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Back In The Saddle Again….

August 3, 2021

Check out the open access article on Patreon. Cool news, including (1) We’re back to doing some open-enrollment classes, and (2) I’ll be posting a little bit of content and updates here, as well as on the Patreon site, but (3) I’ll now be doing videos on Patreon. (4) Two new books coming out, soon. Guerrilla Gunfighter 3 will be out the end of August, or early in September, and Volume 4 will be out shortly thereafter, by Christmas, at the latest.


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  1. PartisanMD permalink

    As a longtime reader (and longtime $20/month Patreon supporter) I can’t stress to fence-sitters enough how much content we (Patreon supporters) get blasted every Monday. If you’re that concerned about $5/month, subscribe for a month and just look at the archives and see what gets put out. You will want to stay, if for nothing else you can’t physically read the amount t of work John has put out in the last few years on Patreon in one month reading a few hours a night. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet/train with John yet, I have no dog in this fight other than to encourage anyone whose interests or proclivities would find them on Thai page reading to do yourself a favor and see what the Patreon channel has to offer.

    Satisfied Patreon Supporter

  2. Unknownsailor permalink

    Humbly suggest divesting from Patreon, they are no friend of the right. Subscribestar fills much the same role.

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