I came across a conversation on Facebook the other night. As I read through the comments on this conversation, I was both chastened and appalled. I’m going to address two specific comments, because they are the issue, ultimately. Either these people are worrying about something that others have already figured out, or I’m wasting my fucking time writing this blog.

…I think people should make the effort to learn, but I wish someone would consolidate and organize the information in one place. I mean this elitist former military mindset is getting old, we weren’t all in the military, weren’t special ops, and weren’t military intelligence. This is one reason I liked A Failure of Civility, they recognized the elitism most former military trainers put off and recognizes the average citizen has never been expose to most of it and wouldn’t even know where to begin.

To begin with, I find it ironic that someone claims they think people should make the effort to learn, but then expect everything to be handed to them on a silver-fucking-platter. If you are sitting back, reading the vast quantities of available free content, written by subject-matter experts, and doing your own thing, that’s awesome! That’s WHY we do what we do. For you to then bitch that we don’t cover every single subject—including the ones we’re not subject-matter experts on—is pathetic. If you want the information compiled, here’s a suggestion…look at the sites that have legitimate subject-matter experts putting out information on a given subject, then compile a list of the URL addresses for the different sites you get value out of. Voila! You now have a consolidated list of valid material.

Oh, but that means you need to put effort out! Damn…..

Well, guess what, America didn’t become America because people sat on their asses, back in Europe, and accepted the status quo. They DID shit to improve their situations.

Quit being a bitch.

“…this elitist former military mindset is getting old, we all weren’t in the military, weren’t special ops, and weren’t military intelligence. This is one reason I liked A Failure of Civility, they recognized the elitism most former military trainers put off and recognized the average citizen has never been expose to most of it an wouldn’t even know where to being.

You poor, simpering, whining fuck. I am an elitist. Absolutely.

Let’s look at the definition of elitist.

From the Oxford English Dictionary: “demonstrating a superior attitude or behavior associated with an elite.
So, let’s look at the definition of “elite,” in order to get a better grasp of what an elitist is:

A select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities.

You know what? I believe, to the depths of my soul, that America, the Idea, is superior to the rest of the world, in terms of quality. So, that makes Americans, who believe in America, the Idea, an elite. I am part of that, so yeah, I’m an elitist. Don’t like it? Fuck yourself with a crow-bar, and join the Leftists who openly avow that America is nothing special.
I get what the commenter meant, of course. We keep talking about physical abilities—from PT standards, to weapons qualifications—that seem hard. Well, guess, what? They ARE FUCKING HARD!

I find it disgusting—and I mean that literally—that we have people who consider themselves “patriots,” but want “easy” answers. The men who froze their dicks off at Valley Forge, are cursing you from the afterlife, you fucking pussies.

“Oh, but I’m just a regular guy! I can’t do what you young guys do! I was never in the military!”

Boo-Fucking-Hoo. You know what? You’ve got time. You’ve got opportunity. You’ve got an entire world’s worth of knowledge to get you in shape, teach you how to run your gun, and perform medical aid to keep your loved ones alive…and all you whiny bitches want to do is bitch and moan because we keep telling you to do hard shit? Go fuck yourself with a crow-bar.

It’s obvious you’ve never been exposed to this shit. That’s why we’re giving you the information! So you get the information, in time to actually start learning and training. We’re making it readily digestible bites, if you’ll actually apply it. You CANNOT learn it all from reading shit on the Internet, any more than you can learn it from reading the books. You HAVE to actually get up, off your lazy fucking asses, and DO THE WORK!

Quit being a bitch.

And the next comment, where the poster makes some valid points, but still overlooks the obvious (in fact, I know he gets it, because we discussed it via private message on Facebook…)

….There’s great stuff out there about sustainment and tactical loadouts for the warfighter. I’m more concerned with average Joe American. The reason for the focus away from the warfighter guys is because there’s not gap to fill there—the guys who are following Mosby or Max Velocity (add your own equivalent here) and doing that level of tactical training are going to find this stuff because they have to in order to perform their chosen skill set. But what about the patriot/prepper who is much more likely to be in the auxiliary? What about the guy who is just concerned about his family? What should they be getting in terms of gear? Your wife and your kids aren’t going to hump a 60 pound ruck or carry 500 rounds of ammo—they’re not going to be a warfighter.

It’s a given that not everyone is going to be a warfighter. I’ve addressed this, ad nauseum, over the history of this blog. There’s a role for the auxiliary, and there’s a role for the underground. In fact, as I THOUGHT I had made plainly clear, those are MORE important than the meat-eating gunslinger role.

So, if you see yourself in the auxiliary role, what should you be doing as far as equipment? If you’re going to fight at all, you’d better be getting your ass in shape and trained up, or some meat-eating motherfucker like me—without a conscience though—is going to come, kill you, take your shit, fuck your wife, geld your sons, and sell them and your daughters into slavery. I don’t care if you’re “just concerned about your family.” Your family, by yourself ain’t gonna last ten fucking minutes. You’d better quit being an asshole, and start making friends and building a tribe that you can rely on.

Guess what, though? They’re going to want to know what you can contribute to the effort, to make them willing to risk their ass saving you and your family. If you can’t fight, you’d damned sure better have an idea of what you can do to help!
You see yourself as part of the auxiliary? Great, then everything you think you need to survive? Buy double or triple that, and then you’ve become part of the logistics network of the auxiliary. If you want to buy guns and ammo? Great, buy multiple guns and all of the ammunition you can manage to put together the change to buy.

“But, I’m not going to buy a gun for someone who didn’t have the foresight to buy his own! He might take my other shit!”

There are a metric shit ton of young, aggressive, fit, experienced veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq that believe just like you do. They may not have the funds to purchase all the gear they need, but they bring something far more valuable to the table—experience that you, Mr. White-Bread, Suburban, Soccer Van-driving Accountant, don’t fucking have. While you were making money, and stockpiling it away, they were shooting motherfuckers in the face. You build rapport, and then frith with them, and then you make sure they know that you have the things they need, in return for their help. It’s this strange concept, that we’ve been programmed to forget in America…it’s called “community.”

So, if you don’t like what I say? If you don’t think it’s relevant to you? You think I’m an elitist prick?

AWESOME! Quit reading. I’ll stop writing, and then I’ll go hang out with my own people, and keep doing my PT, and training to keep my skills sharp. You can go fuck yourself with a crowbar.


Quit being a bitch.