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Building Your Support Networks: UW Resistance and Support Networks for Preparedness

July 18, 2022

Doctrinally speaking, the infrastructure of a UW/Resistance movement encompasses the physical structures of the “area complex” and “guerrilla base(s).” The “area complex” is defined as a clandestine, dispersed network of physical facilities that support the resistance activities in a given conflict zone. These physical facilities may include medical facilities, such as “guerrilla hospitals,” as well as safehouses, vehicle cantonments for the storage of transportation vehicles (including maintenance facilities therefore), food storage and preparation facilities, and etc…

The area complex is not comprised of such facilities in liberated zones, but specifically those in contested or denied territory. This clandestine infrastructure allows the resistance a small measure of freedom of movement, and the ability to operate effectively in these areas because of the support network availability throughout the area of operations.

In order to adequately support resistance activities, this area complex should include security system networks, guerrilla bases/camps, logistics, communications, and medical facilities and networks, information operation (IO)/PSYOP networks and production facilities, and a transportation network capable of moving either personnel or materials throughout denied/contested areas without being compromised or intercepted by regime security forces.

The correlation between the needs of an UW guerrilla force, in this regard, and the prepper planning to function effectively in a post-grid environment, should be self-evident. “No man is an island,” as John Donne famously stated, and nobody…or even a small nuclear family of bodies…is capable of filling all these necessary gaps in preparedness, no matter how wealthy, or how long they’ve been preparing for. By reaching out and establishing productive, mutually beneficial relationships within your communities, you increase your chances of survival success exponentially, simply because you build an intrinsic level of access to goods and services you’d otherwise not have ready access to.

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