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You’re Getting Played…..

August 30, 2015

Tragically, yesterday, a Harris County, TX deputy was assassinated at a gas station, while fueling his patrol car. While there are a lot of people who think I am vehemently “anti-cop/anti-LEO,” that’s not true. I have a large number of friends and family who are, or have been, police officers. I considered being a police officer, when I left the military, before recognizing that I genuinely don’t have the temperament to do that work, in the manner that I believe it should be done. This is NOT a bash on police officers. I will repeat. THIS IS NOT A BASH ON POLICE OFFICERS.

This is a bash on the media control of your brainwashing, and the documentation to illustrate the truth of its occurrence.

It’s been a “bad year” for cops in the US, right? Lots of them getting assassinated, right? Surely, it’s all a result of the uprisings in urban areas, by inner-city youths and their communist agitators, right? It’s horrible, right?

Well, it’s horrible, sure, but it’s actually been a pretty average—if not below average—year for violent homicide of police officers, compared to the last thirty years.

Do you need an example of media conditioning of the American mind? I’m going to give you an example.

We have Fox News on, at the moment, as we’re sitting here, deciding what we’re going to actually do for the evening, since the kids are at Grandma’s for the weekend.

They were just discussing the assassination of the Harris County, TX deputy last night. To preface this, despite some folks’ belief that I am somehow anti-cop, I am NOT saying that this was okay. At all. I am however, going to use this as a PERFECT example of how the media fucking controls people’s thinking.

Lots of cops getting killed this year, right? Lots of cops being shot and murdered.

Except, we’re actually BELOW the average for the year, compared to recent history, despite the brouhaha the media is making.

I have been wondering about it for a little while now, with the constant barrage by the media, of police officers being assassinated. So, I went and looked at the Officer’s Down Memorial Page (, to look at the statistics.

Keep in mind, as you look at the numbers:

1) We are already at the end of August. So, we’re 2/3 of the way through the year. As of my checking today, there were 82 line-of-duty deaths of police officers, nationwide (the Harris County Deputy was not yet listed). Of that 82, three were the result of “Assault,” twenty-three were a result of “Gunfire,” (not including “Accidental Gunfire,” which is a separate category), and three were the result of Vehicular Assault. Remember those numbers, and remember, we’re already 2/3 of the way through the year.

Assault: 3
Gunfire: 23
Vehicular Assault: 3

That’s a total, 2/3 of the way through the year, of 29 violent homicides of police officers….If the trend remains, that’s going to result in 45 violent homicides of police officers, by the end of the year, assuming my math is correct (and it’s entirely possible that it’s not. I suck at math….)

Now, let’s look at 2005:

In total, there were 166 LOD deaths of police officers, nation-wide, in 2005. Of those, none are listed as “Assault,” but there was one killed by “Stabbing.” There were FIFTY-THREE killed by “Gunfire,” FIFTEEN killed by Vehicular Assault, and one killed by a “bomb,” (And I don’t know if that was intended to kill the officer, as in a targeted assassination, or he was an EOD guy who got blown up in the line-of-duty). Assuming the bomb victim was an assassination, that’s a total of 70, for violent murders of police officers, in 2005. We’re WAY behind 2005, so far this year.

But, let’s look back another decade, to 1995:

In 1995, there were 187 total LOD deaths of police officers in the US. Of those, four were “Assaults.” SEVENTY were “Gunfire.” Four were “Stabbing” victims, eight were “Vehicular Assault.” Eight are listed as “Terrorist Attack,” referring to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in OKC (Regardless of what you think happened in OKC, let’s assume it WAS what we’ve been told it was, for the sake of argument, and it COULD be said that those eight were the victims of “assassination.”) That’s a total of 94 violent assassinations of police officers in 1995….
How about 1985?
There were 180 total LOD deaths, nation-wide. Of those, 98 were violent homicides. Six were the result of “Assaults.” SEVENTY-FIVE were the victims of “Shooting,” and three were “Stabbed.” Fourteen were the result of “Vehicular Assault.”

If you extrapolate the numbers for the rest of the year, based on averages….29 divided by 8 months is 3.65 per month. So, for 12 months, that would make the projection come out to 43.5 violent homicides of police officers in the US for the year….

So, exactly how “bad” of a year has it ACTUALLY been for police officers, and how much is actually a result of us just being MORE exposed the killings that HAVE occurred, because of the 24 hour news cycle? How much are you being played by the media?

Turn off the fucking television, get off the Internet (except to read my blog, of course….), and go get face-to-face with your friends, family, and neighbors. It’ll drop your blood pressure, almost as much as doing PT will.

(I should add the parenthetical note….I don’t believe the ODMP is an official .gov website, and I didn’t look at the FBI page to look at these numbers. Feel free to correct me, if the numbers on the FBI site contradict the message.

I should also add, again….this is NOT a bash on cops, most of whom are doing a good job at a shitty job. Any comments talking about “pigs” or advocating the assassination of police officers will be deleted forthwith. That’s NOT the purpose of this article.)


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  1. Frank Pinelander permalink

    Both the Bolsheviks (Democrats) and Mensheviks (Republicans) benefit from a Police State. It’s just the means that they use to get there.

    The drama around the conflicting narratives of black lives vs. police lives serves a purpose of divide and conquer, not to mention keeping The Drooling Masses screaming at each other, and NOT doing anything positive.

  2. BCG permalink

    Although I don’t want to get into specifics or fact testing on your quoted statistics I will say that I have been a cop for over 20 years (going on my 22 year) during that time I’ve done patrol, K9, SWAT, Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, and Training. Currently I am a patrol supervisor. Not that I am trying to sell you on my resume, but just to say “I’ve been there done that” when it comes to cop work. I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt the profession is more violent and people have less respect for not just LE personnel, but laws in general. My opinion, one cop life is too many! Now, I know I’m preaching to the choir but this job cost you more than possibly your life. For example, You deal with the scum of society, you are a marriage counselor, guidance counselor, civil lawyer, criminal lawyer, expected to be an expert in physics/ballistics, expected to provide life saving first aid to somebody who has tried to kill you, and expected to maintain your sanity when coming home and speaking to your teenagers after you just helped peel a 16 year old out of the engine compartment of a vehicle after they were driving too fast and texting. All of that while maintaining composure in a life or death struggle with a oxygen thief of society trying not to use too much force because in about 2 months that same piece of shit will file a civil law suit against you for violating his civil rights and some scumbag defense attorney will run with the case hoping to make a name for himself even though the case has no merit. Now, most of us are straight and narrow type of guys; we don’t look for fame and fortune; we don’t ask for any recognition, but dammit the one thing we do request when one of our fellow officers is murdered don’t use it as a springboard for some political agenda or push for some hashtag slogan. Fucking sick of this shit! End of rant

    • “one cop life is too many” sounds an awful lot like #blacklivesmatter to me.

      I’m pretty sure, there’s NEVER been a police officer draft, in this country. So, no one MADE you take the job, and when it got shitty, no one MADE you stay on the job.

      If you think pointing out that the numbers don’t support your Narrative that cops are being targeted, more than ever, is somehow a political agenda on my part? Go fuck yourself. You talking about “one cop life is too many” being the same as “We ARE being targeted!” is EXACTLY the same control Narrative being used to push the #blacklivesmatter bullshit.

    • DAN III permalink


      While you snivel about the alleged dangers of being an enforcer for the laws of the ruling elites, you made that choice. You could have chosen another field of work say, for instance, a lumberjack or a salt-water fisherman. Both fields being extremely more dangerous than the comparitively “safe” job of being a cop.

      As for ignoring your beloved “laws” it is estimated one violates three federal laws without even knowing it….on a daily basis ! So much for “laws”. There are too many of them.

      What useful, societal purpose do cops serve except to punish and attack those who are not connected ? Cops/LEOs/Badged Thugs protect no common citizen. Take Hillary Clinton for instance, one of the ruling elites….she should be indicted and behind bars but not one member of the LEO community has stepped forward to arrest her or at least call for her arrest. How righteous of the law enforcement community.

      I’m a firm believer that there are no good cops. I make no apology for that belief.

      Remember Jose Guerena. Murdered by Pima County SWAT cops in his own home, in front of his wife and child, by badged invaders. You shed no tears or concerns for Jose Guerena did you ?

      So in closing this response to your rant, I believe there are no good cops. They serve only themselves and the laws of the ruling elites.

    • everlastingphelps permalink

      So your reply is “I don’t believe in math.” I’m not interested in your math-denialism.

    • Crush permalink

      As another career cop, yes, I feel the need to chime in (especially with all the Alpha Males on this site) to make some distinctions. In full disclosure I’m a small town police sergeant in a rural area, 17 years on the job. And I take my oath more seriously than most of the military members I’ve met over the years.
      First YES we did CHOOSE to enter this field. Just as any serviceman since 27 Jan 1973. So if you served since then, you CHOSE to serve. Period. Stop the bullshit. Does that mean you deserve any less appreciation and support from your country? Hell no! Of course you do. The difference is that spending 22 years (as the op has) or 17 years as I have, is a hell of a lot longer, and truly defines you your family and your life. Do you really want those of us that do the job for the right reasons to walk off? Because police will not go away – who do you think will replace us?
      Second, please, PLEASE recognize that many of us choose this professional for the right reasons. I chose to become an officer because I truly, fundamentally believe it is my responsibility to help protect those that need protecting, and to protect the rights of all citizens. Yeah, even the bad ones. That’s my oath, and I won’t violate it. Call BS? Three times in my career I’ve put my badge on the Chief’s desk and walked away due to my problems/concerns with that department. I’ve come back to other departments, but I have no hesitation in doing the right thing.
      Think you’re angry when you hear about a bad, rogue cop? I’m infuriated! However, when a serviceman goes ‘off reservation’ ( ie Fort Hood shooting), you don’t hear a condemnation of all servicemen do you? And most of the high profile police shootings are truly justified – and 99.9% of all people on this site would have shot the person in the same situation.
      Are there fat ass, lazy, complacent pay check collectors like MountainGuerrilla alluded to with the fat cop he walked up on in the grocery store who didn’t realize he was a couple feet away from his weapon? Absolutely. And we strive hard to fix it, to impart the internal pressure to correct it. But in this Affirmative Action society, we are more hamstrung than the military in that regard. And for the record, I’ve seen more out of shape, sheepish NG/Reserves than I have police. Doesn’t mean I’m going to bash the entire military.
      The basic truth is that American policing is simply society asking someone to do what they’re too weak, too chickenshit scared to do themselves. It’s not an exact science. But I can be chatting with a store owner, then changing a tire for an old lady one minute, getting spit on by a spoiled 15 year old girl the next, then trying to gas up my cruiser and get shot in the back for no reason other than my clothes and car. There is no other profession that requires that. Period. Statistically rare? Hell yeah. Tell that to anyone who lived in NY on September 12, 2001 … bet you both nuts that every resident looked up every time they heard a plane that day! Doesn’t reduce my stress, my wife or daughters stress every time I suit up to go to work. So take your ‘statistically insignificant’ math and pound it in your ass. You are not targeted. Period. I have to worry every day that the marked police cruiser in my driveway attracts someone like Dan III who thinks all cops are parasitic storm troopers and feel because he got some ticket for failing to inspect his vehicle that I deserve to die.
      I appreciate the caveat of ‘no cop bashing’ in the article. Many, MANY of us want to do the right thing. We’re here to learn, to help build the ‘kith and kin’ that’s talked about and truly value our fellow man. While I am in public service, I am NOT a servant. We do not want your adoration, we want to work with those that need us. Realizing that many on this site in fact do not in fact require police assistance, we only ask you support the *proper* enforcement of the laws. Don’t like the laws? Then change them! That is YOUR responsibility as an American. Don’t blame me.
      For those that say there are ‘no good cops’, well, you’re an anarchist piece of shit. And fuck you. You’re a tough guy, and can handle yourself, but while you’re at work *I’m* the POS who watches your house, talks to your kids, and makes sure your wife feels safe. When you go home to your family, I’m the schmuck who watches your business and responds to alarm calls so you don’t have to. I don’t take your place. I supplement the protection YOU provide, so I can help when you have to go to work making this country a great place. But if you think for one fucking second that you can leave for 8-10 ( or more) hours every day and assume your family is safe without any outside help while you’re preoccupied with living the American dream, well, you’re an idiot. I deal with scum everyday, but more importantly, I deal with good solid people everyday. And *that* is who I work for. Who I try to live up to an example to for my community.
      As for the question why don’t I go arrest Hillary? hahaha holy shit, your head is so firmly up your ass I’m surprised you can breath. You think because I have a badge I can just go arrest anyone I see that is breaking the law? I’m bound by the same laws that you are, and even more! Again, go fuck yourself. You military? Go take care of North Korea. Or Iran. Or Afghanistan. Or any of the other hundreds of shitholes we’ve sent military to over the last 100 years and not accomplished a thing. Not so easy is it?
      We are not all “badged thugs’. I try every day to be a good, moral man. To help my fellow countrymen. I truly do. I’m not perfect. But keep pushing that agenda, and guess what? That’s exactly what you’ll get. It’s already happening. Those of us with 15+ years on are looking for an exit strategy, and the only ones looking to come on the job are those ones you stereotype. It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. Hold your police accountable, absolutely! But then support them. Or you will end up with a federal police force as the executive branch is already trying to force upon us.

      • Like I said, I have a lot of friends, in the colloquial, “buddy” sense of the word, as well as the kith, “shovel and lime” sense of the word, that are cops. I KNOW not all cops are thugs, and not all cops are dipshits. Do I–personally–need cops? Probably not, really. Does that mean my lovely mother, who despite owning guns, hates even pulling the damned things out to look at, let alone shoot? Is it more convenient for me to have the police TRYING to keep bad people off the streets, than it would be for my mother to live with us? (the answer is a resounding FUCK YES!)

        This article, as I said, and you noted, wasn’t about bashing cops, nor was it about minimizing the tragedy of cops being assassinated. It was about helping people look behind The Narrative, and start thinking about why they are being told what they are being told.

      • tfA-t permalink

        “the basic truth is that American policing is simply society asking someone to do what they’re too weak, too chickenshit scared to do themselves. ” – That’s just absurd

        Warren v. District of Columbia

        …In a 4-3 decision, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial courts’ dismissal of the complaints against the District of Columbia and individual members of the Metropolitan Police Department based on the public duty doctrine. The Court explained that “[t]he duty to provide public services is owed to the public at large, and, absent a special relationship between the police and an individual, no specific legal duty exists.” The Court adopted the trial court’s determination that no special relationship existed between the police and appellants, and therefore no specific legal duty existed between the police and the appellants…

        Sorry,blue thug. I had to stop right there. If you tax lice would step aside and let nature take its course, the scum would be scrubbed in less than a month. Yes, that would include your masters that you swear to “protect and serve”. You leeches need us, not the other way around. I think it’s called job security. You sons of Satan have a way of making a bad situation-WORSE every time. So we should be happy to support the corrupt rotten cops like we have now, or we’ll get even worse later? Thank you sir, may I have another? Sheesh. Like I said already, when you have lost the support of men like me-and you have, then it’s all over. excuse me, I hear the Fat Lady singing. Have a lovely coming unpleasantness, and remember your ilk started it. Sir.

        It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…..

      • everlastingphelps permalink

        “Think you’re angry when you hear about a bad, rogue cop? I’m infuriated! However, when a serviceman goes ‘off reservation’ ( ie Fort Hood shooting), you don’t hear a condemnation of all servicemen do you?”

        We also don’t hear about the servicemen all closing ranks to protect the rogue, lying to cover up for him on reports and in court, and demanding that we all give him a pass because he wears a uniform.

        The reality is that the military polices and punishes its own, while the police cover up for and protect their bad apples. The military removes the bad apples from the barrel, while the cops let the bad apples spoil the entire barrel.

        Statistically rare? Hell yeah. Tell that to anyone who lived in NY on September 12, 2001 … bet you both nuts that every resident looked up every time they heard a plane that day! Doesn’t reduce my stress, my wife or daughters stress every time I suit up to go to work. So take your ‘statistically insignificant’ math and pound it in your ass. You are not targeted. Period.

        By your logic being an investment banker is more dangerous than being a cop — a lot more of them died in the WTC. It really irks me that you’re trying to steal that thunder, too, when it was the firefighters going up the stairs into that falling building, not the cops. NYPD and the Port Authority lost 60 officers. FDNY lost 343. Terrorists aren’t targeting cops — because you’re bunch insists that you be armed and the rest of us not.

      • “And for the record, I’ve seen more out of shape, sheepish NG/Reserves than I have police.”

        Seriously GTFO here with that line of BS.
        But on the flip side, the average Reserve/NG soldier aint trying to convince everyone they’re a SF/Ranger/Sniper/SEAL Delta Recon Commando, where just about every cop I know thinks they are the equal of the above.
        As an example.
        Basic Marine Cops Infantry school- 8 weeks and then NON STOP training.
        If that 18 YO 0311 went around their peers implying they were some kind of SF bad ass, they’d get a blanket party.
        Basic SWAT school- 5 days and then “trains” once a month on average. These guys are running around “playing” soldier every fucking day, every fucking where, all dolled up in their BDU’s telling anyone that will listen and even those that wont how much of a bad ass they are.

        “Don’t like the laws? Then change them! That is YOUR responsibility as an American. Don’t blame me.”

        Hey Jew, don’t like the Nuremberg Laws, then change them! That is your responsibility as a German. Don’t blame me.

      • Glad to see you didn’t let this turn into a police bashing fest. Leech, lice, plenty of other nice terms. Good to know where people stand about things. I’ve met plenty of guys who exaggerate their military service acting like they were Ranger/Recon take your pick and I don’t give a shit because they did it and are proud of it. I’ve met guys who served in the NG when reviewing their application for employment who couldn’t spell at a 5th grade level. Kinda scary that they get issued weapons to fight in empirical wars waged against goat herders. And they don’t try to protect their own? Abu Garab, all the complaints of sexual assault that get hidden or pushed away, not to mention the tons of stories I’ve personally heard from guys talking about doing fucked up shit in Iraq and Afghanistan like giving them condoms and saying it’s candy throwing rocks at them and swerving humvees at them when they drive. These are stories they tell because its funny to them. Don’t give that shit as a “false narrative” that military good LEO bad. You sound really fucking stupid. And pretending like cops are the problem in this country is odd considering the number of Veterans that become police officers upon completion of service.

      • Ya know, when the LEO show up playing the #CopLivesMatterMore card? Bets are off. I find it ironic that the so many are “Well, we’re good people, really. We’re trying to do good things,” at the exact same time that same person is saying, “One cop life is too many!” As opposed to one non-cop citizen’s life? B

        Why does that attitude exist? Because cops are being told they should be a special, protected class of citizen, just like every other special interest group. So, yeah, there is a narrative. Just because you deny it, to salve your confidence doesn’t make it so.

        Other issues?

        1) Imperial. Not empirical. Empirical refers to evidence.

        2) As far as me being stupid? Probably. I didn’t say cops are THE problem. Are some cops part of the problem? Absolutely, just like some veterans are part of the problem. Just like some people that belong to various other special interest groups are part of the problem.

        3) If you don’t like what I have to say, you’ve really got a couple options.
        a) Report the content of the blog to WordPress and tell them you find it offensive. Maybe they’ll shut it down for you.
        b) Report it to federal LE. Of course, since there have been federal LE in some of my classes, and they didn’t seem to have a problem with the balance of my message and class content, that may or may not work out for you.
        c) Come kill me so I can’t write anymore.
        d) Go fuck yourself.

      • Frank Pinelander permalink

        This, from below.

        “The reality is that the military polices and punishes its own, while the police cover up for and protect their bad apples. The military removes the bad apples from the barrel, while the cops let the bad apples spoil the entire barrel.”

        I walked away, because I would rather not be spoiled by others.

        The stark reality, is the system does NOT, via internal pressure get rid of problem children, it rallies to protect the system.

        Don’t want problems from the public at large? Get rid of the less than 3% that are creating the problem for the remainder.

    • Honestly MG I don’t think one cop life matters, because I signed up for the gig and it was my choice. I still do it. Its weird that you interpreted my response directed at you. I don’t want to kill you because I’m selfish and you post resources that I enjoy and need, I’m not the reporting kind of person, and unfortunately I’m not physically equipped to fuck myself. All I was saying is that you specified that you didn’t want this to turn to a cop bashing fest yet you let it go. I think good people should live and bad people shouldn’t but also realize that bad shit happens to good people. Ive seen that first hand for the last 11yrs. As for the spelling, sue me i was on my phone my bad. I just find all this tribalism bullshit funny. Cop good because I cop, No military good cause I military. Fuck that. Good honorable men are a good thing for society no matter what they do.

      • everlastingphelps permalink

        Good honorable men are a good thing for society no matter what they do.

        If I still believed the police were an honorable institution, I would believe you.

        The problem is, central to ALL honor systems is that it is upheld both through self-reporting AND by HARSH adherence by the honorable peers. An honor code requires that when one violates that code, it is identified and punished by one’s peers — NOT that those peers decide, “well, he must have had a good reason” and cover up for him to protect the tribe.

        Honorable men don’t protect the tribe’s honor by lying and covering up misconduct. Brigands do.

    • I agree.

      • And on peer to peer punishment I agree and hold my peers accountable that I work with. Just because you wear a uniform similar to mine and you say we do the same job doesn’t mean you get a pass. I’ve always believed that we SHOULD hold ourselves to the highest standard because the public trust us to use force to apprehend offenders. Is that the status qou, nope. Does it bug me? Yep. But this is how I feed my family and try to take care of MY community. I can’t and won’t speak for cops in Detroit or South Carolina because I’m accountable for me and the guys around me. The public holds us accountable because we work for them. If a cop commits a crime he should be be punished the same as any other citizen. If he’s not then yes that’s a problem and it should be solved. It’s weird because when I interact with people the question always turns to guns and shooting. That is such a small portion of what we do. Should we be good at it of course. But the biggest thing we do is interact with and talk to our people. That should be a big concern for officers. But your right the media puts fear in people’s heart that cops are being killed for sport and people are using it as a justification to be dicks. We knew we we signed up there was a chance we may get killed doung are job just like men who build skyscrapers and bridges. It sucks when a family man dies but it’s part of the game.

  3. The media-as in ABCNNBCBS,along with Washington Post,NY Times,LA Times,Huffington Post,VOX,Politico,NPR etc. push the narrative that violent crime is way up-especially “gun violence”-when the facts show violent crime,especially gun crime is still dropping,as it has been since at east the mid 90’s when the crack cocaine dealing gang-bangers shooting each other (and lots of bystanders) with UZI’s and MAC 10’s stopped.
    Yet we see,read or hear about some”new study” from Harvard,or the Bloomberg school of public health that claims we’re awash in violent criminals who are killing cops,other violent criminals,and innocent bystanders at some absurd rate like 47 per day.
    These “new studies” are pure,unadulterated bullshit-yet millions of clueless dolts believe them.
    The media pushed the same”police officers are being murdered at an alarming rate” last year-when the facts showed it was one of the lowest years ever for police officers being murdered.
    I read a great blog post that explains the reason s why the media is doing,and has been doing this crap-

    • Daniel permalink

      That is very true.

      They use words like ‘epidemic of gun violence’ and ‘doing nothing isn’t working’, when they should STFU, count their blessings that we are at 40 year historical lows, and that the ending of such circus fuckery like the war on drugs will cause death rates to plummet lower.

      The media knows it is a disease ridden, dying anachronism that has become increasingly irrelevant, teetering on the brink of joining the buggy whip companies and programming cards in the realm of obsolescence. This is their last gambit.

  4. h. in australia permalink

    if you read “manufacturing consent” co-authored by the “prattering, social activist, intellectual of the worst kind”, 😀 Noam Chomsky it gives a pretty good look at the way media is used to lay the biases desired by those that control it.
    admittedly it is fairly old now and is very heavy reading (i was getting distinctions in university essays and still needed to refer to a dictionary multipule times per page to understand the level of language used. i don’t know if i would get through it now)

    i have used what i learned reading it, along with some basic knowledge of marketing, to teach my children how to read media, advertising and the words of politicians, along with thier intentions.

  5. tfA-t permalink

    ” I genuinely don’t have the temperament to do that work, in the manner that I believe it should be done.”

    And I have serious doubts these days that most cops have the right “temperament” for it either…
    How many more citizens – scumbags or not, are going to be executed, beaten, raped, tortured, and extorted by these blue devils(and get away with it)before change is instituted? Anyone of us could be next. When the police have lost respect from people like myself, it’s all over for them.

  6. Mike permalink

    Go to the wikipedia article on Junk Food News. I read it and realized ALMOST ALL news falls into the category. That may be good. Maybe it means there is no real consequential news so things must be going pretty well for most of us.

  7. Will S. permalink

    Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    The medium is the message, as Marshall McLuhan said…

  8. ToastCoast permalink

    What might be significant this year is the circumstances of several of these cop’s deaths. Most cop deaths (at least all the ones I’ve read about) are the result of someone not wanting to get arrested. This year, there have been several incidents of cops being delibrately targeted for murder, which seems out of the ordinary. This is about the fact that many of these cop killings are politically motivated.

    • That may be, and it is a significant factor, but it doesn’t change the numbers, and THAT is the narrative that’s being pushed by the media. “Oh NO! SO many officers are being killed!”

  9. Like A Panther permalink

    Yahoo news reports 24 firearms/Leo deaths so far for 2015. Down from 30 same time last year.

    • Like A Panther permalink

      firearms related deaths have continued to fall overall however two categories have risen. Mass shootings and unprovoked shooting of LEOs. most likely attributable to media reporting. I guarantee that if they stop reporting/sensationalizing these kinds of shootings, they too would decrease.

      • Another problem with the media narrative (s) being pushed is the criteria they use to for “mass shootings”.
        A couple of Chicago gangbangers shooting at each other/rival gangbangers is now considered a “mass shooting”.
        Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups have been caught multiple times using altered,cherry-picked,or even invented “statistics” to push their anti-gun agenda-things like counting gangbangers involved in shootouts at 3am in a school parking lot as a “school shooting”
        The media has been pushing the cops are being murdered at an increasing rate,cops have the most dangerous job there is,bullshit for years.
        Every time a cop gets shot the 24/7 cable”news” does “special reports” for a week claiming cops are being shot all over the place,there’s never been so many cops getting shot-ever,how dangerous it is to be a cop,and it’s why cops need “bullet proof vests”, MRAPs, full auto M-4’s,and every podunk town needs a SWAT team.
        Just like Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups,and now anti-gun TV show use biased reporting intended to convince people that “gun violence” is rampant-when the facts show “gun violence” is at the lowest point in 50 years-this “more cops are being shot and killed than ever before” bullshit is being used to convince us that there’s an epidemic of cops getting shot when the facts show otherwise.

      • tfA-t permalink

        “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.”
        –CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine the Great, by Deborah Davis

  10. First, thx for this blog and the candid commentary, I always enjoy dropping by. On this offering, while your objectives may be valid, I can say change is culturally in play and you may be missing the mark. In the South and North East, there are active dynamics in play. I relate it to the same thing many of us discuss in private or on message boards akin to guerrilla warfare tactics. I work and reside in an area with diversity and a large AA population. There are purpose driven agitation actions in play to inflame people to the point of acting out, as was likely evidenced in this tragedy. The goal is to reset LEO approaches or IMHO to outright intimidate them from acting in the AA community. This is based on what I observe and what I hear in local conversation. Not being racist, just looking at some objectives and subjectives from my local AO and what I have analyzed, Media is always in spin mode as you relate, but this one has some odd cadences to it.

  11. Boom.
    I can literally hear the blue butthurt thru my computer.

  12. T. Mark Graham permalink

    Always pisses me off when cops whine about how dangerous their jobs are, and how we should all worship their sacrifice. Yet statistically, anyone in the construction trades has a far greater statistical probability of dying in the line of duty than a cop. Same with farm workers, ranchers, truck drivers, etc. Garbage collectors are way ahead of cops too. So really, if we want to properly honor those who sacrifice their lives for their community – we should have national garbage collector day – to honor those who fell in the line of duty.

  13. JRNMAINE permalink

    What about nationally held press conferences about man hunts. It’s as almost law enforcement is making a case to justify aggressive Police behavior or increasing of a Police state. And why does officer safety trump……well everyone’s safety. And why are civilians referred separate to LEO, LEO’s are civilians because they’re not tried under the UCMJ. Police are safer now (not making a case to let their guard down) then they have been in a long time but treat ” one cop death” as more important (justifying a news conference) then an inner city kid shaken to death by his low life, drug addict parents.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    Reblogged this on The Lynler Report.

  15. nobarcode permalink

    Sheriff David Clarke: Barack Obama Started This War On Police • Judge Jeanine • 8/29/15

    He’s half right. He should try and run for president to get his ideas out there -IMO

  16. RangerRick permalink

    Having been a Town Marshal, County Deputy Sheriff and current Tribal Marshal, I see nothing but the truth. Thanks for taking the time to do the research and tells US to turn off the TV and most computer sites {except yours of course ). Situational Awareness at all times.

  17. Thanks MG for bringing this to light and I am shocked at the ratio of reported killed by police. The Feds don’t maintain a database (curiouser and curiouser) but the UK newspapers do. The current ration of civilians to cops killed so far this year is in excess of 30:1. And please make sure you dig a little more. I appreciate your detailed hunting of the ODMP but 2 of those “officer fatalities” are K9s. They can gun down people’s dogs but the helot dare not kill a police dog. Yet millions of packages delivered everyday by UPS, FEDEX and USPS and no dogs wounded or killed but get a dog in front of these badged psychopathic heroes and their first instinct is killing.

    I would suggest to you that the 777 number is a low number due to mis-, under- and non-reporting of civilian deaths at the hands of the cops.

    And, yes, I am sick to death of the hero worship and share Dan III’s notion that a good cop is impossible. Immoral means will never yield moral ends.

    Robert Higgs puts the point brilliantly that a good cop is impossible.

    “The whole Good Cop / Bad Cop question can be disposed of much more decisively. We need not enumerate what proportion of cops appears to be good or listen to someone’s anecdote about his uncle Charlie, an allegedly good cop.

    We need only consider the following:

    (1) A cop’s job is to enforce the laws, all of them;

    (2) Many of the laws are manifestly unjust, and some are even cruel and wicked;

    (3) Therefore every cop has to agree to act as an enforcer for laws that are manifestly unjust or even cruel and wicked.”

    “There are no good cops.”

    Bill Buppert

  18. PA Reader permalink

    Thoughts on this John… Possibly my paranoia, but it seems the black lives matter crowd et al, are taking a page out of AQI’s old playbook and attempting to control that narrative through social media and youtube. Regardless of the truth, they use the medium to portray the cops as aggressors with baiting, and staged outrage. It’s a battle for the social consciousness of America. The cops are losing this war. While the LEO’s may have the backing of Fox news, trust in the mainstream media is at a low point. Isn’t this a textbook example of asymmetrical / 4th generation warfare? Maybe thats a leap of faith. At a minimum, occam’s razor tells us to follow the money. Who benefits from the higher levels of outrage? Both sides. Professional victims INC. on the anti-cop side, and the establishment on the pro-cop side. Either way, it represents a change in the soul of our Republic, and a dangerous one at that.

  19. LEO, Military or Civilian, I agree that 1 is too many but I believe that to be an unattainable goal. We as humans are violent by nature and that is how we got to be at the top of the food chain, unfortunately we use this violence against one another. I like the article but here is some more data.

  20. Gerald Cuvillier permalink

    It is not only this issue they use to gin up outrage, the global warming hype is believed by many and they get really mad when anyone disputes this flawed theory.

  21. Roseman permalink

    The officer is correct about a lack of respect afforded to the police by the public. The actual paradigm is that the degradation of respect has been increasing across the population in general from teachers to sanitation workers. It’s not taught at home by the parents.
    When we were children, our father told us that the police are our friends and to show respect .

    I have heard many reasons why this may be so but in my mind, when the SCUS decided that killing babies was a right, the value of human life was devalued and respect began to be less relevant.

    For those of you that think that police are abusing their authority, I can agree that some are guilty.
    But if we put it in perspective, police today are far less abusive than they were a few generations ago.

    The real problem rests with a media who portrays LEO’s in a negative light in order to advance their and the liberals socialist agenda. Conning us into thinking that the police are corrupt and incompetent and possibly racist will have the weak minded calling for a solution.
    If we do not support our local LEO’s against this wave of emotionalism and misinformation, that solution might be a National police force.

    • everlastingphelps permalink

      They’ve forgotten the Peelian principles. If they want respect, they need to stop resorting to force as quickly as possible. People respected cops more 20 years ago, but cops were also much less likely to drag you out of your car over nothing, and it was unheard of to electrically torture someone, which is what using a Taser for “pain compliance” is.

      Robert Peel made it crystal clear — “the extent to which the co-operation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives.” When you put your hands on people, you hurt trust with the public. If the guy is a bad guy that needs to be off the streets, then you gain more than you lose, but when you even restrain a good guy, much less choke him to death, you destroy faith in the police. (And no, tax evasion doesn’t make someone a bad guy. Let the lawyers send him a lawsuit.)

      The other Peelian principle that has been destroyed is strict adherence to the law. It was one thing when PC meant you let other cops get away with doing 15 mph over the speed limit. Now PC means letting other cops get away with robbery, murder, wife beating, and any other bullish violence you can name. When you started abiding that, you lost us. If you want the respect of the public, you have to clean your own house first.

      You didn’t get violent because we stopped respecting you. We stopped respecting you because you got violent.

      • Spot the f*ck on.
        Unfortunately, 99.9% of “LEO’s” (I fucking despise that term) wouldnt know or give 2 fat fucks about Peele or his principles.
        And you can best be certain that Police unions dont.

  22. JohninMd.(Help!?!!) permalink

    A statistic that could be more informative, IMO, would be number of LEOs attacked/killed simply for _being_ cops, vs. those attacked by perps trying to escape capture, yearly in other words how many straight up assination tries?

  23. h. in australia permalink

    i think that a lot of people are over complicating the driving forces behind news reporting.

    one of the posters said follow the money… how are the media outlets funded? they aren’t “not for profit” organisations.
    the more sensational the news, the more views. the more views, the more thier add space is worth.

  24. Regarding the LEO mindset of the officer above; his demonstrated attitude brings to mind a true story I personally witnessed. I’m relating what I saw as objectively as possible, and am not ‘bashing’ cops. I’m telling it as I experienced it..

    In 1997, I was living in the Boise, Idaho area and worked at a (then) major computer manufacturing company in security plans & programs. During that year, Idaho’s officer related shootings had taken a huge jump, something like, 6 for the year by June. It was basically unheard of. This is statewide, when the population at the time was at about 1.5 million or so. (Oh, for the good old days in Idaho!) The 7th officer related shooting happened in Boise and occurred during a gunfight between the Boise PD (several units) and two brothers pulled over for an infraction (don’t remember exactly why). The firefight resulted in both brothers and one policeman KIA. The next day, in the locker area at work, as we found out about it (it happened in the wee morning hours), everyone was wondering what was going on, as this was Boise, Idaho for cripe’s sake…typically a very low crime rate, let alone murder/homicide/police involved shooting rate, and the police were mostly looked upon favorably.

    As we’re discussing the incident, one of the employees, who was also a reserve officer in one of the small towns in the area, comes in the room, hears the conversation and says, “By God, if they don’t respect us, they’ll fear us!” That’s exactlywhat the man said. It really burned into my mind, and 18 years later, I remember it like yesterday. Of course, he was verbally thrashed and came close to an ass whipping by most of the guys in the room; his displayed attitude was so over the top people just weren’t going to take it. He was ostracized from then on, only being interacted with on the job. He lost a lot of friends that day. But what was unsettling was that he was reflecting what his particular training officers and PD leadership found to be acceptable, at least on its face, because, as I thought then, if it wasn’t acceptable, this guy wouldn’t be allowed to stay as an armed reserve officer with arrest authority.

    As to the reasons for the increase in shoot outs between the police spiking? It was discovered at that time a lot of police/sheriff’s departments and the ISP had been hiring a stream of former Orange County/LA cops wanting out of that area for whatever reason. Idaho, was, back then, ‘cake duty’ in relation to the LA metropolitan area. Speculation from a few former California cops who had not gone into Idaho police work was that the LA types were, ‘pumping up the volume’ in situations to get a reaction from the person(s) they were interacting with on the job. Not objective evidence, to be sure, but at the same time, the former cops could routinely translate what was going on when police were involved. Anecdotal evidence of how the overall police community viewed the citizens of Idaho was displayed during a later funeral for an ISP (Idaho State Patrol) officer that was killed by an estranged spouse. The head honcho for the ISP tearfully got up and gave a speech about police being the only thing that kept the country free, and anyone who didn’t support the police everywhere were, in fact, the enemy. He said this to thunderous applause. And that’s the mindset I see today: Don’t support us and you’re the enemy.

    Those two instances in particular have left me jaundiced, and the comment above by, ‘BCG’ does nothing to erase negative perceptions, especially when the original post made it very, VERY clear that it was not bashing cops.

  25. tfA-t permalink

    Just take a look at this.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves. -Capt. Crush er, Bligh. Mutiny on the Bounty

  26. SGM Mike (ret.) permalink

    Respect is earned.
    Act in a thugish manor, and people will treat you as a thug. Police arrogance toward the public affects their attitude toward the Blue Line also. Individual fears of what a cop might do when he “just wants to talk to you” contribute, too. Fear leads to loathing. Arrogant, thugish behavior CANNOT engender respect, though it will compel compliance through intimidation.

    One of the “myths” of American Policing is that “when a policeman tells you to do something, you must do it!” This is the “Corporate” policeman exerting his (supposed) authority over the King’s subjects. However, there is little basis for this in statute, and none constitutionally. They have the power to detain/arrest you if they reasonably believe that you have committed a misdemeanor or felony (have you noticed that the list of felonies keeps expanding?) but have no authority to “tell you what to do” as they believe (and they would have the public also believe).
    Where they manage to win, is by charging you with “Obstruction of Justice” which gets plead down to “disturbing the peace” and results in a conviction because John Q. Citizen can’t afford the legal horsepower necessary to defeat the resources of “city hall.”

    The ONLY body with CONSTITUTIONAL authority to maintain public order is the Militia (which, according to original intent We the People constitute): See Art I, Section 3, which lists three duties for which we are all responsible, but which we (in our sloth) have abrogated to a Professional Army and Professional Police.

    As commented above: It does SEEM that, where in previous years cop deaths were because some felon successfully resisted arrest, now more police are being assassinated. How to prove this? It might be necessary to do a scrape of every local event across the country to catalog motives for each LEO death. Then, it might be impossible to show historical trends without that info being available for all cop deaths over, for instance, the past 30 years. While it’s telling that homicide against LEO has been dropping steadily, it might also be important to be able to show what percentage of deaths are because of having to hobnob with violent felons, or because of targeted assassination, and how much this has changed over time.

  27. John permalink

    I agree that in raw numbers these events should not be taken out of context and that a narrative is being pushed. However I think it could be the beginning of a trend.

    In 2003 a FL National Guardsman was shot in the head while on a security detail at Baghdad University and it was really not that much longer after this event that the insurgency kicked off and the news lately reminded me of this incident.

  28. lineman permalink

    I have a hard time understanding why you would even want to be a cop instead of lets say a lineman… It can’t be because of the money, benefits, pensions since mine are better…It can’t be because of wanting to help people because the service I provide does more to help people than a cops service ever does and a lot more people would die if all those in my profession walked off the job than if all cops did…It can’t be because of the adrenaline factor because my job is way more dangerous…The only reasons I can think of why you would rather be a cop is your lazy since my job is harder, your a bully and love having power over others and being a lineman the only power you have is what your working on everyday, you have short man complex(got picked on growing up) so this is a way to get back at people and show them who is boss, or you just didn’t know what else to do at the time when we’re deciding what to do with the rest of your life…Let the games begin;)

    • Grandpa permalink

      When the police begin to ‘self-police’; and ranks are broken and the ‘bad cops’ (the examples we’ve seen just this year…) are ‘policed’ by the ‘good cops’; an important step in the restoration of public trust will be taken. When there is no video showing a cop demanding sexual favors – or issuing a ticket; when evidence is not ‘manufactured’ – or ‘disappears’ from the property room…. when the laws that actually make society safer, real criminals are incarcerated, rather than how many speeding tickets are issued for 5 or 10 miles over a ridiculously low speed limit…. when people are not harassed for nonsensical reasons… all of the arguments about ‘good cop/bad cop’ will then begin to subside…
      But not until then. So, likely not ever.

  29. millwright permalink

    Back on track I think John’s point of this post is valid
    1. why is the Narrative being pushed by the media against the FBI statistics
    2. Why are less LEO’s being killed in the line of duty

    as for the good cop/bad cop debate, there has always been that historically, and I believe if you
    look at it objectively it has to do with the corroding moral values of America, put a highly flawed individual in the position of power and bad things happen. Catholic priest and alter boy bad things.

    • h in australia permalink

      1. ’cause it makes “good” news. i can’t speak for the american news, but over hear there have been many recent examples of media beat up’s not correlating with the statistics, often relating to crime.
      is there a more sinister underlying agenda, was it triggered by/for political means… no idea?

      2. i’d imagine better body armour and medical procedures help, but more than likely there is a social change as the main cause. (perhaps the loss of respect, and hence perhaps their perceived ability to enforce the laws, has reduced the size of the target on their backs?)

      it is funny how we all colour our answers with our own personal beliefs/ideas/areas of knowledge of what is going on in the world. me, media, others, government agenda’s, the militarization of police, the decay of society, racial hatred etc.


    “48 police officers around the nation were killed by gunfire in 2014. So far this year, 26 law enforcement officers have been shot to death on duty, putting the nation on track for a 19 percent decrease”

    They say existing officers are getting out faster than ever and recruiting is way down.
    So.. let’s hope those who’ve been talking-the-talk have been realistically training, because without enough good cops out there, they may find they need to walk-the-walk. To be crystal clear, I’m specifically referring to having to defend yourself and your family in the absense of police help.

  31. BlondieJoeManco permalink

    You should have taken your wife on a date rather than write that entry. As well meaning as your “correlation does not imply causation” argument is, it doesn’t relax us working folks to the fact that blacks, yes, blacks are becoming more militant and emboldened by the pandering and enabling political establishment, augmented by political correctness.

    I get it. Cop slaughter is at a low. But the deliberate nature of the slaughter is at a refined, high octane level.

    Cheers, I have enjoyed your blog either way.

    • h in australia permalink

      the police are the primary controlling force of the ruling (white) power? yes?

      then wouldn’t “the blacks becoming more militant” lead to an increase in police deaths (be it targeted or in un-planned clashes)?

      aka STFU.

    • No. It’s not. It’s a matter of perception that is intentionally being pushed as part of The Narrative. The numbers DO NOT LIE. Period.

      • everlastingphelps permalink

        At the core of every liberal opinion, you’ll see the implicit statement of “I don’t believe in math.”

        This is one of those liberal opinions — that cop lives are more important the “civilian” lives. (A pet peeve of mine — invading armies deal with civilians. Domestic police deal with citizens and residents.)

  32. tfA-t permalink

    …”Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking aspects of this case is the fact that Saylor was an avid fan of law enforcement and was reportedly fascinated by police. Some may argue that the cops did not intend to kill Ethan, but the fact that they couldn’t de-escalate a simple situation over a movie ticket, and instead resorted to deadly violence speaks to the corrupting sickness that is prevalent in policing today…”

    So much for supporting our brave heros…

    • Nunya permalink

      Thank you for being honest with yourself in that you feel that you couldn’t do the job… The “way” you think it should be done (subjective, no?). I do disagree with you, this article has a complete negative undertone against the men and women in blue. Why not focus on a group/race/creed/profession/demographic that is also being negatively or falsely portrayed by the media? Could you not prove your point that the media lies to the American (and world) people on a daily basis without shedding a negative light on professional men And women who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities?
      I understand that you “have many friends” in law enforcement… That doesn’t make you a SME anymore than if I read a book about the exploits of “fill in the blank SOF unit”. There is an underlying tone of dissent, in this country… Which has been propagated by our current executive branch. Those men and women in blue face that negative dissent on a daily basis. Perhaps a blog regarding their sacrifices (the ones you’ll never know about) will do more to unify people… Compared to this cheap shot. Signing off… I read your blog for sometime… But now I think I’ll pass.

      • You missed the point completely, in your angst over someone not saying you’re a special snowflake for being a cop.

        Is there a meme being pushed that cops should be targeted? Yes, probably. Certainly in certain social circles. ARE cops actually being targeted, in increasing numbers? The numbers say no. The number of officers killed as targets of assassination, versus the number of officers being killed as a function of attempting to escape arrest would show up in an increase in the numbers. Period. Considering the fact that we are on schedule for a total reduction in the number of officers feloniously killed, then the number of assassinated officers is NOT statistically higher. Otherwise, the total numbers would go up as well. It’s all part of The Narrative, intended to divide Americans into factions, and guess what, you drank that shit like grape Kool-Aid.

        As far as your ad hominem attacks? Yes, my opinion on how to do the job is subjective. That’s a no-brainer, dumbass. As far as my focus on LEO? Because, you fucking mouthbreathing moron, THAT is the meme that was/is being pushed. I realize that might be hard to understand at a 1st grade reading level, but…..And I did NOT shed a negative light on the “professional” men and women who’ve made the “ultimate sacrifice” for their communities. I shed a negative light on dumb motherfuckers that buy into The Narrative of Control. Funny how a few LEO commenters on the blog want to talk shit about how negative I am towards the Thin Blue Line, when so many are privately offering kudos.

        If you have a problem with dissent? You’re not very fucking American. Period. Don’t like it? Go fuck yourself with a PR-24. America IS dissent. But…..if you can’t handle the dissent you face, as a “professional?” Quit your fucking job and go be a mall cop.

        Go fuck yourself. Please?

        Have a very SF day.

  33. ^You had me at hello… ❤

  34. rockett88s permalink

    I agree that “The narrative” exists… I agree that those who support the narrative use it to divide and conquer… There are so many manifestations of the strategy running amok through America these days…. I’m not sure if watching the slow torture of the downfall of our country is nearly as much fun as watching you guys shred each other, though… Bring on the anarchy… Hoorah!

    Plus… I really enjoy this site!

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