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Catching Up

October 18, 2018

A large number of readers got emails today that their copies of The Guerrilla Gunfighter: Clandestine Carry Pistol, had shipped. They went out yesterday.

The remaining outstanding orders (this is you, if you didn’t get a notice today, and have an outstanding order more than three days old), will be shipping the first of next week. Of course, me being me, by “first” of next week, I mean some time between Monday and Wednesday…

To be forthright, I really never expected book sales to be anywhere near as successful as they have been. While I’m not making the NYT Bestsellers List any time soon, I genuinely believed, when I wrote the first Reluctant Partisan book, that I might sell 50 or 60 copies. Each succeeding book has only slightly raised those expectations. So, finding myself in a position where there are orders for a book that are two-plus months overdue is mind-numbing and more than a little bewildering as well.

My books are reasonably expensive, because of the amount of content, but until you’ve read them, you don’t know that. It is simply a matter of sticker shock. I get that. We certainly don’t lose money on the books, but we don’t make a particularly grand amount off each book either, especially when you factor in the cost of printing, shipping, my time handling them and packaging them, and then shipping them to you, the reader.

I could probably have them drop-shipped from a printer, but that doesn’t work for me. When an issue arises with shipping–lost orders, missing orders, hang-ups at Customs, etc–I am responsible. Drop shipping them, or having someone else do the handling for them, as we did when Sam over at Forward Observer was taking care of that for us, meant that when something went wrong, I sort of had to either hand if off to him, or go, “Well, gee….I don’t know what happened…Sorry, I guess?”

Now, although it sort of complicates things a little bit, I, and I alone, am responsible. I can take that responsibility, knowing that ultimately, I really am at fault.

If you have an outstanding order that you feel is overdue, please email me directly. I don’t get to my email as frequently as most of you, but I WILL get to it eventually, I promise.

We’ve had more than a little difficulty with overseas shipping. To send books to Europe, for example, actually costs me more for shipping than you pay for the books. Now, I will do that, but…I need to know to expect it, and we probably need to work something out to take some of the bite out of that (generally, I offer a barter arrangement instead of you paying for the books).

We’ve had books disappear in the mays of international shipping. As a general thing, I don’t know if that is because they are getting confiscated at your nation’s Customs, or if the fucking air mail plane went down somewhere over the Bermuda Triangle (in at least two cases I can recall, the order disappeared under the seat of my truck on the way to the Post Office, to be found weeks or months later…). If you have an overseas order and it hasn’t reached you, email me. I will figure it out and we will make it right, somehow.

If you have a stateside order, and it hasn’t been shipped, or it has been shipped, and you haven’t received it yet, email me. We will figure it out. It may take me a while, but I WILL get it sorted out. I’m old, slow, broken, and have been hit in the head a lot, and been too close to too many breaching charges. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m a pretty fair ax. I’ll get you taken care of, somehow.

Do us both a favor though? Don’t send me hate email. I will generally ignore it, if the tone is rude. Foul language I can–obviously–deal with. A rude tone just pisses me off. If I don’t ignore it, I will use that age-old Southern tool of sarcasm, and be super polite, just so you know you were being a douche canoe. But….I will still do everything in my power to make it right. So, email me. We’ll figure it out.




Again, if you have an outstanding order, more than three days old, it should be shipping sometime the first of next week. Thank you for your patience, and again, I apologize for any inconveniences because of the delays.


In the meantime, here’s a review from somebody who has started reading their copy of The Guerrilla Gunfighter: Clandestine Carry Pistol:

A Brief Statement about the new book….

Assuming I get the orders out on time next week, as planned, there are a couple of articles half-written that will be posted right after that happens.

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  1. benreddy permalink

    I am not sure if I pre-ordered or not. I haven’t received any notice. Is there an easy way to check? I would have used this email: If you can’t check, no sweat. I’ll wait and see if I get a book this week – if I don’t, I’ll order off the site.

    Thanks, J

  2. benreddy permalink

    Disregard my last email. Looks like I got a shipping notice yesterday. Thanks, guys. Can’t wait to read the new book!

    Best, J

  3. Mac McIntosh permalink

    John, I need to get ALL of your books’ but I need one question answered. I bought your first book when it first came out, but the type size was a killer at my age and way too small. Have you made the type larger? I’m hoping your response is that your page size is around 8”x10” which for my vision would be perfect. Please let me know – I really need to stock my library and get your annual training subscription as well.

    Cheers, Sgian Dubh

    • Daniel permalink


      I’m not associated with the blog but I think I can answer that for you. The first book’s small type size was the result of a misunderstanding between the author and the printer. The goal was to shrink the size of the book while keeping the type large but everything got shrunk. The second printing of the first book and all other books after are in the larger size you describe.


      • Mac McIntosh permalink

        Thanks Daniel! I’ll start buying right away!


  4. DAN III permalink

    Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving 2018. I STILL do not have my pre-order book. WTF, over !

    • Daniel permalink

      Dan III, same situation here and I got the ship notice Oct 31. I asked my mail carrier about it and he said things like books sent low priority are the *last* thing to move in the system. They can sit 3, 4, even more days in each facility before moving to the next, where the process repeats. He said it can add up to third world wait times and not seeing them yet isn’t unreasonable. FWIW…

      • DAN III permalink


        Thank you for your provided information. Just think, yesterday I was giving kudos to the USPS.

        Hopefully, Hell will not freeze over before our books are delivered. 😁

        Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

      • DAN III permalink

        FYI…..I finally received my book today, 28 NOV 18. What a coincidence, eh ?

      • Daniel permalink

        Sweet! Happy for you – and jealous. That’ll teach me to be a later pre-order…

  5. Daniel permalink

    Mine arrived Monday. Most happy – intro is excellent. Massive learning experience dead ahead…

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