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Book #3 Update

February 4, 2016

I’ve been busting my ass, trying to get Book #3 done, among all the other tasks going on in our lives and world right now. I missed my projected first-of-the-year release by a pretty significant margin (which is nothing new, is it?).

For the last two weeks, the hardest-to-write chapter has been kicking the piss out of me. Tonight, I finally came back and beat the shit out of that 28-page sumbitch. That puts me back on track for an end-of-February release, assuming things don’t get bogged down again, during the revision process.


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  1. Listen up: you do more useful work in one day than most of the rest of us here can manage in a month of worthless days. Take yer time and do it right; Apocalypse hath not yet fallen and may be a ways off. God bless you for all you do.

  2. KAPG permalink

    Both of the other two books are outstanding! Having a professional Infantryman explaining everything you need to know about UW is priceless. These books are a useful resource and are fantastic! Well worth the money. I can’t wait to read the new book!

    (Interested in John’s Small Unit Patrol class? Email HH6 and USPATRIOT45@YAHOO.COM)

  3. Wes permalink

    Are we going to be buying these direct through you like the first book, or through FO like the second?

  4. permalink

    I appreciate your efforts. A quality book is like a good batch of home made pickles, you just have to wait for it

  5. Matt permalink

    Having a senior moment here. What was the topic of the third book going to be? Thanks.


    • KAPG permalink

      Hey Matt, you were previously interested in John’s Small Unit Patrol class. Email HH6 or myself at USPATRIOT45@YAHOO.COM if still interested…then buy the book. It will be as awesome snd indispensable the other two!

  6. James permalink

    Tis called in this case writers block/happens to me building at times.I find to get the best results tis to walk away from it a bit/enjoy the day/sometimes talk with others,happens to us all.Tis much better to delay a release/project and have it right then rush it out the door,best of luck.The only time you push hard and just go for it is when some ones life is on the line in immediate situation,at least that works for me.

  7. SBK permalink

    KAPG, where would the class that you speak of be?

    • KAPG permalink

      I am in heightened negotiations with HH6 to determine the particulars. What we need are motivated individuals, dedicated to achieving the mission. If you are legitimately intetested, please read the section on open enrollment classes and the SUP required reading. If after that, you feel you are up to taking it past the square range and doing some real training, email me and HH6 so we can move the ball forward.
      What I need are dedicated warriors. People who put their family above convienence. I have about 17 men, very interested in this exclusive class. Where might be Montana. If you can make a commitment, overcome some adversity and are serious, let HH6 know.
      There hasn’t been an open enrollment SUP class in 10 months. I am trying to put one on. John has threatened to end open enrollment classes, so men interested in the skills necessary to protect the homestead need to get serious and step up.
      KAPG Out.

  8. Troy Ashcraft permalink

    Looking forward to getting a few copies

  9. CC GearWorks permalink

    What does the third book cover?

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