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Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: People Are Dying, Because We’re Weak

July 17, 2015

I’m watching the news, just like most of America is, of the shootings in Chattanooga, TN, by an ISIS operative. I’m as appalled, but probably not for the reasons that most of America is. Here’s why I’m appalled….

1) I see people, including military personnel, calling the shooter a “coward.” This is a cultural cognitive bias that we HAVE to get past, both culturally and individually. Let’s look at this honestly…

The shooter in TN was not “cowardly.” What he was was smart. It was a criminal act, but only because he was a naturalized American citizen, which means he was a traitor, when he attacked American servicemen. This was an act of war, by an enemy combatant, against UNIFORMED MILITARY PERSONNEL. Did he ambush them? Sure. He utilized the METT-TC available to him, camouflaged himself in the urban environment, and killed UNIFORMED MILITARY PERSONNEL.

This is a man representative of a culture stretching back centuries; a culture that still remembers when the Caliphate ruled from India to the Iberian peninsula. These aren’t “goat-fucking, towel-head, camel jockeys.” We like to browbeat them as “barbarians,” but both etymologically and anthropologically, they are not barbarians. They’re simply a culture with a different value system than ours.

They are our enemies, culturally, and we need to recognize that, but for a people who like to quote Sun Tzu, we seem to spend an awful lot of time trying to forget this maxim, ““If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

If we simply look at them as “goat-fucking camel jockeys,” guess what, we’re going to succumb in every battle, and we’re going to lose this clash of civilizations.

We’re at war. ISIS knows it. We use ambushes in war. So does ISIS. Dismissing this as some “cowardly” attack, rather than a planned military operation, against UNIFORMED MILITARY PERSONNEL, just because they were unarmed, serves no purpose whatsoever, except to make the average donut eating, couch-surfing, low-information voter, feel safer. “By Gawd! Them damned terr’ists wouldna have had a chance, if our boys’d had known they was comin’! Why, they’d have gunned up, dug fighting positions, developed range cards and sector sketches, and blown that sumbitch straight to his 72 virgins!” It’s a false narrative.

What we SHOULD be learning from this is “the enemy is NOT stupid.”

2) We spend a lot of time listening to moralists tell us how barbaric these people are. By OUR measure, today, yes, they are absolutely barbaric. I mean, they cut people’s heads off! They burn people! It’s horrific. Or, are we just pussies?

We used to do shit like that to our enemies. Everybody else in the world, except our “kindler, gentler” society does shit like that to their enemies. Sure, we have a different moral code than they do. Is it a moral code that’s going to result in us losing this, a multi-generational war? Julius Caesar put people’s heads on stakes. Caeser Augustus crucified people. The Puritans of Massachusetts fucking drowned women for “witchcraft.” We used to shoot and hang criminals.

Of course, our culture has “advanced” past that. We’re too “civilized” for that, these days.

I’m not going to argue with that. There’s a whole lot about contemporary western culture that I’m appreciative of. I like indoor running water. I like flush toilets. I like not having to worry about my daughters being killed by random strangers at the playground….errr…wait….

Maybe, just maybe, Sir John Baget Glubb, had it right, when he said we were decadent, and bound for a fall, because our culture had grown weak and soft. Maybe, had those Marines been armed, they WOULD have successfully defended themselves. After all, if there’s one thing the Corps does well, it’s indoctrinate their people with a warrior spirit.

Maybe, instead of worrying that people from other cultures will judge us by OUR cultural values, we need to consider that they’re only going to judge us by their cultural values, and to ISIS, the only thing that matters, is killing. If we really want to win against ISIS, maybe we need to start letting our guys that are on the ground over there start putting some heads on spikes, without having to worry about prosecution when they come home.

Maybe we need to offer a bounty on ISIS heads. “Hey, you bring me the head of an ISIS fighter, I’ll give you $1000.” Or, we can wring our hands and shed our tears over “how barbaric those people are,” as they continue doing what they think they need to do.

This is not civilization v. the barbarians. This is two civilizations, with different value systems, at war. Do we want to win, or not? It’s common for us to claim that the world has advanced beyond that behavior, but really? Only western culture has grown that weak.

3) About arming the Marines….It’s really popular right now (and always has been. I have to admit, when I started digging for the facts, I was shocked to discover that what I “knew” for twenty years, was wrong….) for people to blame Bill Clinton for the fact that US military personnel are not allowed to carry personal weapons on post. I did it for 20 years. I mean, come on, it’s Bill Clinton, a vile, despicable man…who is actually not to blame in this case.

Unfortunately, it’s the same old “Us v. Them” divisiness that politicians keep using to keep Americans divided, instead of focusing on the civilization we’re at war with.

Before we get into why it was NOT Bill Clinton’s fault that US military personnel are unarmed on post, let’s ask ourselves one critical question? If this was the result of a Leftist, anti-gun President’s Executive Order, why didn’t that paragon of Neo-Conservative, Pro-Gun patriotism, GWB, override the EO and allow military servicemen to carry again? Especially considering….WE WERE AT WAR!!!!???

Well, mostly, because it was not an Executive Order at all. The ban that took place, in March of 1993, was the result of a Department of Defense directive, issued in FEBRUARY 1992….Before Clinton was even elected. That’s right…the DoD (DoD Directive 5210.56) directed this under President George Herbert Walker Bush…so much for a Leftist, Liberal scheme to leave American troops vulnerable to attack.

The Army initiated the directive in March of 1993 as AR 190-14, which regulation specifically says it is intended to put into action the appropriate portions of directive 5210.56.

We can continue to blame Bill Clinton, or we can try to figure out why Directive 5210.56 was reissued in 2011, WHEN WE ARE AT WAR!!!???






Make no mistake, this is not a war of civilization versus the barbarians. This is a war between two civilizations. One remembers its heritage and is okay with that. The other one is embarrassed by its heritage and wants to convince itself that it’s “too nice” to do shit like that. Who do you really think has the edge there?

So, the John Mosby, Mountain Guerrilla solution to this?

Gun the fuck up. Hone the edges on your axes. Sharpen some stakes, so you have somewhere to put the heads, and pay the fuck attention to what’s going on around you.


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  1. Defensive Training Group permalink

    Straight to the point! Great post!

    • DAN III permalink


      Mosby says to “gun up” and you author a piece at your blog stating the military should gun DOWN ! No weaponry for troops you wrote. Then you give Mosby an “atta boy” for his essay.

      Which is it with you ? What am I missing here ?

      • Defensive Training Group permalink

        Cite, please?

      • oughtsix permalink

        Dan: “What am I missing here ?”

        Everything but your own agenda, which seems to be to attack other commenters… usually those who have taken exception to your tone or merely dared to disagree with you.

        When you’re not harping on Obama’s illegitimacy, that is, which everyone you’re raving at about it knows it full well. Take it over to Salon or huffpo… they haven’t gotten the word yet.

      • DAN III permalink


        Your piece on 17 JUL 15, The Right To Self Defense, Para 2, sentences 2 & 3. You stated those attacked should not have been armed. Yet you praise Mosby’s piece where tells all to “gun up”.

        Which is it for you. Stand down or gun up ?

      • Defensive Training Group permalink

        That’s Mason Dixon Tactical’s post…not mine. And you missed his point. DTG – MDT…different sites.

  2. Mervo permalink

    If only those in a position to effect real change in this country felt this way.

    Instead we’d rather argue about “it’s a small minority, they’re peaceful people, and we need more gun control.”

    • DAN III permalink

      Kommando Oughtsix….if you don’t like what I write do not read it. Pretty simple eh ? Even for you.

      • DAN III permalink

        BTW Kommando Oughtsix….you’re a soetoro-obama supporter aren’t you ?

        Regarding my challenging much of what alleged conservative folks write on numerous blogs is because I find their remarks are far from the tenets of Freedom & Liberty. I challenge much of those remarks I find contrary to my beliefs. The owners of those sites allow me and others the discourse to challenge other’s remarks. You on the other hand want to restrict those you disagree with, especially me, by spewing rhetoric and not challenging them or me with factual remarks or legitimate questions.

        Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5….if the People had stood by the Constitution, if the military had stood by it’s oath, the fUSA would not be in it’s death throes thanks to the annointment of a Marxist Muslim not once, but twice. Soetoro-obama, a Manchurian candidate if there ever was one. And you M-F me !

        How sad to see you constantly berate my awareness of the unconstitutional, illicit Amerika-hater sitting in the West Wing, working daily to take down what’s left of this nation. You M-F me but embrace soetoro-obama’s presence. Pitiful.

        Here’s a little axiom for you Kommando….”Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism”.

        Now let me again pass on some good advice to you, once given me by your pal Jim Klein, “don’t read it !”.
        ********************* ********** ************************
        My apologies to all for disrupting this blog topic. Sorry.

      • oughtsix permalink

        BTW Kommando Oughtsix….you’re a soetoro-obama supporter aren’t you ?

        Ye gods, Danny boy, even you can’t be that lame and obtuse.

  3. “Gun the fuck up. Hone the edges on your axes. Sharpen some stakes, so you have somewhere to put the heads, and pay the fuck attention to what’s going on around you”

    Indeed and what must be done. So many refuse to see, hear, realize what is going down and think someone else will ride to their collective rescue.

    Excellent and shared.

  4. .weston.pecos. permalink

    The irony is that so many people on “the right” are convinced that we are being attacked because A) Obama is a Muslim who is sympathetic to the Islamist cause and therefore doing things to facilitate them attacking us; and B) the government is not doing enough to prevent people who “might someday become terrorists” from breathing, communicating, functioning, living, etc. Most of those people “on the right” are still pissed that America let in the Jews, the blacks, the Hispanics, the gays, etc. Somehow, they retain enough mental capacity to hate the Muslims, too. Anyway, the point I really want to make is that the government (you know, Obama and his people) use these kind of attacks to justify the very same big government fatherland security Nazism and gun control that is being used to track the very same “people on the right”. Go ahead. Encourage the big government wolf and see how far that gets you. Let them clamp down more on our liberty and see how far that gets you. We (the people on the right) are the ones losing our freedom, not the freaking Muslims that you all fear so damn much. Meanwhile in the ten largest cities in the country, far more people were shot by ordinary street criminals who are NOT Muslims on the same day that the four Marines were killed. Those criminals are the people you need to fear. The criminals and the government. But instead, we ignore the crime around us everyday and focus on the random whack jobs who kill far fewer of us. And all the while, we egg on the Fatherland Juggernaut. Good luck, America; we need it to protect us from the so-called patriots who just want the government to crush some more liberty.

  5. RangerRick permalink

    We are at War. Our biggest issue I see is that our President is all over this. He brings in the enemy and places them in Sanctuary cities all across America. I agree, small town schools are next.
    They don’t care about blowing up New York- they wants to hit US in the heartland, kill US where we once were safe. Malls, schools, amusement parks, churches,pick it.
    I ran a program for the D.O.D. , they brought in the Iraqi troops to spin up our guys up before sending them over seas. These enemies had the option to stay in America. The program is 14 years old. How many of the enemy has our government let in. The borders are nothing more than a freeway for ISIS , Cartel and other enemies of our Country. The government does not care.
    A cop stops a bad guy in Spokane WA, and ICE comes in take the ass wipe and sets them free again.
    You get the picture, man up, practice with your weapons, carry armor, PT PT PT and engage these ass wipes.
    North Idaho

    • ricky permalink

      I live in oldtown. I appreciate your comments. hows Fuhrman doin these days:)

      • RangerRick permalink

        All is well, if interested, I am teaching class every Monday night in PR. Suturing tonight.
        North of 2 on 4th st, across from grade school 300 block on 4th.

  6. Wes permalink

    I’ve said that before to people and got weird looks, suicide bombers and shooters and shit aren’t cowardly it takes courage to carry out an act of violence on that level. I just wish those marines would have at least had a fighting chance. An ambush is what an ambush is, but at least they would have had a chance if armed.

    Off topic, Natural Born Hero’s was a damn good book thanks for putting it out there, and I found out I suck at the Cretan bounce, came out of a creek with a rolled ankle.

    • Ajax permalink

      Yeah. I’m going to leave the Cretan bounce to the Cretans. Awesome book, though, and a better article.

    • Oregon Hobo permalink

      Wes, your comment prompted me to look up “Cretan Bounce”, and the trail led to this article:

      Fascinating stuff. I’m not the only one who’s pondered that Parkour might have military applications, but I had no idea of its deeply military origins.

      Natural Born Hero is hereby added to my reading list, which is to say I hope to get to it before I die of old age.

      Happy trails,


  7. Reblogged this on Starvin Larry and commented:
    Another excellent piece of writing!

  8. TomD permalink

    An excellent piece, as usual but I take exception with the statement that ‘We are at war’. ISIS, Al Queda, etc is at war; America, figuratively speaking, is at the mall. And Bush Sr and W were neither champions of liberty. Sr is the first person I can recall that championed a new world order and W was responsible for the reprehensible ‘Patriot’ Act.

  9. Has anyone found this cocksuckers family yet? Maybe this will have to be an “outside resource” kinda thing….

  10. RangerRick permalink

    Tom D
    We are at war. With enemies around the world supported by our own Country and its and 3 letter agencies, we are at war. Its a few Americans against basically everything on the other side of the fence You are correct ,when Bush Sr. live on TV stated we would embrace the NWO , I knew then we are in deep poo. His son did indeed push the Patriot Act upon the US. This operation to destroy America goes back decades thru both parties.
    Corporate America and most likely International Corporates have been guiding American thru this piece of history. There is no going back, we have no one to represent US, no recourse at all.
    We the People as few as it seems we are, are indeed at War.
    Talking with the Iraqis and other Muslim troops I worked with here in the states, they were very clear about the future. America is a very naïve Country to think it will not happen here. Our leadership is foolish and just like with the recent Iran talks- we gave them everything and did not even ask to get our imprisoned Americans back.
    I am sure we have reasons to think the way we do. I do not have any doubt we are at war right here in the US , and with our government and news media twist on everything we as a nation are divided.
    Whites against Blacks, Police against Citizens, Military command siding with whom ever is in charge at the time.
    Just my 2cents, carry your weapon and be at the ready at all times. The enemy is here and they are being supported by our own Country to carry out the evil they do. Sanctuary cities abound.
    Best Regards, RangerRick

    • Rick, you need to read Glubb’s The Fate of Empires, if you haven’t yet. Nothing the US is experiencing today is new. EVERY empire/great power goes through it. It’s just part of the cycle of human nature. There’s no fixing it. There’s just killing as many motherfuckers as possible, in order to keep your tribe and the values you cherish, alive as long as possible.

      • RangerRick permalink

        Hi Brother,
        I have read it. Its in the library here . You are correct all great powers go thru this, it is just a shame it’s US this time .
        Seems like every time America gets a cold the world sneezes.
        We had it all and for awhile we did indeed share it. Looking back ,all I see is worldwide death and destruction and America always seems to be in the darkness somewhere pulling strings for the NWO..

        For our enemy ,I do carry bacon with me and its getting ripe, those sons of bitches will go straight to HELL when I shove it up their ass.

        Hollow points all have organic freeze dried bacon bits inserted as do my shot gun loads.
        God Bless US each and every one.
        Hugs to the family, RangerRick
        North Idaho

  11. tfA-t permalink

    When I was serving during the 80s we were always under arms. Hell, even in the reserves we left base with M-16s and entered the local Dc Monalds fully armed. Shit, for that matter we pulled into the place in armored vehicles. No one even batted an eyelash. If anything, those American civies felt damned safe while we were there. How far this land has fallen. What a disgrace.

  12. 1) I see a contradiction in the “we gotta monitor Jade Helm they’re practicing for martial law,” and the growing support for all military personnel being armed at all times; 2) yes, I agree we are at war, and yes 10% answered the call while 90% went to the mall. Those malls are the next target no doubt. With all the Somalis in MN the Mall of America is low-hanging fruit and I hope someone else sees that and is working to prevent that. But maybe the bigger question really should be why are we in the Middle East to start with? I understand ISIS is targeting us but why don’t we secure the borders, support our allies militarily (Nixon Doctrine?) and otherwise get out of the area of operations. We have been there for the last 70+ years in large part to secure the oil and guarantee the sovereignty of both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Those economic and strategic interests are changing. Maybe it is time for a new paradigm in American foreign policy to go along with it.

  13. Mosby! When I say this I should not be underestimated…..I may not like everything you say, BUT you have NEVER been wrong ! Brilliant writing! I am currently try PT ING so as not to disgrace myself at o e of your classes….Keep up the good work!

  14. Reblogged this on Cold Dead Hands Days and commented:
    Fuckn A

  15. Zuesdog permalink

    Mr. Mosby, this may be the best piece you have ever done. Straight to the point, problem was stated clearly and the solution clearly defined. We are being targeted and people better wake up to that fact. We will know how the Israelis live before this is over. You do great work and I follow your writings. thank you

  16. Steiner permalink

    This is more than pathetic. It means little that we are at war with another culture that represents all that is evil. I could care if they were the Vatican. What does matter is that America will not respond in kind. If they employ terrorist tactics then destroy those who finance, train and support them. Destroy the training areas, the religions that produce the matreials that support their goals. Destroy the oil fields, the poppy fields, and their bank accounts. How? By all and any means possible.

    War is conducted in this way. Those who forget, lose.

    • ricky permalink

      steiner for president. your plans are basic and brilliant

  17. DAN III permalink


    Thank you for this reality piece you wrote. I wish more folks had your mentality.

  18. C. R. Jahn permalink

    You say the ban on military personnel being armed started in 1992? When I enlisted in 1986 solders were not permitted to have access to live ammunition, even when on guard duty. Only MPs were allowed to have a loaded weapon on base. We weren’t even allowed to have lockblades, restricted to non-locking folders with blades under 3″. I heard that different bases had different rules, this was at Ft Leonard Wood, MO.

    • I think it’s gone back and forth a lot over the years. What it was NOT was a ban instituted by Clinton.

    • RangerRick permalink

      1972 Fort Bragg N.C , as a Special Forces troop we were not allowed ammo for our shot guns.
      Fix; went to town and bought some.

      • ricky permalink

        do you do survival training up there?

      • ricky permalink

        love you bro. we have to stop obeying bad laws. Patriot style.

      • RangerRick permalink

        Ricky, I do a 52 week course, 1/2 way thru it now. It covers everything possible and yes we do Survival classes. All my classes /training are free.
        Last Jan SERE Instructors from Fairchild reminded me I was 3 times the age of most of them. Great winter survival class they gave . RangerRick

  19. RobRoySimmons permalink

    Hey Mosby we pretty much can turn the physical level of war into a Dodo shoot, but where we lack, badly is the moral level.

  20. wunhunglo2 permalink

    The “no guns on base” crap goes back to at least 1974 when I was at Camp Pendleton with 1/5. NO personal firearms could be carried and they had to be stored in the armory or off base. No individual (or crew served) issued weapons could be checked out of the armory other than in conjunction with a unit operation.
    As far as the PC warfare rules… I look back to the last war we actually finished with a win- WW2. How did we finish it and win it? By killing the enemy, by any means available. Killing them until the survivors stood in the rubble of their countries with their collective civilian and military hands up, saying “NO MORE”. Collateral damage? WTF,over.
    If their rule is that everyone is a target, so be it.

    • ricky permalink

      then Roosevelt sold surplus firearms and ammo to the general public created the ccm? so we could practice and stay vigilant

    • Arkansas’ governer apparently did to. I’m sure there were more than two governors that did so today. As far as I can tell so far, that means the governor’s of those states just said, “Hey, State Adjutant, if you want, why don’t you give our Active Duty National Guard guys their guns?” It doesn’t mean the arms rooms are going to be open for everybody with a ARNG ID card in those states an M4.

      In fact, considering that the State Adjutant in each state is STILL going to be subject to the DoD directives, it’s not going to change a damned thing. Dude’s can still only be issued weapons they’ve qualified on (guess how large a percentage of soldiers are actually qualified with the M9 and M11?), and they have to be in a duty position that requires it, OR have special orders drawn up. Since nobody in their chains-of-commmand is going to be okay with ARNG personnel going to the grocery store with an M4 slung over their shoulder, you know what the governors saying this is, really? Politics.

  21. John permalink

    Agreed on all points with one caveat – our ruling Junta’s should have kept their greedy hands out of the Middle East, up to and including assisting in the creation of the “State of Israel” in 1948. We didn’t have an “Arab/Muslim” problem until then, and now that has as with all greedy, overstretched Empires, come home to roost. We should have stuck with the maxims penned in Washington’s Farewell Address as if they were the Ten Commandments.

    Another thing – read “The Culture of Critique” by Prof. Kevin MacDonald to see who turned this God Forsaken place from the actual “Nation” it was into the “Proposition Nation” open to any and all that it has become. Slowly, like Chinese water torture, a particular “ingroup” made silent war on the overculture of Western Europeans who founded this place and their progenitors who built it. The fatal wound thrust was into its heritage and heart with the passage of the 1965 immigration act (Hart-Cuellar Act) that essentially created the “open borders -.we’re all the same” deracialized, decultured, chaotic, rudderless, leftist replicant of Babel that “America” has become.

    “We’re” never going to win anything abroad without winning the war here at home first. Look around. The enemy is all around us and the vast majority of them sure as hell are Muslims.

    • I’ve got Culture of Critique in my reading queue, and I know what “ingroup” that you’re hinting around. Newsflash. I don’t allow anti-Semitism on my blog, because I don’t allow collectivism on my blog, period.

      • Randy permalink


        Can you explain the “I don’t allow collectivism on my blog” policy/comment. I’ve run across this comment before in other places and honestly don’t understand what it is supposed to convey.

        I pride myself on being able to relate to almost everyone, known enemies excluded, in order to move through the people like a fish moves swims through sea.



      • Racism, of any sort, by any measure is collectivism. It is judging every individual of a racial or ethnic group as a part of the collective, rather than individuals. If someone wants to say “Hey, I think POTUS is an evil, vile person,” I’m okay with that. I happen to think it’s a gross oversimplification (which is not the same as saying it’s wrong, mind you), but it’s judging him on the content of his character, based on his behavior. Saying, “POTUS is a typical, goddamned nigger.” is NOT acceptable in my house, and this blog is part of my virtual “house.” I’ve known too many people of African descent that were genuinely good people, with a solid grounding in traditional western cultural values, to believe that “all niggers is dumb and evil.”

        If someone wanted to say, “Hey, I think the….Rothschild’s are an evil family, full of evil people,” I’d probably disagree (on tribalist grounds), but I’d let it fly. The statement, “All Jews are evil/greedy/sleazy, etc” is demonstrably false, and is painting with a brush broader than I’m willing to allow in my house.

        The problem with anti-Semitism is two-fold: 1) It’s collectivism, and I despise collectivism. 2) The Jewish people have done a far better job of maintaining the tribal values–kith and kin, first, always–that I believe in for EVERY human being (it’s human nature, after all), than pretty much every other demographic in the world. People are jealous of the success of “dem jews” because the Jewish people, as a whole (I know, I know. It’s my fucking house. I’m okay with cognitive dissonance as long as it’s acknowledged), have been successful at the survival of their tribal culture (and that’s what Judaism is, really. That’s why secular Jews are still considered Jews by religious Jews), specifically because they have always focused on the tribal values. The rest of us (royal “us,” not anyone specifically), have allowed ourselves to be suckered into collectivist concepts that convinced us–again, not all of us, I was raised tribalist, after all–to give up on tribal values and focus on either “me, me, me,” or “love everybody.”

  22. “They are our enemies”

    Thanks to the actions of our own ruling class. Without the invasions and occupations and CIA interventions in the Middle East, this event would never have happened. It’s called “blowback”; the inevitable result of imperialism.

    The ruling class is jerking our chains again. 5 people dead, and everybody goes collectivist, like Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the ringing of a bell.

    I know who our real enemies are. They all live in and around Washington DC.

    • DAN III permalink

      Paul, I agree with you.

      Imagine armed foreign troops in this country going town-to-town, door-to-door, kicking in your door and shoving an AK at you. Would you not want to kill and maim every one of the bastards ? I would.

      Why are we warring in the Middle East ? We were never attacked by any nation there.


      • Kearney Smith permalink

        “To the shores of Tripoli” muslims were pirates boarding our ships in the time of Jefferson.
        They are barbarians now and always have been.

      • No. You’re using “barbarian,” a word with a very specific meaning, in a place where barbaric, a word derived from barbarian, due to cultural biases of a civilization that crucified people, is appropriate.

        As far as them being “barbaric,” yeah, I get that. They’re barbaric, and we’ve evolved past that…Problem is, having evolved past that is what is going to make us lose.

  23. John permalink

    A correction in my post above: The vast majority of our enemies here in “The Homeland” sure aren’t Muslims.

    And in reply to Paul Bonneau – You are 100% correct except the “enemy” is spread all throughout the fifty states, not just D.C.

  24. LTC permalink

    When the beheading events started last year I gunned up. I did not up the caliber I carry I just started to carry more back up magazines. If you are not ready for a fight when you are out and about how will you defend your family, your self and your church? At the same time I started to pray for safety for my family and church family and for sharper situational awareness because at 57 I am not as sharp as I used to be. Where will the next attack take place? Are you ready if its when you are in Walmart?

  25. Reblogged this on sharp defense and commented:
    This. Read it, then read it again. Think about it, then read it again until it sinks in deep down to your bones, until you get it and start acting like it. This problem isn’t going away, it’s on our doorstep.

  26. bill moses permalink

    If we understand this enemy the motivation behind these attacks is a belief in an eternal reward. Remove the motivation and the attacks stop. Right? So this guy believed he was going to get 72 babes. Doesn’t this belief also dictate a clean, ritual burial? So… cut off his junk and feed it to pigs, post it to YouTube and make it policy thus always to jihadists. Or go all out Old Testament and feed the entire carcass to the dogs (see Jezebel).

  27. In Tom Barry’s book “Guerilla Days in Ireland” chapter 17- “Fire with Fire” delves into how the IRA dealt with British terrorism by fire- raising gangs, espionage agents, and murder gangs was two for one…it stopped.

  28. Asbrandsson OR permalink

    The part that was amazing to me is the guy that went to the recruiting center to stand guard with his AR-15. That is the real America. A guy willing to defend the military when it can’t defend itself.

  29. Lost Patrol permalink

    A good post and in my opinion … right on. We create failures some times because we superimpose our thoughts, beliefs and ideology onto the enemy. Our analysis fails because our lens/view of them is often tinted with what we believe they are.

  30. h. in australia permalink

    as always, an intelegent and well written piece. you have to be the best miso i have seen for this sub culture.

    instead of trying to say who is to blame, can we look at what we (meaning the readers of this blog) can learn from it.
    what i have to say will sound callous but i’m looking at this purely emperically so please don’t be offended.

    i can’t imagine i will ever be on the “side” with numerical superiority. so working against overwelming numbers is something i will need to know and am trying to build into my mindset.

    from a very brief look at what this man did, i can only see a few things he did right:

    he didn’t get caught before hand (not an issue for me ’cause i’m not going to start anything, even if it does spark off i don’t know if i have the testicular fortitude to put any of my ideas into practice)

    he went against unarmed but uniformed military personel. still a valid target but increasing his chance to kill more enemy.

    he didn’t kill any non combatants, a small political win.

    what he did wrong.

    he got killed. not a problem from his viewpoint, but i prefer the line “your job as a soldier (prepper/ whatever) is not to die for your country (family/clan/etc) but to make your enemy die for his”.
    to use a purely mathamatical view of things (which i loath), from the published figures, he would need to have killed 13 US military personel for his death to increase strenght of isis vs the us military.

    he only killed 5 people. there were at least 4? at the recruiting offices, all of which survived and a base full of people… a) see above, b) he did not try hard enough/didn’t train and plan well enough.

    just imagine the casualties he could have caused if he had followed mr mosby’s lead of training and preperation plus training courses on fighting in and around buildings etc.


    ps. please pardon my terrible spelling.

  31. John permalink

    @ Mt. Guerilla –

    “Antisemitism” has nothing to do with it,

    What faces us is no different than chess come alive, and understanding who is on the playing field, what their psychology is, what their stated goals are and what their capabilities are, well, I consider that somewhat important. Ignoring an elephant in the room, or a camel for that matter, for whatever reason, makes little sense to me.

    When I read in Israel’s leading daily, Hareetz, a story that headlines “25 of the 28 planners of the Iraq War were Jewish” and they listed the names of the usual suspects, I take serious note of that statement. in March of 2003 “WE” invaded a country that had nothing to do with the alleged “Casus Belli”, 9/11, and destroyed it. From that came mass murder and chaos, eventually the Free Syrian Army and from that, ISIS. Ergo, your piece above and Paul Bonneau’s correct reference to “Blowback.” Ah, “The Sorrows of Empire” by Chalmers Johnson. When I read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago and the author clearly states that what happened during and after the Bolshevik Revolution of November 1917 was not done by Russians and not by Christians, I take serious note of the allegation. Sixty six million Christian people murdered by Soviet Bolshevism is, well, an attention getter, wouldn’t you say? Just because Stalin argued that “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is just a statistic” doesn’t mean we are obligated to agree with him.

    Having read the 1947 “The Yinon Plan” thirty years ago and have been watching it move from paper into deliberate and concerted action in the Middle East, I take even more serious note of its particulars and goals since they are now happening in “real time.” I realize that the 1970 movie “Patton” was indeed simply a movie, but there was a particular scene in that flick that stuck with me forever. On a ridge overlooking a tank battle in North Africa, Patton was surveying the armored battle unfolding below him, and he stated, “Rommel, you magnificent son-of-a-bitch. I read your book.”

    Hmmm. “Read your book” therefore translates into “Know your enemy”, correct?

    When I read cited excerpts in a book that leftist agenda-driven academics combed through “fine tooth” style desperately searching for errors so as to be justified in constructing a case for the firing of the author from his position as a professor and they failed to do so, I then should give serious consideration to the work since the all out witch hunt failed to prove a witch existed. When one of the noted citations in the book states regarding comments made by one of the authors of the 1965 Hart-Cuellar Act (’65 immigration law), “The purpose of this legislation is to permanently change the demographics of this country (U.S.) so that Western Christianity is never again a threat to Judaism”, I take serious note of that stated fact, who the hell said it, and from which “in-group” he came from.

    As a matter of fact, not being a moron, I instantly deduced that statement as clearly “anti-Christian” and “anti-western European” since in 1965 this country was 90% Caucasian, overwhelmingly Christian, and primarily populated by those of Western European descent. I cannot ascertain how anyone else could arrive at any other conclusion. Are you suggesting we ignore ideas and actions by particular groups here in “The Homeland” such as this, one’s that by quite deliberate design completely turned upside down and inside out the demographics, culture, history, and general language of this country? “Push Two for Spanish.” Last week the mayor of Kansas City proudly announced that their school district has students who speak sixty two different languages, and guess what? The School District isn’t “teaching” those languages. L.A. is worse, with students there whose primary language come in 82 varieties, putting Baskin-Robbins to shame. We sure as hell aren’t 90% Caucasian anymore and “Christianity” is reeling on its heels after decades of complete and total assault by “insert here” who never were and never will be part of “The Silent Majority.”

    As you should well know, “Guerilla” activity can only be successful with a significant level of the population being of similar racial construct and belief. After an attack, the fighters must have a place to “disappear” into or guerilla movements don’t last long. Curiously, how many Middle Eastern Muslims were in the U.S. in 1965? Damn near zero. How many are here now? Note that there were 7 million Hispanics here in 1970 and there are 57 million here today. Who opened the gates and have by deliberate design left them essentially unguarded? As Benjamin H. Freedman so wrote in a critique of the motive of his own people, “Facts are Facts.”

    “My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.” – God

    I’m with Him, all the way around.

    • oughtsix permalink

      That’s the most comprehensive and convincing summation of that particular aspect of our de(con)struction I’ve ever read in blog commentary.

      Well done, Sir. Can we now dispense with the knee jerk canard of “anti-semitism?”

      John’s comments were of an entirely different and higher order than the usual neo nazi spew.

      John wrote: “I cannot ascertain how anyone else could arrive at any other conclusion.”

      Neither can I.

  32. Sam permalink

    Gen. Wesley Clark recommends internment camps for those “radicalized” and “disloyal”:

  33. Mike permalink

    John you started a great discussion. Let’s remember to be better than the enemy. I appreciate we have to be tougher than our enemy, but we also need to have a better moral ethical framework. We need to convince the vast silent majority who watch from the sidelines that we are the people they want to be like. You’ve said in other writings that we must have legitimacy and trust to win people to our side.

    • We do have to have legitimacy, morally. The problem is, we have to have legitimacy in the enemy’ eyes, and in the eyes of bystanders, as well as our own view. Nobody else in the WORLD, except contemporary western culture, believes that wars can be won by half-measures. My statement was not that we should “lower” ourselves to someone else’s standards of behavior. My statement was about re-examining our standards of wartime behavior and thinking about HOW western culture came to dominate the world.

      It wasn’t by being nice. It was through blood and iron. It was through being willing to raze cities and put heads on spikes. How exactly do we define a “better moral ethical framework?” Which religion’s moral and ethical framework do we use? MOST readers here, I would gather, would say “Christian” morality and ethics, which, while not Christian, I’m not entirely opposed to.

      Here is the crux though…. WHICH set of “Christian” morality and ethics? Do we stick to post-modern, feel-good, consumer Christianity? Or do we stick to Crusader-era “convert or we’ll send you to Hell?” Christianity? If the latter, how does that make us different than ISIS, other than “we’ve got Jesus on our side?”

      Or, is there a happy median in there somewhere, that says, “Hey, you leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone, but if you fuck with us, we WILL send you to Hell?” Cause, I may not be Christian, but I’m COMPLETELY, 110% okay with the last set of “superior” morality.

      • oughtsix permalink

        “Cause, I may not be Christian, but I’m COMPLETELY, 110% okay with the last set of “superior” morality.”

        Absolutely. It’s no less than the basic right to self defense.

        Christians who understand the Word of God and the principles of sin, agree completely.

        The wages of Sin is Death.

      • Defensive Training Group permalink

        I’d go with the ‘happy median’ you’ve described…

  34. navydavep permalink

    Thought provoking piece. I believe most who read blogs like this know that the descriptions of terrorists provided by our media don’t fit. These guys are smart – they have to be to pull off jobs like 911, UK train station bombing, etc. Something I would like to add to your cultural contrast above is the economy. I think there are many young men out there with nothing to do and overseas groups like Al-Shabaab and ISIS have appealing recruitment tactics. Have a look at Twitter.
    Thanks for the article,

  35. John permalink

    Indeed I have. My arguments are factually based, and I certainly agree that if we do not hold the moral and ethical “high ground” at all times and in all things, we shall lose and lose utterly.

    God Bless, keep fit, and stay constantly alert.

  36. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  37. Time to take care of ragheads.

  38. Roseman permalink

    A little off topic but help explains the American crisis.

    H L Mencken said it best;’ The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level ,to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality’

    This is the way the elite controls the sheeple and the secular progressives have been controlling education for decades. A citizenry of non thinkers unable to lead or effectively follow a true leader as they are not capable enough to recognize one.

  39. Randy permalink


    OK, thanks, now I understand your use of the term “collectivist”. I think all of us have been on the receiving end of someone’s assumption that we automatically qualified to be considered a 2nd or 3rd class citizen because we ____________ (fill in the blank).

    I can still remember three characters in particular that felt it was perfectly correct to let me know they thought I was some sort of scumbag because I worked for the military and took a government paycheck.

    One was a topless dancer, number 2 was an unemployed writer, and number 3 was some sort of Priest.

    ** Note: To be fair to the topless dancer, she didn’t go off on me until after I told her to get her breast implants out of my face.


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