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Campfire Chat

November 26, 2019

John, some of your recent posts have mirrored my own realizations with shorty ARs. I have two 10.5s that have worn RDS and have become my favorite ARs of my herd. I have 2 carbines with 1-4x scopes and the capability of the optics is so much better here in the sticks than a RDS…so I ordered 2 Bushnell Elite 1-8.5x for the two 10.5s.

I think they’ll be perfect now with such easy handling and the added utility of the LPVOs. Just thought I’d echo your thoughts, 10.5s with LPVOs are where it’s at.

I’ve got my 14.5” as my go-to gun, solely because it goes in the truck with me when I leave the farm, and if I do get pulled over, it’s a lot less of a headache to deal with local cops and deputies over a 14.5” with a pinned and welded FH, than it is a 10.5” “pistol.”

My preference for all-around really has become the 10.5 with a 1-6/8x on it. It’s just super handy, and while shots past 200 yards are not common here, by any stretch, there are straight aways on roads and in town that exceed that. I also know—personally—of at least two dozen dudes who have achieved first-shot kills at (verified) ranges between 600 and 800 meters, with 10.5” guns. Loading them with MK262 or a similar load will aid in lethality at longer ranges as well.

That having been said, I wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable, assuming the shot was justified, taking a shot at 500 yards with M855. I know for a fact, I can hit a chest size area at that distance, out of a 10.5” even with a red dot, and even if it doesn’t kill him, it’s damned sure going to ruin his week.


When I visited South Africa our group visited the ranch home of the Afrikaner gameskeeper on the farm and when we drove up in the bakke a pair of very large domestic geese greeted the truck like web footed klaxons. The two wealthy conservatards in the group wondered out loud why in the hell a guy would keep those things around and when I mentioned that they were for warnings of farm attacks I could see the look on their faces that all but said “Lee Greenwood is not a ‘racist’ and neither am I so what is this farm attacks thing you speak of?”

I offended the shit out of a college kid today. My “leaving the gym” shirt was a Rhodesian Army “Be A Man Among Men” t-shirt. He got snippety about it, then got huffy when I pointed out that like 80% of the Rhodie Army was black. Was Rhodesia racist, institutionally? Fuck yes.

Does that mean I can’t appreciate the Rhodesian Army’s contributions to special operations without being a racist? Fuck you.

Also, geese are the bees’ knees for security alarms. Unfortunately, in my experience, they’re also complete assholes to young children and dogs. I like both my children and my dogs, far more than I like geese.


For lighting, you want perimeter lights glaring outward, leaving your inside-the-perimeter area dark. If you turn them on, those on the outside are visible, you on the dark inside are not illuminated and are obscured by the glare.

Uhm….I know?

On the other hand, in an urban environment, if you live in a high-trust neighborhood, there’s a lot to be said for having the house illuminated too, so neighbors can see if someone is hanging out in the shrubbery that ought not be…


I can attest to the superiority of the white gas colemans. I am still using the one dad bought when I was 6 (I’m 69). The only thing that has been replaced, twice, is the leather pump seal. They are easy enough to make from some veg tan hide.

That’s bad ass! Mine aren’t anywhere near that old.



Uhm….I’m gonna guess you’re new around here. I got out after 10 years, and I do NOT have a military pension, nor do I collect VA disability, despite being more than eligible….

As for 500 paying subscribers? Well, if you provide good enough content, apparently people are willing to pay for it. It’s not like I’m holding a gun to their heads….

I can shoot as much as I do because I work my ass off, and I prioritize the importance of being able to protect my family and clan.

Additionally, I don’t have satellite television. I have a prepaid cell phone that costs $100/month, for both my wife and myself. We grow a lot of our own food, including meat. I drive 20+ year old trucks that I paid cash, at below book prices for. I do a lot of bartering, and I do a lot of side work.

I don’t drink, except ceremonially at holidays, and then it’s homemade mead, so it’s almost free. I don’t use drugs, other than chewing Copenhagen. I eat basically one meal a day. I built my house by hand, myself—and with help from the clan—so I don’t have a huge mortgage payment.

I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words of free content, over the last decade on this blog. I’ve written and published five books that people are willing to pay for (even when I was a dipshit and got the shipping all kinds of fucked up). I write this blog still, occasionally, and the Patreon content, in my copious free time, by taking a day each week away from my family…

We home school our kids, so they’re not quite as inundated with mercantile commercial marketing, demanding the latest, newest shit.

So….yeah, shooting 10K a year is not incredibly hard for me….but that’s because I work my ass off and prioritize it.

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  1. Whiskey permalink

    I hope that last comment was a hyperbole of things you’ve heard. I can’t stand people who are “on our side” getting jealous of others. They know they can do things different, I know I can. If I want to shoot more, I can skip on other things. But more importantly I shouldn’t ever be jealous of another dudes success. I should look at what he is doing right, emulate what I can that fits my situation, and try to improve my foxhole. Being jealous of a dude that is “ahead of me in the game” is how you never even get started.

    Thanks for showing us what right can look like.

  2. Mas Casa permalink

    John, good on your success! I’m looking forward to making my own Mead too. Just placed an order for a couple 10.5″ AR pistols based on the discussion here. One will wear a 300 Blackout upper as my AO has lots of opportunity for short range deer hunting. Still got 5.56 though.

  3. Tom Colbert permalink

    Do you recommend women training in boxing for self defense? I have my doubts that the average woman can regularly generate enough punching force to incapacitate the average man.

    • Johnny Paratrooper permalink

      Any training is good. But a punch is the least useful of all attacks.

    • Greg permalink

      Throwing in my 2 cents here as a life time fitness enthusiast, part-time boxing / mma trainer at my gym as well as a purple belt in BJJ. Knowing how to strike is important for anyone to a point but slugging it out with an aggressor to the point that they are disabled and you are able to escape or get to a weapon is more fantasy than practical. Jiu Jitsu is more realistic in defense in either submitting an aggressor or getting into a position that will allow escape. And of course, being in shape enough that you can run, fight, retreat or retrieve a weapon AND having the will to do so is the key to defending yourself in any event.

    • someguy permalink

      outsider looking in, it’s good to know fighting stances, combinations, how to throw a punch, footwork, slipping and head movement. a good portion of boxing is learning about not getting hit. also, you can adapt punches to soft targets: xiphoid process, throat, back of the neck/head, nerve clusters, groin, kidneys. look at the MMA Diaz brothers compared to others in their weight class but still can out box most of them. use that skill to get the opponent to make mistakes and end up in a Gracie pretzel.

    • MoreSigmasThanYou permalink

      The average woman can’t generate as much punching power as the average man, but more importantly she can’t take a punch nearly as well. No amount of training will change a woman’s bone structure and basic biology/anatomy.

      If a woman wants the ability to effectively and somewhat reliably defend herself against an aggressive adult male, the answer to that problem is going to involve a weapon.

      Mosby’s approach to fighting is highly realistic, and he articulates this in different words in previous blog posts.

    • Michael permalink

      I am 48 this February 2020, I trained in Wing Chun Kung fu and Kali under Sifu Francis Fong from about 6 years old till 16 when girls and cars distracted me. I got back into training when I got married and had my first of 4 children. All of my children and many of my handgun students have also been train to different levels in both. My approach to firearms training is the same as my approach to teaching Kung Fu. It’s why I tell everyone that if you are serious about defending your family and tribe At the least get gorilla gunfighter clandestine pistol Carrie and add the drills and practice to your regular work out. I said all of this to quantify this response to “women can’t generate enough power ” I agree that women cannot generate as much power as the average man in a single punch with proper training surprise and violence of action they can gain a few seconds and space to allow them to draw their handgun . Most cowardly men who attack women do so because they assume an easy target it will throw them off for a split second when a woman reacts with real violence of action And that may be just enough to introduce the gun into the equation. To John I started my eight-year-old daughter using a 3 x 5 index card at 10 yards rather than a silhouette at 5 yards she shoots an M and P 22 and is tearing the index card to pieces thanks for the suggestion

  4. James permalink

    Mead,have not had that in a long time.I assume a large amount of the rounds you fire are in teaching which you make money(as you should)and some of that money goes towards your rounds fired.I pay 25 a month for my cell,but,no net connection,just has 2 apps,makes and receives calls.

    I hope you make at least a few bucks from your books(I bought one).

    100 thousand rounds a years works out to about 280 a day,I am lucky if I get in 500 a month but that is due to where I work a lot just not a realistic(legal)option.

    Geese are a great natural alarm system had them growing up as a child,that said,besides some attitude issues they do also leave a lot of,well…..,goose shit around.

  5. Josh permalink

    From the guy that sent you that comment. Sorry for not having all the information and making an assumption. I don’t begrudge you one bit for your success. I was even one of those guys that when you fucked the order up, I simply bought the book from Lulu, and when you did send the original order, I had and extra to loan out. So it all worked out. I live a similar frugal lifestyle so I understand. I just thought being able to shoot a couple thousand rounds a week sounded like a lot of fun, and something that very few people outside elite military circles or sponsored shooters ever get to do.

    • MoreSigmasThanYou permalink

      Josh, I’m a big fan of an author named Robert Greene. Greene says that whenever one of your friends “compliments” you by saying “that book must have made a lot of money”, their compliment is really a backhanded way of insulting your artistic integrity and the quality of your art. Greene says that this happens because your friend is trying to suppress their own jealousy and resentment.

      I’m not saying you were doing this, but what you said could easily be misinterpreted as doing this.

      Next time Mosby gives you a dressing down, try explaining that you “pay his salary”. This always works wonders on cops who are giving me traffic tickets *cough* *cough*

      • Josh permalink

        When I made the comment, I was doing the math on 100000 round/year of ammo. Going with an average cost between 5.56, 9mm, maybe some .308, 12 gauge, etc. I figured 25 cents/rd. Which comes out to $25,000/year in ammo. Like I just said in the response, I in no way begrudge the man’s success. If I did, I would not continue to buy things from him. In the sports car/supercar world, we have 2 types of people in general that own these cars. The first type is the guy that owns one to impress other people, as a status symbol. The second type is the guy that owns it because he loves to go fast and have fun in one, and doesn’t give 2 shits what other people think about him, although picking up extra pussy is always a bonus. I fall into the second category. And in the same vein, when a man can afford to spend more on ammo/month than most people’s mortage, I think holy shit he must be doing something right. No jealousy at all

      • MoreSigmasThanYou permalink

        I constantly do the math on how much money things cost, and on how much money other people must have access to, or not have access to. No offense, but your life will be better if you don’t talk to people about the math you did to determine how much money they have.

        The same goes for shower / locker room etiquette. You may notice that most penises you see in a shower room are average size, but not all of them. Some are big, and others are very small. I implore you not to go up to anyone and try to start a friendly conversation about the size of their penis. No matter what size it is, you risk offending them. Really.


        On another post, Mosby alludes to someone who had a shitty childhood, and how much the experience taught the person about violence. I also had a shitty childhood, and I’ll relate what this taught me about people noticing how much money you have, or don’t have.

        My parents were legally separated or divorced for as long as I can remember. My father was a successful business owner who lived in a mansion. My mother had the brilliant idea that she wouldn’t have to worry about making money if she never spent any. Another one of her brilliant ideas was that my father would get back together with her if she didn’t hit him up for more than forty dollars a month in child support payments.

        Take a deep breath and sit down for the big reveal. Adults who knew only one of my parents treated me completely differently based solely on which of my two parents they knew. I’m not going to take the time to recount the details of all the interactions I can remember. Hopefully you can use your imagination.

        Honestly I liked *the way I was treated* by people who thought I was rich more than I liked the way I was treated by people who thought I was poor. I did not however like the *people* who thought I was rich more than the people who thought I was poor. It’s better to be envied than disdained; but you trust people who envy you less than you trust people who disdain you.

        Now I know you don’t have any pent up negative emotions looking to escape; but if you -did- have any what you wrote would look exactly the same as what you did write.

        If I saw Mosby in a locker room, and walked up him to complement him on having one of the very finest cocks I’d ever seen, this wouldn’t be even slightly gay because I’m totally totally heterosexual I triple guarantee you. (see how the more I insist that I’m straight the less you suspect that I might really be gay?). Of course Mosby and anyone else unlucky enough to be in the locker room at the time would assume that I’m fruitier than a three-dollar bill, because I would be saying the exact same words that a degenerate homosexual pervert would use.

        And guess what, that would make Mosby really uncomfortable.

        Guess what else; being complemented on how much money you must have also makes people uncomfortable on more than one level whether they admit it or not. Mosby was just frank enough to express himself without a filter.

        No biggie. Just stop talking about how much money you think he does or doesn’t have.

  6. Much to learn from geese. There are always a few pulling security. Absolutely impossible to sneak up on them.

  7. robroysimmons permalink

    South Africa, America’s future now. Some farms had 10ft tall barb wired enclosures some had nothing around them. The two wealthy conservatards one of whom personally dressed down Colin Powell down while he was pumping his own gas in Alexandria thought one of the gameskeepers on a farm a pussy because his woman was hell on two feet when she wanted, said pussy routinely faced down AK wielding poaching fence cutters with a .270 bolt action, you decide.

    Your blog, your rules are boss, but IMO “racist” is mere political rhetoric one step removed from voodoo curse words.

  8. “Uhm….I’m gonna guess you’re new around here.” This has gotta be your form letter for newbies. Just fill in the appropriate address heading. I’m sophomore, so I’ve seen this twice now. Laughing. Worth every penny, whoever. Thanx.

  9. Trumpeter permalink

    A badminton raquet is the bees knees for geese.

    Like a light saber, it is a Gentleman’s weapon.

  10. Keith Griffin permalink

    I am one of those that gladly pay tier 2 on Patreon for JM’s content. I appreciate that he is a regular dude who willingly shares his knowledge/experience with us! Keep up the great work….now let me get back to reading Forging the Hero as I soak after lifting for PRs due to JM kicking my ass about PT years ago. Thanks, brother!

  11. T Erickson permalink

    Heads up shooters, code “vortex” at PSA finds you with a strike eagle and mounts for $249. Merry Christmas 4th Platoon!

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