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New Class Listing

January 21, 2016

Combat Rifle Applications–Pahrump, NV
22-24 APR 2016

See the Upcoming Open Enrollment Classes tab above for more information, and email HH6 ASAP. This is an open-enrollment, but the hosts expect that their local group will fill most of the slots.


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  1. bruce wann permalink

    Good shit on P.T, going to put up a chin up bar in my yard anybody challenge Visitors to contest against my old ass. Time to lead by example!

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  2. KAPG permalink

    Anyone interested in getting a Small Unit Patrol class together for JM, please email me
    Preps in your house are great, but WROL you need to be able to see the threat coming. Like JM says, “When they are on your porch, it’s too late.”

  3. SBK permalink

    KAPG, I’m interested depending on where it is. Love to have one closer to me. Where are you talking?

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