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Book Orders Update

December 3, 2018

I’ve tried to avoid doing this. I’ve enjoyed being in complete control of the book-publishing venture known as Warhammer Six Press. Unfortunately, because of the demands of a day job, raising three kids, spending time with a wife, and running a farm, I’ve not been able to—nor have I been interested in—getting online every single week, let alone every single day.

Rather than talking about preparedness and self-reliance, I’ve been focused on doing it. I realized the other day, it had been damned near two years since I’d posted any articles of substance on this blog (although, in my defense, there’s a LOT of reading material on this blog, and I HAVE managed to write and publish four books of which I am extremely proud, over the last several years).

I’ve gotten tired of, every time I DO manage to find time to get online, having to respond to emails from people bitching about not getting a shipped notice within 24 hours of placing their order. I get it. We’re living in an Amazon world. Unfortunately—well, fortunately, actually—I’m not Jeff Fucking Bezos.

What I have decided to do is outsource the book-handling. All of my books are now available directly from They should ship considerably more rapidly than I am able to do so, and if they don’t, you can bitch at Lulu, rather than me. It’ll keep my blood pressure down, and all of you folks can rest assured that you’ll get your books much sooner.

Additionally, this means in between working on the farm, dealing with my family, doing PT, and being at my day job, I can use what little free time there is left to write articles for the blog, and work on the Carbine Book and other smaller projects, instead of on handling and packaging books and driving them to a post office to deliver.

All current orders on the 3dCart store are being processed right now, and will ship today or tomorrow. The store will remain up, but all links for the books, here on the blog, and on the FB page for the blog, will be routed to the links for the books.

The Reluctant Partisan, Vol One: The Guerrilla

The Reluctant Partisan, Vol Two: The Underground

Forging the Hero: Who Does More Is Worth More

Guerrilla Gunfighter: Clandestine Carry Pistol


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  1. John, Good for you dropping the shit part on Lulu and getting on with your life and having more time to instruct and write. It sounds like a wise decision and hopefully will increase the sales of your valuable books.

  2. Richard Miller permalink

    The book arrived!!!!!!! Already starting to read it!

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  3. DAN III permalink


    How fucking righteous of you to snivel and complain about how demanding your customers are. Seems to me your customers had faith in you, trusted you, to provide the product in a reasonable time from your taking their money. And not “….within 24 hours of placing their order.” as you so arrogantly claimed.

    While you projected books to pre-order customers would ship in September I finally received my book in December ! As I graciously refrained from trying to get an answer from you regarding the extreme delay in shipping the product I ordered, you certainly took my money in an “Amazon world” like fashion. How dare your customers question you !

    Since you’ve “….gotten tired of …. having to respond to people bitching about not getting a shipped notice….” rest assured I will not tire you in the future. After weeks and weeks and weeks of not receiving the product for which I had paid for months and months and months ahead of time, I finally made an attempt to question you as to where my paid for product was. Well, not to my surprise, but to my disappointment, you never did respond to my query. Guess, you were too busy “raising three kids”, “doing PT”, “spending time with a wife”, and cashing people’s checks and credit cards to give this (former) customer the professional courtesy of a reply. You certainly didn’t waste any time taking my money, did you ? Had ample time for that, eh ?

    From your sniveling rant about “people (customers) bitching” I can take go heart that the ancient, honorable concept of “the customer is always right” is long dead with you. If it ever even existed.

    Not that you give a fiddler’s fuck, but you’ll never see another dime of my money. Contrary to your belief….you are not the only game in town.

    Merry Christmas.

    • Dan,
      To begin with, I have made a concerted effort, every time I’ve been online, to inform readers of the situations with the books. I was specifically bitching about a specific subset of,customers. Specifically, those who,have ordered the books, and then, 24hrs later, emailed me, furious to have not received a shipping notice already, withbthe demand, “Where is my shipping notice! What kind of crook are you!?” Now, if pre-order customers had been asking that, in mid-November, it would have been justified. They havent, as you pointed out, because Ive made such an effort to keep people informed.

      The people that have done this (and there have been a number), have generally,followed up, every 24 hoirs or so, with increasingly rude emails, demanding an immediate answer.

      This tells me, they either have never read the blog, or their reading comprehension is lower than my seven year old’s. I can say this, because of the number of,times and places on the blog, where I specifically say, expect 2-3 weeks for delivery, and that I’m generally only online every other week or so.

      I’ve long said, in this blog, that I don’t do active marketing–and friends have bitched at me about it–because I don’t actually care if people buy the books or not. Ive got a job, this is a side gig. Its nice when they do, but its not like my family is going to be homeless and starving if they don’t.

      I respect your decision to not spend anymore money with Warhammer Six Press, and I hope you feel like youve gotten your money’s worth out of what you paid for all the blog articles you’ve read and commented on over the years.

  4. Diz permalink

    Well Shiite, let me stick my nose in here where it don’t belong. Mosby has been totally upfront about not giving a flying fuck about marketing/customer service, per se. That would include answering emails from customers. You either accept that about him, or you don’t. But you don’t order anyway, and then when he does exactly as he says, and ignores you, get all pissy about it.

    I too pre-ordered my book and I too just got the fucker. And you know what, this fucker is so valuable that I don’t really care how long it took. I’m just glad he is bothering to write this shit and share it with us.

    If you can’t figure out how valuable these books really are, and aren’t busy reading them, instead of pissing and moaning about how long it took, then you should just wipe your ass with them, because it sounds like that’s all the use you will get out of them. Besides, that’ll really show ’em.

  5. Tim permalink

    Own all the Books. Invaluable. Those seeking instant gratification look elsewhere.

  6. Joe permalink

    I ordered through lulu it was a painless process they take PayPal or cc. They sent shipping info, the book arrived in 5 days way faster then expected especially this time of year.

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