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New Book

July 20, 2018

Per the request of a number of readers, I am announcing a pre-sale event for the new book. The new book is titled Guerrilla Gunfighter, Volume One: Clandestine Carry Pistol. This is the Clandestine Carry Pistol course, in book form, with a great deal more information. The book so far, which is at the editor now, runs just over 300 pages (which is largely unheard of in a pistol training book). The book covers the usual “Here is how you shoot a pistol,” content, but then goes on to put that content into context, illustrating and discussing different contextual applications of those core skills. It also includes a complete training program-of-instruction (POI), and a sustained practice program, as well as in-depth discussion of fighting mindset development, weapon and support gear selection and set-up, and optimization of sub-prime weapon choices, when you have to run whatever happens to be available.

Release date for the book is 1SEP18. While I encourage pre-order, at the reduced price (final price will be based on final page count and printing costs), recognize that if you do pre-order you should not expect the book to ship before 1SEP (miracles do occur though), and there is always a chance that final publication may be delayed slightly, if unforeseen problems arise.



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  1. Comrade X permalink

    When can you pre order? How much and how?

  2. rippedsmurfs permalink

    Link to order?

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  3. Roger Witt permalink

    I’ll take one. Let me know how you’d like to receive your funds. Thanks Roger Witt

  4. Michael Lemieux permalink

    I would like to pre-order, what is the “reduced price” and is there a link to order/pay?


  5. David Decker permalink


    I am interested in pre-ordering so where do I do that? thanks.

    David W Decker

    Never mistake an act of compassion for a sign of weakness

    Gas Engine Training:

    Executive protection contact:


  6. Brent permalink

    John, what subject matter is planned for Vol. II?

  7. James Compliment permalink

    Great. It would be great to receive the books my son ordered for me for Father’s Day. Just sayin, though I could say more.

    James Compliment

  8. John permalink

    Pre-ordered today to support your effort. 1 September will be here soon enough.

  9. Diz permalink

    Just ordered.

  10. Roseman permalink

    I recently finished reading ‘Forging The Hero’.
    If all of your books are of similar competence and expertise, they are a bargain at the asking price.

  11. Jake permalink

    To All Concerned,
    I have tried to order three times now, from multiple platforms, and the process has not completed, leaving me with an error pop-up from the website. I would like to pre-order two of the forthcoming books, but have yet to find any contact to address the system issue. Is there a contact to address this?

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