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A Product Review

January 20, 2020
Last year, the host of a class gave me a ballistic helmet. I’ve never been much of a fan of helmets except as “air items,” but I graciously accepted the gift, and promptly started wearing it as a NVG mount, in lieu of my TNVC Night Cap. A couple months ago, he got ahold of me to ask if I’d been using it at all, and if so, what I thought of it. I told him, “It’s fine. It’s lighter than my bump helmet, which surprised me, and it holds the -14s more secure than the Night Cap.”
He then told me he was friends with the owner of the company that manufactured the helmet, and wanted to send me some other stuff they manufactured to test out, in order to help get word out about his buddy’s company.  
Well, the company ended up sending me several items, despite my assurances that, if said items sucked ass, I was going to say as much in my review. It’s been a month or two now, so I’ve managed to test the equipment in question, and I’m going to present my findings and conclusions here, as well as on the original blog site.  
Company Name and Location:
Veterans Manufacturing, Katy, TX
Items sent for Review:
1) Ballistic Helmet
2) Level III+ Ultralight Series Rifle Plate
3) Ultralight Low-Profile Plate Carrier
4) Basic Plate Carrier
5) SWAT Vest (ballistic vest. Soft armor, with rifle plate pockets, including neck, delt, and groin protection).  
1) The ballistic helmets, as noted, are lighter (or at least as light) as the bump helmet I’ve got, based solely on my memory. (The bump helmet is in storage, since I never used it, so I couldn’t actually put it on a scale and compare). This is probably the lightest helmet I’ve ever worn, including the original MICH helmets (that became the ACH), the old “Fritz” PAGST “K-Pot,” and a Vietnam-era “steel pot” helmet and liner that I had when I was a kid, for playing Army.
We tested the second one they sent (not the original I was gifted) with .45ACP ball, 9mm 124 grain God Dot, 7.62×39, and 5.56 M855. Following the testing, I was finally able to speak with the owner of Veterans Manufacturing, Michael (who I discovered is now a reader, after the original class host recommended the blog to him). These helmets have NIJ testing certification, AND have been DoD approved now. He has the requisite certifications in hand as well.  
The helmet, as you will be able to see in the photos, stopped the 230 grain ball, with less than 1/4” backface deformation. It would have caused a zinger of a headache and sore neck, but the backface deformation is actually significantly less than the thickness of the actual liner padding. It also stopped 9mm 124 grain Gold Dot, although the back face deformation was significantly greater (but still less than the thickness of the liner padding).

To read this rest of the review, check out the public access post (it’s free) on the Patreon Page.


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