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April 2, 2016

Boys and girls, I am happy to announce, Sam has posted Forging the Hero, up on the Forward Observer store site:

For all of you who ask, “HOW do I build a tribe? How do I identify who is in my tribe? How do I make sure I’m not getting worthless fuckers in my tribe?” Here’s your answer. We’ll have some pre-reader blurbs to tell you more, shortly, but it’s available now. Notice also, there is an ebook package available, as well as just the hard copy edition.

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  1. KAPG Mike permalink

    Fantastic John! I thought the first two were outstanding reference material and can’t wait to get this one.
    Now, how about setting a date for a Small Unit Patrol class before we all feel the Bern…or worse!

  2. J Russ permalink

    Does the book cover anything on homesteading / community location selection? Would love to see a chapter listing like you did with the first book. Very excited about this!

  3. Roc Rat permalink

    Just wondering when I might expect to get my copy. I heard they were shipping on the 18 April. Have yet to receive it.

    • Tom permalink

      @Roc Rat — I received mine three or four days ago.

      • Roc Rat permalink

        I’ve been thinking that they were sent book rate to save on shipping. I’m hoping mine will arrive shortly. The first two books on my shelf are calling out for their brother.

  4. Cameron permalink

    Took me about a month to get my ebook. Still waiting on the print copy.

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