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The Post-Grid Bic Lighter

November 5, 2022

Knowing my preference for flint-and-steel as a firestarting method for general purpose and survival use, a Patreon reader asked me about how to properly utilize the char cloth, because his just got torn up every time he tries to start a fire.

This Patreon video was my response to him.

Unlike Bic lighters, which are great, until it gets cold (you know…when you actually NEED a fire…), and matches which are a pain-in-the-ass in the wind, flint-and-steel works spectacularly well in conditions that spit on modern fire-starting methods and technologies. And, unlike lighters and matches, you can–literally–manufacture all the components needed for flint-and-steel, right in your backyard, with stuff gathered there, in your garage, or around your neighborhood.

The Post-Grid Bic Lighter

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  1. Barry Peppers permalink

    If you’re down to flint and steel you haven’t followed the 6 P’s. Just sayin.

    • It’s always entertaining when people miss the entire point of the conversation, because of a failure of imagination. Just saying’.

  2. koldsteel762 permalink

    I love char cloth. It’s easy to make and works great with a magnifying glass as it does with flint/steel.

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