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February 3, 2015

Volume Two (and Volume One) is available through the Forward Observer Store site.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests to continue accepting orders through the mail for anonymity. In light of this, for those who do not want to use Paypal or Credit Cards to order on-line, I have done another print run of Volume One (this time in the larger format of 8×10) and Volume Two.

Cost of Volume One is still $70. Cost of Volume Two is still $50.

To order in this manner, send cash, or an unaddressed money order (in other words, leave the “Pay to” area blank….) to:


c/o 2184 Channing Way

Idaho Falls, ID 83404





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  1. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    John: I read your second book and have really learned a lot. I appreciate your hard work I know being a writer with a deadline is hard work. I bought the one for the ereader and noticed quite a few blank pages in most chapters. Please explain…..

  2. Devin St. Clair permalink

    I’m looking forward to reading them, but I need to finished Contact and A Failure of Civility first. By the way, how are you books bound?

  3. Race Bannon permalink

    Any discounts for Volume I for people who bought Volume I (and Vol II) but would like an easier to read version of Vol I? I’d pay full price for the second copy of Vol I if that’s your decision, but I thought you might consider giving prior customers a break to get a more legible updated 8×10 copy.


  4. Adam permalink

    Is the larger format of Volume One available to order at Forward Observer or do I have to request it special some how?

  5. Oregon Hobo permalink

    Excellent! Already have vol 1 but I’ll be scrounging the cash for 2 ea. of the big versions shortly. If you ever get around to printing a ruck-size version of vol 2, I’ll happily order 2 of those as well. …and I’ll pass on any discounts. I want for you and your family to stay well fed and for your wife to continue tolerating your side business for as long as possible.

    That reminds me, whatabout the $10 s/h charge?


  6. david permalink

    I just finished volume one, and ordered volume two. I’m a civilian who is interested in being better prepared in case things get sporty. and this is by far the best book I have read on this subject. It was clear and concise. THANK YOU! for your hard work.

  7. R Barnings permalink

    God bless you for all you do and have done… Question; I already bought Vol. 1…but the larger format would be great for my aging eyes. I’m 68, trying to be the best that I can be, but the larger size would be a help. Does some sort of discount exist for those who have purchased I and II already?

  8. Matt G permalink

    Can you bring a large print version of Vol 1 this weekend to your TC3 class? I can pay you there for it since I will be at your class. Matt G

  9. Jay permalink

    This is very off topic but how would you recommend an East Coaster to travel to one of your classes in regards to gear transportation. That’s a hell of a drive and a shit ton of gear to travel through an airport with. Any chance you will be back this way to do a course maybe At Max V’s place.

    • If you’re coming from the East Coast, most people either drive or fly. If you want to fly, but don’t want to deal with checking weapons, I’ve been known to loan out weapons for classes, and there’s lots of places to purchase ammunition locally, throughout the West.

  10. strathconagroup permalink

    This may sound retarded at first – but you should put Vol I and II out as audio books. After I listened to glen Tate on forward observer I downloaded the 299 days audio book of the first one. That was the first audio book I ever listened too and I listened to it twice.

    • I don’t know how well that would work with my books…..I’ve listened to an audiobook novel, on a road trip once, a decade ago, and it did drive me to read the actual book, but that’s the only time I’ve ever listened to one.

      • strathconagroup permalink

        It’s hard because a large portion is technical information that may not go over well. Other parts are a kind of lecture (for lack of a better work, but more in an educational and experience sense then your grandma explaining why you shouldn’t swear). The two together could be a disaster and it could be really effective.

        It’s the same with a video. A well produced video will explain the technical parts perfectly, but the lecture parts tend to go over like a lead ballon.

        Anyways just a thought.

  11. Does it really matter permalink

    Gonna try one more time. Are the missing pages from the e version of volume II empty or is there data I am missing?

  12. Daniel permalink

    The hard copy of volume 2 arrived this morning (Illinois) in great shape. The envelope sacrificed itself and was torn open then taped, but all is well. Thanks again John for making this material available.

  13. Chad - father of nine permalink

    I just got Both volumes in the mail today. Envelope was tore to shit, but the books were in perfect condition.

  14. Chad - father of nine permalink

    In Volume One are pages 172 to 183 supposed to be blank?

  15. kevin permalink

    John I dont know if this has been mentioned before but have you ever considered making your books into kindle format. Unless one has been hit with a EMP a small kindle and solar charger allow a person to carry hundreds of important texts. and of course your texts would be at the top..

  16. Sgian Dubh permalink

    John, I ordered Vol. 1 and found the print to be too small – I need geezer print. 😉 I apologize if I missed your answer to this question, but I want to buy Vol. 1 AND Vol. 2 but only if in larger print (I’ll give my first Vol. 1 to my Son). Is Vol 2 in the same larger size as the new Vol. 1?

  17. Idaho Dude permalink

    Is there a place to pick this up in IF?

  18. Devi permalink

    I just ordered both of the texts in print format, but would second the above suggestion that you make these available in Kindle or other eReader format.

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