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Open Enrollment Vehicle Class

January 6, 2015

Well, despite my best intentions, I’ve been asked to offer an open-enrollment vehicle-based operations class.

This will be in the vicinity of Prescott, Arizona, from 26FEB-1MAR (that’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for those who lack a calendar). This class covers basic vehicle patrolling formations and techniques, and includes battle drills for two-man and four-man single vehicle, as well as two, three, and larger vehicle convoys.

THIS IS SOFT-SKINNED VEHICLE CENTRIC. I don’t own a MRAP, and I’m betting you don’t either.

This is a physically demanding class and requires above-average gunhandling for safety. Day one will largely consist of refresher on IMT and buddy-team movements, as well as an evaluation of marksmanship and gunhandling. Failure to achieve a quantifiable level of skill will not preclude participation in the rest of the class, but you will participate in a dry-fire only mode,

Cost for this class is $500 per shooter. To register, contact HH6 at


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  1. Michael Lemieux permalink

    I actually do have a calendar and 16FEB-1MAR is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday class.

    But if you did it from 26FEB-1MAR then you would have the correct days.

    I know – smart ass around every corner.



  2. Shinmen Takezo permalink

    Where oh where can I purchase those bitchen Toyota pickup trucks used by all the Muslim terrorist groups! I mean are they cool or what?!

    • The Toyota Hilux’s equivalent in the US is the Tacoma. Overseas, they get the diesel version, but because the EPA particle emission regs are so tight, it’s not worth trying to get most overseas diesel engines certified for the US. You could import one past the cut-off(IIRC 20 years old or so), but you’d then have some logistics issues with parts. If there’s any foreign aid after the fun starts I’m sure they’ll be in there.

      • There is actually a drop-in diesel motor for the Tacoma that can be purchased CONUS. I’ve long considered purchasing one in Viejo Mexico and smuggling it across the border, before doing a VIN switch with a junked out Tacoma, but I don’t know that my criminal abilities are great enough.

    • Daniel permalink

      Hiluxes are awesome. Especially the diesel ones. I’ve been barking up that tree for a while now, but have pretty much accepted that Ill have to get a pre-1990 one, a newer gas tacoma, or just get a good older dodge with a 12 valve 5.9. 😦

      Your comment reminded me of this though

  3. No need to go to that length, John. To be exempt from federal regs regarding traffic safety and emissions, a vehicle imported into the US has to be 25 years old. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to importing vehicles from foreign countries (royal-tradingdotjp is a good one), so take a look. If you’re lucky, you just might find a left hand drive Hilux. Or you can buy and import a 1989-90 right hand drive model for around $4500-5500. They’re very strict about the 25 year rule, so the vehicle had to have been made (as of right now) in Jan. of 1990 or earlier.

  4. Where you consulting some ancient nordic calendar?

  5. strathconagroup permalink

    Is the vehicle course a SHTF course, or close protection or just operating in non permissive failed states? I mean over seas, not New York.

    • It is a combination of the three actually, since the three are all fundamentally the same. It focuses on soft-skin vehicles though, so some of the PSD stuff from OCONUS is going to be considerably different.

      • strathconagroup permalink

        You ever think about selling a video series?

  6. Mervo permalink

    Hey John,
    Is the required equipment the same as your other classes? Thanks.

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