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Have a Very SF Day!

December 4, 2018
I received the following email, when I logged on today, to let about 200 people know that their orders had processed and been shipped this morning…I am offering both the email, and my response. I may even create a tab for it, so future readers can learn a little more about the Mountain Guerrilla Blog…
If the author had actually done due diligence, he’d have quickly discovered that ANY “good faith contract” with Warhammer Six Press books includes the very real clause that I don’t get online very gods-be-damned often, and that I put my family and clan before perfect strangers in a commercial exchange.
Well, ok John, it is now the evening of 12/3 – having given you the benefit of the doubt and waiting until tonight to call you out, I have yet to receive any type of shipping notice from the United States Post Office. Based on your personal email to me, I’m going to have to conclude that you have failed miserably and are not a man of your word.
Now, let’s briefly speak of this ‘blog’ were you say all is explained. I have been all over your order website and there is indeed a ‘blog’ tab, however, when one clicks on that tab all that happens is it takes you to the ‘Welcome to our online store’ page where you blow sunshine up everyone’s skirt about how you and your staff (?, what staff) value us as customers and how well you’ll take care of us. Honestly John, that page almost has me laughing as I write this – it’s one hell of a joke. 
And one final thing John, I honestly don’t give a flying rats butt about your personal life or the problems it creates for your ‘side business’. What I do care about is that I entered into a good faith contract with you and that you have failed to hold up your end of the bargain. I ran my own construction company for thirty five years and never, not once, did I ever whine to a client about why I couldn’t get done what they contracted with me to do, even if that required me to eat some costs.
If you have anything you want to say in rebuttal, you know where you can reach me.  “
My response:”
I was going to ignore this, since I knew your order was going out in the mail this morning, and you’d get an email notification about it, but it’s been bugging the fuck out of me all day.

Are you the guy that goes to KFC for the very first time, orders a cheeseburger, and then gets pissed, because they don’t sell them?
You ordered a book from a company, and a person you’ve never even heard of?
I’ve written four books. They’ve received accolades from fellow SF veterans, Federal Law Enforcement, non-SF US military, and preppers around the blogosphere. I’ve written and managed a blog for damned near a decade, on the topic of preparedness security, that has thousands of followers. I’ve taught classes through the blog, for almost as long as the blog has existed. There are literally millions of words, over hundreds of articles, available for free. It’s located at You should probably check it out.
On the BLOG…which the store site mentions, multiple times…I very clearly, and very repeatedly, in numerous articles and updates, have stated, a) I don’t give two fucks if nobody ever orders my books. I wrote them because people WHO HAD READ THE FUCKING BLOG, asked me to, repeatedly. I’ve made considerably more money from those books than I ever expected to. I’ve NEVER done ANY targeted marketing of my books. I seldom even mention the books on the blog. There’s one little tab on the blog, that leads to the store site, indirectly.
I don’t give a fuck if you don’t care about my family life. I do, and I’m not about to let a bunch of fucking people I don’t know, and have never met, steal time from me that I could–and should–be spending with my children and wife.
Lots of motherfuckers talk a game about preparedness. Lots of motherfuckers read–and write–books about preparing for WTSHTF. Unlike most of those people, I actually LIVE what I talk about. That means, dealing with the books–which loyal readers ASKED ME TO WRITE–gets shoved way back into the little bit of remnant time I can wrangle here and there, after my wife and kids are in bed, and I don’t have more pressing responsibilities to address.
You want to accuse me of not being a man of my word? You don’t know a fucking thing about my word. You’ve never even read my fucking words. When you’ve read 1/20th of the articles I’ve written for the blog–that are FREE–or the book I put in the mail to you today, THEN you can start talking about me not being a man of my word.
Happy Holidays, and have a very SF Day!

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  1. Jerry permalink

    Well said !

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Tommy permalink

    Just for that I am ordering all your books. And dont give a fuck if it takes a year to get them. Rock on brother.

  3. Fuck…That was Funny. Thanks for the deep belly laugh. You Rock, Man.

  4. Mark permalink

    John, I received my copy of CCP last week. I’ve only skimmed it so far but can tell it has outstanding content and is very well done. Well worth the wait. Look forward to one day being able to order a copy of TRP #3! Thanks for all you do.

  5. Michael Kerr permalink

    Great response!

  6. Brennen Munro permalink

    Damn Dude… Just keep doing you. Most of us truly appreciate what you do share with us, on your schedule. I have to wonder if this person is going to be complaining after he gets his book that you are not there to hold his hand through the parts that he finds difficult to comprehend? One of the very reasons why I am here is because of your dedication to the things that you find important. I get it, I find some of those things to be the most important in my life as well. The side things get attention AFTER the important is sorted. Thanks for the reminder Brother.


  7. Matt permalink

    I have make book.
    Sunshine blown up my…kilt?
    Great book. Your word is good in Cowpens.

  8. Norman permalink


  9. James Windle permalink

    Not knowing of you much less (oh, btw, I found your website thanks to you) anything about you – can you really blame me when everything I read was about slow delivery? Cut me some slack boys. Anyway John, I hope you’ll give me equal billing and post my reply. – Jim

  10. Scott Smith permalink

    Fuck em he’s not your brother.

  11. Ranger Rick permalink

    Merry Christmas John. Hugs to the family. Ranger Rick – North Idaho

  12. John Lyssikatos permalink

    John, I have ordered all your books, multiple copies thereof for myself, family and friends because they are outstanding and cover information in a manner that is extremely rare if not singularly unique and very well worth the wait, however long it is. If folks want to get two day shipping on rhinestones, well they have plenty of options for that. I’ll wait for the diamonds. Thank you for all you share with us, in your books and blog.

  13. Matthew C. Tritle permalink


    Now THAT was funny.

    Generally speaking I’m a hammer with customer service. But I do think you’ve made it very clear that the first customers you serve are your family, then friends, then clan, then paying customers. So, from just one mugs perspective, you’ve made it very clear that one should not expect quick response times and that patience would be a useful trait to exercise in interactions with you. Fair enough; caveat emptor – you did your part to mitigate the natural information asymmetry between seller and buyer; if the buyer wasn’t paying attention then oh, well…buy somewhere else. You mean you can’t? Huh…looks like the buyer ought to be quiet and wait it out.

    And thanks for the bread recipe, looks straight forward (meaning a non-baker like yours truly might not actually screw it up…but don’t take bets on that).

    Hoo-yah and God Bless, Matt Tritle

  14. Diz permalink

    I think we should put this one to rest. Mosby has repeatedly stated that these books are a low priority for him. He does not chat on line with whoever emails him. And he has said as much, going on years now. If you can’t accept that, then you shouldn’t have ordered the books.

    Dealing with Mosby is not like your typical interaction with other people. He doesn’t give a flying fuck about fame or fortune, and he doesn’t want to be your buddy. We are extremely lucky that he bothers to share this stuff with us, at all.

    This isn’t a contract to fix your house or whatever; it’s really life-changing information that could be, probably will be, vital in the future. We are fortunate that we can just pay money, and get it spoon-fed to us, rather than spending a life-time figuring this shit out. If you can’t see the difference, between a contractor competing in the marketplace for business, and what Mosby is doing, then you don’t even deserve to hear what the guy has to say.

    I know you’re probably thinking, geez, this guy must be his brother-in-law. I have never met, him, and probably never will. I just recognize the truth in his writings. Mosby can be an abrasive, foul-mouthed asshole. And his books have taken forever to get. You have to get past all that shit and get the message. Or not. Your choice.

  15. Big Mike permalink

    John, it looks the one criticizing you is on a first grade reading level. He can say words but has no comprehension of what they mean. I would suggest he read your book, “Forging the Hero”, to get a better understanding of who are and what you stand for. However, if he can’t comprehend what your blog says, he can’t comprehend the book. I received you notice as one of the 200 you sent out and I was pleased to get the notice. Looking forward to reading the new book. I’m sure it is worth the wait. From your writings, it is VERY clear to me that your family comes before anything else. Well said and well done!

  16. Comrade X permalink

    I really like Guerrilla Gunfighter, Volume One: Clandestine Carry Pistol, so much so I ordered 3 more for Christmas presents (just got notice they were on the way, thanks!), can’t wait for Volume Two.

  17. Andrew McGaha permalink

    Can you refund this fuckers money? I dont want this dickhole to be in on the secrets. In fact, should you be vetting which assholes do and don’t get books?

    P.S. I have ALL the books and each time, they have all been received well in advance of the clearly defined expectations of “round-to-it” shipping. Really, I just read the FREE blog posts while waiting. One time, I took an MG class while waiting.

    P.P.S. the personal inscriptions have always been a nice touch and very much appreciated.

  18. Chris permalink

    I preordered Guerrilla Gunfighter, Volume One: Clandestine Carry Pistol in August. I was aware from the initial description provided by Mr. Mosby that there would be a delay before the book was ready and shipped. I received an order processing e-mail in mid-September, but hadn’t received the book by early October. I e-mailed Mr. Mosby on October 17th and asked whether there was some mix up on my shipment or if I just needed to be patient a bit longer. This was before his October 18th posting on the Mountain Guerilla blog concerning the backlog of orders and the forthcoming shipping. In the e-mail I did not feel it necessary to question his honor, the value of his word, or behave like a 15-year-old keyboard warrior talking trash simply because I hadn’t received the book. In other words, I acted as a rational adult and treated him like one. Mr. Mosby responded later the same day with a courteous e-mail updating me as to the status of my order and offered me an apology for the wait. He didn’t have to respond at all, let alone apologize. I have since received my book and couldn’t be happier with it. For those of you that haven’t received it yet, it is well worth the wait. Be patient. I plan on ordering paper copies of all his past books and anything else he chooses to publish in the future.
    I would like to thank you, Mr. Mosby, for taking the time out of your extremely busy life to write these books and for your willingness to share your hard-won knowledge with us. Some people just need to remember how to behave civilly and keep in mind that you don’t have to do any of this if you don’t want to. That would most definitely be our loss.
    As an aside, I find it interesting that for all of bluster and smack talking, this person didn’t ask for a refund. He/she still wants the book. You are a better man than I am. I would have refunded his/her purchase price and told him/her where he/she could shove it. But, then, I do have a bit of a temper and zero tolerance for mouthy a$$holes.
    Thanks again and happy holidays to you and yours.

    • Jimmy D permalink

      Oh, I could reply in spades to this guy, but, I told John I would let it lie. John, this is me letting it lie.

  19. Behemoth in E id permalink

    Got my book. Fantastic!! Just what I expected after your other books.
    And to all the doubters, take a class with him. Read the material. And if you dont get it, well find a friend who does and listen to them. I have all of the archived blog printed and bound. So between the books and blog i think it is like 11 volumes of material. Slowly processing through it.
    John, just an idea, release archived blog volumes. Anyway, hope the family is well, have a happy yule.
    From Behemoth in east idaho.

  20. JoeD permalink

    Well I just got my copy of guerrilla gunfighter and have to say, it was worth the wait. Yeah some of us can get impatient at times, but John was forthcoming and clear about the wait times on the blog. He even gave instructions on emailing him if after getting a shipping notice and not receiving the product after 3 weeks to email him so he can make it right. Which I personally did. But I wasn’t an asshole about it, as I was aware of the situation. I have the first RP book and it is a goldmine of info. Stuff that you don’t see anywhere else written as such that it isn’t boring as fuck like military manuals. John has a talent in the ability to share information. So much so, I ordered the rest of the books. This blog is a goldmine, people who have done things and or are capable of doing things realize this and look past the wait times. Those who constantly bitch, are well, bitches.
    Thanks again John for what you do.

  21. Ragnar permalink

    Hello Gentleman Mosby,

    I hope this message finds you in good spirits and that your week is going swimmingly!

    I must ask, and excuse me if I am pestering you; I haven’t ordered your covert carry pistol book yet, but I’m wondering when I’ll get it. Could you please give me a timeframe?

    Thank You SO MUCH,

    – Ragnar Husafell

  22. Jimmy D permalink

    Guerrilla Gunfighter Update: Pastor Joe, if you’re so inclined, please post this on your next video so all can see.

    For those of you who are regular followers of Pastor Joe’s, you may recall that I am the guy who put up a bunch of ‘Warnings’ about the speed of shipment and the lack of response from the book ‘Guerrilla Gunfighter(s)’ seller. This update is being put up by me to tell all of you that I WAS WRONG.

    Through a series of email exchanges with John Mosby, I succeeded in accomplishing two things. First, I managed to piss off a Special Forces guy (brilliant eh?, and I can tell you now, he’s a big guy) (you where right to call me on the carpet John) and, as I now realize, I may have in some way damaged this man’s reputation – something I sincerely regret and hope had minimal impact (although, among John’s MANY followers, I doubt my menial little opinion didn’t mean much).

    You all should know that John handled this extremely professionally and has fulfilled my order and more. Thank you John.

    You all should know one more thing – Pastor Joe was 100% correct in recommending this book to his viewers. John Mosby knows more on the subject of his book than I, or probably anyone else would have even imagined. If you want to gain some of the knowledge contained in a REAL warriors head, you need to read this book.
    It is brilliant.

    In closing, my sincerest apologies to Mr. Mosby and also to Pastor Joe for….well, for basically making an ass of myself.

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