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Last Post of 2015

December 23, 2015

To begin with, HH6 and I would like to express our wishes to all of our readers for a joyous holiday season, filled with time spent with family and friends.

I have decided I am taking the rest of the year off from the blog, working on the book, etc, to focus 100% of my time and energy on being with the tribe. However, HH6 and I decided, in an effort to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation of the readers, we’re going to do a Holiday gift of a combination set of both Volumes I and II of The Reluctant Partisan, for one reader. There’s a catch though. We’re going to allow you guys to suggest article ideas you’d like to see on the blog in the near future. Twenty-four hours after I post this, HH6 will pick out a winner (so you have 24 hours to come up with a zinger!), and we will announce the winner. The winner needs to contact HH6 with a shipping address ASAP, because I will mail the books out the next morning (Yes, I will dare a visit to the post office on Christmas Eve…), and email the winner with the shipping information.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Yule, Joyous Solstice, or festive mid-winter celebration of your tribe’s observance!

The winning article will be the first post of 2016, followed by a resumption of the ongoing Developing a Training Plan series.


In other news:

In addition to the February classes in AZ, we have some other open-enrollment classes tentatively scheduled:

29 APR-2 MAY 2016 Combat Rifle Applications in western Oregon (vicinity of Eugene). This course develops the ability to begin training yourself to make the transition from Fundamental Rifle Marksmanship to Gunhandling in the context of fighting with the rifle. It focuses on building gunhandling skills at the intuitive level, while developing cognitive ability and valid decision-making skills during the fight. In essence, the focus of this course can be summed up with a line I tossed out at the last Combat Rifle course, in Arizona, that “if you accidentally shoot a six-year old, you can’t fix that problem by shooting the rest of his playmates too.”

Previous training with your rifle (not necessarily from me) is a prerequisite for this course. At a bare minimum, you should be capable of performing the following:

–safe weapons handling
–speed and tactical reloads
–zeroing your rifle (and having a zeroed rifle upon arrival)
–familiarity with various field firing positions like the prone, kneeling, etc.

Round count for this course is 500 rounds. Please contact HH6 at for enrollment details. Cost for the class is $500/shooter.

6-8 MAY 2016 Fighting in and Around Structures in western Oregon (vicinity of Eugene). This course focuses on dealing with the stresses of fighting in and around built up areas and structures. Subjects range from gaining entry and geometry of clearing a structure. This course includes complex shooting problems with high-level decision-making integrated into the coursework in a progressive methodology. THIS COURSE INVOLVES FORCE-ON-FORCE WORK. The risk of physical contact from both Sims/Airsoft projectiles (we’re still deciding on which route to follow) and other participants is very high (you’re probably going to get grabbed, slammed, and potentially choked the fuck out, at some point during this class, unless you’re some kind of Obi-Won JSOC Jedi master of CQB….).

This course, in addition to beginning to develop the ability of individual and buddy team elements to clear structures, focuses on dispelling much of the “common wisdom” that circulates in the shooting and preparedness communities regarding fighting in and around structures.

Round count for this course is 300 rounds. Please contact HH6 at for enrollment details. Cost for this class is $500/shooter.

For the Oregon classes: if two shooters are attending together, I will discount the combined cost of either class to $900. If one shooter wants to take both classes, I will discount the combined cost for both classes to $900. I recommend Combat Rifle Applications before the CQB course. It’s not required, but it will make the progressions a lot faster, since some of the decision-making/cognitive function drills will already be familiar, rather than being introduced to them, and then adding dealing with structural geometry issues on top of that.

4-6 JUNE 2016 Combat Rifle Applications Course in NE Missouri. See the above description for this course.


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  1. W. Brad Bryant permalink

    You are traveling from AZ to OR with the fam for a training class, the world stops, insert any disaster, what do you do and how do you survive with your family as main priority?


    W. Brad Bryant


  2. Enjoy your down time, you never know when it might be your last. My post idea is slightly morbid, but I have been giving this some thought lately. It started with my friends Dad having many health problems and end days issues. So here it is, during conflict/war times, when do you stop drastic, valiant measures to save your tribal members from injuries incurred? Your friend is injured beyond current help and is suffering badly. You have to move, he may be unconscious or unable to verbally communicate. Most would say that your friend would want you to get to safety or try and kill the POS that did him in. Does it come down to leaving him to suffer alone, finish him yourself, stay and be with him until the end, or ? I guess the situation will dictate your decision.

    History is full of instances. Where do you stand on the subject?

  3. And the merriest of Christmas and the happiest of the New Year for you and yours.

    Thank you for all you do as a genuine American patriot and teacher.

    Regards from northwestern Vermont,

    Dave Hardy

  4. rrr permalink

    I’d love to see an article on situational awareness, particularly focusing on identifying threats and behaviors that could suggest a threat. A followup article could focus on tactical evacuation in dicey situations.

    Thanks! Keep those cards and letters coming.

    Merry Christmas!



  5. smaw gunner permalink

    Here is my article topic suggestion. Nods, lasers, and illumination. What is the recommended set up? How to fight with them in the field? In buildings? Against other groups with nods? This topic has been pretty stressful for me lately given the investment I made and hoping I didnt screw it up. Better yet, how about a class? You have a student base that has the gear already. I know it because I have talked to many of them and I am sure there are others. But none of them has had any training with them. It would be awesome for a class on night fighting. And I already got your books!

  6. Matt permalink

    Developing a PT program within the tribe and how to develop the tribe and mindset as part of that.

  7. Plowshare permalink

    I’d like to learn more about tribe building and organization without drawing unnecessary attention. Perhaps with some covert comms thrown in.

  8. Happy Holidays, and a great new year to you and yours as well. I believe I speak for all when I say thank you for the selfless time that you put in to helping all of us. After at least 3 years of articles (that I know of) and 2 books, it is hard to come up with something that you haven’t spent considerable time on already (hence the contest I imagine). Here are a couple of ideas:

    – Engagement/Psychological preparation of children/youth in your planning and preparations – what the hell are you gonna do with TMO.
    – Vehicle preparation: What kind, what parts, what skills, hardening …
    – Defensive operations (FM 3-90 stuff): Hardening the homestead (yes, I know it is too late when they are on the front porch), identifying avenues of approach, funneling your adversaries, etc.
    – Medical (may be too close to what Pineslayer suggested but it was on my ist): what the hell do you do with someone past immediate first aid when/if WROL and follow on care is not available.
    – Personal defense considerations for the business traveler – lets say that the scenario is that you have to fly/stay in hotel.

    If I happen to win – someone else can have my Vol 1 (my current copy is still very serviceable and waterproofed), but I could use a Vol 2 (currently only have the ebook).

    What are you doing in May that covers nocturnal ops? Open enrollment?

  9. Michael B permalink

    Merry Christmas guys. Well, your story on your old Burris Mtac scope has really made the rounds around here. I to;d my son and his friends (4H shooting Sports kids) about your toss out the window, and the overall great article on optics and irons. My suggestion for a future article would be you overall experience on the optics that are out there and what would suffice for the RP. Thanks

  10. Robert Willingham permalink

    VV beat me to it. Psychological prep of next gen for the coming festivities.


  11. Allen Emblom permalink

    Hello and best wishes to you and yours, I say Merry Christmas, but I agree that what ever your holiday, let it be a good one filled with all the good things life has. This is a fast response and I am going to go with my gut, looking at defense is good and I work at it hard, I am an old trooper and have some skills and do my best to get better every year. I hope I can train with you some time, but for now I am here and have to deal with what I have. I am always thinking about being more pro active in planning for a SHTF type of action,however I wonder if we should also be thinking of where the threats may come from, thinking about ways to stop them before they become unstoppable, being ahead of the bad people and taking the fight to them if need be before they take it to me and mine. Is that a wise thing? taking the fight to them before they are ready to come to you? How do you pick the targets? the timing? is it worth it??? or is it smarter to just hang back and see what is going to happen and try and be light on your feet and ready to react to what is going on. In pre planning a defense of self and loved ones does any of that type of effort have value. I would enjoy your thoughts on this. All the best,  Allen

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  12. GoodComDeadCom permalink

    Greetings, and God bless.

    Slowly but surely I am learning, and so are my friends, We’re starting to get a handle on the weapons craft, the way our gear needs to work in the mix, and we’re beginning to grasp the nuts and bolts of movement and team work and the decision making and order generation processes (thanks to a gentleman who actually knows what he’s doing and was willing to hang with us for a while and show us some stuff). We’ve done enough that I’ve started to see a pattern, at least in me personally. As important as the things I’ve learned in my continuing education are, the things that I’ve had to unlearn as part of that education seem to be just as important. In other words, things that I thought I knew that just weren’t true have been barriers to learning what really is true. And even more of a stumbling block were the things that I didn’t even think about consciously, the fundamental but incorrect assumptions that lay un-examined deep underneath my thinking.

    I figure that you’ve done enough of what you do that you must have come to recognize these phenomena when you see them. Do you have any suggestions as to how we as students can identify and root out these kinds of mental errors in ourselves in a more timely and efficient manner than just stumbling over them and falling on our faces? Are there types of this error that are more typical than others? Furthermore, the time will come when I will find myself in the role of teacher rather than student. Have you found a way to recognize these errors in your students and help them set it right, thereby sparing them a longer, steeper learning curve?

    I hope I’m making sense here. I do know that in mu experience, one of the highest hurdles to proper education in this arena (well, OK, possibly second to physical conditioning) are the barriers I’ve set up myself. If you’ve got anything at all on this I will be delighted to listen to it.

    Thank you for your service, sir, then, now and in the future.

  13. Highdesert yokel permalink

    I guess my suggestion is what one could/should do if they live in a small rural community(say under 1,000 and 40 miles away to the next community). Should I just worry about my tiny neighborhood or should we be protecting/involving the entire community? Also what could/should you do about major roads or highways coming into the town, should they be cut off or should checkpoints be set up?

    I’ve been lurking this blog for about a month now and really love it. I hope I can get to one of your classes one day, but with college taking up most of my funds I’m not sure when that may be. Thank you so much for the content and the efforts you and your family put into this. It is greatly enjoyed and studied.

  14. Bex permalink

    John – my request for your consideration:

    Developing/assessing a plan for a sudden departure from a metropolitan area. What considerations would you take into account to get the tribe free and clear of trouble? What would determine “when”? How many backup plans?

    Interested in hearing your thoughts although it seems you have already made the move.

    I enjoy the blog & I’m hoping to make a class in ’16.

    Merry Christmas! !

  15. Warm holiday wishes to you and yours also. I am grateful that there are guys out there like you willing and able to teach.

    Here’s my request/idea:

    “Rituals of the Reluctant Partisan”

    What are the daily rituals that a reluctant partisan/warrior will need to have in place in order to prosecute his new found responsibilities in a lawless setting? What are the habits and practices he needs for himself and the care of his immediate loved ones as well as for being a trainer of those lazy, ignorant bastards who spurned preparation and are suddenly awakened to the harsh realities of life?



  16. strathconagroup permalink

    I’d like to see articles associated more with command and control. There are a lot of good articles on logistics, intelligence, information operations, kinetic operations, training, Tribe building, communications and determining roles for different people. The only area that isn’t really talked about in detail is command and control. More then just winning friends and influencing people, but doctrine in support of surviving and thriving and TTP that involve the decision making process.

  17. shocktroop0351 permalink

    I’d love to see an article(s) on light infantry/ 4GW TTPs for operations in winter, and how those could be applied to the defense of a retreat. Also some information on how the cold would affect equipment and alternatives to your normal equipment that you might use in the winter. I also think a discussion on the strength and weaknesses of potential opfor during winter would be interesting. (Do they make a snow plow for mraps?) I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas and thanks again for again all the work you’ve put into helping all of us out.

  18. Paul Reusch permalink

    Been a long-time reader of MG, and have learned much just from words on a page. Someday, though, I hope to travel from my current NPE POS Communist state to one of your classes. Till then, how ’bout an article (or more) on Urban E&E. Blending with baselines, utilizing social engineering, etc., to further E&E actions?

  19. Scott freah permalink

    Hope that you schedule some classes for Idaho Montana. The flatheads interest has hone viral as of late. Keep us in mind. Light fighter. Thanks and keep your powder dry. The clans and tribes are a growin.

  20. Clark E Myers permalink

    Strategy of technology especially electronics, night vision and communications. Staying current is impossibly expensive and nothing is more expensive than second best. When to update and when to wait out a generation and when to stock up because the current generation is the last there will ever be.

  21. What’s the 2015 retrospective/2016 goal list look like?

  22. john permalink

    Hello. Wasn’t sure where to send. I would like to see steps on basic cooking and hygiene in the field when the tribe has little or no support, supplies, etc… For ex: How would one clean there cooking utensils with questionable water? Or no water?
    And easy? steps on land navigation. This is something I’ve always wanted to get into. With map and compass, not GPS.No secrets given but I’ve often wondered how individuals or teams move to a position of long term cover without leaving tracks? Snow, sand, etc. Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!!

  23. J. Michael Walker permalink

    I’d like to see some detailed information on a plan to “disappear” from today’s conventional electronic society while still being tethered to the aforementioned by having children, a job etc. something along the lines of becoming a grey man in a black and white society.

    Much gratitude for both your time and posts.


    Sent from my iPhone


  24. parapearce permalink

    I would like to see an article on POI snatching/interrogation. Bartoring and prisoner exchange.
    Happy New Year.

  25. Harry permalink

    I’d like to see an article on how operations/tactics change with the seasons and also how different types of weather effect operations.

  26. Will permalink

    Blog Article Idea, I know that you have discussed some tactical driving principles in one of your books- yea sorry, it’s been awhile and I can’t remember which one, but I don’t think you have ever talked about it on your blog. To me, it’s one of the the most important and practical skills anyone can learn.   I took a course at Blackwater several years ago and another from Tony Scotti. In addition to being something I use every day I know that it saved my life and that of my sons a few years ago. An 18 Wheeler crossed over the median during an ice storm….I was able to avoid it. One of the  folks right behind me was killed-the top of their vehicle was torn off, just like Smokey and the Bandit…….When I got back to them to try and render aid there was nothing I could do, but they didn’t need to die. I am going to guess that apart from bad diet and lack of exercise more people die from automobile accidents than just about any other cause. Everyone drives, every day in this country and even if SHTF never happens it’s a useful skill that can save your life.  Will in Texas

  27. David permalink

    I would like to see an article about winter warfare, especially patrolling. Snowshoes vs skies, tracking, different shooting positions, different use of camouflage (for equipment and fieldcraft, equipment (including sledge, tent, weapon maintenance, etc…). Historically the guerrilla had an easier time that conventional forces in the cold winter.

  28. First off, Merry Christmas to you and every one who visits this blog.

    To be fair you tend to cover the important with regularity. Many who follow you are preppers or closet preppers. It would be interesting to hear your take on discret home perimeter protection within current rule of law. Also more on how to nurture and develop the family squad.

    Squad communication is another area I missed your input on.

  29. TriGuy permalink

    I would like to see more info on the tribe. In any SHTF scenario very few will survive without one. I’m just starting down the road of building a tribe. I know several guys I want to form a tribe with. Only one thinks like I do. I do want true friendship but a part of me pauses because I’m also motivated by a selfish reason to build a tribe. It’s about what I can gain in surviving. I struggle with this thought, right wrong or indifferent. Then I have other questions like- if SHTF these guys could all go separate ways. What can I do to keep everyone together? I think all the prepping, gun training, survival skills need to be looked at from a tribe perspective. No one person can know everything or have all the gear. How do I handle disagreements within a tribe. Who has the last word or decision? Just a few thoughts and questions I’m working through.

    Merry Christmas

  30. Kevin permalink

    I would like to see an article in informational security for dummies!—-Maybe high level overview on PGP, OTP, etc. This is an area that many preppers don’t have a clue about.

  31. Gary Miller permalink

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! I would like to see an article on how the auxiliary can provide medical care/support in an asymmetric conflict. As a former EMT-B, that would be useful information to use. Been trying to find sources and articles but not a lot out there or my google-fu is weak! Keep up the great work and have a Great time with your family! God bless you and yours!

  32. James Allison permalink

    I would love to hear your thoughts on homestead/retreat/BOL design, layout, and defense. My family is moving to the country shortly and looking for land and a home but having never been in the military I don’t know much about what to look for in terms of defensibility balanced with utility. I know you have discussed OCOKAW but how does one really apply this when buying, or determining where to build, a home that doesn’t look like a fortress and serves the everyday needs of a family before everything goes to shit. We can’t exactly put tanglefoot in the front yard just yet but I want a home that is as hardened and defensible as possible. As someone who has most likely set up outposts or operating bases in hostile areas, what did you look for specifically and how can we apply this to our homes and properties. How can we balance defensive needs with homesteading and family needs post WROL? What things can we do post WROL to use existing infrastructure to increase the defensibility of our property without isolating ourselves from the community or neighbors (i.e. blowing telephone poles, bridges, blocking roads, etc.) How does one select and place an overwatch position on a large piece of wooded property? How far back should trees be cut from homes/buildings? How does one successfully defend a large piece of farmland/bol without constant patrols by people that need to be working not patrolling? These are some of the questions I have been pondering and need to work out and would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much.

  33. permalink

    Nice idea!

    Ideas for future blog posts….

    “Preparing for the fightback against the Caliphate” – including * 20 years of the Global Jihad. * Know your enemy – End of Days philosophy driving the Caliphate. * The Calphate is already inside the wire. * Local response plan. Think gloablly, act locally. * Building an informed and organised resistance. * Networking outside my backyard (outside county, state, country, continent). * Should we support brothers in Europe during the impending social disaster from Middle Eastern refugees? If so, how?

    If I happen to win, it was a great decision on your part.

    If I don’t win, it was a fix!!!

    Happy Christmas!!


  34. T. Mark Graham permalink

    here’s one that is boring, but I had 54B as Secondary to my 11B, and an additional duty of 54B is field sanitation.

    There is a pamphlet entitled “How to shit in the woods”.

    It’s different for “How does my entire tribe shit in the woods for months”

    I don’t have all the snawers and am so swamped with gunsmithing work right now I’m not able or qualified to write it, but I can certainly throw some ideas out there.

    Guns and ammo and tac gear are really cool, but e-coli will kill you just as dead as 7.62.

  35. I would like to see an article on developing a training plan for your family. What skills should be covered, how to get the kids involved at various ages, and how to make progress without pissing the wife off and making the kids cry.
    Thanks for all that you and HH6 do for the community and I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  36. Clay permalink

    I would like to see an article about the unique challenges of having family members with special needs (pre existing medical issues/handicaps/etc) and dealing with those issue post-SHTF. My immediate family has two autistic children, and our extended “family” has children with mental handicaps. These are issues that literally mean life and death.

  37. sando182 permalink

    Leadership. What style/techniques work for you and those around you in your civilian and military life? What have you seen fail? How have you overcome your failures?

    Merry Christmas.

  38. shoe-man permalink


    – Because many have never experienced all the elements of a detailed “formal” mission planning process to prepare for an operation (vice a “winging it” approach), I suggest several sequential articles in which you prepare and present the mission warning order, then the planning analysis, then the detailed operations order, then the rehearsal requirements, and then the after-action analysis for a realistic partisan operation. The “5-Ps” is not just an axiom for avoiding embarrassment, but to ensure mission accomplishment.

    – In a partisan environment, what operational, administrative, and logistical data is recorded and archived, and how will it be shared between other elements? Will any “recordkeeping” data actually be put on paper? How will maps be obtained and overlays done? Jelly-Roll anyone?

    Best regards

    • shoe-man permalink

      Thought I needed to explain my “Jelly Roll” comment. I am REALLY dating myself here…

      From WWII to Korea to VN and into the early 1980’s ( — i.e., before units took computeres & printers to the field — ), Army and USMC units in the field used manual typewriters and manually-cranked mimeograph duplicator machines to produce (letter and legal-size) multiple copies of operations orders, intelligence estimates, logisitcs summaries, etc. (Anyone else remember the blue duplicator stencils and blue correcting fluid?) A simple, rugged process with no electricity needed.

      Multiple copies of larger ( — normally 2′ wide by up to 3′ long — ) hand-drawn maps, enemy order of battle charts and locations, barrier plans and barrier/minefield locations, transportation route networks with route and bridge classification data, tactical operations overlays, etc. were produced by using large pieces of thin, seimi-transparent “onion skin’ paper and a spongy, sort of “jellied” material that would transfer ink impressions from the master overlay to multiple copies. As I recall, the jellied material about 2′ X 3′ in size and about 1/2″ thick, and was called a Jelly Roll because when it was rolled up for storage, it looked exactly like a jelly-filled cake roll from the mess hall. Again, this was a simple, rugged process with no electricity needed.

      My last experience with a Jelly Roll was in January 1977 in the Chorwon Valley in Korea — in a GP Small tent pitched on a frozen rice paddy with some rice straw thrown on the floor. At night and in arctic conditions, we were trying to make copies of our tactical operations overlay — it was so cold that the only way we got the the Jelly Roll to work was to put it on top of a wooden field table placed directly above a diesel-fueled potbelly field stove that was turned on so high the stove pipe was glowing red.. The only light in the tent was coming from two gasoline Coleman lanters hanging from the main tent pole. The entire exercise we carried our canteens inside our wool field shirts next to our skin to prevent them from freezing. — Sorry for the lengthy trip down memory lane…

      Best regards,

  39. Article: How to Get Your Spouse Off His/Her Ass and Start Learning Skills and Doing PT.

  40. Paul Reusch permalink

    How ’bout an article on Urban E&E; blending with the baseline, using social engineering to get things from people to aid in E&E actions/goals. Thanks for what you do. Learned more here on MG than anywhere else. Now if I can just travel to one of your classes from my NPE POS communist state….

  41. Druganicus permalink

    Happy Holidays. I’d like to see an article discussing tactical / logistical considerations for infants and toddlers. Especially considering the areas of long term survival or refugee situations. I have four kids myself and some tips on surviving where there are more precious cargo than gunners might be handy.

  42. I’d like to understand what a spouse should do when the reluctant partisan is away from home.

    -How is daily life adjusted? (i.e. – open carry at home, more precautions when grocery getting, or everything as normal?)

    -Should the spouse be engaged in sigint/humint/etc. for the partisans or is that too much exposure for one family?

    -How are children balanced/handled in this situation? Tell them where daddy/mommy is and what he’s/she’s doing? How to balance ‘normal’ childhood with reality of partisan warfare?

    -At what age should children be expected to begin helping the reluctant partisans? Training begins when? and what should the spouse be training the children in to help the effort?

    Families in convoy operations – what age and what duties could children help with convoy operations? (Thinking bug out travel here).

    Looking for ideas and considerations for the other half of the things we prepare for – life at home during partisan operations.

    Thanks very much for all you do. God bless you and your family Mr. Mosby.

  43. John permalink

    What are your thoughts on the integration of K-9s to the tribal effort, beyond home & family protection? Not necessarily a fully trained working dog, but one who may be trained to the “protection dog” level (advanced obedience, human scent tracking, bite work with verbal recall, etc)….
    Thanks for everything you both do, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year yourselves!

  44. Comrade X permalink

    My suggestion; “Everything you ever wanted to know about friend vs foes; who has your back, & who don’t & how to tell the difference!”

    It could be a series; Body armor, camo, comm’s, knives, command structure, hearts & minds in your community, alliances, night vision and/vs thermal, etc.

    Will be back to you after the new years on how many of the tribe will be attending in Oregon.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you and yours!

  45. I’d like to see articles on long term reconnaissance patrols. also the combat hunter concept. I think CH idea would go along pretty good with what you preach on CCW and near space combative’s and evaluating threat situations.

  46. Nicholas Brim permalink

    Enjoy the blog, keep it up. We need to get you back on my podcast.

    For the drawing- An article on the importance of not coming across as a toolbag tactical fatass at every social function that you attend. Nobody needs to know your prepping/training at the wife’s company office party.

    Fatassness… Haha

  47. BEAST permalink

    How about a article on being The Grey Man when you’re not.Trying blend in when out of your normal AO,traveling with family in a grid down situation. I’m a larger guy ex linebacker type body that doesn’t quite look like most salt of the earth folks.Blending in or even not getting blasted by guys on my side could be a problem in a poop hitting the oscillator time.

  48. Sean permalink

    My suggestion: “Uniting tribes into Armies: Inter tribal grouping for common cause” or “How does the III% attract Billionaire’s to back the movement”

    Cheers and Merry Christmas.

  49. R.P. permalink

    I would like to see an article featuring the new chest rig you helped design.
    Merry Christmas and looking forward to the release of your new book, and many more informative blog posts in 2016!

  50. Centurion_Cornelius permalink

    Affirmative–mega “Thanks” for all you have done, are doing, and will do for us.

    My article request: How do you become and continue to be a sign of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT to those around you?

    This applies, natch, to the battle, fighting, and dying crew, (the “teeth,”) but also extends to all supporters (the “tails.”) What do you have without HOPE? Got to keep it front-n-center.

    GREAT minds talk about IDEAS,
    AVERAGE minds talk about EVENTS,
    SMALL minds talk about PEOPLE.
    –Eleanor Roosevelt–

  51. Praxis permalink

    How to get inside the enemies OODA loop practical training and scenarios.

  52. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Years from our tribe to yours!

    I have read my of your articles but not all of them, so you may have already covered this:
    1. Partner tactics both in a more rural, open air environment as well inside a building or urban environment.
    2. Which of the non-traditional shooting positions should be practiced most with both pistol and rifle plus the how and why of each position. For example, we have been practicing rolling to our side and shooting under a vhecke while trying to keep as much as possible behind the tire for cover.

  53. Harry permalink

    I’d like to see an article regarding how the seasons and different types of weather effect operations/tactics.

  54. Designated Marksman Course? E&E? Someone mentioned Land Nav with a map and compass. I think that that is becoming a lost art. An article on “Being The Gray Man While Armed and Equipped For …?” Walking around in all of your kit wouldn’t go over at the office, so what do you carry discreetly?

  55. I’d like to see an article addressing the general set up of a FTX (field training exercise) for a small group. Rather than a single training evolution (ie we’re going to practice fire and movement) I’d like to see some instruction/ an example of how to actually set up of a more comprehensive ftx.

  56. frozentundra permalink

    I would be extremely interested to hear your take on methods for training children in gunhandling and marksmanship skills. Most specifically, I am interested in how to build these skills in a manner that will translate more seamlessly into combative training as they grow into fighters later in life. What are the common mistakes we should avoid?

    Here is an example. My daughter is 9. She has been shooting air guns with non-toxic steel projectiles since about age 4. This Christmas she will receive her first actual firearm, an M&P 15-22. I chose this gun(instead of a lighter cricket or rascal) because the skills she builds on it will translate directly into using America’s Rifle when she comes of age. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in Muddy Girl Purple Camo(she is quite proud of being a girl, after all)!

    Now comes the task of teaching her how to run it effectively. How do I best help her build quality habits and years of “unconscious competence”, without addressing the issue as “you are training to fight an enemy” “kill kill kill”? I want it to be fun, but also need to maximize knowledge and skills gained for resource expenditure. Time is a very precious commodity. I owe it to her to do a good job.

    I’m sure my daughter isn’t the only young one getting a blaster under the tree this year!

    • James permalink

      Frozen,had to look up muddy girl purple camo,was a new one for me!

  57. James permalink

    Merry Christmas to all,hope you have time with family/friends whatever you are up to.As for a article,would love to see something focused on solo,sure,a lot of practice can be had alone along with being with the clan but would like a article dedicated to the solo folks and getting by in challenging times.Some folks in areas where a team/clan just undo able(yah,I know,move) or you may find your self far away when things go very wrong and unable or long journey to meet up with aforementioned folks.Anyhow,till things go south spend your time wisely,enjoy a few days rest all.

  58. mb112213 permalink

    Keep up the good work. Article idea: How old people can help. Lot’ s of us have unfortunately become incapable of keeping up. How can we be a contributing part. Can’t run a mile anymore. Leg is wrecked from blood clots but my brain, eyes and trigger finger and attitude aren’t hurt. I may no longer be able to be a front line fighter but I am ready in support capacity. Thanks for what you do,

    A veteran 67-71.

    Second idea: How can a person get family to wake the**** up? They just don’t see it. It’s like willful blindness. Any ideas? I can only hope that when shtf it comes in stages.

    • Doc permalink

      I am in agreement with your second idea: Ideas on psy-ops efforts for recruitment, waking-up, radicalizing neighbors, family members, spouses.

    • James permalink

      MB,feel all folks can help out greatly,even those not willing/unable for actual combat.A few ideas are info. gathering/helping hurt folks/running comms/stashing food,gear ect. for em/setting up a deescalation zone to partially relax/get a square meal ect,heck,these are all things any group could use badly.I would say anyone who can set up/run a field kitchen/aid station is a huge asset.Oh,and with a pack/shooting stick ect. those that want to can still shoot,thus,would say any who want to help others in non direct fighting capacity can and would be appreciated.Obviously,this makes you a potential target,plan as best you can accordingly.

  59. uspatriot permalink

    I would like to suggest an article on Battle Drills. You have covered one that I know of before and did so with awesome, real-world simplicity. I’d love to hear you explain them all with the same ease for guys with no military frame of reference.And THANK YOU HH6 and JM for what you guys do. (Would sure like to thank you in person at a SUP class if possible :)-KAPG

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  60. KAPG permalink

    I would like to suggest an article on Battle Drills. You have covered one that I know of before and did so with awesome, real-world simplicity. Id love to hear you explain them all with the same ease for guys with no military frame of reference.

    And THANK YOU HH6 and JM for what you guys do. (Would sure like to thank you in person at a SUP class if possible 🙂

  61. joe permalink

    HEAVY WEAPONS. Nobody talks about them, and they win battles. I would like to see you do something on the crew-served side

  62. lineman permalink

    I would like an article on what a perfect retreat would look like to you…What weapons, tools, vehicles, house, fortifications, etc you would have…What location you would like according to population, terrain, climate, water, growing season etc…What kind of community you would build if you could engineer from ground up…Like others Thanks for all you do…

  63. JD Glomar permalink

    In short- this blog is fucking outstanding! My close friends and I follow it daily and work towards many of the items discussed. After reading all the topics listed in the comments section- I am late to the party. But- I would like to gain some of your insight into a ‘lessons learned article’ in 3 specific areas.

    1) Errors or misdirected notions you have made or had over the years in your own training regime and how you recognized/corrected your training trajectory.

    2) Common mistakes by your students in classes you have instructed either in mindset/attitude, application of instruction, or other issue and how you learned from student interaction (positively or negatively) regarding mistakes.

    3) How you have taken the above ‘lessons learned’ and applied it to your current instruction.

    Most important- a serious thank you for all the work you put forth on this blog. It has transformed a number of folks I know to include me. Have a safe holiday season and best wishes to you and your family.

  64. chris permalink

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Over the years, a definition of what partisans,militia and ‘guerrillas’ of our immediate future will have to come to grips with in the face of ‘future warfare’. The conflicts that constantly haze the lines between war and politics , military and civilians. William S.Lind has been defining the term “Fourth Generation Warfare”(4GW) since 1986 and has just recently published his updated ideas of its existence. On the other hand, Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria ll (“After Clausewitz……) published in 2005 refers to 4GW as a myth. Of late, within the past couple of years, “4GW”, as a catch phrase is being used regularly with ideas and meanings all over the board. If “reality is a bitch”, what, is ‘real’ to come? To me, the cause is inevitable, whatever it will be, but its the effect I am wondering about.(You have a way with words that are ‘grunt’ like and real) I understand(sort of), the timelines of 1GW, 2GW, and 3GW and the ‘guerrilla” use within each, but the blurry part is defining the differences between the ‘actors’ (partisan, militia, guerrilla) and the boots on the ground military. Whether or not you could elaborate on your 4GW ideas you put forth in your book/manual “The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla”. (excellent) as an extended article or as a continuing piece, bringing a ‘clearer’ meaning in “grunt speak” versus war college/strategic studies group/university gibberish that fills the web with opinion.

    My question for the suggested article is: Are we Cong or will we be Indians(PC?) or WTF?
    Us and Them for dummies.
    Thanks for putting down in words what you do.

  65. Nathan Oberdier permalink

    My article suggestion is on using non-military firearms, ie. lever actions, pump action rifles, revolvers, etc… Not everyone (especially on the support level) have or use high speed ARs and Glocks so why not an article on using and training with everyday weapons like a 30-30 lever action rifle. Just a thought. Thanks

    • James permalink

      Nathan,agree,would also like to see more on the bow/crossbow and other alternitives.A few sites for those who want do discuss cooking,would say dangerous and be very careful but perhaps having locked info. in the brain pan not a bad idea,plenty of big box stores,heck garages and tool sheds that can offer a basic ingrediant list fill,but,just be careful in trying times when patience is being tested or your efforts will literally go up in smoke among other nasty results.

  66. strathconagroup permalink

    I’m not sure if this is closed, but in regards to command and control I’d like to see articles on how to develop doctrine in support of a mission.

  67. Roanoker permalink

    Evading drones and the use of civilian-accessible drones in gathering intel.

  68. Alfred E. Neuman permalink

    Reblogged this on The Dixie Traveler.

  69. Wildfire permalink

    I would suggest an article on Female Warriorship. An article on how women can walk this Path just as men can.

    I’d enjoy anecdotes of females you’ve served with or had in class. I want tales of women doing incredible things in history. Too often this Path is filled with machismo, and it would be interesting to read about how females work into the role of the Resistance.

    I want an article that could be given to a spouse, that maybe isn’t interested in self defense, and leave them inspired and proud of the strength in themselves.

    In short, give one out to the ladies.

    • That would have been a definite contender, since it’s one I’ve been wanting to write for awhile, but past the deadline.

      • Wildfire permalink

        Titling it “The Way of the Heroine” might tie in nicely with a few of your past posts…..

  70. Rob Savage permalink

    I would like to see an article on day to day running of the homestead post SHTF. What sort of things should the Tribe being doing. How to balance security considerations, patrolling the immediate area, and farming, raising kids. Love the blog and Merry Christmas.

  71. James permalink

    Wild,great idea.I have trained in martial arts with many tough women/got my initial training with a bow from a women and using that thru the years have become proficient/confident with it by practising taught skills,am sure there are millions of women who could teach me better firearm skills to get the same level of confidence as I have with bow(any volunteers in New England?),anyhow,once again,great idea for a article(or many).In the end,no matter what happens,we are in this together(hopefully).

  72. h in australia permalink

    i know it is past the deadline, but i’d love to see articles on:
    “the poor partisan” aka how to effectively prep with little expendable funds.
    how to successfully take the fight to “them” when they are more in numbers, better armed and have the latest tech.
    and another on modern tech in the field, aka what high tech gear to expect the opposition to have and how to work around it.

    finally maybe an article “”us and us” how to turn us and them into us and us, relating to and working with other groups with varying ideals without conflict, but keeping true to your own ideals.

    all the best to you and yours this festive season. thanks again for all the time you put into helping us.


    • h in australia permalink

      also another on improvising weapons for attack and defense. aka mines, mortars, anti fixed wing and rotary wing ac, etc. there might be some serious legality issues with posting this though.

  73. RDH permalink

    I have felt for some time that the Federals, and their puppet masters, if they felt they were loosing control would resort to a self inflicted EMP burst. Knowing that the majority of their surviving military assets are EMP hardened and that the civilian assets are not, using EMP would not come as a surprise to me.
    After constant global conflict and deployment our military equipment assets are already worn down and our financial ability to replace or repair them has increasingly been drying up.
    In the event of a global financial meltdown, Global war, or any of a number of possible martial law triggering events a very small Federally loyal portion of our military will be hard pressed to control anywhere but the large and strategic population centers.
    And buy doing so will continue to see rapid deterioration of their mechanical assets with a dwindling supply of replacements and replacement parts. This will undoubtedly happen with or without the use of EMP.

    I see a need for a post on auxiliaries and non mechanical means of resupply of combat components.
    In the Rocky Mountains that means pack horses and mules.
    I read a blog by a Yugoslavian about the melt down in his country (1992) and an old horseman who resupplied a city under siege by pack train through the mountains.
    This was against a heavily mechanized force with air assets.
    It would be interesting to some thoughts and ideas on this subject.
    Wyoming Horseman

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