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Summer Class Schedule for 2023

May 8, 2023

Summer Class Schedule 2023

With the exception of a couple of privates this summer, I am not traveling very much. I have a house to finish, and some outbuildings to get done before snow flies. Since we’ve already lost a month of building weather, due to the winter conditions this year, I have a reduced window for working on these projects.

Nevertheless, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for classes this summer, so I’ve discussed it with the missus and our host in Idaho Falls. The class schedule, so far, is as follows:

20/21 MAY 2023

Preparedness Rifle/Carbine

This course covers the fundamentals of using rifles for home, personal, and “farm” defense, at ranges from contact distance to several hundred meters. Coursework includes fundamental skill-building drills and basic, intermediate, and advanced considerations in the use of the rifle. Includes coverage of different types of common rifle actions, and practical considerations of using the rifle in different environmental and climactic conditions. $500

50% deposit due no later than 15MAY to reserve your slot in this class.

16/17/18 JUN 2023

Clandestine Carry Pistol + TC3

This course covers the use of the concealed carry handgun for personal protection, at ranges from contact distance to 100 yards. Coursework includes fundamental skill-building drills, including in-fight weapons access, and fighting to the gun, as well as basic, intermediate, and advanced considerations in the use of the fighting pistol. $500

This class will have a third training appended to it, to include an in-depth look, with lots of hands-on practicum, of TC3 coursework (not just “Stop the Bleed”) including the differences between military and paramilitary TC3 considerations. $200

If both courses are attended, the combined cost will be discounted to $600.

50% deposit is due no later than 1JUN for this course.

21/22/23 JUL 2023

Fundamentals of Fieldcraft

This course will cover fundamental skills for living out of a rucksack, whether for security patrolling or “bug out.” Subjects will include practicum on land navigation, hide site selection and shelter construction, camouflage and concealment, and other elements of SMOLES (survival, medical, observation and optics, land navigation, extreme weather conditions, self-defense). $500

50% deposit for this course is due no later than 15JUN. This class is limited to 8 students.

25/26/27 AUG 2023

Small Unit Tactics/Battle Drills

This course covers the fundamental principles of small-unit battle drills at the fire-team, “stick,” and squad level. This covers dealing with unexpected contact with hostile forces, as well as basic planned encounters, including fundamentals of the ambush and the raid. Includes live-fire and night iterations of battle drills, dependent on student achievement levels. $600

50% deposit is due no later than 1 AUG.

16/17 SEP 2023


21/22 OCT 2023


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