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February 4, 2018

I have been getting a LOT of emails, asking about the books, now that Forward Observer is no longer carrying them. We are working on a store website, but being the knuckle dragging technotard that I am, I was failing dismally. I have a guy working on it now. Hopefully it will be up within a week or two.

In the meantime, and for those who do not want to use a credit card to order online, we can still take orders the old school way. For ordering info on that, please contact HH6 at




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  1. Rod Lopez permalink

    Sounds good. I bought your other books. Took your patrolling 1and 2 class here in Colorado. Still need to Get in on the rifle and a CQB class. Shoould I order the book now or is it on backorder?Thanks

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  2. Mike permalink

    When you are set up in your store please advise to my email. I will purchase book one!


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