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Courses Offered

We offer limited open enrollment classes and private classes. For a private class, you need to contact HH6 via email and detail what class you want, and where the class is to be held. That allows us to determine our expenses, in order to give you a price quote. You then gather the funds from the participant within your group. Open enrollment classes are $500 per shooter. Minors attending open enrollment classes in the accompaniment of a paying parent or guardian can attend the class for ½ the cost.

Necessary facilities for different classes vary, but are detailed in the class descriptions below. Some leeway is available in facility requirements, but not much, depending on the class.

With the exception of the two-day Grid-Down Medical class, all courses are now four-day classes.

Combat Rifle

This is a beginner to novice level class on how to run your gun effectively under tactical field conditions. Beginning with basic square range work out to 200+ meters, it focuses on the fundamentals of marksmanship and effective gun-handling as an individual, before moving into working with a partner.

This class requires a fighting rifle, a minimum of four magazines (for magazine fed rifles), and some method of carrying those magazines effectively.

Clandestine Carry Pistol

Focused on the use of the pistol for the underground, this course focuses on basic gun-handling under combative conditions, as well as the necessary mental and combative skills needed to protect the gun, and fight your way to the gun.

Two days of this course are straight range time, before moving into gym work with combatives and FoF iterations. This is an extremely physically demanding course, and involves violent physical contact with other students. If you leave without cuts, scrapes, and bruises, I’ll be surprised.

This class requires an effective carry pistol and a concealed carry holster for that pistol. It also requires a minimum of two spare magazines, and magazine pouches to carry those magazines. A mouthguard and athletic cup for men are HIGHLY recommended. For FoF iterations, a long-sleeved sweatshirt are recommended.

Grid-Down Medical Care

This two-day class covers the Care Under Fire and Tactical Field Care phases of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3), as well as CASEVAC and long-term care under austere conditions. I’m not a medic, although I’ve taught TC3 for a long time, so I had an 18D Special Forces Medical NCO collaborate with me on the development of the POI, and provide a critical look at the POI before adopting it.

This course incorporates lecture and demonstration, as well as extensive hands-on practical exercises.

Required equipment includes whatever your basic fighting load and weapon, as well as an IFAK/BOK (Individual First Aid Kit/Blow-Out Kit). The IFAK should include—minimally—an appropriately sized nasopharyngeal airway device (FR28 is the normal size for the typical adult), chest seals, battlefield dressing, compressed gauze, and an appropriate combat tourniquet.

Security Patrolling

This four day class covers the fundamental individual and collective critical skills tasks needed to conduct effective light-infantry patrols in an irregular force environment. This class is complete field-based, so expect to sleep on the ground, living out of your Bug-Out Bag for the duration of the course.

This course requires, a fighting rifle and a minimum of five magazines, load-bearing equipment to carry the magazines, and your normal bug-out bag, packed for a minimum of 72 hours.

(In the past, I’ve been too nice as an instructor, and let guys return to the trucks at the end of the training day. This is no longer the case, so expect to literally, live out of your ruck. HTFU)

Close-Quarters Battle (CQB)/Fighting in Built-Up Areas

This class is only available for private class environments, and requires that the group has previously taken a patrolling/small-unit tactics course from an acceptable instructor or course previously. It covers external movement in built-up areas, close-quarters marksmanship, and room-clearing methods, before spending the last day covering the hardening of structures to deter or slow entry teams.

This class includes both live-fire room entries in daylight and low-light, and FoF iterations with Sims.

Vehicle-Based Patrolling

This class is only available for private class environments, and requires that the group has previously taken a patrolling/small-unit tactics course from an acceptable instructor or course previously. It covers various patrolling formations and techniques with vehicles, as well as immediate-action battle drills for two-man and larger vehicle crews.

  1. papagrande310 permalink

    Are you not listing upcoming classes anymore?

    • If I had any open enrollment classes coming up, I would. We’re getting ready to post a TC3 class in Idaho, in January.

      • Kris permalink

        When in January? Thus far it’s very open for me, and I’d like to attend!

      • Kris permalink

        …but in 2018, not 2015! My mistake!

  2. Hell or highwater, under threat of divorce I will be at one of your SUT classes again in 15′. Would love to combine with a TC3 class.
    BTW I found a SKEDCO, you still looking for one?

  3. Matt in K.C. permalink

    Any words or dates on the upcoming TCCC class in January?

  4. Ken Goodwin permalink

    For over a year or more, I’m been following your posts. I would like to register and take your Security Patrolling (four day) and Grid Down Medical (two day). Especially, if you have them back to back. However, I’ve only been able to locate and see the class posted in May of 2015. Sir, any assistance with my inquiry, would be greatly appreciated.

    • As soon as we have another open-enrollment class open up, I’ll post it.

      • Ken Goodwin permalink

        “Thank you!” For the quick reply to my inquiry. I’ll be standing by to stand by!

      • Bill Murray permalink

        Any update on classes

      • Bryan permalink

        Add 1 to the question of upcoming classes. Thanks for the quality information on the blog.

    • KAPG permalink

      Watch for a possible Small Unit Patrol class in August or September 2016, depending on John’s availability. Should be first open enrollment SUP class in 15 months.
      See other posts under Required Reading….

  5. JWUN66 permalink

    When are you coming back to the SE? Im in Georgia and Id like to bring a group of 4 including myself.

  6. John, do you have a schedule somewhere for courses? I’m in Northern ID and you seem to be the only one who has solid professional courses and the creds to back them… Maybe I’m missing something, but it would suck to have to take courses out of state.

  7. Bill Murray permalink

    no Classes anymore interested in the patrol class

  8. Vagus permalink

    To continue to beat the dead horse, the last open enrollment post I see on the blog was from 2017, do you just do private classes now?

    I wouldn’t mind tagging along with a private group if they’re open to that, but I see zero way to communicate/ arrange this.

  9. Chris permalink

    I would be very interested in taking your courses – are you still offering them?

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