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Campfire Chat–18JUL2022

July 18, 2022

I have been reading the Prairie Traveler book (by Marcy). Why SILK scarves? Why not cotton or linen?

Silk insulates way better, and doesn’t cling to the skin as badly when when wet. It’s why cowboys wear silk scarves. It’s also more comfortable against the neck when dry and cold. You want BIG scarves. Don’t get the little dinky, 36×36 inch ones that you can find at the local Western Wear store. You want 48×48 inches minimum, and perhaps even bigger. A bigger scarf means more material, and more material means more insulation. More insulation means you stay warmer.

The larger scarf also provides a much better shemagh function in the heat. It’s big enough to actually cover your hat and head, and still wrap loosely around the neck to provide shade as well, to help reduce sunburn on your neck, face, and head.


Hi John, thanks for openly sharing your knowledge with us. Always educational and motivating. Have never been to a formal firearms training course. Massad Ayoob Group has a pistol training class in our area this October. I know he’s been around a long time and is well published, any word on his training courses? Thanks.

While I have some things I disagree with Mr. Ayoob about (at least as far as his published work, since I’ve never met him in person), I would highly recommend his course, especially for a first course, for general defensive handgun training. He, of course, comes highly recommended by a number of people I have a great deal of respect for.


Been reading Dies the Fire based on comments from one of the campfire chats. Its interesting to say the least, but its got me to thinking. While the chances of some cataclysmic event rendering modern gunpowder useless is extremely small; however long term logistics and supplies are something to consider. Curious what your thoughts or plans are for non-combustive protection? Im considering making a more earnest effort into traditional archery among other things. Just curious what your thoughts are on it.

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