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April 17, 2015

A few months ago now, we moved most of my new posting to the blog site at Forward Observer ( Looking at the site history, I’m still getting three times the traffic here as at the other site. I’ve noticed we’re also still getting new subscribers over here.

I’m going to post some of the content from over there over here, and I’m going to move some of the old content from here, over there, in an attempt to act as a sort of back-up for the information for both places. Nevertheless, if you’re subscribed here and not over there, do me a favor, and mention in the comments why not?

Is there a reason folks aren’t interested in the new content?


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  1. JG - Philly permalink

    I read both and subscribe, but the navigation to find MG articles is slightly cumbersome there.

    Also – while extremely well designed, I honestly prefer the simplicity of the older medium here…

    content > design

  2. Brian Black permalink

    I’m subscribed to your blog. I have not subscribed to the other because I’m lazy and your posts were the only reason to go to FOmag.

  3. Patrick permalink

    I still visit the old site more often to access information from older articles and basically use it as a database when I have questions on whatever my group might be training on. I go back to even the oldest posts just because there is so much information and i can’t remember all of it.

  4. g8trdone permalink

    I’ve been keeping up with you pretty easily Mr Mosby. I like the direction you’ve gone. I commented at forward observer recently how much I value your insights and world view.

    But I like having access to your archive. I reread your articles many times over the course of a year because I usually pick up something i missed, like building a tribe or reinforce something I let go of, like *PT motivation…

  5. wunhunglo2 permalink

    I’m subscribed to FO mag and to Mountain Guerrilla. Why not? There is good information at both and the FO subscription is well worth the cost. For the writers more exposure is always good.

  6. Chris permalink

    I’m subscribed to both but I am not a huge fan of the layout on the new site. It is also a pain in the ass to navigate to if you don’t go directly to your site from the address bar.

  7. I haven’t been getting notifications for the FO posts. I have only gotten notification from SC on FB, or links on WRSA. Probably something on my end, I have been missing many notifications from WordPress.

    PS- you had an article linked from Active Self Protection.

  8. Mike permalink

    No lack of interest…just haven’t been able to find the blog on the FOmag site.

  9. Roswell permalink

    I’m subscribed to both. However, I usually read the articles directly from the email rather than going to the FO page. The exception being, the more lengthy articles, which I open up and come back to later.

  10. Ruben permalink

    I just signed up for FO blog.I actually thought my info here would carry over in the move, but I didn’t miss anything because I’m subscribed to FO and and the Facebook page. I think its a smart idea to have this content in as many places as possible though.

  11. I show my email as a subscriber, but I am not receiving notifications from this blog, only on the other. WTF, over? I just got a raft of article this morning – great stuff. What needs to happen to get notifications on all new post from whatever source?

    Thanks, Idahojoe

  12. Dan permalink

    I like what Sam does, but wow, that FO Mag website is awful (in terms of the layout, not in terms of the content). Impossible to find things. Too much graphics and it makes navigating on the pages tough. Too much “popular, modern, IT-look-at-me” type crap that I guess is designed to make the page look like a marvel of IT forward thinking brilliance, but it is not mobile-friendly on Android and it is too cluttered and complex to make the web pages worth reading on a PC. Like many, I read the posts that arrive in my email inbox, but rarely follow the links to the actual website.

  13. Weber permalink

    I subscribe to both places. I like this site for the archives. Any chance you would ever consider publishing a paperback volume of your archives from this site?

    • We were actually talking about it the other day.

      • Weber permalink

        I hope there is enough interest for you to move forward with that. I think the articles would be an outstanding supplement to the Reluctant Partisan books. Just ordered volume two of the RP today.

      • KAPG permalink

        PLEASE do. Great reference material.
        A lot easier to tab up a book and have with you at ‘training’ than carring around a laptop!

  14. Nathan permalink

    Just an oversight. I read the FO blog regularly, but I hadn’t noticed the subscription link until now. I’m subscribed to both and really like the new content.

  15. Ken permalink

    I agree with others on the FO site. Reminds me of a friend’s AR. Looks pretty but has FTF issues.

    I am subscribed to FO and have emailed the site. Once to try and reset my password and twice about paying for FO Univ. by mail. No response to these emails.

    I do like the FO Podcasts and webinars. I encourage folks to check them out. You can forgo the FO website and get them on iTunes.

    Interestingly, I do get emails from Sam reminding me when the webinars will be on and the followup emails with outside links discussed in the webinar(s)

  16. At the original site-you wrote like you were just talking-new site has far less calling people out for being lazy dumb fucks,etc.
    At some point you stated that at the old site,you wrote how you talked-I think that resonated with a lot of us.
    You can never,ever harp too much on PT.
    You can never ever stop telling whiny bitches that they’re whiny bitches.
    Make sense?

  17. Herk Mulligan permalink

    I still watch both sites. Was wondering why I had so many freakin emails from you today. I like the “Tamer” Mosby on Forward Observer – especially to introduce a “sensitive” friend to some of your great thinking. I do, however, miss the entertaining foul mouthed Mosby on your original blog. Also, other sites like WRSA still link to your old blog on the side links. Heck – do both!

  18. AKA Boras permalink

    I did the FO lifetime subscription to support you and the site, but I was completely unaware of these posts, I have not gotten any email heads up from FO that you’ve posted. All these posts are new to me.

  19. Big Mike permalink

    I subscribed to Mountain Guerilla and remember that you were moving my subscription to FO. I figured it would take a while. I kept checking your site for new posts. I find the FO website extremely difficult to navigate also. I just got “spammed” by you today at MG, but that’s ok because I value your info. You have SOLID info and perspective that everyone needs to read.

  20. frank brickey permalink

    I followed your posts through a friend for quite awhile. I then subscribed to you myself. And now that you have moved over to the FO, I hesitated. I have not received anything from your postings for a long time. Until now. I just received many postings all at once. I do not like the format at FO. I enjoy your writing and your thinking.

  21. jdhaines permalink

    I found FO mag because of your content. I’d subscribed to your content specifically, but am not on board with the mess that is FO. I like Sam’s drive and think his info is solid, but the execution is very lacking and I found his recent podcast whining and complaining yet still begging for more subscriptions to be very offputting. I had to chuckle when he said they want to charge more for subscriptions so they could build a new website…after they just rebuilt this one and it was/is a flop. People want solid content…not fancy displays. Either way, I’m hoping things stick around here. Give me good content and a clean wordpress site any day over that fancy themed modern layout crap.

    To be honest JM, if you want some cash for your content…you may consider one of the multitude of micropayment systems easily available for wordpress. Something like $0.10 to unlock a full article. Many of us would probably go for something like that. I know I get a dime’s worth of value when I read one of your articles. Digital content seems to be going that way, the only problem is credit card fees. Things like bitcoin and the micropayment systems help to alleviate that problem. Just a concept to think about.

  22. When I want to to read you, I come here. I started reading you here, and I just associate your writing with here. I read it on FO, too, but my brain just always defaults to this address first.

    Other FO content is good, too. Not all of it is interesting to me, but enough that I spend quite a bit of time there. One complaint I do have is that archives by author, date, topic, etc. don’t seem readily apparent to me on the front page.

  23. Michael Hanes permalink

    The reason I come here is that your new site is blocked on government computers. Im in the Marine Corps and when I get down time I like to visit this site.

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