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February 28, 2018

One of the things I have tried mightily to avoid is turning this blog into a business venture. I left sales of the books in the hands of another for several years, because I didn’t want to turn this into a commercial venture, where I was focused more on entertaining customers and convincing them to buy books than I was in simply putting out what I believe is good, valuable content.

I’ve received a lot of suggestions from readers that I should liven up the book covers, to make them more attractive, to draw buyers. I’ve been told I needed to jazz up the site, or kick out more content, even if it is shorter and shallower, just to keep people engaged. I’ve been told I should produce t-shirts and sweatshirts and patches and stickers, and more, all to make the blog commercially viable.

Not interested. I wasn’t interested in the beginning, and I’m still not interested. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with selling and shipping the books now. I have gotten emails from three or four people who’s orders have not been received yet. I have communicated with them, and when I return home tomorrow, as I informed them, I will get to the bottom of it, and make it right. The last thing I want to deal with is MORE of that. So, we are NOT going to turn this into a more commercial site.

I will continue to write and post articles when I have something to share with you that I think is worth sharing.


I have also received a lot of inquiries about the availability of upcoming classes. As it stands, I currently have two classes scheduled, both private. We may have open enrollment classes this year, but as of now, there are simply none scheduled. When I have informed folks of this, a few have asked for other options, so I have decided to run a test concept for me. We are going to offer a one-year subscription for training drills. For those that subscribe, there will be two drills a month, emailed to them, on the 1st and 15th of each month, beginning with the first drill after your subscription.

These drills will range from pistol and carbine drills to combatives and PT, and small-unit tactics drills. Each drill will include a task, conditions, and standards statement, as well as a description of how to actually execute said drill. Most importantly, each drill will include a statement of purpose, describing the WHY, or what purpose the drill is intended to fulfill in training.

Occasionally one of these drills will be something that was described in one of the books, but most of them will be drills that we use within classes and our local community, for training. These are not all going to be super-duper, high-speed special operations drills that require you to be a hard-dicked 19 year old Ranger to succeed at. These are drills that are used, regularly, to train folks in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and older, of varying levels of physical ability.

Cost of the one-year subscription is $120, which sounds like a lot, until you break it down, and realize it is $5/drill. I’m not going to pimp this subscription, beyond this discussion. I’m going to try it for a month, and see if there is adequate interest, so if you want in, by all means, go to the store site and purchase the plan. If, at the end of that month, there is not enough interest, those who have already subscribed will have their subscriptions filled for a year, but I will no longer offer it on the store site.


If not, no harm no foul, I’ll still be writing the blog.

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  1. Ken permalink

    I think your books are fine the way they are, plain covers and all. I liked Forging the Hero enough to buy a second copy to give to a friend. Are you still planning on another book?

  2. roseman permalink

    Will the drill locations be in the same area?

  3. Matt permalink

    I know that this is way off but if this happens, and I hope that it does, it’d helpful if your computer guy could send renewal notices as subscriptions come close to expiration.

  4. Chris permalink

    Are these drills going to all be in written format or are there going to be some videos ?

  5. From the SBF position.

    I just viewed Viking Preparedness Pastor Joe Fox review on your book Forging The Hero. I know CPT Joe Fox as a TM LDR in 1st SFG, he was one of those officers who get the NCO’s attention as in this guy is switched on and he understands the true SF mission of UW, not just the hyper conventional Super Commando Direct Action raid. He gives a great review So buy the book as it needs to go into your library. I also recommend Pastor Joe Fox’s Youtube site. Hey I am just doing the SF thing and community organizing. Keep up the good fight JM. JM read SF in Berlin as it gives very good insight into the SF mission. It might help in your next books.

  6. Bruce permalink

    John, I have a group and we drill every two weeks. This is perfect. Ready to lay down a buck twenty to you.

  7. John, where can one purchase your books…?
    thank you

  8. Comrade X permalink

    I’m in on the $120 drills.

    • Comrade X permalink

      Ok; for kuckleheads like me the store site link is;

      Warhammer Six Press Books

      Took someone as dense as me a few minutes to figure that out.

  9. Diz permalink

    Just pulled the trigger on this and got 1st lesson plan. Solid stuff. Does not disappoint. If you cannot get with Mosby to train, then get this series.

  10. lineman permalink

    Anyway to send a money order for them?

  11. Bill permalink

    I’m in on drills where do I sign

  12. Diz permalink

    Just got drill # 2. This is really good stuff.

  13. Jon permalink

    Are these drills printable? So, once you get them, you can reuse them? Or, are they in video format?

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