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Upcoming Open-Enrollment Course

September 20, 2016

We did not have any more open-enrollment courses for the rest of the year, but we’ve had a pretty last-minute opportunity come up in NE Missouri, in the vicinity of Hannibal, MO. We will be teaching a three-day Clandestine Carry Pistol course, followed by our two-day TC3 course. The days/dates for these classes are:

FRI-SUN 21/22/23 OCT for Clandestine Carry Pistol
MON-TUE 24/25 OCT for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3)

Cost for the classes is $500 for the pistol course and $300 for the TC3 course, BUT…

For students that choose to attend both courses, we will offer the TC3 for the reduced rate of $100, to cover the cost of materials. That means, you can get into CCP and TC3 for $600.

Because of the last-minute, short lead time on this course, deposits will be due by 8 OCT, with the balance payable upon arrival at the training location.

For more details, or to enroll for these courses, email HH6 at

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  1. Matt permalink

    Would love to take both classes, but I am working solid through everyone of those days. Been try to talk others into taking them – brother, son-in-laws, daughters, friends. Absolutely no luck. You’d think that people would realize that these are important skills.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to slip into another set of these courses before too long.


  2. Daniel permalink

    Email sent to HH6. Awaiting reply…

    • Daniel permalink

      Hello John,

      HH6’s email arrived. I have a question regarding the pistol class to make sure I’m right in being there and not wasting your time. I’m putting it here instead of an email so others can maybe see it and benefit too. I’ll start by saying I know first hand you’re very professional and your classes are safe, but the course description, “This is an extremely physically demanding course, and involves violent physical contact with other students. If you leave without cuts, scrapes, and bruises, I’ll be surprised.”, leaves me pretty sure there’s a real risk I’m going to get injured in ways that’ll be hard to get over at my stage in life.

      I’m in my 50’s, wear corrective eyeglasses, and am not in superb physical condition*. I know when the fight comes it won’t care about any of those things, but guys like me break more easily and recovery is harder, if it happens at all. Having a training partner stud slam me into the ground doing a takedown could end my career many years before I’m ready to hang it up.

      Was the class designed with those like me not in mind, so best to not attend? Can we dial back the violent part for fragile snowflakes like me? Better that I just sit that part out, observe, learn what I can and let the younger dudes hurt each other? Am I over reacting? What do you think?

      Daniel – no speed , all drag

      * I’m not a total slug either. I used to be, but about a year ago I started your PT program in RPv1 and have stuck with it. I cut back the intensity and frequency due to recovery issues but have seen good results, progressing from completely useless to merely weak.

      • You’ll be good to go. Things get toned to the individual’s ability, and we push THOSE limits, not some arbitrary “hard guy” limits.

      • Daniel permalink

        Cool. I’m in. Full payment goes out Monday. It’ll be nice to see you again.

  3. Brad permalink

    Email sent to HH6, waiting on reply.

  4. Daniel permalink

    In related news, Black thugs and Beaner thugs got into it at an entrance of the local mega-mall last Friday. Nature took its course and bullets flew. Badly. Nobody apparently hurt but entire entrance glass area shot out. LEO converge from all compass points in epic show of too much too late, mall locked down and searched, blah, blah. No arrests. No suspects. Mall cops nowhere to be found. Mall still locked down all Saturday and finally opens Sunday. Media: Yay! We can shop again! Freedom wins!

    Segway: I’ve been telling my regular customers the shop will be closed while I’m away on a kinetic vacation. If they ask why I tell them. They look at me like I have a vagina on my forehead – until I point out the mall brawl and suggest they and loved ones were standing in that doorway when it got lit up. Completely possible. Classes like this can be the difference between holding someone precious while they die and saving their life. Lights are starting to come on and maybe I’m not *totally* nuts after all. Besides, who doesn’t secretly want to know how to win a gunfight in a phone booth (do those even still exist?)?

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