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A Couple Classes This Fall

June 1, 2016

We were asked to do a couple more open-enrollment classes in Oregon this fall. These will be in the vicinity of Salem, in August (hey, at least we’re not doing them in Mississippi in August, right?) As it stands now, these are the only remaining open-enrollment classes this year.

One of the requests I had at the last classes in Oregon was to tack on a Tactical Combat Casualty Care and/or an Auxiliary and Support Operations course to another class next time.

In that light, here are the classes we’ll be doing in August.

5-7 AUG 2016 Clandestine Carry Pistol (this is Fri-Sun)
8-9 AUG 2016 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (this is Mon-Tue)

11 AUG 2016 Auxiliary and Support Operations Course (this is the following Thursday)
12-14 AUG 2016 Combat Rifle Fundamentals (this is Fri-Sun)

For class details, and to register for these classes, contact HH6 at

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  1. Scott freah permalink

    Interested in the clandestine carry and tactical casualty combat care August 5,7,8,9 is their a rate for taking both classes. Took a class from you last fall on mission planning. Former 7th lightfighter, enjoyed your rude crude teaching style and opinions on clan and tribe. All the way!

    • Papagrande310 permalink

      Rude and crude?!? John is the consummate gentleman!

  2. Scott freah permalink

    Yes he can be, but I prefer plain speak as their are to many males in our country and not enough men. We are enveloped with metrosexuals. Gone are the days of settling our differences behind the woodshed. Now if we do this one of the 2 parties calls 911 and the LAW gets involved as well as attorneys and someone always goes to jail or gets fined. Nuff said!

  3. BLACK permalink

    what is the difference between a CCW course and a clandestine carry course? different style of carry, or learning to dress more ”grey” ?

    keep up the good work, i’ve learned alot.

    • My course is about carrying and using the gun, specifically in non-permissive environments…it’s about USING your concealed carry gun. A CCW course is about what you are supposed to know in order to CARRY your gun legally. Mine does not meet the purview for state-mandated CCW issue.

  4. Jonathan DeLong permalink

    Were are the class located

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