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Patreon and a Free Article

October 30, 2019

Initially, I had planned on offering one article per month from the Patreon site, on this site as well. I’ve fallen short on that, but this week’s first tier article is open to the public. Go check it out, and see what you’re missing (it’s close to the tail end of a series of articles).

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  1. A reader permalink

    Just a housekeeping thought…add the link to Patreon on your top and side bars.

  2. Jarrod Williamson permalink

    Do you have a link to your Patreon site?

    Thank you for the information.

  3. Rusty permalink

    What’s the address of the Patreon site?

  4. Gabriel lackman permalink

    Just wanted to say thank you for the free articles you publish. I’ve purchased two of your books and plan on purchasing the rest as funds allow. As far as the previous post goes, I think when it comes down to it most people like socialism in some form or another whether they realize it or not. Your people are the most important thing in the world and it’s not a bad thing to help them out if they need and deserve it. The abuse of our social programs is what bothers me most, not the existence of them. Certain groups abuse them more than others because they use quite a bit without contributing. If only there were a way to combine socialism and nationalism to compromise and give each group what they want.

  5. Will permalink

    I was trying to search for your channel on Patreon without much luck. Do you go under the same name as your blog?

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