan, Volume Two: The Underground in your inbox soon.
(If you notice MAJOR errors, like photos in the wrong place or something, or something was not covered that you were specifically hoping to see, let me know via email, and I’ll try to get the changes made before it goes to the printer)

In the meantime, as of today, there are 1513 people who subscribe to this blog. As many of you know, I’ve been writing articles for Forward Observer for a while now. For the most part, it has turned out really well. There have been some complaints about my language, but ironically, this time they’re about my language having been cleaned up for FO. As of Wednesday, 1JAN15, Sam and the FO crew are changing the face of the website and the magazine.

In addition to the awesome content that Sam is already sending you, there’s going to be a free monthly web seminar, and a digital library that has gigabytes worth of documents, ranging from DoD and Intelligence community manuals and reports, to articles from professional journals, and more.

Sam is also changing the way I interact with the site and magazine.

I will still do a weekly article for FO magazine’s main page, and a quarterly article of more depth for the print journal. In addition however, there will be a sub-domain…a carryover of this blog, if you will… Having discussed with with Sam and the other SF veteran on staff, that blog sub-domain will allow me to write—weapons-free on language and content. So, I can go back to writing the way I talk.

The new site will also allow me to do more than “just” write lengthy expositions. I will use it for shorter commentary on a variety of subjects, relevant to preparedness and the reluctant partisan. While I’m a pretty big fan of lengthy narrative, this will also allow me to make shorter, almost Twitter-like comments when appropriate, and I can post links to articles others do, that I like.

So, here’s the catch…..there’s 1513 of you who are getting a notice from your email, when I post this. I know not all of you are going to be willing to do it, since you won’t buy the books even, but I do need you to do ME a favor, for a change….

Go, log onto and consider—seriously—subscribing to the magazine.

An annual digital subscription is a measly $24, and an annual print subscription is only $40. I don’t know about you, but I spend more than that on shit that won’t do me nearly as much good—even in the short-term.

As inexpensive as that is, a lifetime digital subscription is an even better deal. From now until 1JAN15, the lifetime subscription is only $120. After the 1st, it goes back to $240. That’s not an inconsiderable amount to pay for a lifetime subscription to a brand-new publication, admittedly. Here’s the thing though…three years ago, no one thought the Mountain Guerrilla blog would still be around. Now though, I’m still here, and there’s two full-length training books as a result.

How much amazing is going to come out of the combined contributions of Sam, myself, and the other members of the crew over there, in the next three years? The next six?

You don’t have to subscribe. You will still be able to read the tawdry raving nonsense that I write. You’d be doing a solid good thing though, if you could actively support the effort.
Sam informed me to tell readers from here, if you use the discount code MOSBY, it’ll get you 10% off. So, there is that…..


Besides, Forward Observer is taking over publishing both of my books, at no great profit for them. The more support they get, the longer the books will be available (and the sooner Volume Two’s hard copy will be available!)

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  1. Chan permalink

    There are so many sites giving valuable information on the net that paying in advance for something new from a group with a variable track record and absolutely unnecessary foul language does nothing for me. I have only a small degree of confidence that this group will be doing what they predict 18 months from now.

    • Wow.

      Let me see if I get this straight…..

      FO has been around for a year.

      7JAN is the THREE YEAR anniversary of the Mountain Guerrilla blog. In that time, I’ve managed to put out two FULL-LENGTH books, not to mention thousands of pages of FREE information on this blog that really isn’t found anywhere in the prepper-verse….

      You could be reading any of the other thousands of blogs that put out the “same” information, but you’re here, reading enough to comment…..and STILL whining about language?

      Here’s my suggestion…go suck start your 1911 after you shove your M1A up your ass.

      In the meantime, have a very SF day!

      • I recommend a Block for this job. A 1911 leaves too much chance for malfunction.

      • *Glock

      • Matt in K.C. permalink

        Oh, a 1911 will have no problem. Considering the stature of the Glock it’s use may indeed be more appropriate.


      • Bradford C joy permalink

        Now THATS the Mosby we all love,, I reckon I can sacrifice The cost of One Bottle of Whiskey for a years subscription,, maybe one less cup of Coffee a month at DD.

      • Iconoclast permalink

        Remember the cardinal rule of the information age, Chan. If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product. The free shit army rages on.

        Mosby….subscription purchased. Thanks for being a gigantic asshole to everyone who deserves it.

      • PRKA GUARD permalink

        I immediately responded to Mr. Chan as well before reading on to your response.
        I was too nice.
        Thank you John. Elequent as always.

    • Chan, that has got to be one of the most asinine comments I have ever read! Your quote that it “does nothing for me” is indicative of the mentality you posses. “What does it do for me?”

      Now I don’t know you, but I do know John, and he has done a hell of a lot for me…

      As for you, well your bullshit, self-centered, negative comment does nothing for me so stop wasting my computers screen space.


      BTW, I am in on the subscription, if nothing else than to piss off Chan.

    • Wes permalink

      I’m so fucking sick of seeing you dudes comment about the “foul language”. If you can’t handle the author being himself here, and using “foul language” how the fuck are you going to handle a world in chaos full of things a lot more foul than a couple words.

    • Shocktroop0351 permalink

      Obviously Chan hasn’t been around the ole freefor interweb scene too long or he would know what a contribution everyone at forward observer makes to the scene. And they make it look good at the same time. Seriously, if forward observer was on newsstands nobody would buy any of the other gear queer magazines hocking the same hyped up bullshit gear every issue. So if you are reading this blog and haven’t subscribed yet quit being a douche.

    • PRKA GUARD permalink

      Mr. Chan, please do your due diligence before any further comment. You are embarrassing yourself. These men are men of honor and sacrifice. They have a proven track record and may end up saving your bacon, either directly, after having won you over and training YOU, or indirectly, by someone who learned from them what they used to organize and protect you. These men are messengers of truth. Listen before speaking.

  2. Matt in K.C. permalink

    Man, I’d hate to see an M1A, or a 1911, get all nastied up like that even though it sounds appropriate. Anyhoo, to start the ball rolling I headed on over to FO and signed up. Thanks for all your hard work and congrats on the new arrival.


  3. I’m sure opinions vary, but I actually prefer you more in the raw sense. It keeps me captivated on a different level. I just don’t get the same flow out of the PG rated version of your work.  I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place for it and that I haven’t understand the concept behind the new direction, it just doesn’t grab my attention the same for some reason. I look forward to the changes in the coming year.

  4. koldsteel762 permalink

    Sounds good to me. I miss the “raw” blogs. You have a funny way of injecting humor into serious subject matter. Carry on ….

    • Bradford C joy permalink

      Yup,, I had a couple of DI’s that weren’t necessarily trying to be funny,, it did however encourage “focus” on the learning process.

  5. Volunteerveteran permalink

    I joined FO as soon as you moved over. Also, let them know you led me to the site. Thanks for what to do!

  6. agentbuzz permalink

    OK, I bought both Reluctant Partisan Books through FO. I have my Part One book in paperback at the house, have just downloaded Part Two, and I expect Sam to start mailing out the paper copies of Part Two. I also just took out the lifetime sub to FO:

    Item #: LT-DS

    Thanks for all you do.

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Your world view aligns with mine more than anyone I’ve read so far in the patriot/prepper/whatever community. I appreciate your slaying of tropes and myths these groups can get hung up on. I picked up a lifetime subscription a few weeks ago and look forward to more wisdom.

  8. There are some of us who really can’t afford to spend $100.00+,but most of us can scrape up the $24.00 for the digital subscription.
    Maybe have a way us poor guys could donate a few bucks when we have it?

    Great suggestion to the first poster-that’s the kind of stuff some of us miss.

  9. tfA-t permalink

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that you have 1,515 followers and you haven’t sold that many copies of your book. If this man is worth “following” then all of you should have at least 1 copy of The Reluctant Partisan. I don’t care if it all ends tomorrow- that’s even more reason to secure your copy of this incredible instruction manual and while you’re at it, support FO with your subscription. Don’t embarrass yourselves in front of these men who are leading the fight for FREEDOM.

    • koldsteel762 permalink

      Hell, I just hate I missed the digital copy of book 2. I’ll just buy the print version anyway. I came over to FO and subscribed as soon as you started writing articles. I had assumed most followed us over. Im sorry to see that few have supported this financially.

      I’m a civilian and some of these pearls and concepts may be common sense to you vets out there but they are not to guys like me. I appreciate the education and see its value…

    • Speaking from experience a writer can have a few thousand regular readers on their blog and not sell more than a few books any given month.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report and commented:
    FYI….Good people and great publication(s). …. Looking forward to the new year with this media..

  11. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    We need to support our brothers in their endeavors as much as we can and hopefully be of one accord in these trying times. I LOOK FORWARD to ALL the information they present. Good work and keep them coming. By the way, hope you all have a blessed and fruitful new year.

  12. OK, you got my lifetime subscription.
    Honestly, I think the content was way better here on the MG blog (I like the writing style and depth you got into in each article) and I’d rather have paid for what’s here. While your articles on FO are good stuff, they tend to be shorter and sanitized, and they lack interactivity in the comments (not your fault). So I’m glad you’ll be posting in the style you did here, and I look forward to the revamped FO website (it’s painfully slow in the menus) and all the promised new content.

    I believe one of your reasons for moving to FO was that you wanted to reach a wider audience than those of us who’ve already drank the cool-aide here on your blog. Do you guys have a way to measure that via blog stats? Some other mechanism? How do you know that you’re message is reaching the non-prepper/non-patriot types? If it’s not, I’d say stick to pleasing your base audience that you know you have, rather than a different audience who you’re unsure you’re really reaching.

    Anway, I’m glad you’re still in the fight.
    Congrats on the new kid!

  13. Sled238 permalink

    Done and done, lifetime.
    Gotta go, PT is callin my name!

  14. Oregon Hobo permalink

    Already got my annual subscription, but too jobless lately to justify even a heavily discounted lifetime subscription to the boss-lady at the moment. If my expectation of pending employment in mid-Jan pans out though, you and Sam will be getting full price from me soon enough. Hoping at least the MOSBY coupon will still be good…

    Warm wishes to you and your family, and congrats on the new diaper-wrecker!

    Also, everyone be nice to Chan. Some people just need a pat on the back.


  15. parmenio permalink

    Vol. 2 possible errata

    On page 76 the Key Terrain Features looks like it covers the end of the Obstacles section.


  16. parmenio permalink

    Vol. 2 possible errata

    Blank pages 93, 94, 95, 100,101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107


  17. parmenio permalink

    Vol. 2 possible errata

    Blank page 124, 137, 138, 139, 140, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 153, 154

    Obscured page numbers 125, 126, 127, 128,


  18. parmenio permalink

    Vol 2 possible errata

    Obscured page number 157, 167, 168, 172, 174, 178, 181, 182, 183, 184, 185,

    Blank pages 160, 161, 162, 163, 166, 173, 177,

    typo Hadagny for Hadnagy page 190, not for note page 199 (I will not some of them in the text)

    overlapped pastes page 200


  19. TRP Volume 2 received and order placed at FO for a digital lifetime subscription (thanks for the heads up).

  20. parmenio permalink

    Vol. 2 possible errata

    Blank pages 216, 217, 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 228, 241, 242, 245, 252, 253, 254, 291

    Obscured page number 230, 240, 243, 273, 286

    Typo He for page 246 (slug fest between US and NVA forces in He) trained for training page 247 (Amateurs with half-assed trained)


    • Yeah, I’m working on it. Apparently, exporting the word doc into pdf fucked a whole bunch of shit up. We’ll get the corrected stuff out ASAP.

      • Oregon Hobo permalink


        If you haven’t tried it yet, I heartily recommend PDFCreator. It installs a virtual printer device (named PDFCreator of course), which, instead of printing a hardcopy generates a PDF. So you can generate a PDF from any application that offers a print function. I’ve been using it for at least 5 years now, and in my experience, the resulting PDFs have always been a faithful reproduction of what I would expect to see on the printed page.

        In addition to converting MS Word documents, it’s also handy for printing random web items, such as receipts from online purchases, user agreements before hitting the “I Agree” button, bill payment confirmations, etc.

        It’s open source, and the project page is here:

        Cheers and happy 2015,

        #OREGON HOBO#

  21. Soren permalink

    Sorry, Mr. Mosby, I’ve kept forgetting to buy your books. I’ve been doing my PT, though, so at least there’s that. I’ll pick up your books and a subscription as soon as I can afford to, your blog is definitely worth the cost.

  22. strathconagroup permalink

    It’s hard sometimes to blaze trails. They say pioneers get shit on and of all the heavy lifting, while the settlers come later and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. For the ups and downs I’m happy you are a pioneer. Keep up the great work.

  23. Steve Fournier permalink

    Happy New Year! Had some trouble last night ordering, but was able to get order thru this morning. I never pass on a supper deal, ordered Life Time Subscription. I’ve ordered both books, still reading the first excellent work. I read some folks talking about age and injuries holding back their PT. I’ve got mine at 48 years old from having a herniated disc in my lower back, bulging disc in neck to messing my left knee falling accident. Thru using lots of icing the injury, seeking out core training to train the muscle to support spine, I can deadlift, bench, military press and rucking 50 lbs up and down hills. If I can do it anybody can, just have to put work and commitment.

  24. Lost Patrol permalink

    Already signed up. Good stuff. I read everything I can get from both Mosby and Culper. Oh, and for the naysayers. They must not know either of these two. Now I don’t know them personally but I know several of their associates and their history … so if you ain’t following; reading, training, organizing, COMMS, Intel, did I mention training, you are screwing up by the numbers. Skills not practiced are lost and skills not learned well you are more lost then the LP. The things that will get you are the things you don’t realize that you don’t know. Knowing of the existence of a trap is the first step to avoid the trap. etc. Happy New Year to all the good citizens & comrades’. Better make 2015 the year to get your shit straightened out.

  25. Dave permalink

    So I see a number of people have gotten their PDF copies of Vol 2 already, but I haven’t gotten the download yet. I know my email was good as I’ve gotten the other emails about the delays and options 1, 2, & 3. Is it just a slow process or do I need to follow up? What is the best avenue?

    • Shit. Email Sam at FO. Let him know what’s up.

      • Dave permalink

        No response, though I realize it hasn’t been all that long. Is Sam a busy guy? I know he’s got the website to go through…

  26. permalink

    Good Day Sir Knight, Attempted to access FO Mag link to submit lifetime subscription to no avail. Employed three different search engines/software and got no where except was notified once the “site was underdevelopment.” Also employed each of the links you provide absent success. Would like to avail myself of the significant subscription savings by completing same prior to end date. Please advise. My personal check and overnight snail mail also work fine for this Old Marine if such is acceptable to you and Sam. I enjoy and learn much from your work and wisdom. Thanks for all and what you continue to do. S/F Hump Colonel of Marines

  27. Sgt. Psycho permalink

    Off topic – Tried to log on to Forward Observer today, and got an “Untrusted Connection” warning indicating that someone may be trying to impersonate the site and divert traffic. Posting this here in the hope that you will read this and let someone at FO know they might have a problem. I have not previously had this issue with FO.

    The following is the message I get when trying to log in to FO:

    “This Connection is Untrusted

    You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.

    Normally, when you try to connect securely, sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are going to the right place. However, this site’s identity can’t be verified.

    If you usually connect to this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn’t continue.”

    • Sgt, Psycho permalink

      Disregard, FO is back up and running after some renovation.

  28. Uh, let’s see. I think FO is just down for site maintenance, as they are updating/upgrading their shit for the new year.

    C’mon, “Chan”? Really? I know that’s gotta be Mosby trolling his own site. OK, maybe not. My bud was telling me about a thread on arfcom, where some dude was asking about instructor recommendations for SUT. Some tool sez : “Why pay anybody for that? Just go out in the woods and walk around with a rifle and pack”. Actual post, I shit you not. Like, if I want to learn programming, just grab a ‘puter and twinkie, and write some code.

    But seriously folks, the question is: why would you support Mosby and Sam. Well, admittedly, there are many sources of info out there. Lots of websites, blogs, podcasts, youtube vids, ad nasuem. Not to mention guys actually teaching this stuff hands-on. But in the end, I think you vote with your gut for the guys that seem to be “of your tribe” so to speak. I like Mosby and Sam’s philosophical slant, their mastery of the material, and, especially in Mosby’s case, the entertaining, if not profane presentation. Now some guys take this to an extreme, with inflammatory posts, wild antics, and other carnival-like behavior. They encourage cult-like followings of little minions who protect the throne from any challenge to their orthodoxy . I have not seen this here. Mosby is his own worst critic. Well, after Chan I suppose.

    But anyway, I read a lot of shit. On-line, books, nutrition labels, etc. If I find I come back to a site, or author, and gain insight from their material, then I feel obligated to contribute to their cause. I think that’s only fair. Kinda like a tip jar, nicht var? The fact that the “entitlement” generation doesn’t see it this way isn’t any big fucking surprise.

    Oh and profanity. “Fuck! That fucking motherfucker is fucking-well fucked up.” Noun, verb, pronoun, and adverb, not to mention gratuitous exclamation. Get you some of that.

  29. ActionSaxon permalink

    Mosby, you are doing fine!

    Keep doing what you are doing. ( Charlie Mike!)

    I got both volumes and really appreciate the no BS thoughts. If one can’t hang out with FAGs ( former action guys) then you NEED these texts. “Not so pretty” is in the pipeline and there are pros willing to write, for God sakes pay the bums! Get the reluctant partisan and a few others too. It’s cheap to have the no shit info in one place.

    Everybody ready for Pineland in all 50?

    Buy MOSby’s damn books and go PT!

    Luv yuh’


    Action Saxon

  30. Dan R. permalink

    I’m a print subscriber to FO Mag. Do I get access to the member’s only stuff?
    More specifically, do I get access to the sub-domain you are going to be writing on that site? How does one get to that part of the site? I did log in using my username and password, but it just has my account info and previous store orders. Did not see links to go to actual “members only content”. I’m so confused!

    Thanks, and hope the new baby is doing well.

    • Dan R. permalink

      Oh, wait a minute. I think I figured it out, sort of. Maybe I’m just seeing a collection of the sanitary-language articles you’ve already written over there. When I go to the Readfomag site, I see a line near the top that says Blogs, then to the right of that it has “Mountain Guerrilla” I am guessing THAT is where I’ll find your stuff?

  31. PRKA GUARD permalink

    Another bitter, clinger has signed up for the FO print version, just because you asked so nicely John!
    Glad to have TRP2 pdf in hand too. Now get back to that new baby and change a few diapers…HH6 can use a break!
    + Thanks guys +

  32. 12aklabs permalink

    Wonderful book. Looking forward to the hard copy. Was already a subscriber to FO but am now a Lifetime subscriber. John, you rock.

    ps My copy of Volume 1 is all marked up and I anticipate Volume 2 will be also. Given the push of PT by both you and MV (Max Velocity) I have started PT in the evenings. thanks for the kick in the ass.

  33. smawrtin permalink

    I took your advice and just signed up. I have no excuse since I am on the site so much. Lifetime member. The podcasts are awesome and gives me something productive to do during my 1-1/2 hours of commuting per day. I just wish FO could crank out more podcasts. I really appreciate what FO is doing. Thanks FO.

    Cussing? Are you Fucking serious? That is the norm in this world. In fact, I would be wondering whats up if there were no cussing. I like the cussing because it adds extra emphasis to make your point. Notice how I emphasized my point above. After all, this material is all Fucking life or death, right!?!

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