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Reader Request: Class Announcement

September 20, 2022

I’ve been promising readers on Patreon, that I was going to do an open enrollment class or two this summer/fall. We got the venue lined up, so I will be doing two open enrollment classes this fall, on back-to-back weekends, in vicinity of Idaho Falls, ID.

Clandestine Carry Pistol will be 22/23OCT. This course covers a range of relevant skills for the personal protection/antipersonnel applications of the pistol. Students will need a handgun of their choice (Seriously. I don’t even care if you wanna carry a single-action revolver…) and 500 rounds of ammunition (I don’t know that we’ve ever actually fired the entire 500 rounds in a class. We’re not here to make noise. We’re here to learn to utilize that ammunition most efficiently).

Coursework includes basic, intermediate, and advanced training drills for drawing from concealment, addressing single and multiple threats at varying distances, and the use of basic combatives skills to “fight to the gun.”

Cost for the class is the same $500/student that it’s been for over a decade now. Contact me at Warhammer6Actual@protonmail.comfor enrollment information.


Fundamentals of Fieldcraft will be held 28/29/30 OCT, also in vicinity of Idaho Falls, ID. This course will cover field movement as an individual and small-team element, including movement formations for combative patrolling and moving with noncombatants. It will cover field living skills, ranging from food selection and preparation, fire and stove use, shelter construction, hide site selection, and equipment selection, among a host of other skills inherently required to not just survive, but thrive, in a field environment.

Cost for this class is also $500/student. Contact me at Warhammer6Actual@protonmail.comfor enrollment information.


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