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Outstanding Book Orders

May 11, 2018

I’ve gotten a lot of emails recently, righteously demanding information about their outstanding book orders. I am going to try and curb that a little, by offering some more information.

“Warhammer Six Press” is a one-man show. By that, I mean, when we get orders in on the website, we normally have a young lady, the teenage daughter of one of our people, who transcribes the information, and helps my wife and myself pack book orders, sitting on our living room floor.

Late last month, Pastor Joe Fox, of Viking Preparedness, released a video review of the Reluctant Partisan books. (Here) That resulted in an unusually high number of orders over the course of a couple of days. We are not “back ordered,” in that we have ample copies of the books on hand to fulfill the orders. We are however, backlogged on shipping orders, trying to get them out as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind however, that this is not our “job” as such. It is a sideline.

I have a wife, two children, a farm, and a day job. We are working through them as fast as possible.

We are, finally, past the biggest hump. It looks like all outstanding books SHOULD be shipped out no later than the middle of next week.

Thank you for your consideration, and I apologize for any inconvenience that may result from this.



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  1. Wes permalink

    I ordered before the rush. All three. It will be worth th wait.

  2. Russ permalink

    Received mine two days ago. You will forget how long it took after reading a half dozen pages. Unique material. Thank you John Mosby (and Pastor Joe Fox).

    • Did it come via media mail? Still waiting for our books to come in so am hoping it is still in transit.

  3. Mike Love permalink

    I got mine in about 3 weeks. STFU about your Amazon Prime bullshit. These guys are working hard to make us better tribesman.

  4. Diz permalink

    Yeah, it is. I say is because I re-read them frequently. Yellow high light stuff. You know, actually study them. Books. Something almost from a by-gone age. But highly likely to make a come-back, IMHO.

    I have tried to run a small part-time business out of my home, back when I made gear for sale to the public. I know about back-logs. It’s a royal PITA when you want to relax from your day-job and what-not.

    This is a custom, basically hand-made product, and as such, it takes more time to get. The amazon fulfilment center has a few more employees than Warhammer Press.

  5. Andrew permalink

    I have the first one.
    Planned to order the second and third.
    While at times I have the same “Iwantitnow” that my 8 year old gets on occasion, I try to be relaxed.
    This “next day shipping” is a new phenomenon after all and we’ve been spoiled.

    Ponder the original “Sears” catalog.
    Send in a check or money, and get items shipped out…probably in a few months if one was lucky, but it might be several.

    I’ll be patient.

  6. Scott Smith permalink

    I received all three books yesterday. I am looking forward to digesting them in the coming days.

  7. Bogeyman permalink

    No hurries, just glad to be getting some good materials to study and looking forward to learning.

  8. Old Gray Wolf permalink

    I am going to be ordering all three, but will wait until the crunch is past. How refreshing to read an explanation couched in matter of fact language and dripping with honesty. It’s a rare thing is this rotten and duplicitous society.

  9. Swamp Fox permalink

    Support from the SBF position,

    Like I said I can vouch for Pastor Joe Fox, as I knew Captain Fox very well in 1st GP. Solid SF Officer, who understands “That it is Far More Intellectual Than A Bayonet Charge” and do I want to be able to Operate in any environment or do I want to operate the Environment. (its a DA vs Special Warfare thing). I will order a copy. JM how was that long range shooting course?

  10. I just received volume 1 and 2

    I really thank you for making me feel better and also for writing these

  11. J-Red permalink

    I ordered mine awhile ago. I would like to be patient and understanding to you (a man who has already undoubtedly done more good for my nation than I might do in my lifetime), but after two months I’m wondering what happened to the money I sent you. I still don’t have the books and am getting anxious about it. I understand you’re busy, but at least an update would be nice. Please get back to me and I will happily update everyone about the resolution.

    • Email me. We’ve had some orders get lost, and my helper ended up finding a dozen or so under the seat of her truck at one point, two weeks after they were supposed to have been shipped….

      It may take a while, but I will always do what I can to make it right.

  12. rob permalink

    it’s been 9 weeks for me with zero confirmation of order & 2 polite inquiry emails unanswered.
    I hold you in esteem & want to maintain faith but you have $150 of my hard earned money..
    I see your now promoting pre-orders for a new book, without having fulfilled the previous orders??? I’m requesting communication sir. I would like confirmation of my order & shipping requests as well as an eta. I’ve allowed a generous amount of time. the dismissive silence is making me uneasy.

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