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Arizona in Autumn. Rifle and CQB.

May 21, 2015

We’ve got two open-enrollment classes scheduled in October, in the vicinity of Prescott, AZ.

9-11 OCT, (FRI/SAT/SUN) we will offer a three-day Combat Rifle Class. The following weekend, 16-18 OCT, (FRI/SAT/SUN) we will offer a three-day CQB/Fighting in/around Structures class. Cost for these classes is $500/class/shooter. For students who are interested in attending both classes, we will offer a $100 discount off the total cost.

Combat Rifle
This is a beginner-to-intermediate level course on running your gun effectively, under field conditions. Beginning with basic square range work out to 200+ meter, focused on the fundamentals of marksmanship and effective gun-handling, this class advanced to critical decision-making skills development and discrimination and stress-fire shooting, before moving into application of the fighting rifle in a two-man team environment.

CQB/Fighting In/Around Structures

This course has not previously been available for open-enrollment courses. The course starts with close-quarters marksmanship realities and shooting in non-permissive environments, before moving into external movement in built-up areas, and room-clearing methodologies, before moving into methods of hardening structures to slow entry by hostiles. This class involves multiple iterations of both dry-fire and live-fire entries into single- and multiple-room structures in daylight and low-light. It also includes Force-on-Force entries, under varying conditions.

For enrollment-specific information, please contact HH6 at

For content-specific questions, contact me at

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  1. tfA-t permalink

    October? Aren’t you the the optimist.

    • Possibly. If I didn’t schedule classes, every time someone thought the end was upon us, there’d never be any scheduled…wait a minute….hmmm…..

      • tfA-t permalink

        Calm, deliberate, smooth, and easy. It took awhile, but I’m there. Thanks.

  2. Tom permalink

    Is this a class we have to camp out for, or would there be hotels near by?

  3. permalink

    Screw the hotels. Camping is better because after class you get to spend more time with John and your fellow students so your learning more. I learned alot in the last class while we were all sitting around that camp fire. Those are some good memories.

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