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Update and New Contact Information

November 23, 2020

For those new to the page, since the move to Patreon, you can follow the weekly conversation there, at There are even some non-subscription posts available for public reading, to get a taste for what is happening there.

Unseen has been giving me issues with server problems for months, and recently shut down all of their email services. I was not aware this was coming, and did not have a chance to switch over my email previous to that happening.

New email is

I have NO WAY to access the Warhammer6 Press store site. If you have an outstanding order from the site, please contact me at the above email and I will try and make it right.


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  1. permalink

    Glad you are still kickin’. Tried many times over the past several months to send you $$$ so I could read your postings… Big Brother must have been blocking them. Give me a PO Box # and I’ll send you some $…. Hobo

  2. Big Mike permalink

    Wow! Glad to hear from you again. I miss your knowledge and wit.

  3. Bill Jeans permalink

    Good to see you still alive and screaming.

    Me as well. Screaming more here lately.

    Bill I am so cynical now that other cynics are starting to call me “that cynic”. B. Jeans

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