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Last Open Enrollment Classes, Probably

August 5, 2015

We’ve got a few open-enrollment classes coming up in the next two months. We’ve so far had enough interest in them to go ahead and still plan executing on the classes, but we’ve had little enough interest that it’s really pushing the envelope of whether it’s worth it or not, from a time investment standpoint on our end. If we don’t get at least a few more students in each class, these will be the last open-enrollment classes I do.

When we started the MG blog, three or four years ago (legit, I sometimes can’t remember how long it’s been), it was never intended to be a vehicle for training classes anyway. So, if you know someone who can make these classes and will benefit from some legitimate, real-world training in solid tactical decision-making, under stress, while employing their weapon in the contexts of these classes, tell them to get lined up with HH6, and get their information and deposits in.

So, what exactly does a MG class entail?

1) It will be physically arduous. That having been said, no one has ever died, or even come close to dying, from drowning in sweat during one of my classes. I’ll be the first to tell you to back off and actually learn, instead of pushing to the point of passing out, if it looks like you’re sucking too much.

2) You will learn the current “best practices” for running whatever weapon you bring (and in the context of the CQB courses), the current “best practices” methodologies for fighting in/around structures in the UW/Small-Unit environment, with limited equipment/munitions and manpower.

3) Every MG class focuses on that single most important factor in shooting in the real-world: critical thinking under pressure and good decision-making on the shoot/no-shoot spectrum. This is NOT the tired “hey, shoot the guys with guns painted on the silhouette. Don’t shoot the dude with hands painted on him” decision-making you’ve seen in too many “tactical” shooting classes. Real-world shooting decisions aren’t that cut-and-dried, and teaching people that they are does the student a disservice that WILL result in negative outcomes in the form of either a) the shooter shooting the WRONG person, or b) the shooter taking so long to make the real-world types of decisions that he/she ends up getting shot instead.

Take a look at the Upcoming Classes tab, and get enrolled. Like I said, these may very well be the last open-enrollment classes we offer.

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  1. kapg permalink

    I know you have a lot on your plate Brother, I can hear it in your voice. I appreciate your sacrifices and how you pour your heart into your ass-kicking and inspirational writings.
    The Country is suffering with you. We are spiraling down and need your leadership now more than ever. Please do everything you can to remain an asset to those of us who need you, for as long as you can. God bless you and your family John.

    People, we need to step it up! John should be able to buy a college for his kids, just with his side – teaching job! I know the economy is crumbling and the culture seems to be able to find a way to ignore that fact, but we III’pers need to get serious and double-down on our training before it gets really hot. Throw John a bone and help your community while you’re at it!

  2. Frank permalink

    His classes are great. Do it!! I’ve done a bunch of them and its worth every penny and more.

  3. Shame about your unwillingness to travel by air (making most traveling engagements impractical). There is an undeniable economy to moving one person– especially an instructor who *could* travel less incumbered– to a group rather than moving a group to a person… All of whom traveling with gear, guns, ammo. Impractical, approaching impossible, when I penciled it out. That “economy” extends to phobias about commercial air travel. Who says there aren’t 3-4 potential students per potential class who won’t book the class because they’re adverse to flying? *One person* could fall on that sword.
    Why assume, or market to, groups (“tribes”, whatever)? Again, economy. Five of my buddies can afford tuition.. and we can each afford 1/6 of Mosby’s expenses. You’re not appealing to the well heeled (or Dept. funded) Gunsite set.
    You’ll get a lot of sympathy for this thing not paying off and working out. In some part, you hamstrung yourself here.

    • I have no problem traveling. How the Hell do you think I’m going to hit TN, SD, ID, and AZ all in a month a half? I also didn’t say no more private classes. I said *probably* no more open-enrollment classes.

      It would cost me more to fly than it does to drive. This is a side thing, not my primary occupation. If I’m going to travel around the country, after being at work, not seeing my family all week, I’m damned sure bringing my family with me, so I can spend time with them.

      Sympathy, as my mother so eloquently pointed out repeatedly, as I was growing up, is in the dictionary, right between shit and syphilis. If I was looking for sympathy, I would look in the dictionary. This was a heads up to let people know what was going on.

  4. Wes permalink

    Damn this sucks, I was hoping/planning to hit an Arizona class next round, some time after the first of the year. I get it though, can’t plan your life around other people’s hopes and dreams.

  5. Mike permalink

    Hello John,
    Thank you for your great effort in informing the common man the necessity for the training in the proper use weapons handling and team tactics. I would love to attend one or two of your classes, However, being located on the east coast, traveling to you location for three days and then having a seperation of another four days before the beginning of your next class is a bit to much in both time and expense. If you were to offer a 5 or 6 day class with no breaks in between, I would be more likely to attend. If possible, would this be something you would consider?

  6. James1 permalink

    Guess all that multi cumtra tribe bs did not pay off. Lol

    • You’re a special sort of stupid fuck, aren’t you? Are you so purebred that your parents were brother and sister, or did your granddaddy fuck his daughter to produce you?

      Since you’re obviously slightly dumber than the rock next to my back porch that I piss on, I’d suggest reading comprehension lessons, but you’d probably need to learn your ABCs first.

    • flightmedic permalink

      I have never ever read John disparage anybody’s belief system in book or blog. What possesses you to be so vindictive? I am as Christian as they come and welcome his perspective. Keep up the fantastic work John.

      • Oh, every once in a while, the White Pride crew comes through. I disparage the beliefs of people who think their perceived ancestry, without deeds of their own, somehow makes them special. I believe in ancestor veneration myself, but I also believe my ancestors expect me to perform great deeds of my own, so I do disparage the WP belief system.

        He’s mad because I’m not anti-Jewish.

  7. BJJ permalink

    You mentioned that you are coming through TN. Are you teaching an open enrollment class there?

  8. Swamp Fox permalink


    Here is a motivator for everyones PT program. Mind over matter, one of the greatest US Olympians ever.

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